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I saw her first several years ago… I knew that someday Marie would be very special to me. We got to know each other at work but I never let her know how turned on I was by her until my birthday 9 yrs ago. She had come to my house to visit for awhile before we met with our husbands to celebrate my birthday. When she got there I had been sitting on my bed reading a popular erotic stories magazine, playing with myself, while reading about bisexuality.

I left it lay on my bed while I went into the adjoining bathroom and I knew she would pick it up while I was in the shower. I could see her in the mirror and saw her pick up the book and thumb through it, smiling when she saw some of the pictures.

I had “forgotten” to get a washcloth out of the linen closet and called out to her and asked if she could please hand me one. I could see her back in the mirror as she leaned into the closet and loved the sight. One of the favorite things about this woman was watching her sexy walk when she walked away from me.

I noticed her staring at my breasts when she was handing me the washcloth, and I asked her if she liked what she was reading and would she like to join me. She reached out, caressed my breasts and smiled.

She went to my bedroom door and locked it, then returned to join me. She is so beautiful, and I watched her in the mirror as she undressed. I was watching her and wondering what part of her to touch first when she stepped into the shower with me, pressing me against the shower wall as she leaned forward to kiss me. Her casino siteleri hands were busily soaping my breasts, teasing and playing with my nipples… pinching… kneading them, making my legs weak with wanting her so much. Marie then turned me around, and soaped my back pulling me to lean against her as she reached around and continued to tweak my aroused nipples and moving her hands down my stomach and to the patch of hair covering my mound. Her finger barely entering my slit and touching my clit gently… then harder and harder until I could barely stand. After a couple of minutes I came explosively.

I turned around and squeezed her slippery tits with my palms and moved to gently pinch her nipples, my hands moving up her arms to her shoulders and back again, to those beautiful nipples. I lean in and suck one deeply into my mouth… sucking hard. Marie gasped and as I started to move lower, wanting to taste her, she stopped me and said “No, Baby, there will be plenty of time for me later. “

We rinsed off and climbed out of the shower, she took my hand and led me to the bed and had me lay down on my back… both feet on the floor. She told me to stay where I was and not to move while she went to the bathroom. She got a can of shaving cream, a razor, a warm washcloth, and a towel. She had me raise my hips and she placed the towel lengthwise under me draping the bed to the floor. She lathered my pussy with shaving cream and very gently started shaving my pussy, carefully going into the folds and creases. her fingers would canlı casino occasionally brush across my clit, sending shivers through me. Afterwards, she washed the rest of the shaving cream from me and leaned forward inspecting closely for any stray hairs she might have missed. Finding none, she leaned forward and ran her tongue into my slit and teasing my clit while she held me open with her fingers. (Ooooohh, remembering this still makes me quiver) I felt her place 2 fingers inside of me and I came again as she played with my hot inner folds.

“Enough” she said, “we need to get dressed and meet the guys in town. ” I wanted to taste her so bad but she told me that we would have plenty of time for that and we needed to get going.

Reluctantly, I began to choose my clothes, but Marie said, “You know? It as much fun to get dressed as it is to get undressed. ” She began going through my lingerie drawer, tossing out a garter belt, stockings and a cut out bra. I had never dressed in clothing like this when someone was watching, and it was a big turn-on having this beautiful lady’s eyes on me as I fastened the bra and adjusted it so my nipples were sticking out. She also put adjustable nipple rings on them to make sure they stayed hard. Marie helped me fasten the stockings to my garterbelt, making sure thay were straight and then she ran her hand up to my ass, slapping it lightly and telling me I need to stop teasing her and finish getting dressed.

The sexual tension between us was very obvious to our husbands and they gave kaçak casino us questioning looks all evening, wondering what was happening. While we danced, my husband asked me what was going on between Marie and I. I told him what had happened earlier and I could feel his hardness growing between us as we danced.

After awhile I had to go to the ladie’s room but unknownst to me, Marie had followed me down the hall, slipping in behind me. When I came out of the stall, she was leaning against the door, smiling. She told me how sexy I looked with my short black skirt, blue silk shirt, (with my nipples very obviously hard and poking out) and black stockings and shoes. Marie told me that knowing I was not wearing any panties made her very hot.

She held out her arms and I stepped into them tipping my face up to hers (she is 2 inches taller than I)and kissing her deeply. Marie’s hands felt marvelous on my back through the silk of my blouse as she touched me. My hands were between us and I ran my fingers across her nipples, noting how hard they felt. I knelt in front of her, lifted up her skirt and took a deep sniff, wanting to taste her so badly. I looked up into her face and she smiled, so I boldly touched her bare cunt, slipping one finger inside and then following it with my tongue. MMMMMMM… she tasted wonderful. I continued playing with her until she began to tremble, when I buried my face in her and she came all over me and my face was soaked with her juices.

When we joined our husbands, they both grinned and said that it took us long enough to go to the bathroom, and we just winked and smiled at each other.

Nothing more happened that night between the 2 of us, though things did happen later and are still happening to this day.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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