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You take my hands and, using the same black scarf I used to tie you up, secure my hands to the top of the headboard. You give me a deep kiss, keeping your naked body fully on top of me so I can feel your tits pressed against my check and your wet pussy close to my cock. You start to inch your way down my body, kissing my ears, neck, and collar bone before stopping at my nipples and taking a minute to suck and lick them. I groan a little and you can feel my cock throb against your belly. You smile and continue down, drifting to my stomach and making sure that I can feel your hard nipples brush against my cock. You nudge my legs apart and move your body so that you’re kneeling in between them as you kiss down my hips and to the top of my thighs.

My head is propped up on a pillow so I can watch you. I look up past you to a full mirror across the room and have a perfect view of your ass, with your cheeks spread and I can make out your tight little asshole and pussy lips. I enjoy the view for a moment before you capture my attention back by licking the inside of my thighs. You push my legs up a little bit, giving you better access to my balls and taint, and continue to tease me with your tongue. I feel the slightest lick on my balls, and then you flatten your tongue and drag it from the back of my sack up to the base of my cock. I squirm a little bit in pleasure, trying to get more stimulation for my rock hard cock, but you’re enjoying the reversal of power for now.

Your fingertips are lightly tracing the backs of my thighs, up to my ass cheeks, as you continue to lick and suck on my balls. You finally trail your tongue up my shaft, swishing it back and forth as you go, until you reach the head. There’s a large drop of pre-cum waiting for you as you wrap your lips around the head. I feel your tongue swirl around the ridge of my cock as you taste my excitement. One of your hands wraps around my shaft and your other hand caresses my balls as you focus your tongue on the head. You circle the head again and again before stopping and flicking your tongue up and down on the little point of the head where the shaft joins it.

Before long I’m gushing pre-cum and squirming, trying to get enough stimulation to blow my cum in your mouth. But you have other plans and release my cock before I get too close. You crawl back up to me and kiss me again before climbing up even further to straddle my face. I’m all too happy to have your delicious pussy above me as you use your hands to hold my head where you want it and lower yourself türbanlı escort down on my. I drill my tongue as deep as I can into you, sucking up your juice, before tilting my head so I can flick your clit. You allow me to lick you for another minute or so before coming back down and whispering “That was just a little break to let your cock calm down before we fuck.”

You kiss me again, tasting your own cum on my lips, before lining up your pussy with my cock and sinking all the way down to my balls in a single stroke. You stay seated on me, my cock buried deep inside of you as we savor the feeling for a moment. You reach up and untie my hands before putting your hands on my chest and start to grind down on me. Free from my restraints, I reach up and cup your tits, gently pinching your hard nipples. I know this is one of your favorite positions that gets you off quickly. I pull myself up a little bit so I’m reclining against the headboard and wrap my hands around to hold your ass. You lean down in to me so I can suck on your tits as you continue to build to your orgasm.

One of my hands slips down in between your ass cheeks and I gather up some of your slippery pussy juice that is coating my cock and balls. I press a lubed finger up against your asshole and slip it in to the first knuckle. Your breathing is getting heavier, your movements more frantic, as you are getting closer and closer. I look up at you, encouraging you. “Come on, my love. Cum for me. Use me. Use my cock. Use my cock as your little fuck toy. Get yourself off. I want to feel your pussy clamp down on me when you come.”

I slip a second finger into your ass just as you explode, trembling with pleasure. Your ass clenches on my fingers and your pussy spasms on my cock. I love watching and feeling you as you come – it’s such a massive turn on for me. You continue to ride out your orgasm as long as possible, savoring the feeling, until your body relaxes up against me. I roll you over on to your back, keeping my cock lodged deep inside of you. You look up at me with half-lidded eyes – that look that tells me I’ve made you feel so good that I can have anything I want from you now. It’s that look you gave me the very first time you told me I could fuck your ass years ago. I smile down at you and start pumping my cock in and out of you.

I shift up to a push up position as I pound you – we both look down at my rigid shaft that’s shiny with your cum. I’ve been on edge for so long now that all I want is to just fuck ümraniye escort you…hard. You reach down with one of your hands and caress my balls. They are tight up against my body, filled with cum and wet with your juices. You tickle them and feel right where my cock enters your body. You look up at me, flushed with excitement, licking your lips, knowing that I’m close. “I wish I could be down there right now…licking your balls as you fuck me. I wish I could like all my cum off your balls…I’d pull your cock out and suck my cum right off your shaft.”

You know this visual is such a massive turn on for me. You reach down behind my balls and stroke my taint just as I reach my limit. You can feel the cum rush up from my balls as they pulse and I explode, shooting a massive load of cum deep in your pussy. I keep pumping in and out of you as you continue to caress my balls, wanting every drop of me inside of you. I gradually slow down and then stop, keeping my cock fully buried in you as I rest on top of you.

I ask you “Are you ready to show me what a good little slut you are?” And with nervous excitement, you nod your head and whisper “Yes sir”. You know what I want, and even though it’s something you’ve never done before, you want to pleasure me. I slip out of you and roll over on my back. My cock is still half-hard and you quickly rotate your body, bringing us in to a loose 69 position. You take me in your hand, looking at my cock covered in our combined cum, and lower your mouth to me. With me being half hard, you slide your mouth all the way down my shaft, tasting us. I moan loudly at the shear dirtiness of the act. My good little wife doing such a naughty deed. I love it. You suck my shaft clean, then work your way down to my balls, licking and sucking them until you are sure you’ve gotten all of our cum.

As you work me over, I pull your pussy close to me and slip my fingers inside of you, feeling our combined cum. I pump two fingers deep in to you, gathering up the slippery cum and, bringing my fingers out of you, press them up against your asshole. I know this gets you going – our combined cum being used to lube up your ass – and I know that I’m going to fuck you one more time before this night is over. You’ve taken my cock back in your mouth, sucking hard on it to pump enough life back in to it for one more round. You want my cock in your ass tonight to complete a perfect day of fucking – a load in your mouth, your pussy, and your ass.

Two fingers are gliding acıbadem escort in and out of your ass and I use the thumb of my other hand to stroke your clit, eliciting purrs of excitement from you. Your talented mouth has my cock hard again and slick with your saliva. I move up to my knees and you move to the middle of the bed with your ass raise high and your head resting on a pillow. You reach back with your hands and spread your ass cheeks, exposing your tight little hole to me. I slip two fingers from my clean hand back into your pussy to gather up a little bit more of our combined cum and use it to coat the head of my cock before placing it at the center of your hole. You feel it and start to push back on me as I look down and watch the head of my cock press open your ass and disappear inside.

You keep pressing back, pausing after a few inches are in to let your body adjust, before continuing to bury my cock in your ass. You feel your ass cheeks press against my belly and my balls rest on your pussy lips before stopping, enjoying the feeling. One of your hands drops to your pussy as you start to rub your clit. I grab hold of your hips and start to thrust in and out of you. I look down and watch as my shaft slides in and out of your tight little hole. Someday I want to video this so you can see it – it’s such a fucking hot scene to watch and it makes my balls tingle.

I reach over and grab a little lube to pour on my cock to make sure you don’t have any discomfort, and then I start to fuck your ass at a slow, steady pace. Your hand is busy on your clit as you can feel a final orgasm of the day starting to build. You turn your head to the side and tell me to fuck you hard. I don’t need any more encouragement and pick up the pace. I hold your hips tight as I start to slam in to you, banging my balls up against your pussy lips as you rub your clit furiously. You moan “I’m getting close…are you? I want you to come with me.” I tell you I’m close and we both are rubbing and thrusting furiously as we build.

I hear you moan “I’m cumming!” just as I’m reaching my peak. I feel your asshole contract around my shaft as I burying myself in you and blast another load of cum deep inside your ass. My balls are pulsing as I feel you ride through your orgasm before we slump to the bed together, panting and sweating. I lay on top of you for a few minutes to catch our breath before I slowly pull my cock from your ass. I slide down next to you as we look in to each other’s eyes with sated smiles on our faces. “Happy Day 1 in Mexico babe. How are we going to top this tomorrow?” You smile with a combined dreamy/naughty look on your face and say “I’m sure we’ll think of something.” Somehow, my tired, drained cock gets a little jolt of life hearing this as we lay there recovering from a very full, perfect day of fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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