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Laura was happier than she could ever remember being. It was a hot summer day and she was playing with a volleyball in her boyfriend’s backyard. She loved playing volleyball. Laura had always been athletic in high school, on the volleyball and softball teams.

That’s how she’d met Jake.

Laura heard someone come up beside her. It was Jake, her handsome boyfriend.

What she hadn’t noticed was that he had been admiring her for more than a few minutes before with his new camera.

His camera was still on her.

“Hi there sexy.” Jake called out as he clicked another photo.

“Oh, wait, how about this?” Striking her best swimsuit model pose, Laura ran her fingers through her hair and stretched her back so he could see her generous breasts strain against her thin bikini top. She even raised her ankle behind her, showing off her fit legs and her awesome athletic balance.

As her boyfriend clicked away, Laura debated bending over and touching her toes but she decided against it. She’d save that for the finale.

“Uh, do you know your top is slipping,” Jake said, bringing his face from around the expensive camera he had just bought that weekend.

Laura looked down. “Damn it.”

Her similarly new bikini top looked great on her she knew but the smooth, thin fabric kept shifting around as she played. Of course, she hadn’t bought it for pure comfort. She bought it because it looked truly awesome on her. Today though, she should have worn a sport top better for playing in. She hadn’t imagined this one would give her this much trouble.

Then Laura had an immediate and most deliciously wicked idea.

She pulled her top on off.

It was really game time, she thought. Time to play her favorite game and Jake’s favorite pastime…him ogling her.

“Laura!” Jake nearly screamed.

“What?” Laura took on a knowing cheesy smile.

“You’re crazy,” Jake said. “You can’t play with your, well, your boobs flying out for every one to see!”

“Sure I can!” Laura said. To prove her point, she moved her hands away from her breasts and put them on her hips and posed for him again. “Want to take some real nice pics now?”

At first, Jake didn’t know how to react. The smile of Laura’s as she held the ball in her hand as if ready to toss it up for a serve.

“What now?” He asked.

Laura just pointed at the net.

“You absolutely have no modesty.” Jake was torn between wanting her to get dressed before she embarrassed them both and loving the sight of her lovely breasts.

Laura felt amazing.

She was topless and she couldn’t help but relish the approving look her boyfriend was giving her. But it was like she was actually back on the volleyball court in college and she could hear every one in the stands cheering her on too. She felt alive and adored at the same time.

Laura also felt very wet and she wanted something else.

Laura tossed the ball up a couple of times. She was fighting the urge to reach down into her boy shorts and bikini panties and sneak in a few strokes of her very damp pussy.

Laura’s heart pounded.

Laura tried to ignore how wet her moist underwear and how hard her nipples were as she ran to the net. The athlete in her tried not to think about how much she wanted a thick cock inside her right then. Her breasts bounced in the hot summer sun.

Jake didn’t have the camera ready. He blinked in wonder and couldn’t even wolf whistle this time.

With every running step, Laura could feel his eyes swallowing up her topless body. Her nipples were unusually hard.

She set the ball up in the air, jumped and then spiked the ball cleanly over the net.

Time slowed down for Jake as he focused in on them and the very obvious hard nipples leading the way. As Laura had jumped in the air right up at the net, her tits had gone flying into the air, too. The ball went flying toward Jake like a rocket. He barely managed to lower the camera and put an arm up to keep from being hit in the face. It shot like a bullet into the ground next to him.

“In your face!” Laura yelled as if at one of her college opponents.

The thrill of scoring even a simulated spiked point had her heart racing ever faster. For one brief second, Laura had forgotten everything around her except for the fact she had just scored. She turned to what she thought would be a crowd to receive her cheer. But all she found was a silent boyfriend staring at her. He stood there with his mouth wide open and his eyes as big as beach balls.

“You liked my tits flashing you when I was spiking the ball, huh?”

“They are making a very good impression on me right now. But you really shouldn’t…” Jake said.

“Hmm,” Laura looked down ignoring him and lifted up her breasts. “My C-cups are just fine aren’t they?”

Jake held up his camera. “And if I had taken a picture of you with them up in the air beside the net it would be the perfect shot to put on Boob Tube on the internet!”

Laura laughed. “If that’s what it takes escort kartal to get you excited.” She ducked under the net to go get the ball. “Is nude volleyball what it takes to make my nerdy tech support boyfriend get horny enough to get past his inhibitions to jump my bones in the wonderful outdoors?”

“If I was an accountant I’d say I was admiring your generous measurements,” Jake replied. “If it hadn’t been for volleyball I would have been just another nerd in high school and college.”

“If it hadn’t been for volleyball you would have never met me,” Laura giggled.

“Yeah, you weren’t a bad looking chick when I first met you in the gym.”

“Uh-huh, and I know you remember the red lipstick I was wearing, especially when that color wrapped around that nerdy jock cock of yours one day after practice.”

“Uh-huh, more like you knew you had to have me wasn’t it? You found out I really had something. I remember you couldn’t stop telling me what a big cock I had.”

“Oh yeah that, well, I knew back in college, guys loved to have their boy toys flattered. Got you plenty hard enough for me to have my fun with it, didn’t it?”

Jake shook his head. “Well, I could still give all those horny internet guys a pic of you flashing. Think of a million drooling guys getting off over you on their PCs or laptops.” Jake said as he looked straight down at her breasts.

“Jakey, how long was it after that first blowjob before you officially asked me out?” Laura asked.

“Uhh, I don’t know, a couple weeks I guess.” He replied.

Laura rolled the ball from one hand to the other. “It was more like eight weeks. Really, what did you think your odds were of you getting a date with me, after putting me off all that time?”

Jake’s face cracked from a smile to a concerned frown as he looked back up into Laura’s face. “Oh, I didn’t think much of it I guess. By then I finally got up the nerve to ask, if you had turned me down, I don’t know, I may have reverted back to full nerd-hood.”

“Really? Oh wow, I thought at first you were just playing games with me. I thought you had really jumped to conclusions and assumed I’d go out with you.”

Jake laughed. “You did, didn’t you? And everyone has been happy ever since.” His eyes strayed back down to her bared breasts and those ever erect nipples.

His cock was becoming hard and Laura knew it too. She stared at the bulge in his shorts and grinned from ear to ear. “Oh, so you do…you really do like me!” she playfully squealed. “Did you really think I would miss playing with that huge boy toy of yours?” Laura reached out and squeezed his very obvious hard-on.

“Ummm,” Jake groaned. “Well, I love your body just like it is, big boobs and all, but…”

Again, Laura cut off his thought in favor or her more naughty intention. “Would you like me to take all my clothes off so you can see more of me?”

“Yeah, right.” Jake as much as ignored her as he fiddled with his camera settings.

“You don’t think this crazy volleyball girl is bold enough to fuck you here in the backyard?” Laura asked.

Jake didn’t even respect her comment as he kept his head down and chuckled. “Yeah, uh-huh, that would be an unexpected bonus wouldn’t it?”

“You don’t think I would huh?” Laura said.

“No.” Jake figured how to change to close-up mode and raised his camera ready to take a nice shot of his girl’s lovely boobs.

But he froze and looked on as he watched her hands grip the waistband of her boy shorts and shoved them down. He nearly lost the grip on his fancy new camera as he stared at her and she went on to wiggle out of her panties next.

Once her bottom was bared, Laura stood there only a couple of feet away. His gaze was now on her bared sex, that sweetest of places he knew of so fondly and intimately.

Laura slipped a hand down there and stroked her bare pussy. She started at the bottom of her lips and stroked upwards till she reached her clit. Slowly she circled it, and then slowly she stroked back down, only deeper between the very wet lips this time.

Laura bit her lip as she felt the pleasure and also the satisfaction at the bulge in Jake’s pants had grown larger.

“Laura, please,” Jake finally got up the nerve to plead. “Let’s go inside first before you, we do anything else.”

The topless volleyball player just kept stroking her sex. “Jake, there isn’t anyone else around.” Laura stroked faster with the wet sound of her sex growing louder in calm outdoors.

“We can’t do this,” Jake said in a strangled whisper. “Not out here.”

“You mean this?” Laura only spread her thighs wider as she stroked still faster. “I just want to show you what you miss out on in the bright daylight.”

Jake swallowed hard and repeated. “Stop! We can’t do this.”

“Shut up and get that camera working,” Laura breathily replied. “I’m about to have a wonderful climax.”

What had started as a playful afternoon with his girl had gone from that to something nearly embarrassing to finally maltepe escort something more erotic than he would have ever imagined. Here was his girlfriend stripped, teasing and masturbating in front of him, all outdoors. Not only that but she was admitting to being on edge of an orgasm already as he watched her rub her clitoris and slip two fingers right into herself.

Jake had a dual look of fear and desire on his face.

“Yes!” Laura nearly screamed out. “Oh yes!”

Jake felt at a loss and still wanted to get in the house, but he was unable to stop watching.

“Pic…pictures,” Laura yelled out as she traced a continuous circle over the wetness over her sex, slowly increasing the pressure. She closed her eyes tight and put a hand on Jake’s shoulder for support. Her pressing fingers smeared around her womanly juices.

“Don’t take pictures of my face,” Laura nearly screamed. “My pussy, focus there!”

“Yes,” Jake choked out the single word as he looked down between Laura’s thighs where she was pumping her fingers in and out faster. He turned his camera toward there and started clicking away.

“Yeah, focus there,” Laura said. “Think about how wet and hot I am. Think about what it would be like to slip that cock right up inside me.”

Her voice was getting more ragged as her breathing grew stronger.

Jake moaned and looked back up at her beautiful face.

“Eyes and camera down there,” Laura yelled.

Jake looked down and pointed the camera back toward her stroking fingers.

Laura enjoyed the moment. The wind blew through her hair. She could even smell her own scent. She loved the feeling and the aroma.

Most of all, she loved her man. The handsome man may have been a geeky software engineer, but he was one wonderful and endowed lover. She was struggling to hold back an orgasm and she didn’t know why, but she wanted him to enjoy this as much as she was.

Then suddenly she stopped.

Laura reached out wiped her wet fingers on Jake’s shirt.

“Kiss me,” Laura said.

Her arms went out for her boyfriend and she grasped him and smashed her lips to his. Laura pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. She kissed him with all the desire of a sexually deprived young woman.

Jake’s resistance began to melt.

Just as quickly as she started, Laura broke the kiss. She looked at her boyfriend. His cheeks were flushed. He was breathing hard like he had run a marathon.

Laura laughed.

“Lay down!” Laura literally barked out as she shoved Jake back.

He almost stumbled but caught himself without taking his eyes off his girlfriend. He knelt down and set his camera to his side.

Laura crawled up over Jake until she had straddled his chest.

“Now, it’s you’re time to help out. I still need to cum and you are going to make me cum right here, right now.” She scooted up further until her thighs embraced his head.

“Laura, no, don’t.”

“Shut up and lick me lover!” And with that Laura brought her smooth pussy down toward Jake’s face.

Jake opened his mouth to protest. Before he could, Laura’s bare sex melded to his lips.

Jake groaned in initial protest.

Laura moaned in pure lust. The hot sun warmed her body from the outside, her insides burned even hotter as she pressed herself tighter to her lover’s face. She clenched her thighs and gasped as she felt his tongue slip inside her. She looked down and all she could see of his face were his bright eager eyes.

Laura couldn’t believe how good she was feeling. She pulled Jake’s head to her, keeping his face pinned to her hot wet sex.

It wasn’t like Jake normally needed her to do that, he was always more than happy to eat Laura out. But Laura wasn’t about to let him have second thoughts about what he was doing, and still resist to making love outdoors.

Still she wished she could see Jake’s face. For Jake’s part, he had begun to greedily suck and bite on Laura’s sexual bounty. Laura closed her eyes but her lips were smiling as he found new areas to nibble. When he struck his tongue across her already excited clit again she threw her arms out in front of her to balance herself.

“Oh damn that feels good.” Laura closed her eyes and felt his hot tongue rub against her little engorged pick bead. She leaned over a little bit further and her lover’s tongue struck her clitoris even more perfectly.

The pressure increased and Laura moaned in pleasure. She opened her thighs wider so he could reach every part of her sex. That was exactly what she needed.

“Oh yes!” Laura moaned louder. Jake’s tongue was now moving in a wonderful rhythm. She opened her legs as wide as she could to squat over that incredibly talented tongue she’d come to fondly know over the last couple of years.

Laura was close to an orgasm. She was in heaven in the backyard.

She took pleasure in slowly grinding her sex into his face. She rode him. She claimed his mouth for her own pleasure. She could hear the muffled moan from her pendik escort bayan lover and her pussy clenched his tongue from the vibrations.

“Oh, Jake, oh Jake, harder, faster, please, just a little more,” Laura shouted. The young woman’s world exploded into a kaleidoscope of colors and sensations.

Jake’s tongue touched her and her cries seemed to echo throughout the backyard and the trees surrounding it. At first he was slow, he was deliberate with his mouth, but soon he was consuming her, hands gripping her hips to keep her from squirming too far from his ravenous mouth.

Laura moved her hips, enjoying the feeling in her pussy as it slid easily over Jake’s now soaked face. Then she felt a new surge of pleasure flow between her thighs.

“I’m going to cum,” she called out.

Jake responded by licking faster.

“Uhhh, Jake!” Laura shouted. Her thighs clenched tighter around his ears. She shook with pleasure, but mostly she shook from the sheer power of the intense orgasm building to a crest. Her thighs tightened around his head and her back arched. Laura’s whole body vibrated, ripples shot out through her limbs, and her wetness flooded Jake’s mouth. She held him for dear life, tightly between her thighs, still working her hips into his face and tongue.

Laura was literally shaking as the spasms went through her body. Her eyes were clenched and her mouth hung open in silent ecstasy as she rode the intense orgasm. Her toes curled, her nipples went perfectly and her sex clenched like she had just been licked for an hour.

“Fuck!” Laura cried out as she finally doubled over with pure pleasure.

Sweat poured off her naked body as the sun burned down on her back.

When Laura pushed her spent body away from Jake’s face, she knelt there over him still shaking. She looked down and saw Jake’s flushed and shiny wet face gasping for air.

“Oh Jake,” Laura said. “You are so good to me.”

Jake licked his lips. “And you are pretty delicious.”

Laura eased up and sat her bare bottom on the volleyball between Jake’s legs.

Jake reached down and adjusted himself in his shorts.

“Bit of a problem down their lover?” Laura asked and bit her lower lip trying not to laugh.

“What do you think?” Jake said still trying to find a comfortable position for his extreme hard-on. “My girl getting off on my face and still sitting here naked as ever, looking as hot as ever.”

Laura looked into his eyes.

Her smile said it all. She understood his need, his desire, despite his concerns of being out in the open for anyone to see. She had no qualms about helping him enjoy himself.

“Well, then let’s do something about it.” She pushed her bare feet into his crotch and toyed with him. He immediately began to squirm from delight.

“No, don’t.” Jake again tried to protest this public display of amorous attention, but he was also feeling an immense pleasure as her feet tightly fit around his shaft.

Laura didn’t say a word but applied still more pressure, stroked longer and flexed her toes around the ridge of his cock head she could distinctly feel through his shorts.

“I can’t believe we are doing this.” Jake said, alternately looking at her face and then down at her bare feet rubbing against his shorts and his raging hard-on underneath. “I just can’t. You are so damn hot.”

Laura was impressed that Jake could form complete sentences while her toes were playing with his deliciously stiff manhood. She squeezed her feet together and saw the way Jake gasped as she gripped his erection.

His hard cock was throbbing and she was enjoying the feel of her toes pinching it.

Jake’s was breathing hard again.

Laura moved her feet together around his trapped cock. She was very aware she could make him climax in his shorts. Although she wanted his big cock for herself, she wanted it in her like always, but this was so erotic a scene at the moment.

She wanted Jake like this.

Laura was convinced she was maintaining the right pace and pressure, but she had no reservations about letting him speed up and slow the pace as she knew the pleasure was undoubtedly welling up inside him. She could see the glazed eyes, the way he held an erotic expression, and she knew she was doing her job exceedingly well. Knowing full well her timed strokes and heavy toe flexing would inevitably get him to erupt under her feet.

Laura moved her feet faster. She could tell he was really close.

“Hmm?” Laura grinned and bit her lower lip in delight as she noticed when she dug her toes into Jake’s balls, his mouth hung open from his groans.

Momentarily, his eyes lost contact with his lover’s. He was rewarded by a glorious peek at her well manicured sex. He smiled at the sight of her wet pink slit, coming in and out of view in time with her long feet strokes upon his shaft.

“Laura…I,” he began to say quietly as lust began to overwhelm him.

“Shhhh, sweets, just enjoy it,” she said with a grin as she was enjoying the idea of him giving into sex outside. “Think about me riding you. Think about fucking me,” Laura said. She stroked him faster. “Think about pounding me. Think about screwing my brains out. Think about making me scream from that huge hard cock of yours, lover.”

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