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Authors note

I’ll keep this note short and sweet.

Apologies for the lateness of this submission, I’ve had quite a bit going on IRL.

This is the end of the current story arc for Harem Sisters, but it is not the end of Jason’s story. He will return with his all star cast of ladies for more smutty adventures, but for now I’m focussing on Lust at first sight, along with a few other Lit only stories and my paid work.

I’d like to thank each and every one of my readers for supporting me. This has been a crazy couple of years.

P.S I haven’t forgotten about Abi.

Peace out. Stay awesome.

Chapter 52

I awoke the next morning in an empty bed, the sheets covering me from the waist down. I didn’t remember getting under the covers last night, only passing out shortly after filling my mother with a huge load. At some point in the night–or maybe the morning–she must have woken and covered me.

The thought of my mother’s naked body curled up beside me in the night had me hard in seconds, and I wished she’d been there when I’d woken up. I could have gone for another round with the sexy, mature woman.

It felt good to finally accept the attraction I felt to my mother. I knew it was wrong, but I was all about doing what was wrong these days. The fact that she never carried me, nor that she gave birth to me, changed anything. She wasn’t a great mother to me when I was growing up, but she was all I had. Plus, she had more than made up for it since I had come home.

We had some rough patches. But I loved her, and I was finally okay with giving her all of me.

The door to the apartment’s master bedroom creaked open slowly, and I was greeted with the sight of my mother slipping into the room quietly. She wore a simple white and silver gown that she hadn’t bothered to tie closed, giving me a tantalising view of her tanned, naked flesh beneath. In many ways, Tori was a perfect duplicate of our mother. They were a similar height with the same fantastic hourglass figure, full breasts, and tight ass. Only my mother had the softness around her hips and stomach that came from childbirth.

Her breasts were also a touch larger than my sisters. Something I enjoyed quite a lot.

“Good morning, dear,” my mother said, perching herself on my side of the bed and handing me a mug of coffee.

“Good morning,” I smiled, taking the coffee. “I wondered where you were.”

“You usually wake up around this time, so I thought I’d make you a coffee,” she said, taking a sip from her own mug.

“I appreciate it,” I smiled. “But there was something else I hoped to have first thing this morning.”

“Do tell,” my mother smiled.

I took the mug from my mother’s hand and placed it on the nightstand, along with mine. Then I wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her against me. My mother gasped, then let out a soft giggle before our lips met. Our tongues danced together as my hands all but ripped her flimsy gown from her body. As expected, she was naked beneath, and I let my hands slide down her back bare to cup her naked cheeks. She gasped as I groped her ass, and I felt her hips began to gyrate against my obvious flagpole erection beneath the sheets.

“I think I’m going to have to change the sheets today,” my mother said.

I looked down to the spot where she had been grinding herself against my cock and noticed a sizable wet patch in the white sheets. My dick pulsed at the fact that this sex-goddess of a woman was so aroused so quickly by me. I needed to feel her again. I needed to solidify my claim to this woman. I had many women as my lovers now, and I should have felt content with what I had, or at least a little shame for being in such a position. Spreading my love and affection to so many amazing women.

But they had made it clear that they felt no jealousy over one another.

“Not this time,” my mother whispered when I started to shift our position.

“What do you mean?” I asked, worried I’d stepped over a line I didn’t know existed.

She simply smiled, bit her bottom lip in a way that made me think of Tori, and pushed me against the soft mattress. The bedsheet was gone next, flung away with a second thought, and my cock sprang free to slap against my stomach before pointing upwards, almost as if it were trying to get closer to my mother.

“Just lay back and relax,” my mother winked.

The woman who had raised me began kissing at my neck, down my chest, and running her hands across my stomach as she slowly sank lower down my body. Where her lips once pressed against my chest, her hands took over as I felt her tongue trail down my stomach. My cock twitched in anticipation, and I ran my hands through her thick, dark hair to pull it away from her face and was rewarded with her gorgeous brown eyes staring up at me as she pressed her cheek against the side of my erection.

“Let me take care you of, Jason,” she said in a sultry tone filled with passion.

My mother ran her canlı bahis tongue up the length of my shaft, purposefully pulling away from the tip as she reached the apex of her travels before lowering herself once more. Her tongue danced across my balls and gliding over where my groin met my thighs. Pre-cum oozed from the tip of my ignored penis, dripping down the side of my shaft for my mother to eagerly lap up with her expert tongue. Still avoiding the tip of my raging erection.

I had plenty of experience receiving blow jobs since returning home. All of my women were eager to please me with their mouths and not once shy away from taking me down their throats or receiving my load. But my mother seemed to have otherworldly skills that could give Lucy and Vicky a run for their money.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” my mother asked.

“I think you know the answer to that already,” I said, laughing softly.

My laugh was cut off as I felt the tip of my penis become engulfed in warmth. My mother’s tongue worked along my glans as her hands simultaneously worked my shaft and fondled my balls, bringing me to climax in nearly record time.

I felt my orgasm rush in like a tidal wave crashing against a stick fort. My mother must have also known because her lips locked around my tip with an air-tight seal as she gently massaged my balls and pumped my shaft, urging me on with her muffled moans.

I opened my eyes and looked down at my mother–who was staring at me–and released my first load of the day into her mouth. Our eyes locked as I poured the contents of my balls into her waiting mouth for a full ten seconds. Once my mother was satisfied she had claimed all there was to have, she deepthroated me in one smooth motion, her tongue darting out as she reached the base to lick at my testicles.

I simply lay back on her bed, breathing heavily as my head spun with the intensity of my morning orgasm. I was so out of it that I didn’t even notice my mother had stopped working my tool with her mouth and hands and was now straddling my waist. It wasn’t until I felt her impale herself on my still hard, slick cock that I was brought out of my near-sex coma.

“Mmmm,” my mother moaned in pleasure as she gyrated her hips. “That’s my boy.”

My hands went instinctively to her hips, my own bucking up as I tried to fuck her, but I had no leverage. Her hips rocked and rotated as she ground herself against me. I was usually in charge in bed–I definitely was last night–but right now, I was at my mother’s mercy as she took control and rode me like a prized stallion.

“You have no idea how much I have wanted this,” she said, breathing heavily. “Every day since you came home, I wanted you, Jason.”

“I’m sorry for treating you so badly,” I said through my own groans of pleasure.

“Don’t be sorry, my dear,” my mother gasped loudly as her body started to shake.

I’d fucked Tori more than enough times to recognise where she got her messy and visible orgasms from. My mother’s body shook and trembled as I felt the welcoming wetness around my groin and thighs increase. She went on like that for about a minute before finally opening her eyes and giving me a satisfied smile.

“Even better the second time,” she laughed softly.

“That was so hot,” I said, running my hands along her thighs, over her hips, and up her stomach to cup her gorgeous breasts.

“As much as I’d love to continue riding this magic cock, we should stop for today,” my mother said, lifting herself off my erection. My dick slipping free with a wet slap against my stomach.

I was a little confused as to why she was stopping. Sure, I had gotten off already, and so had she, but I was easily ready to go for another two rounds at least. I was kind of hoping to solidify our new relationship with a morning of non-stop sex.

“Jason, my dear,” my mother said, leaning down to kiss me. “You have other women to satisfy. Get to it.”

I grinned and returned her kiss, picking up on her meaning immediately. Tori was most likely still in her bedroom–she always slept late–and more than likely stark naked. She had started sleeping in the nude after we had begun our incestual relationship.

“Go get her,” my mother said, slapping me on the ass as I slipped from the bed.

I strode from my mother’s bedroom without a stitch of clothing, my painfully erect penis bobbing with each stride. It wasn’t long ago that I would have been too afraid to walk around the apartment naked–especially on my way to see my sister–but this was a safe zone once again. Like it had been when I first come home.

I would never have to worry about wearing clothes with only my women in the home. Just the thought of that made my cock pulse with excitement.

Or maybe it was the prospect of finding Tori nearby.

I chuckled at the term ‘finding Tori,’ which flashed a series of images of me searching for my sister, but I was wearing a badass leather jacket and driving an old black Mustang.

‘Hmm, weird,” I said, bahis siteleri stopping at the bottom of the stairs. “Oh well, just keep swimming.”

I spied my sister as soon as I stepped foot into the open plan living area. Tori was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with her back to me, presumably toying with her phone as usual. I was more than a little surprised to see Tori up and about already, especially fully dressed. Although, her outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Tori looked like she was about to go for a run or to the gym. She was dressed in a matching set of shorts and sports bra, and from where I stood, I had a fantastic view of her behind as her high-waisted shorts hugged her ass perfectly, leaving her lean, toned legs on display for my enjoyment. I was so caught up in checking out my little sister that I didn’t even realise I was stroking myself slowly.

I let my hand drop away from my manhood and crossed the distance between Tori and me. My bare feet making no sound as I crossed the tiled kitchen floor.

“Good morning, beautiful,” I greeted my sister, grabbing her hips and pulling her against me.

“Jason!” Tori giggled, then gasped as my cock slipped between her legs.

“You look amazing,” I whispered in her ear as I groped her bountiful breasts.

“Oh shit,” Tori gasped, squeezing her thighs together and rocking her hips against me. “Jason…Vicky is getting changed. We’re about to go for a run.”

“She won’t mind waiting,” I said, pulling Tori’s sports bran up to free her amazing breasts. “She can watch or even join in if she wants.”

Tori’s mouth opened in reply, but no words came out as I rocked my hips and slid my cock along the length of her still-covered vagina. My hands were at her hips next, and in one smooth motion, I had her shorts pulled down her hips along with her underwear to reveal Tori’s perfect little pussy. As usual with my sister, I could see she was incredibly aroused already. The tanned skin of her thighs glistened with the wet sheen of her lubrication, begging me to taste her.

I dropped to my knees behind Tori and placed my hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart before pressing my mouth between her legs. Tori let out a sharp gasp as my tongue flicked out and ran along her moist labia. I felt her body shiver as I lapped at her pussy, studiously avoiding her clit as I teased her.

“Oh Jason, please fuck me,” Tori moaned, laying herself flat against the kitchen counter as if that were the only thing keeping her upright.

“What’s the magic word?” I asked, wiping my face with my hand.


Before Tori could plead for me to fuck her once more, I dove back into her sweet entrance and doubled my efforts. I groped her ass with my hands as I pressed my face between her magical thighs. My tongue dove deep into her tunnel before I licked along the lips once more and attaching myself to her super-sensitive clit that had protruded from its little hood.

Tori let out a wail of pleasure as I attacked her clit with the ferocity of a magpie swooping a cyclist at the beginning of spring. Her legs shook, and I felt her pussy began to drip her fluids all over my face and dribble down my chin and neck. Tori had always been an incredibly messy lover, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As usual with my sister, it only took me a minute or two to bring her to a climactic orgasm that would have woken the dead with her vocal moans and curse words that could make a sailor blush. There was a reason we rarely made love when our parents were home and before our mother gave her approval.

“I’ll never get tired of watching you too.”

I rose to my feet and cupped Tori’s dripping sex with one hand while her body shook and wiped my mouth with my other hand as I turned to see Vicky walking up to me. The buxom blonde wore a sky-blue tank-top over a dark-grey sports bra that matching her leggings. Her top barely covered anything with how low cut the sides were, giving me more than a sneak peek at her bronzed skin beneath.

“Good morning,” I smiled at my sandy-haired lover.

Vicky stepped into my embrace, and own lips met with a sensual kiss. Our tongues danced together languidly as I groped her ample rump.

“Mmmm, you taste like Tori,” Vicky purred, licking her full lips. “You should do that more often.”

“Noted,” I chuckled.

Tori let out another soft moan, and it was then I realised I had been gently stroking at her warm, wet vagina as I made out with Vicky. Tori had just climaxed rather spectacularly, but I knew she needed and wanted more. And my cock was practically begging me to fuck her.

“Better finish her off,” Vicky said, nodding to Tori, who was now gyrating her hips against my hand. “Don’t mind me. I’m happy to sit this one out and watch.”

“You know you never have to ask to join in,” I laughed, a laugh that was echoed by a moan from Tori as I slipped a finger inside her.

“Oh, I know,” Vicky grinned. “But I feel like watching. Just think bahis şirketleri of it as a live-action porno.”

“I’ll make sure I put on a good show for you,” I winked.

“You better,” Vicky poked her tongue out.

We kissed once more for a few minutes as Tori continues to fuck herself on my single finger inside her. Vicky may have said she wanted to just watch, but it didn’t stop her from working my shaft with her expert hands, spreading my pre-cum all along the shaft of my cock and massaging my balls for me.

“Alright, now you’re ready,” she said a little breathlessly.

I turned my attention back to Tori, who was now looking over her shoulder at me with lust-filled eyes. Tori’s dark eyes darted between Vicky and me before biting her lip and wiggling her hips enticingly. I placed one hand on the small of Tori’s back and guided my painfully hard dick to her waiting entrance. I slipped inside of my sister with little resistance, and we both let out a long, primal growl of pleasure as I rooted myself deep inside of her warm tunnel.

“So hot,” Vicky whispered, more so to herself.

I was already incredibly worked up due to the morning’s events and knew it wouldn’t take me too long to reach a climax. But I was going to make sure Tori hit the finish line first. This wasn’t the first time I’d please multiple women in the same morning.

It was one of my favourite morning exercises.

Tori was far shorter than I was–making this position a little difficult–but we had, had plenty of practice together, especially in this position. I lifted Tori’s right leg and rested it on one of the kitchen stools on either side of her. This gave me greater leverage and allowed me to get deeper with each thrust. The arrangement seemed favourable to my sister since she dipped her head down and pressed her cheek against the smooth kitchen counter as she let out a series of cute and sexy moans.

“Pull her hair,” Vicky said, pressing her body into my side.

I obliged my blonde lover and grabbed a fistful of Tor’s long ponytail. I had discovered early on that all of my women enjoyed me being rough with them, and Tori especially loved having her hair pulled while I fucked her. It was probably why she always had it in a ponytail for me while we fucked.

“Harder,” Tori growled as I pulled her head back by her hair.

Once more, I obliged and wrapped her ponytail around my fist as I pulled harder, using the force to slam harder into Tori’s incredibly wet pussy. Tori pushed herself off the kitchen counter and clutched at the edge in a white-knuckled grip. Her panting was getting louder, and she cursed almost every second pant as I drilled into her relentlessly. The sound of wet fleshing slapping mixed with Tori’s moans and gasps of pleasure to fill the spacious kitchen like it was the theme music to our TV show, and we were starting a new episode.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” Vicky said, leaning her whole body against me as she ran her hands across my naked chest and back.

“Very,” I gasped as a particular. “How did you know?”

“I just know,” Vicky winked.

Just then, Tori’s whole body stiffened, and I felt her pussy clench tightly around my cock. Then I felt the spread of her climax around my erection, pelvis, and drip down my thigh. As usual, Tori’s climax triggered something in me, and I was basting her insides within seconds of feeling her warmth trickle down my thighs.

“This never gets old,” Vicky grinned.

“Come here you,” I pulled my blonde-haired lover against me and kissed her hard. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths with a feral intensity as my cock pulsed, spitting the remnants of my climax into Tori’s still throbbing tunnel.

“Good, you’re all here.”

My mother’s voice instinctively made me want to pull away from my sister for fear of being scolded for our incestual act. It was going to take some time to grow accustomed to my mother being okay with her children bumping uglies. It was like I was hardcoded to not want her to see us like this. The fact that we were also sleeping together didn’t change anything. I just hope it would get easier with time.

“Hey, Mum,” Tori said, straightening herself and stretching her back like a cat after a nap.

“Good morning, Mrs Parks,” Vicky grinned, still clinging to my side.

“It has been better for some of us,” my mother smiled. “And please, call me Melissa, you know I hate it when you’re so formal.”

“Okay,” Vicky grinned, looking from my mother to me. “You two banged, didn’t you?”

I felt my face redden at her accusation and looked to my mother to see her barely suppressing a grin.

“Yes, Vicky, Jason and I have slept together,” my mother replied.

“Awesome,” Vicky giggled.

“That doesn’t bother you?” I asked the blonde-haired beach babe, knowing the answer before I asked. My women were very tolerant of me fucking other people. Especially my family members. It was something I had accepted but still felt like one of the luckiest men on the planet.

Not for the first time, I wondered if there were any others out there like me.

“I need a shower,” I said, sliding my softening erection from Tori’s slick pussy. “Sorry for holding up your run.”

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