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“What’s taking her so long?” Peter asked, more to himself than to Rob. He laid his fishing pole aside and glared in the direction of the cabin. There was still no sign of Shelly.

“Do you think she changed her mind about coming down here?” Rob looked just as frustrated as Peter felt.

“Hell no! She better not, especially after sending us down here with rock hard cocks, the little tease!”

Rob adjusted his semi-hard cock in his jeans in painful reminder of that. His cock just didn’t seem to want to go down. It would start to go limp, and then the thought of Shelly’s small delicate hand rubbing it through his boxers at breakfast would cross his mind, and it was getting hard again.

Rob reeled in his line and set his pole aside also. He sat on the edge of the dock and dangled his feet over the side. He glanced toward the path up the hill to the cabin. There was still no sign of Shelly.

“Do you think we should go back and check on her? It’s been a long time.”

“Let’s wait a few more minutes first,” Peter said. “If I know Shelly, she’s probably planning some new kind of game for when we get back from fishing. She might be setting the cabin up for something, and we wouldn’t want to spoil her fun.” Peter glanced back at the path again, just in time to see Shelly starting down it. He gaped at the sight of her. He tried to call Rob’s attention to her but found he couldn’t speak. He thumped Rob on the shoulder to get his attention and pointed at Shelly.

“Wow!” Was all Rob could utter as he took in the sight of the sexy young woman coming down the path.

“Wow is right!” Peter agreed with a laugh.

“Look at those tits bouncing!”

“I am, believe me. She sure knows how to give a man a hard dick.” Peter rubbed his stiffening cock through his jeans. “I hope she doesn’t plan on making it back to the cabin before getting fucked.”

“Damn, those shorts are so tight you can see her pussy lips! I bet if I looked close enough I could count the hairs through them.”

Shelly waved jauntily at them as she picked her way down the hill to the dock. The path was fairly smooth, but she still had to be careful. She studied the expressions on their faces as she approached. She could tell that they were appreciative of her appearance. Rob’s eyes were glued to her cunt and Peter’s to her breasts. She smiled as she saw them both rubbing their cocks through their jeans. Looks like she caught her fish.

“What do you think?” She asked, stopping before them and doing a sexy turn.

“Excellent,” Rob said. “You look very hot.”

“Definitely, hot and ready to be fucked,” Peter added.

“Not yet, boys. You promised to teach me how to fish.”

“We aren’t going to be able to concentrate on fishing with you dressed that way,” Peter complained.

“You’re just going to have to try very hard.” Shelly pressed her body against Peter’s and ground her pussy into his rigid cock.

“I’ll teach you,” Rob said in a disgruntled tone of voice. He stood up and picked up his pole. Shelly moved away from Peter and toward Rob.

Rob showed her how to bait her hook, much to her disgust, and their amusement, and then helped her to prepare to cast the line out into the lake. He stood behind her, and she leaned against him and rubbed her ass into his crotch. His cock throbbed against the restricting material of his jeans.

Rob finally understood the teasing game she was playing, and allowed his hands to brush against her breasts as he put his arms around her to show her how to cast.

Peter sat and watched the proceedings with a huge grin on his face. Shelly was a pro at being a cock tease. She could almost make a man cream in his jeans with her teasing. Rob didn’t know what he was in for.

“Now what?” Shelly asked, once they had the line cast out. Rob’s was still pressed up against her back with his arms behind her.

“Now you wiggle your line a little bit, and wait.” Rob pressed a knee between hers and opened her legs. His knee moved in between her thighs and he pressed against her pussy. She wiggled her hips, rubbing her ass against his cock and her cunt on his leg. His hands crept up her body to cup her round breasts.

“Like that?” She asked, as she wiggled her ass.

“That’s perfect,” Rob groaned.

Shelly canlı bahis sighed and leaned against him as she humped his leg. He lowered his mouth to her neck and nibbled on the softly scented skin there. He tasted every inch of her neck before moving to her ear. He sucked her lobe into his mouth and felt her shiver. He licked around the outside of her ear and blew gently into it.

“You’re so hot, Shelly,” he whispered into her ear as he let her go. She nearly fell over as she was forced to stand on her own feet. She looked blankly at Rob before she realized that he was just playing the game she had started. She grinned wickedly and stretched her arms over her head. She pretended to yawn as she saw their eyes riveted to her straining boobs.

“It’s so boring waiting,” she complained. “What can we do while we wait?”

“We could fuck our brains out right here on the dock, but I think it would scare the fish away,” Peter said with a grin.

“It’s too hot out here,” Shelly said, pretending to whine. She wiped non-existent sweat from her brow. She pulled her shirt away from her tits and blew on her bare skin.

“That’s part of fishing. You said you wanted to learn.”

“Well I didn’t know it would be so boring, or hot. I’m burning up!”

“You could always go for a swim.” Peter moved up behind her.

“I didn’t bring my suit,” she said.

“Who says you need a suit?” Peter picked her up in his arms quickly before she could protest. He held her squirming body in his arms for a moment, admiring the way her shorts rode up into her crotch and how her boobs bounced around as she struggled.

“Peter, don’t you dare throw me in!” She threatened.

“But you will be so much cooler after you get wet,” he said, tossing her into the water.

Shelly surfaced quickly, thankful that she had the presence of mind to hold her breath. She splashed around in the water a little, pretending to be angry. Peter had actually done exactly what she had hoped. If he hadn’t thrown her in, she would have jumped in. She couldn’t wait to see their expressions when they saw her outfit wet and plastered to her body. Her pussy tingled at the thought of their hot eyes staring at her tits in her wet tank top. The material would be nearly transparent when wet.

She grabbed hold of the edge of the dock and pulled herself up, reaching up to grip Rob’s outstretched hand. He lifted her easily out of the water and she pressed against him briefly in a hug.

She lifted her arms to wring the water out of her long hair, watching their faces all the time. Her hard nipples were pressing against the tight material of the shirt, and they could see her rosy nipples clearly through the wet material. Her pussy tingled as she thought about what it must look like. She allowed them ample time to take in her dripping body before she turned her back on them. She knew the material of her shorts was molded to her ass. She could feel it riding up between her cheeks.

She pulled her shirt over her head quickly and dropped it on the dock beside her. Unbuckling her shorts, she wiggled her ass as she worked them over her hips. They didn’t come off easily being wet, so she had to work them slowly down. She bent over as she pulled them down her legs, thrusting her ass out at them.

She stepped out of her shorts and left them where they fell. She felt a hand touch her ass and she quickly avoided it and ran forward to dive in the lake. When she surfaced, she looked back to see them standing on the end of the dock watching her.

“What are you waiting for?” She called. “Get in here, the water is perfect.”

Peter and Rob didn’t waste any time stripping off their clothes and diving in. Shelly was treading water while she waited for them. Rob was the first one to reach her, and he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her naked body against his. He kissed her, his tongue probing her mouth eagerly. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her belly.

Peter swam up behind her and she felt his hands gripping her ass cheeks. He nuzzled her neck and nibbled on her ear while Rob was kissing her. She thrust her ass back against Peter’s groin, rubbing against his cock. Peter moved his hands between her thighs and up to her pussy. When his fingers touched bahis siteleri her shaved pussy, he pulled back in amazement.

“Shelly, what did you do?” He asked, putting his hands back and sliding them over her smooth skin.

“Do you like it?” Shelly asked timidly, shy now that the moment had come.

“What?” Rob asked. “What did she do?”

“Just look at this.” Peter pulled her back away from Rob and lifted her feet up in the water. She was floating on the surface of the lake, with her bare pussy in Rob’s face.

“Holy Shit!” Rob couldn’t resist touching her smooth satiny skin. He ran his fingers all along the soft hairless flesh and gazed with wonder at it.

“Well?” Shelly was squirming impatiently now. “Do you like it or what?”

“It’s beautiful, baby,” Peter told her.

Rob gave his answer by lowering his mouth to suck her exposed clit. She shivered in Peter’s arms when she felt his mouth touch her. He released her clit and ran his tongue along all the bare flesh normally covered by hair. When he reached the opening to her pussy he plunged his tongue deep inside.

Shelly rested her legs on Rob’s shoulder so that Peter could move back to her shoulders. Peter put one arm under her back to hold her up, and leaned over to suck one nipple into his mouth.

Shelly couldn’t believe the incredible sensations coursing through her body. It was so erotic to be floating in the water while she was having her pussy ate out and her nipples sucked.

She squirmed as Rob’s mouth found her super sensitive clit again. She shivered delightfully as he flicked his tongue gently on her swollen nub. Her moans echoed across the lake as they brought her to orgasm. She convulsed wildly in their arms and jammed her pussy into Rob’s face as she came.

“I want to be fucked.” Shelly pulled her legs down from Rob’s shoulders. They swam back to the dock and Peter lifted her up before climbing up himself. Rob was the last one on the dock. He began gathering up his clothes as if he expected to go back to the cabin.

“Right here,” Peter said, pulling Shelly into his arms. He kissed her passionately while running his hands down her body to her pussy. He couldn’t seem to keep his hands away from her newly shaved skin.

“I have an idea,” Shelly said. She spread their shirts out on the dock, and directed Peter to lie down on them. She positioned her pussy over his face, and her mouth on his dick. She sucked his cock into her mouth, and filled her hands with his balls. She felt his cock growing under her tender ministrations. She looked up at Rob still standing and watching.

“On your knees right here Rob,” she directed. “I want to suck your cock too.” Shelly traded off and on sucking first Peter and then Rob.

Shelly licked and sucked Peter’s balls while holding Rob’s in her hand and massaging them gently. Then she moved her mouth to Rob’s cock. She had her mouth full of his rock hard meat when she began to cum. The force of her shuddering shoved her head down completely on his cock. He groaned and gripped her head hold her there. She devoured his cock as her orgasm continued. Her hand continued to work Peter’s cock, moving in an out of control blur as she moaned on Rob’s cock.

Rob pushed her head back to prevent her from finishing him off. He didn’t want to come in her mouth. He wanted to fuck her and that was what he intended to do. Her mouth unerringly found Peter’s cock when she was pushed off his.

Rob disentangled himself from her, and moved to stand over Peter. He wanted to turn her around, but it didn’t look like Peter was willing to give up that pussy yet.

Rob got Peter’s attention, and Peter moved to her clit. Rob gripped her ass in both his hands and shoved his cock in her pussy.

“Oh, yes!” she cried. “Fuck me Rob.” Shelly arched her back a little so she could see between hers and Peters bodies, and watched Rob fuck her while Peter licked her clit.

The incredible sight nearly gave her another orgasm right away. She turned her attention back to her husband’s jutting cock. She sucked the entire thing into her mouth, and slowly withdrew it, scraping her teeth along the smooth sides of it. Shelly licked all around the head of his cock before shoving her mouth back down. Peter’s hips bahis şirketleri began to lift in time to her head bobbing. Peter fucked her face as Rob fucked her pussy.

Peter couldn’t withstand her energetic sucking for long and he was the first one to shoot his load. Shelly caught it in her mouth and didn’t lose a drop. She licked his cock clean before she looked once more between their bodies.

Peter was sucking on her clit while Rob fucked her, which put his mouth in real close proximity with Rob’s hot cock thrusting in and out of her pussy. She watched as Peter gave the shaft of Rob’s cock a tentative lick as it slid out.

“Yeah Peter, suck his balls,” she said. Peter looked at her questioningly before he closed his mouth around one of Rob’s hairy balls.

Rob had to have known it was Peter’s mouth on his balls, but he didn’t pull away or make any move to stop it. Shelly couldn’t believe how hot it was to watch her husband suck another man’s balls.

“Fuck me hard, Rob,” Shelly screamed as her orgasm began. She thrust her ass back as she balanced on one hand and reached up to pinch her nipples.

Rob slammed his cock into her pussy while Peter continued to suck on his balls. Peter’s tongue flicked out of his mouth and he strained to lick Rob’s shaft as it slid in and out of Shelly’s pussy.

Rob groaned as he shot his load deep into her cunt. He fell over her back and Peter continued to lick his cock and Shelly’s pussy, cleaning up the cum that was leaking out from between them.

All three of them were panting heavily from their exertions. Rob moved first, pulling his softening cock out of Shelly and sitting on the dock. When he was clear, Shelly pulled herself off of Peter and sat near him. Peter sat up and they were all sitting in a circle on the dock.

“That was a hell of a dog pile,” Rob said, making them all laugh. Rob’s eyes kept traveling back to Shelly’s shaved pussy. She was sitting cross-legged on the dock, and her pussy was spread wide open with his cum seeping out and running down to make a little wet spot on the wooden dock.

Shelly sensed their nervousness about what had happened, so she didn’t bring up the subject of Peter sucking Rob’s cock. At least not yet. She stood up and picked up her clothes.

“I’m hungry,” she said. “Anyone else?”

“Sure.” Peter gathered his clothes and fishing gear while Rob collected his. They all headed back to the cabin.

After a light lunch, they all decided they needed to wash the lake water off their bodies, so Peter and Shelly went to the bathroom connecting to their bedroom to shower. Rob used the other bathroom.

Shelly and Peter took a leisurely shower, lathering each other and washing each other’s hair. Peter really enjoyed washing her cleanly shaven pussy. He couldn’t seem to keep his hands off it.

“If you don’t stop, darling, we are going to end up fucking again, and I think we both need a rest. I’m going to be so sore on Monday that I won’t be able to walk.”

Peter eased up on the caressing, and they finished their shower. They toweled each other off, and Shelly wrapped a towel turban style around her long hair.

They lay down naked on their bed, and Shelly decided to broach the subject that was on both their minds. She knew that if she didn’t bring it up, then neither one of them would. They would just pretend that it never happened.

“That was pretty hot seeing you suck Rob’s balls and lick his cock.” She waited for some comment from him, but he didn’t reply. “Did you like it?”

“I guess so,” he admitted. “I don’t know what made me do it. It just happened. One minute I was licking your clit, and the next it was on his cock.”

“Maybe we should explore this a little bit more,” Shelly suggested.


“We could talk to Rob and see how he feels about it, and if he likes the idea, then we can experiment.”

“I guess we could. But I’m nervous.”

“There’s no reason to be. Rob liked it too, or else he would have stopped you.”

“That’s true I suppose.” Peter put his hands under his head and lay on his back. He closed his eyes as Shelly curled up against him and put her head on his shoulder.

Shelly lay there lost in her own thoughts and imaginings of Peter and Rob fucking each other while she watched. She was about to bring up the subject again when she heard Peter’s soft snoring. She smiled and closed her eyes to join him in a short nap before continuing the fun and festivities.

To Be Continued…

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