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This is my first attempt at writing any type of erotic story. I would appreciate any feedback or comments that you may have. I’d like to know either way… GOOD or BAD. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the story…


Gina and Ron had been married almost fifteen years. Their love for each other never waned over the years. They enjoyed each other and their family very much. Even with raising three children and both working full time jobs, they still found time for each other. Life was hectic, but they never lost touch with each other.

One night, when the children were younger and still going to bed at a reasonable time, Gina and Ron decided to have a little fun. During foreplay, Gina was giving Ron small, sensual massages all over his body. As they were kissing, she was rubbing his shoulders, his chest, belly and his thighs. She was careful not to rub too close to his cock.

Although his heart was racing while they kissed, their tongues probing each others passionately, her hands rubbing and massaging him, Ron’s body was totally relaxed. As he laid on his back with Gina on her side, half laying on his body beside him, her kisses and rubbing got even more passionate as their sexual passions grew. Soon, she was rubbing his balls and gently tugging on them. Then she would slowly run her hand gently up his rock hard cock. She then wrapped her hand around the throbbing member and give it a couple of gentle strokes. Gina continued to tease Ron’s cock that way as pre-cum started to emerge from the swollen tip. On one of her strokes back down to play with his balls again, Gina stretched her fingers to grasp them in her hand again. When she went to grasp them, one of her fingers grazed Ron’s tight ass hole.

Neither one of them thought anything of it at first, but then she did it again. This time she kept her finger there. Although his body was relaxed, Ron ankara escort tensed up a bit at this new sensation. He didn’t say anything to her, but she saw the look in his eyes. It was a look of pleasure. She teased him some more by rubbing his throbbing cock, then tugging at his balls again. The more she did that, even more pre-cum was coaxed out of him. They were both enjoying this very much. They were both getting extremely turned on by what Gina was doing to him. At one point, Gina started rubbing her finger in the large stream of pre-cum that was forming on the head of Ron’s cock. As she did this, Ron unconsciously spread his legs a little wider. Gina took notice and decided to see how far Ron would let her go. She took her now wet finger and placed it at the opening of his ass. She didn’t try to push her finger in, but she pushed it gently against the rosebud and rubbed her finger in circles, giving it a gentle massage. She hear Ron moan as she was doing that. Gina was getting even more turned on knowing that her husband seemed to be enjoying what she was doing to him.

After a short time, Gina removed her finger and traced it all the way up his body to his chest. She started rubbing his chest, and started kissing him again with a passion that neither of them felt before. Ron didn’t know that he could get such pleasure from his wife playing with his hole.

As their passion grew, Ron started to play with Gina’s tits. He rubbed and squeezed them. As he did this, her nipples stood totally erect from her breasts. Ron started to play with her nipples, teasing each one to total fullness by pinching them and rolling them in his fingers. He even pulled them away from her lovely orbs. Gina moaned when Ron did this, as a wave of pleasure shock went straight down to her pussy. After playing with her tits for a short time, Ron ran his hands down toward her pussy. When his escort ankara fingers reached her snatch, he noticed how wet she was. He took one of his fingers and ran it through the wetness so that he could get it lubed up. Then he swirled his wet finger around her clit. This drove Gina wild. She started moaning and bucking as she had an orgasm. Ron didn’t let up at all, as he kept rubbing her clit throughout her orgasm. Gina’s pussy became totally moist, so Ron slid two fingers inside her pussy . She was so wet that he was able to slide them in without any resistance. He moved his fingers in and out of her pussy vigorously. Gina loved the sensation of being finger fucked so much that she had another orgasm, although not as strong as the first one, but satisfying just the same.

After her second orgasm, Ron rolled Gina on top of him. When she straddled him, she leaned down to give him a kiss. It wasn’t a passionate kiss this time. It was a more tender, loving kiss as if to say thank you for the wonderful orgasm. After the kiss, Ron was so turned on that he tried to tell his wife how much he loved her, but it came out as more of a whisper than anything. Gina just looked into her husband’s eyes. Hers had such a passion that he had never seen before.

She then leaned back again, placing one hand on his chest while she reached behind her to grab his throbbing cock. There was so much pre-cum that had formed, and Gina took the head of Ron’s throbbing cock and rubbed the wet head along her slit and over her engorged clit. Moans of pleasure came from the both of them as their breathing became heavier. Gina’s tits heaved up and down with every breath she was taking. After rubbing the cock head on her clit for a few minutes, Ron told her that he felt he would cum if she kept that up.

Not wanting him to cum yet, she released his cock to stop the stimulation and to give ankara escort bayan Ron time to recover a bit before cumming. She started to massage his chest while she still straddled him. After a few minutes, she reached behind her again. This time, instead of grabbing a hold of his cock, she kept going until she reached his ass hole again. She started rubbing around it, and applying slight pressure, although not pushing inside. Ron felt an electric charge go the short distance from his hole to his cock. He felt like he was harder than he had ever been.

Gina stopped playing with Ron’s ass and reached back up to grab a hold of his stiff cock again. She aimed it straight up and then lowered herself on to him. When she had his entire organ inside her, she held still for a moment. She then started to raise and lower her body riding him slowly. She started to pick up speed as she was nearing another orgasm. They were both moaning so loud that they were surprised they didn’t wake up any of the kids.

As Ron was about to burst, Gina raised her pussy off of her husbands cock. When she did, Ron felt a great wetness wash over his cock and hips. Gina has squirted for the first time in her life. Then she lowered herself back down and started riding her husbands cock for all she was worth. Ron screamed in pleasure as he at last started to cum. He squirted his load deep into her sopping wet pussy. It felt to him that he shot more cum out of his throbbing cock than he ever thought possible.

After they both came down off of their respective orgasmic highs, they laid in each others arms, snuggling into each other, not saying a word, but both knowing that the other had enjoyed their night immensely. Gina had fallen asleep first, and Ron laid there thinking back to the pleasure he felt when his wife played with his tight ass hole. He felt his cock start to harden again just at the thought of it. He now hoped that it would become part of their lovemaking sessions in the future.

Ron fell asleep shortly after. He even dreamed about the possibility of having his wife put her finger inside his ass the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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