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Ana Armas

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Chap 1: Gina

Robby pulled a beer out of the ice chest and flopped down in the lawn chair next to his wife.

“Yanno, Gina, our neighbor Ernie is a hard-working, good hearted sort but sometimes he has all the finesse of a drunken bull elephant—with sore feet!”

Gina pulled her dark glasses down to the tip of her nose and looked back at him over the top.

“He is a little clueless on occasion, isn’t he? What did he stick his foot in this time?”

Rob took a pull on the beer. “Oh, the twit has been reading about swinger’s clubs and found one in the area. So he asked Twyla if she would like to try it out. Needless to say her response was enough to blister paint.”

Gina rolled her eyes. “Just like that? Out of the blue? No wonder she was furious. The least he could have done was choose a good moment and do some verbal foreplay if he was going to suggest something like that. Did he spend the night on the couch?”

Rob belched discretely. “He did. And of course the next day he came home from work with flowers and chocolate and reservations at Fontino’s Trattoria. He even tipped the violinist to stand next to them most of the evening playing her favorite music. I think he’s been forgiven.”

“Flowers and chocolate and a fancy night out? Mmm—yeah, that should have mollified her. Now if only he had done that before he suggested a little play-on-the-side he might have gotten a better response. It’s all in how you ask.”

Rob turned his head very slowly toward his wife. He blinked like a lizard on a rock—then blinked again. He tried to choose his words carefully, fearing that if he got them wrong he might be the one spending a night on the sofa.

“Am I reading too much into that? I mean, it sounded like just maybe you were implying . . .”

“I implied nothing, Robin Goodfellow. I simply stated a fact. When you want something difficult you need to be careful how you frame the request, that’s all.”

Phew! Rob mentally wiped his brow. For a moment there he had just the slightest feeling that if he asked right, Gina might be willing to give swinging a try. It was a disturbing thought, although he had to admit to himself it was an intriguing one. At that moment a noisy fight broke out over the pool toys. Rob set his face into his ‘angry daddy mode’ and strode over to break it up. Gina nodded quiet approval.


Four women sat around a bridge table drinking coffee and ignoring their cards. Gina stirred a sugar substitute into hers.

“Okay, Twyla, Rob told me what he thinks is Ernie’s side of last week’s story. Now what really happened?”

“Did he tell you my husband is the biggest chump on the block?”

The other women snickered. Heather Quinn’s voice was wry. “Oh, come on, Twyla, he can’t be any worse than Irwin. I have to admit, the guy tries hard. He’s a great provider and a top flight dad but there are times when I wonder how he lived long enough to learn to tie his shoes.”

“Oh, can’t he?” Twyla’s eyes flashed, “did Irwin ever suggest that you trip on out to a swingers’ club? With no warning or warm up? Ernie did. I mean, he didn’t even try to seduce me into it. It was like he was telling me he’d scored tickets to a ball game and did I want to come along? Idiot.”

Maria Santiago raised an eyebrow. “A swingers’ club? There is one of those aroun’ here? I ‘ave ‘eard about them but had no idea you could fin’ one in a sleepy little pueblo like ours.”

Twyla sniffed in disdain. “Ernie says there is. Naturally, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea.”

Skepticism descended, so thick Twyla could have spread it on bread. She looked around at the arched eyebrows and pointedly blank faces.

“Well, I don’t! I mean, we’re not in college anymore. Besides what would be the point? There’s no proof that any other guy would be a better lover than Ernie. And if there was, I still wouldn’t trade the guy in just for a better roll in the hay. It’s not his fault I take so long to reach orgasm.”

“Ah, the sexual mismatch problem,” Gina nodded sympathetically, “we understand that in our house, too.”

Maria made an effort to join Gina and Heather in comforting noises though she felt a bit hypocritical. She never had trouble cumming with Carlos. It must be the difference between the Cuban and Anglo upbringings, she thought, feeling smug.

Twyla, while willing to milk the moment for all it was worth, had to be honest with herself. “Ernie isn’t one to just roll over and fall asleep leaving me hanging, girls. He’s got great hands and a world-class tongue besides a whole nightstand drawer full of toys. And he uses them, god does he! But I just wish he could fuck me long enough to make me come, that’s all.”

“Then per’aps what you need is another esposo on the side,” Maria suggested slyly, “Men are so silly, always day-dreaming about ‘arems of women. We know they can only make use of one or two an evening but women? We can enchoy a dozen men at a time, if we wan’.”

Twyla shrugged. casino oyna “Well, I suppose that would be one answer but having more than one husband is illegal. And where would I get another one, anyway, especially one that I could trust?”

Maria leaned forward, putting her chin in one hand with an evil grin, “You could borrow one, maybe even more.”

Three pairs of eyes goggled at the curvy little brunette. “Maria,” Gina’s voice was hushed, “just what are you suggesting?”

“You know full well what she’s suggesting, Gina,” Heather whispered. A pensive look came over her face. “And you have to admit it makes sense in a crazy sort of way. If the problem is that one man can’t hold off long enough for you, what you need is a series of men. Well, the four of us all seem to have the same problem and we have four husbands. If we took turns with all of them, one after another, it’s almost a guarantee that we’d climax with at least one.”

Twyla was shocked. “You mean get gang-banged—on purpose?”

Gina squirmed in her chair. Ernie might be clueless but he was built and pool parties at her house gave her reason to believe he was probably well-hung to boot. And Carlos’ chest was a mat of grizzled hair, soooo sexy! Irwin? He’d been her boyfriend back in the day. She’d introduced Heather to him, knowing that he’d make her one happy girl. After all, she thought, any man who can put the tip of his tongue on his nose . . .

“Wouldn’t Carlos be jealous?”

“Poo!” Maria was dismissive, “Carlos believes that if no other man wan-ted ‘is woman, why would ‘e? You should see what ‘e buys me to go dancing in. Chicas, ‘e flaunts me! No, I think first ‘he make me scream to show the other men ‘ow it’s done. Then, if the rest of them ‘ad me screaming ‘alf the night he would strut for a week.”

“Carlos can last that long?”

Maria shrugged, “Maybe I don’t, ‘ow do you say, take so long warming up? I am lucky. But you three? You need some ‘elp, maybe. Carlos would ‘elp.”

“I’ll bet he would!” Heather muttered under her breath, “But I don’t know about the others. Irwin talks a big game but would he really play?”

” Well,” Gina drawled, “It’s like I told Rob. When you want something difficult you need to be careful how you frame the request. Now, do we want this?”

The next half hour’s discussion was very thoughtful.


Ernie dried himself off, pulled up his pajama bottoms, brushed his teeth and crawled into bed next to his wife. Twyla picked up the control, switched off the television and rolled over onto his chest, her head propped up in her palm. She reached out the other hand and pressed a long-nailed forefinger accusingly against the tip of his nose. He gulped. Twyla was frowning at him.

“Ernest Michelson, last week you fucked up big time.” His eyes widened. “You suggested the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong way.” The nail poked harder. “Understand, no way in Hell am I going to go to some sleazy club and get fucked by some unknown dude, period. I am not, repeat not, going to join up with a bunch of strangers for a ‘wham, bam, thank-you ma’am’ evening. Got it?”

Ernie swallowed harder and nodded very carefully to avoid being impaled on her nail.

“Good.” She put her hand on his cheek and stroked him softly. Her voice changed timbre to a sultry purr. “However, just maybe a little variety never hurt anyone, so long as we choose our variety carefully.”

“Wha’ . . .?”

“You, your neighbor Rob, your buddy Irwin and your buddy Carlos are about to become a team, a ‘wife satisfaction team’. I love you and I love what you do to me, especially when you go down on me, but I really, really want to come with you inside me. I hardly ever can and I’m not the only one. Gina and Heather feel the same way.”

“And Maria?”

“She’s lucky. She cums if Carlos so much as licks her earlobe but don’t interrupt. We four have decided to start our own little swingers’ club—with a twist. Each of us will ‘entertain’ all four of you in a single evening. That way we’re guaranteed at least one orgasm during intercourse and probably more. We drew straws and Friday you’re going next door to Rob’s house for drinks around the pool. What happens after that is up to Gina. Now,” she threw back the blankets and pulled up the pajama top, “Eat me, lover. Eat me, then fuck me and while you do, imagine I’m Gina.”



“Hi, honey, what’s up?”

“The upholsterer called. He said that bench you wanted done in good leather is finished.”

Irwin didn’t say a word. Heather wasn’t supposed to know about the bench. It had been a commission from two of their friends, a very special commission. He couldn’t believe they’d asked him to build it nor could he believe that they actually planned to use it and the last thing he wanted was for his rather prim little wife to know what he’d done.

“And Marybelle says that she and Toshu can hardly wait to try it out.”


“In fact, looking over your working drawings, it looks so yummy I think you ought canlı casino to build us one.”


“Now, you put down that phone right now and come home. There are some things you need to know.” There was a long kissing sound and the phone went dead. Irwin started to sweat.

When his pickup screeched to a halt in the driveway, Irvin raced through the mobile home.

“Heather? Heather, where are you?”

When he burst into their covered patio, there was the bondage bench, gleaming in its hand-rubbed oil finish, light glinting on the nickel buckles of the black leather tethers. Heather was walking around it, a fascinated smile on her face.

“Honey, this is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.”

“Heather, I can explain . . .”

“Explain? What’s to explain? Marybelle and Toshu wanted a bench to do their spanky play on and knew how good you were so they had you build it. Good choice on their part, honey, it’s just beautiful. Look at the way the grain shimmers in the light. And this leather! I get chills just touching it. Oh, I can’t stand it. Baby, we have got to try this thing out!”

Before his dumbfounded eyes, she dropped her shorts and thong to the floor, whipped off her top and bra and knelt on the padded bench, making sure all her limbs were inside the tethers.

“Don’t just stand there, Irwin, strap me in.”

Once she was secure, Heather gave a little wriggle here and there. Nope, there was no way out of this unless he let her up. And the constricted feeling was new, different—hot!

“Aren’t I supposed to be gagged and blindfolded?”

“Uh, I understand gags are not a good idea? You have to be able to give a safe word if anything goes wrong. But I guess blindfolds are okay.”

“I like the blindfold idea. Be a dear and go get one. And since we don’t have any genuine paddles, just wash the flyswatter and bring it in, will you?”

Black silk over her eyes, Heather shivered in anticipation.

“Get naked, Irwin. Then start slow with the swatter, slow and soft then get faster and harder. I’ll say ‘yellow’ if it’s getting too intense and ‘red’ means stop at once, of course. Come on, honey, do me!”

She squealed at her first stroke. Soon she was whimpering and crying for him to stop. But Irwin had read enough about this sort of play to know that all the noise and struggles were part of the game. Harder and faster he went, until her buttocks were bright red all over and tears flowed from her eyes. At last she swallowed hard, “Yellow.”

Only yellow? Irwin had been starting to worry about how much punishment he was dishing out. At once he ceased the paddling and ran his hands soothingly over her fiery ass. The heat amazed him, as did his own response. Soon he was rubbing his stiff cock over her as well. He reached down. To his surprise her pussy was sopping. With a leer he entered her. She moaned. Irwin started to thrust. Not only was her love canal hot but the heat from her abused backside radiated against his pelvis. Heather moaned again, then started to whimper, them moan until suddenly she screamed into the afternoon. “Oh, Baby! Oh, yesssssss!”

With a grunt, he shot a load into her and sagged over her shivering body.

Heather sat on a pillow, a drink in her hand and an unstoppable smile on her face. Her explanation of the proposed ‘arrangement’ made her husband shake his head, especially since she announced that he had nearly three weeks to make a duplicate of the bench for their own use.

“Of course, if I’d known I liked that sort of thing I probably wouldn’t have agreed to Maria’s idea. I wouldn’t need it. But I did and I’m not backing out so by the time I’m due to entertain the guys I want it to be on the bench. You might have to make the height adjustable because your four aren’t the same size but it’s gonna be a blast.”

“I don’t know, Heather. I’m not sure I like the idea of you getting gang-banged. I mean, I’ve been faithful all along and it just seems wrong . . .”

“Not wrong, honey, only naughty. That’s a different thing. Besides, by the time I get shagged, you will have already done Gina and Maria. And I expect you to do them right, just as I expect you to do me right, and to show the others how it’s done. Believe me, baby, the more I think about it, the more I look forward to it.”


“Don’t lie to me, Robin Goodfellow!” Gina’s clenched fists were on her hips though her voice was hushed. The kids were still noisily awake in front of the television. “I know damned well you want to do this. Every time Twyla’s tight little butt passes by I can see your eyes lock on it. I know it and she knows it. Why do you think she wiggles? And any man who doesn’t want to fuck Maria has a hormonal deficiency so knock off the righteous indignation, my man.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll admit to my daydreams but Gina, this is reality. Just how are we going to pull it off?”

“You are going to bundle up the offspring and haul them out to Mom’s place in the country. You know she’s always bugging us to send them out to frolic amongst the kaçak casino trees and flowers for a weekend. While you’re going and returning, I’ll get all ready, mix the drinks and set out the tiki torches. By the time you get back and cleaned up, the other guys will be here. I’ll serve the cocktails and after an appropriate wait, I’ll strip down and lay out on a chaise lounge. Then the four of you fuck me, starting with you. And I’ll bet you a hundred dollars, Mr. Goodfellow, that you will be so turned on by the others making me moan and scream that you’ll fuck me again. Hot as I’ll be I’ll probably let you do my ass for a change.”

Rob shook his head. Somehow this wasn’t quite the way he figured wording a difficult request was supposed to go. But though Gina was normally a traditional, submissive little wife, when she got fire in her eye and a bone in her teeth there was no way out. All he could do was hang on tight and hope to survive. Besides, she was right. Any man who didn’t want to fuck Maria definitely had something wrong with him and if playing along eventually got him into her pants—well, he was sure it would be worth it.

Sundown Friday found him pulling up into his own garage. He closed it behind him and went into the house. There was no sign of Gina. He went up to the bedroom and changed into a pair of tropical weight slacks and a Hawaiian shirt. He’d thought about putting on a silk thong but decided that his best bet was just go commando. Slipping on sandals over bare feet completed the very easily removed outfit. It just wouldn’t do to be hopping up and down on one foot while he tried to pull off a sock, it just wouldn’t.

Stepping into the back yard he had to admit that it certainly looked well arranged. Half a dozen tiki torches lit up the night and four lawn chairs were set around a chaise lounge. Obviously, his wife’s first gang bang was to be a theatrical affair. Beside the chaise was a small table bearing a collection of lubricants, some condoms and, of all things, four butt plugs. He wondered about that.

A sound made him turn. Where Gina had been he had no clue but as she swayed out into the yard all he could do was gawk and whistle long and low. Gina smiled her appreciation and raised her hands up over her head to do a little pirouette. Her bobbed haircut had been refreshed, long earrings flashed fire and the scarlet jumpsuit with its deep cleavage and palazzo pants almost screamed to be pulled off. To make things more intense, she was barefoot. As she turned, unfettered breasts bobbed gently. Rob gulped. He knew in his bones she was naked beneath. It was going to be a long night.

When the other guys arrived, the nervousness was palpable. Gina amazed Rob with her calm flirtatiousness. Air kisses, shimmies, mild double entendres were all there but always low-key, never overt. After the third round of very good, but mild, cocktails she smiled at her guests.

“Well gentlemen, would you care to be seated?”

She glided over next to the chaise, half turned from them and slipped each shoulder strap off and down her arm. The men’s eyes bulged. Not only was she bra-less but each nipple was adorned with a sparkling, dangling ornament. She definitely had their interest! Rob could feel his erection growing as his wife languidly ran manicured hands down her body to take the jumpsuit by the waistband and push it to the ground revealing—a full Brazilian! She walked from lover to lover displaying her smooth sex with a little grind for each man. Gina returned to the chaise and with a slow wave of her arm beckoned Rob to her. As he stood, she lay down, stroked her labia with an applicator from the table, spread her thighs and raised her arms.

“Come Robby,” she purred, “get naked and use me.”

Rob’s choice of clothing had been correct. A half dozen buttons and a zipper later, he was naked and rampant. Without hesitation he laid full length on her, his mouth greedy for hers. She lifted her pelvis offering her slippery mons to his manhood and he was in her. Were his friends watching? He neither knew nor cared. His world was reduced to Gina’s body, her moans and the way she squeezed him. He forced himself to moderate the rhythm but she would have nothing of it. Four men were on her menu tonight and she intended to enjoy each of them to the fullest. Driving her hips up against him she felt the tension rise in his body. Smiling to herself she began to rotate her pelvis until, helpless, he jetted into her with a groan.

“Mmm, that was beautiful, honey. And you’ve gotten me really ready for the next guy. Oh, look. They’re all naked and all ready, too. My, my, are all those for little ol’ me? Goody!”

She stuck her hand down into a vase next to the chaise and pulled out a name. “Ernie! Well, swinger. Get it on!”

As Rob returned to his chair, Ernie sat at the foot of the chaise, straddling it. He pulled Gina to him, put her calves on his shoulders and slid inside. As he rocked and humped he massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. Rob must have warmed her up right because in no time she was moaning and keening. Gina slapped her hands on the chaise cushion to give her greater thrust and with a half dozen sharp bucks suddenly threw her head back and screamed into the night.

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