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We were planning on attending a costume party for Halloween but once you saw me you forgot all about the party. I was dressed in nearly sheer skirt of many colors of scarves that seemed to be tucked into a gold belt around my hips. My bra covered in same gauzy material obscuring my stomach my dark black hair tumbling in wild curls over my shoulders. A few gold bracelets on my wrist and one adorning my ankle.

You smile and murmur, “You’re not going anywhere dressed like that.”

“Ummm,” I softly hum, “that was my intention.” I make a full turn showing off the shimmering gauzy fabric of my costume.

“I see that, and much much more,” your grin tells me more as I notice your simple pirate costume.

“Care to ravish me?” I ask smiling boldly.

“So ye be a wench then?” you ask with a bad accent and a lewd wink.

“Actually I’m supposed to be a lonely ignored harem girl.”

“Very convincing, care kartal escort to dance for me?” you sit down stretched out in wearing a white shirt completely undone, tucked tightly into snug black pants, with the classic black boots, hat and eye patch completing your outfit.

“I suppose I can do that,” watching your eyes as I sway seductively. My golden veil concealing the lower part of my face as I dance occasionally pealing away a scarf revealing more and more skin. Feeling bolder as they drift downward covering the floor. You can now see my smooth pale legs as I move forward and sit upon your lap, smiling under my veil as I do the lap dance untucking a few scarves from my bra until you see my lacy bra cupping my full milky warm breasts. Your fingers reach out to stroke the warm flesh and I withdraw from your lap to continue removing scarves from my belt revealing a tiny golden lacy pair of panties. My dark curly maltepe escort bayan hair escaping from the sides as I spin and twirl hips swaying as I beckon you to bedroom. You rise and follow quickly body pressed behind me hands running along my warm skin, tracing my skimpy bra with your fingers lips warming up my neck.

“Ummmm nice costume,” you softly whisper your fingers slipping my panties away from my skin your hand sliding down and pulling me back against you firmly as your fingers discover how wet I am already. I listen to your soft moans of delight as I moan my own desire as your fingers begin to do more than merely play. My breathing grows shallow as I get closer my hands reaching up to tease my nipples your lips delicately tasting my shoulder and neck.

My loud growl of satisfaction stirs you to move pulling me along to bed laughing as we fall. You manage to slip my wet panties off and I remove escort pendik your boots and peal your pants off leaving the loose white shirt on. My hands running up and down your chest admiring the skimpy black silken g string you’re wearing. It looks so dainty covering your bulge.

“Ummm,” I let out sexy sigh as I slip it down revealing your warm firm flesh. I smile as I snuggle up upon you murmuring some nonsense about sheathing your sword as my body encases yours. Softly sighing as I find relief in being filled by your shaft. Knowing you must still feel a traces of my soft fulfilling first orgasm as I ride your cock smiling from under my veil down at your one eye. You flip the patch up so you can fully appreciate the vision on me riding your body into bliss.

“We’re going to be very late,” I moan smiling at you, “and yes I will wear something else. Ummmm,” I manage to say before letting out growl of pleasure. “Uummmmmmmm,” feeling your hands running up my sides kneading the soft flesh as you explode in warm, deep manner.

I curl up on top of you legs stretching along side yours, “Uummm very late,” I whisper kissing your neck feeling warm and content against your warm body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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