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I was unsure which category to place this story under. Some people will insist that it should come under ‘Incest/Taboo’ but by no means – even under the widest possible definitions of Incest – are the events described here incestuous. And Taboo is a wide open and fairly meaningless definition, ‘Erotic Couplings’ it had to be as the least worst choice.

For those who like to take these things too seriously and feel it necessary to deliver a moral lecture about the events described, it might be best if they cease reading now. This is a work of complete imagination, fiction and fantasy – no such things have ever happened – not to me, at least, or if they have, I have no intention of telling any of you. The normal rules, conventions and considerations of real life are suspended until you reach the end of the story. It is just a story.


I hate weddings – I really do. I’ll happily attend the ceremony itself to wish the happy couple well but receptions are inevitably a drag. The food tends to be second-rate – or worse – which gets things off to a bad start as far as I’m concerned, but maybe you can’t expect gourmet cooking when dozens of people have to be catered for. The worst bit, though, comes when guests stick rigidly together in their own circles – family, friends, work colleagues. That’s fine if you happen to be part of one of the groups but if you’re not it can be difficult to break into them and if you’re not careful you’re left standing around like a total idiot.

Steve and Caroline’s wedding was one of the worst I’d ever attended as far as this was concerned. I’d once worked with Steve for a number of years and, when his first marriage broke up, I’d helped to keep him on the rails. It had taken him a long while to get over coming home early one day to find his wife getting royally fucked by someone who had, until then, been one of his best mates. But then I got a new job and moved away and we didn’t see much of each other – it didn’t help that my then wife didn’t like him, which put paid to getting together socially – but we’d kept in occasional touch and it wasn’t a surprise when I got the invitation to his wedding.

And that was how I came to be standing around on my own in a draughty marquee with only a pint and a few nibbles for company. I’d gravitated towards the entrance. Hide away in a corner and you stand out immediately as the odd one out. Near the entrance it looks like you’ve only just arrived or you’re waiting for someone who has popped out for a moment. Not everyone was fooled though, certainly not the attractive woman who sidled up next to me and leaned over to speak quietly into my ear.

‘I know who you are’, she murmured. That worried me because I had no idea at all who she was but then she explained. ‘Since I’m the odd one out among Caroline’s guests, you must be the odd one out among Steve’s. Am I right?’

‘Is it that obvious?’ I replied, laughing. And then, spotting the opportunity to get a conversation flowing and even the chance of an upturn to the evening, I went on ‘So how come they picked you as Caroline’s odd soul?’

‘Caroline and I were students together’, my new companion explained, ‘back in the days when it was becoming fashionable for girls to have a lesbian affair, so we did. It didn’t last, of course; both of us soon discovered that we needed more than just fingers and plastic substitutes. But we stayed friends – good friends – and we do still occasionally…’ She trailed off, leaving the rest to my imagination, before adding ‘My name’s Georgina, by the way.’

‘Sam’, I introduced myself. ‘I’m afraid my story’s nothing like as fascinating.’

I told her nevertheless and she tried to make the best of it.

‘”My then wife” suggests that you’re no longer with her.’

‘Correct’, I replied. ‘The ironic thing is that that was one of the few weddings I’ve ever really enjoyed. It was the aftermath that was disastrous. She turned into a tyrant. I walked out after three months – that’s how I came to move away from my job with Steve.’

I paused for just long enough to allow a slight change of direction but not long enough to give her a chance of getting a word in.

‘Is there a Mr Georgina?’

‘There’ve been two’, she said, ‘but no more. The first one – hormone-fuelled teenage daughter, harridan wife approaching forty – it suddenly wasn’t how he pictured life. His PA seemed a much better bet and her tits were bigger than mine. The second one died in a car crash last year. I wasn’t too unhappy.’

There’s not a lot you can really say to a statement like that.

‘Look’, I said, ‘is it too early to make our excuses and slip away? Perhaps we could go for a more relaxing drink somewhere else.’

She placed a guiding hand on my elbow. ‘Let’s go and say goodbye to the happy couple.’


We had that drink and I ended up spending the night at her home – fortunately her daughter Alice was away for the weekend with grandparents. It taksim üniversiteli escort never became a whirlwind romance but we enjoyed each other’s company and spent a lot of time together, in and out of bed. Both of us, though, enjoyed the luxury of saying goodbye and locking our own front doors. Fortunately, I got on really well with Alice. She’d now just turned 18 and awkward teenager was turning into beautiful young woman.


Georgina turned to me.

‘Can I ask you a very big favour, Sam?’ she said.

Adding my name to the question meant it was going to be a very big favour indeed.

‘Of course,’ I replied, ‘ask away, but I’m not saying yes until I know what it is.’

‘Ok, I’ll go for that. Tell me,’ she continued, ‘the first time you had sex did you know much about women’s bodies?’

You’ll realise by now that she had a habit of starting a conversation with a provocative statement. In the absence of a gentle build-up I took a second to marshal my thoughts.

‘Not really, I suppose, looking back on it. Most of what I thought I knew came from men’s magazines. Not that it seemed anywhere near enough when I needed it.’

‘I thought that might have been the case’, Georgina replied. ‘It was much the same with me – only mine was women’s magazines. A lot of what I knew came from the things that my girlfriends and I talked about. It all came as a bit of a shock when it happened for real. I can’t believe how ignorant I was.’

‘That’s probably true for all of us, but where does that fit in with the favour you want me to do for you?’

‘That’s quite simple’, she continued. ‘Alice has never seen a man naked – not close up, at any rate – and I think she should before she has sex for the first time. At least then she won’t be a complete innocent. So the favour I want to ask you is: would you let her see you naked? Well, look at you and – err – touch you perhaps. I know it’s a bit out of the ordinary but I hope you’re not offended. I’m not asking too much, am I?’

‘A bit out of the ordinary’ wasn’t exactly how most people might have described it, but that’s Georgina for you. Convention wasn’t one of her strong points. She’d simply decided she wanted to give her daughter’s sex life a better start than she’d had.

‘Well, it’s not every day that I get asked to take my clothes off in front of an 18-year old girl but I suppose I could get used to it.’ I hoped my laugh didn’t sound like a snigger. ‘How did you imagine we’d go about this idea of yours’, I asked. ‘She might get a shock if she walks into the room and I’m sitting here with nothing on.’

‘Yes, she might. Why don’t you just leave it to me’, she suggested.


A few days later we were having a ‘family’ evening in. As usual, Georgina started things off in typical blunt fashion. She put her arm around Alice’s shoulders and drew her close towards her. She turned to her and spoke softly.

‘Darling, I love the way we find it so easy to talk about personal things, you know, relationships, bodies, sex – that kind of thing. I think you enjoy it too and I hope you never find it embarrassing.’

‘Oh no, mum, I love our chats. When I hear other girls I’m so glad I have someone like you. None of them can talk to their mothers as we do. Lots of the things we talk about are total mysteries to them.’

‘I’m so glad about that. Can I ask you something really personal, then? Have you ever seen a man naked?’

Alice laughed. ‘Funny you should ask that. Last week Jamie Smith got far too drunk and ended up dropping his trousers and a couple of the others joined in to keep him company. But apart from that, not really – only pictures.’

‘It’s just that Sam and I were talking the other night about the first time we each had our first sex and how it was the first time we’d actually seen someone naked close up. It was so awkward. Knowing all about the birds and the bees is one thing but fumbling around, not knowing what’s what, is something else entirely. I’d have done almost anything to avoid all that embarrassment.’

‘Yes, that has crossed my mind, mum, but I don’t quite know what to do about it. If I asked a boy to strip off in front of me he’s going to think sex and we’d be back to square one.’

‘I’ve thought about that, darling, and I’ve talked to Sam about it. He is willing to undress in front of you so that you can take a close look at him and see a man’s body for real. Do you like the sound of that?’

Alice looked thoughtful.

‘Yes, that might be useful. It’s one thing being a virgin but I don’t want to look really stupid the first time I have sex. You’ll be here, though, won’t you, not just me and him? And can I ask him questions – you know, pretty personal questions?’

‘Of course, darling, that’s the whole point of it. So, over to you, Sam.’

This was a whole lot more rushed than I’d imagined it would be but at least it tophane escort didn’t give me too much time to think about it – or get aroused, thankfully. I stood up in front of both of them and slowly began removing my clothes. Georgina had a big smile on her face while Alice looked expectant but with a touch of apprehension. Memories of The Full Monty flitted across my mind and for one silly moment I thought about doing a striptease, but I couldn’t decide if it was appropriate. It might help break the ice but, on the other hand… I kept it straight.

It didn’t take long to lose the lot. I even remembered to take off my socks and shoes before trying to remove my trousers. I piled everything as neatly as I could on a handy chair.

Georgina avoided any difficult silence by stepping in and describing the basics of what Alice could see. I don’t suppose any of it was new to her but it helped. She explained how my cock was uncircumcised and showed her how the foreskin retracted. She pointed out my uretha and made sure that Alice knew that it was used both for peeing and for sperm. She explained the means by which the two couldn’t happen at the same time and she also talked about pre-cum.

‘You can touch him, if you want. Why don’t you try retracting his foreskin yourself and take a close look what the head looks like.’

I moved forward towards Alice’s tentatively outstretched hand. She followed her mother’s suggestion. Georgina then pointed out the frenulum and explained its sensitivity, followed by the ridge on the underside of my cock – which was by now becoming semi-erect – and took the opportunity to explain how the penis reached that state. Next it was the turn of my scrotum and balls, and she invited Alice to feel them in her hands, pointing out the need for gentleness.

Alice soon noticed my sperm cords and asked about them. It was the first of a whole host of questions that flooded from her. The final one was to ask what happened when a man came. Georgina got some wipes and towel, which she placed on her lap, and told me to kneel in front of her. She then began stroking me. After a few minutes the pre-cum began to appear and at that point she suggested that Alice take over. She did and it wasn’t long before her question was answered.

Georgina told me to lie on the sofa to relax and recover. She told Alice to kneel next to me and run her hands over the whole of my body, discovering what it felt like and how I would react to her touches. She managed to find a couple of the erogenous zones on my back and was intrigued by my response.

She smiled at her mother with a mixture of gratitude and enjoyment. Georgina took the opportunity offered.

‘Alice, sweetheart, Sam has been good enough to let you see him naked. Don’t you think you should return the favour and undress so that he can see you too? You’ve got a beautiful body and I’m sure he’d love to see it. And wouldn’t you like it if he explained a few things about how your body works when it’s having sex?’

Alice blushed and glanced down to hide the look of embarrassment which had spread across her face. She was silent for a few moments.

A quiet OK was all she said when she finally spoke.

‘Good girl’, Georgina murmured. ‘Shall I help you undress?’

It was less a question than a statement. Georgina took hold of Alice’s hands and raised her to her feet, so that she was standing directly in front of me. She then moved behind the girl so that my view of her would not be obstructed and reached round in front to begin slowly, tantalisingly unbuttoning her blouse.

I could feel my cock hardening again as I saw the pale bare flesh of her chest appear. Both Georgina and Alice noticed too. Georgina smiled, while Alice started to blush again. I wasn’t sure how easy I was going to find this. I hardly wanted this incredible situation to end but on the other hand I found myself longing to take Georgina upstairs and give her a very thorough fucking.

When Georgina had undone all the buttons of her blouse, she lifted the garment clear of Alice’s shoulders and slid it down her arms, revealing a delightful pink semi-transparent bra encasing a delightful pair of breasts. They were smaller than her mother’s – perhaps a B cup – but she had deep, dark brown areolas which were visible through the thin material and her nipples were prominent and apparently aroused. This was going to be interesting.

Georgina then reached down to the waistband of Alice’s skirt. She undid the single button that fastened it and eased down the zip. Brushing her hands down the girl’s side and thighs, she pushed the skirt to the floor. Alice stepped out of it and her mother picked it up and put it on the adjacent chair with the discarded blouse. Alice’s panties were a match for the bra and were transparent enough to reveal the dark outline of her pubic hair.

Georgina took Alice’s hand and turned her in a pirouette before me. The young girl topkapı escort was slim without being skinny; there was the slightest hint of a gently-rounded tummy. Her legs were firm without being too muscular, and there was a slight gap between her thighs that my brain immediately realised would give my hand ready access to her treasures. Her legs were topped off with a tight pair of buttocks that I found myself longing to grasp and spread.

Georgina reached behind Alice’s back and unclipped her bra before easing it off her shoulders. Her hands brushed Alice’s breasts as the garment slid off. I had been right about the nipples and areolas – they were dark and aroused. As if to draw my attention to them, Georgina took each hard nipple between thumb and forefinger and stretched them. I don’t think I imagined the slight gasp that brought from the girl. I also noticed the beginnings of a slight dark patch on her panties that I don’t think had anything to do with her pubic hair. I began to feel a tad jealous of the guy who would eventually get to put his cock in this fabulous body and fuck it until he could no longer hold himself back.

‘You have an amazing body’, Georgina whispered in her daughter’s ear. ‘Shall we leave Sam the pleasure of taking off your panties?’

She pushed Alice gently forward. I spread my thighs so that she could stand between them, her calves almost touching the front of the sofa. ‘You are very beautiful’ was about all I could manage to say in my enthralled state.

I hooked my finger into the front of her panties and eased them down, exposing her sex, before sliding them down her legs and off. She had a pronounced mons, accentuated by the dark hair of her bush, the sides of which had obviously been tidied up. Standing up, her outer labia allowed a little more than a hint of her clit hood and neat inner labia to peek through. As I looked, I thought again, with envy, about that lucky cock that would one day be spreading those lips apart and forcing its way in.

Georgina and I spent a while explaining what would happen to her body before and during sex. Needless to say, it wasn’t the first time she’d experienced arousal – she admitted that she masturbated regularly – but it was the first time she began to understand the whys and the wherefores.

‘You’ll find it a lot different when a man touches you, completely different to touching yourself.’

I’m not sure whether Georgina spotted where that one might go. Her daughter was clearly very aroused and she seemed unlikely to want to leave things there. It was as if Georgina’s words were an invitation. She looked pleadingly at her mother – nothing needed to be said.

‘Why don’t you make her cum’, she said to me.

I did.

We all sat on the sofa afterwards, talking. Georgina felt out of place being the only one dressed, so she, too, slipped of her clothes. The atmosphere was relaxed and natural.

‘I can’t imagine my pussy stretching enough to take a cock into it’, Alice said thoughtfully at one point. ‘I feel quite small down there.’

‘You’ll have to watch Sam having sex with me’, Georgina announced. ‘You’ll see then how a woman opens up to take a man inside her. We can take some pretty amazing cocks in our cunts.’

We all retired to the bedroom but on the way up the stairs Georgina made it clear that she would be the only one I would get to fuck that evening.


‘I’m glad things went so well this evening. You taught Alice so much. I suspect that she’ll be very grateful when the time comes.’ She paused for a moment and a thoughtful look came over her face. ‘Alice really likes you. I saw the way she looked at you while you were exploring her body and there was even a bit of jealousy in the air when she watched you penetrating me, never mind when you came in me. I’m pretty certain she was wishing that it was her cunt you were filling up.’

She paused, as if uncertain about what she was intending to say next, and wondering what I might think about it.

‘Maybe you should be the one to take her virginity. It would be wonderful for you to give her her first fucking and you’d enjoy being inside her cunt too, I know you would.’

I’d wondered how long it might take to reach this stage.

‘That’s a very big step to take’, I replied. We left it there.


The following evening, Georgina sat down beside me and reminded me of her thoughts the previous night, before telling me that she needed to talk to me. She explained how she and her second husband had been members of a secret society and that, even after his death, her commitments to it remained. Its activities were numerous but prime among them was that every two months one of the women members had to offer herself up for use by between six and eight of the male members. This performance was seen as a way of bonding the men tightly and irrevocably in their secrecy and impressing upon the wives and partners of the men the requirement for subservience that their men demanded.

Needless to say, the whole thing was intended to be an ordeal for the women, especially as the numbers of men could be swollen in any month in which the son of a member reached the age of 18. He was allowed the first use of that month’s woman to celebrate his coming of age.

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