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The small group of tourists made their way into the old mansion’s enormous living room, following behind the guide who was showing them around. The guide’s voice droned on and on about the late movie star who had once owned this home, but the huge painting that hung over the fireplace’s mantlepiece much more eloquently told the story of who Gloria Dunham had been.

Slender and buxom with platinum blonde hair, the woman in the portrait was astoundingly beautiful. She had become a famous movie star back in the Fifties, but by following in the footsteps of such women as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield, she had quickly been typecast as a stupid sexpot. She had come to Hollywood expecting to become a serious actress though and had apparently never been able to reconcile herself with the fact that all anyone wanted to do was stare at her big breasts. She had made a fortune playing the ditzy blonde in countless films, but her unhappiness had led her to drink far too much and this had led to her early death.

Gazing up at the beautifully done portrait of the actress, Darlene Chase was overcome with sympathy for the tragic woman. There was just something about this now long dead woman that had struck a profound chord within her and she found herself getting lost in the big blue eyes that stared out from the painting.

Whoever the artist was who had created that masterpiece, he or she had done an especially good job on those eyes, Darlene mused as she continued to stare fixedly up at the painting. Those eyes seemed so incredibly lifelike . . .

Standing beside her was her husband Joe, who was regarding the picture with a much more critical air. Like all of those movie makers of old, all he was focused on at the moment were those big, firm tits and he thought to himself that the portrait would have been absolutely perfect if only she had posed in the nude for it.

Glancing sideways at his wife, he frowned when he saw the look of spellbound fascination on Darlene’s face as she looked up at that giant painting of a dead actress.

Slipping an arm around her middle, he put a grin on his face as he teased in a low voice to avoid disturbing the rest of the tour group, “Be careful, dear. If her husband catches you staring at her like that, he’s going to think you have designs on her and get jealous.”

Darlene didn’t respond to his touch or even look at him, answering in a curiously detached sounding voice. “She never married. As a matter of fact, she hardly ever went out with men at all even though she was hotly pursued by most of male Hollywood. That’s why there were a lot of rumors swirling around that she was a lesbian.”

The tour guide was leading the group through a large double door to the next room, so Joe turned his wife and led her away from the painting to follow the rest of the group. Darlene didn’t resist as he pulled her away, but stumbled once or twice as she kept looking back over her shoulder, hardly able to take her eyes off the woman in the painting.

It was only after the last of the tourists had departed and the living room was quiet and empty once again that something absolutely impossible happened:

In that massive old painting hung high over the fireplace, Gloria Dunham’s head slowly turned as if to look after the now departed crowd of people. Just as astonishing though was the fact that the woman’s full lips curved up into an absolutely wicked smile.

Joe and Darlene Chase next found themselves in a comfortable parlor, where the tour guide was showing everyone a display cabinet in which resided the small number of awards the actress had won during her career.

Darlene didn’t pay much attention to the lecture though. The reason the late movie star had won so few was because they just didn’t give awards to women who were only on the screen in the first place to draw in more paying male viewers. She had to wonder just how far Gloria Dunham could have gone if all of those movie producers had seen her as anything more than eye candy. Would that display case be overflowing with trophies and awards?

Letting her eyes wander around the room idly as she once more tuned out the tour guide’s voice, Darlene started as she spotted something unexpected.

Standing at the back of the room, apparently entirely unnoticed by the rest of the tour group or the guide, was a strikingly attractive and buxom woman with platinum blonde hair, wearing a rather old fashioned dress. The woman seemed to be curious about Darlene as well as her big blue eyes were focused on her and her alone. Just as soon as their eyes met, the strange woman gave her a wide, friendly smile.

This woman looked uncannily like the very actress who once owned this home and Darlene simply couldn’t understand why more of her fellow tourists weren’t paying attention to the Gloria Dunham lookalike in their midst.

Now casino oyna that she had been noticed, the woman started to move forward, drifting easily through the crowd packed into the parlor that day. Darlene was very surprised when everyone else in the room still paid no attention at all to the woman who was now weaving her way through the mass of people.

Glancing quickly at the man who was standing right beside her, she was even more surprised to see that her husband also didn’t seem to have noticed the woman who was now closing in on them. Darlene didn’t doubt her husband’s fidelity, but she was well aware that Joe was a breast man and couldn’t imagine a set like those escaping his attention.

It seemed so strange to her that nobody else was reacting to this woman who was dressed up like a dead actress, Darlene finally gave in and chose to draw her husband’s attention to her to see what he thought. Giving him a nudge, Darlene nodded towards the approaching woman and spoke in a soft voice.

“Look at that, Joe. What do you think about that?”

Her husband looked in the direction she had indicated, but to her amazement it was very obvious that he did not see what she was trying to show him. “Uh, yeah, honey,” he murmured, giving his wife a little squeeze. “That’s very interesting.”

Darlene just stared at him blankly for a long moment. How could he possibly not see that woman?! How was it that nobody at all in that room but her seemed to be able to see that woman?! It just didn’t seem possible.

Turning back to where she had last seen the woman, Darlene let out a little gasp when she saw that the mysterious woman had seemingly vanished into thin air.

There was no possible way she could have left the room so quickly, no possible place where she might be hiding, and yet that Gloria Dunham lookalike was nowhere to be seen.

When the tour guide was finally ready to lead the little group on to their next destination in the old house, Darlene once again did not follow at first. Her eyes darting about and her head swinging, she did not even notice that everyone else was leaving as she scanned the room for any trace of that mysterious woman.

Once more, Joe finally had to slip an arm around his wife and actually steer her out of the room and after the rest of the group.

Darlene was still looking for that mysterious woman when she found herself being led into the old mansion’s master bedroom. There was just no sign of her anywhere and so she was finally starting to relax. Joe couldn’t have been more happy about this as his wife was starting to draw curious looks from the other tourists over the way she seemed to be frantically searching for something.

The tour guide walked over to one of the walls and pointed out all of the pictures that hung there, explaining that these were portraits of all of the people that Miss Dunham was closest to. Looking across the big canopy bed at all of those pictures, Darlene couldn’t help but notice that each and every one of them was of a woman.

It was more support for the idea that Gloria Dunham was a lesbian, but of course nobody would ever know for sure since she had somehow kept so very much of her personal life not merely private, but almost completely secret.

Darlene glanced away for just an instant when the tour guide moved over to show them all just what sort of books populated the late actresses shelves, but her eyes soon wandered back to those far more interesting pictures. What she saw gave her a severe start.

That Gloria Dunham lookalike was back, stretched out ever so casually on the bed that stood between Darlene and the wall of pictures, her head propped up on one elbow. There was simply no possible way that she could have slipped into this room and arranged herself on the bed like that in the brief time that Darlene was looking away, and yet there she was. To her great surprise, she saw that the lookalike had changed out of her dress into something that certainly was more appropriate for the bedroom but not really for wearing in front of a crowd of strangers like this.

Darlene’s jaw dropped as she stared at the luscious vision of buxom beauty relaxing on the bed in a lacy and rather insubstantial negligee, aiming an absolutely wicked smile back at her. Her nightgown really left absolutely nothing to the imagination and of course she had the figure of a porn star and so Darlene was very surprised when once again nobody else in the room even seemed to notice that she was there.

How could they possibly not see this practically nude woman who was sprawled on the bed right in front of them? It just wasn’t possible!

Unlike everyone else apparently, the only thing Darlene could see at that moment was the beautiful woman on the bed and so she didn’t notice when her husband drifted away from her side, moving over to the bookshelf canlı casino to take a closer look at something.

Darlene stood as still as a statue, her heart pounding harder and harder and her breath coming faster and faster. This woman’s big blue eyes were every bit as hypnotizing to her as those in the painting had been previously and, when this was combined with all of that mysterious woman’s other delicious physical attributes, the effect on the housewife was extremely profound.

What was it about this woman that made her so irresistibly attractive to her?!

Seeing that she had Darlene’s full attention, the woman gracefully slid off the bed with a small smile on her lips. The housewife meanwhile had an alarmed look on her face as this mysterious woman once more started to drift across the room towards her, still evidently unnoticed by everyone else who was here. Darlene looked almost panicked this time, as if she might be right on the verge of turning to flee, but instead she just stood her ground and watched the other woman approach.

When she reached Darlene, the woman reached out with one hand to very lightly brush her fingertips across the exposed skin of the housewife’s arm. Though feather-light, the touch was more than enough to send a shudder of pleasure through Darlene, pulling a deep sigh from her very soul.

“Well, hello there, sugar,” the woman purred in a deep voice that Darlene had to admit sounded a lot like that of the real actress. “You’d be surprised by how rare it is for a really beautiful woman like you to take this stupid tour.”

She was being very flirtatious with her and Darlene automatically looked to the side to see how her husband was reacting to this, but was amazed to see that he was still studying something on the bookshelf and seemed utterly oblivious to the scantily clad woman who was so blatantly messing around with his wife.

“Don’t worry about him, sugar,” the lookalike advised her, still using that throaty purr that made Darlene’s heart skip a beat. “Nobody but you can see or hear me.” The woman laughed at the expression this comment inspired on Darlene’s face. “Oh, haven’t you figured it out yet, sugar? Let me introduce myself: my name is Gloria Dunham and I’m a ghost.”

Unnoticed by Darlene, the tour guide had concluded her presentation here and was now leading the crowd of tourists back out of the bedroom. Separated from his wife and caught up in the flow of people, Joe did not have the chance to grab Darlene and pull her along with him this time. He was unconcerned though, confident that she would follow everyone else and that he would be able to rejoin her when they reached their next destination.

As the tour group filed out of the bedroom, none of them noticed that Darlene was not following. Even more though, neither they nor Darlene herself noticed when, just as soon as the last of the tourists had finally gone, the door swung shut all by itself.

Gloria drifted around behind the frozen housewife for just an instant, running caressing hands over Darlene’s back and shoulders. As she continued around her and the housewife caught sight of her again, she gasped in shock to see that the flimsy negligee had disappeared and Gloria was now completely nude.

“Oh, my God!” Darlene moaned breathlessly, blatantly staring at this naked woman like some teenage boy.

Gloria smiled. She got this sort of reaction a lot when she took off her clothes . . .

“I want you, sugar,” the late actress purred, taking the housewife by the hand and gently tugging her over towards the bed. “Let me make love to you.”

Whether she was really face to face with a ghost or not, Darlene was still a married woman and her first response to such a suggestion was to demurely refuse. She was sorely tempted to be sure, but she didn’t want to cheat on her husband any more than she wanted him to cheat on her. Unfortunately for her though, her refusals and protests weren’t particularly convincing as her voice sounded breathless and aroused.

Gloria was insistent and continued to pull the housewife along no matter how much she may have been dragging her feet. “Oh, come on, sugar,” Gloria chuckled. “It’s obvious how much you want me, too.” As they arrived at the side of the bed, she added, “And just look, you’re already dressed for a little fun with me.”

Darlene tried to contradict that, pointing out that she was in fact rather conservatively dressed, thank you very much, but when she just happened to look down at herself she got a severe shock. Even though she couldn’t imagine how it could possibly have happened, the housewife suddenly found herself just as naked as the late actress!

Stunned to find herself so abruptly nude, Darlene only now managed to pull herself free of Gloria’s grip and tried to quickly cover herself up by throwing one arm across her breasts and kaçak casino by trying to hide her groin behind a hand. Her modesty and beet red face made Gloria laugh out loud and, though it took some considerable effort, she managed to pry away Darlene’s arms so that she was fully exposed again.

“Why would you want to cover up such beauty?” Gloria chided, brushing a hand lightly across one of the housewife’s breasts. She was immediately rewarded with a moan from Darlene, who staggered just a little as her legs went all rubbery. This emboldened Gloria to move in even closer and press a lingering kiss to the other woman’s lips. “Come to bed, sugar.”

Her resolve to stay true to her husband rapidly waning, Darlene nevertheless tried one last time. “I can’t . . .”

An urgent note crept into Gloria’s voice. “We have to hurry now, sugar. Someone will be coming back soon to find out what happened to you. Wouldn’t you rather have them find you after we’ve had sex instead of while we’re having sex?”

Darlene considered that for a moment, then willingly stepped into the other woman’s embrace and kissed her firmly full on the mouth. The last vestiges of the housewife’s resistance were now gone and her husband was forgotten – the one and only thing that was on her mind at this point was making love to the woman she now held in her arms.

As one, the two women tumbled sideways and crashed heavily onto the bed in a lewd tangle of body parts. They continued to kiss – each one longer, deeper, and more passionate than the one before – as they groped and fondled each other enthusiastically.

Eventually, Darlene found herself lying on her back while Gloria straddled her, holding her arms to the bed by the wrists and effectively pinning her down. Looking up hungrily at the big breasts that were dangling so enticingly right over her face now, the housewife licked her lips and craned her head up to have a taste of the large, red, and very erect nipples.

An irritated and frustrated snarl escaped Darlene when she found that no matter how much she squirmed and stretched those luscious titties would remain just out of reach.

Gloria chuckled at how determinedly her new lover was straining to get at her bosom. She was tempted to play with the housewife just a little, teasing her by dipping down just enough to put one or the other of her breasts into reach and then jerking back when Darlene went for it, but their time was just too short. Instead, she just lowered her shoulders a little and sighed with delight when the other woman instantly latched onto one of her nipples.

Gloria let go of one of Darlene’s wrists then and the housewife immediately grabbed hold of the breast she was now so ardently nursing on with the released hands. In the meantime, Gloria’s hand had worked it’s way down between the housewife’s thighs.

Darlene’s back arched sharply as she was suddenly penetrated by one, then two fingers. She cried out in ecstacy as the late movie star expertly manipulated her swampy twat, but her moans were muffled since she happened to have a mouthful of Gloria’s breast just then. Pumping, twisting, and stroking with the kind of skill only a lifetime worth of practice could have given her, Gloria knew just what to do to get the best results.

There was just no stopping the huge orgasm that was building rapidly in the housewife by then and she accidentally bit down hard on the breast she had been working on. Any other woman would have surely let out a yelp, but Gloria just dismissed the sharp pain without a second thought.

Without pausing to give Darlene the opportunity to catch her breath, Gloria quickly maneuvered so that their steaming, swampy twats could be firmly and vigorously ground against each other. With their breasts bumping and jostling, their hoarse and husky moans of sheer ecstacy steadily rising in volume, and the heat between their legs rose with frightening speed and quickly became an out of control inferno.

The two women reached their climaxes at the same time and in that blazing instant of pure and unadulterated pleasure, it almost felt as if they had joined together to become one person.

“Oh, sugar!”

* * *

The door knob jiggled as somebody tried it, only to find it locked. When whoever it was that was trying to get in finally accepted that they were not going to be able to open the door, they started knocking on it.

The door was unlocked and opened almost immediately and Darlene Chase came staggering out of the old mansion’s bedroom. She was dressed again, but her clothing was all wrinkled now and her hair was tousled. The implication that she had just gotten laid was pretty obvious, but the rumpled bed behind her made it almost conclusive. Only the fact that she had clearly been all alone in the bedroom belied that idea.

Finding herself face to face with her very surprised husband and the very annoyed tour guide, come to investigate where she had disappeared to, Darlene gave them both a broad, happy smile.

“Um, honey . . .?” Joe ventured uncertainly.

“Hi, sugar.”

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