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Far beyond the scope of rational thinking comes this tale of fulfillment. Let me define for you what I mean by fulfillment for this revelation. Fulfillment means complete, all-encompassing gratification. That is the whole person, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and, very definitely – sexually.

We met on a blind date. For many people, blind date is an omen with negative outcomes. I went into this meeting with similar skepticism; it is true what is said about the self-fulling prophecy, it wasn’t good.

She was not unattractive; I found her cute and vivacious. She was, however, much too young for me. I was 18 and graduating from high school. She was only a high school sophomore. I was 18 and legal, she was jail bait.

Three years passed, my twenty-first birthday loomed a couple weeks away and some friends had a night planned. I like a good party, yet, I also like keeping my head on straight. I don’t drink a lot and have only tried marijuana a couple times. They knew that about me and knew I wouldn’t go beyond my personal limits. I did have a haunting thought that I would very likely exceed my limits.

The party day arrived and I was busy searching the internet for remedies that prevent or cure hangovers. Some of the craziest potions sounded like they could actually work; I prepared.

My best friend said the party would begin at his place and make a circuit around some of the hottest night spots in college town, USA.

The gathering arrived at his house at 8:00 pm. I was already there to hear their jeers and cheers. Walking in close to last was a somewhat familiar face I just couldn’t remember. My friend said I needed a date tonight and he set me up with – holy shit, jailbait.

“She’s 19 now,” he whispered to me.

We canlı bahis şirketleri were re-introduced and I was stammering for words trying to apologize for acting as I had those three years ago.

“Rick,” she said, “I was afraid of you because I heard how older boys act. You didn’t act like that and I was happy.” She concluded by pulling closer and pressed her lips to mine.

A moment later we had arms around the others waist greeting and talking to friends.

The first stop of my party de force was “You don’t know Jack.” It was just off campus in the frat and sorority district. Pam, my blind date, was also a designated driver, mine.

“Have you been here, Pam?”

She nodded a tentative yes, “I come here often from the sorority house. I’m the sucker who always becomes the designated driver. But, hey! I get drinks and snacks free.”

“Designated driver, like tonight?”

Her shy smile needed no words though she said, “No, not like tonight.” Leaning over the console, she gave me another kiss. I was prepared and met her lips with mine. “I have a weekend pass.”

“The party can’t last that long,” I chuckled.

We got out of the car and natural instinct took over. Our hands met and fingers intertwined as we hit the door. Inside was a catered table of food for our party and a bartender. Some of Pam’s sorority sisters were there and I swear they were giving her knowing winks.

Now I am not naïve, but I was sure slow picking up on the clues. When it was an appropriate moment to pull Pam away from the crowd, we found a quiet corner. “Pam, tell me about your weekend pass. Start at the beginning.”

I held her loosely around the waist just feeling the curve of her hips on my fingers.

“The canlı kaçak iddaa beginning, Rick? The beginning three years ago and our first blind date. I knew you thought I was cute. I also heard you called me jailbait like I was unsafe to be with.”

“I’m never going to be forgiven, am I?” I tried to pull her a bit closer.

“For the last three years you have been the only guy on my mind. Oh, lots of dates and parties, none with anyone who made me as angry as you did when I was 16.”

“You’re still angry.” I hoped she heard my real remorse.

“Yes! Now you’re holding in an intimate embrace and then you wouldn’t even take my hand. Is the only difference I’m not jailbait?”

“That’s double jeopardy. Yes or no is the wrong answer. What can I do, how can I…,” I was just stammering again.

Pam leaned her body forward, wrapped her arms around me, turned her face to mine, “Kiss me.”

We kissed hard and deep. Our tongues dueled. The passion ignited a flame. When we broke, the crowd cheered.

Never one to let a party down, I pulled Pam tight to me and kissed her again. She pressed her mound onto mine and gave a stifled moan.

I could go on about the party. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great one, food drinks, fun, and people; however, I’m sure you want “the rest of the story.”

Pam took me directly to my apartment door being patient while I fumbled with key. Inside, I offered Pam a real drink.

“Does that insinuate that I am staying here on my weekend pass?” She had already slipped her feet from her sandals.

“Entrapment again?” I saw the gleam in her eyes.

“Because I know you are already entrapped. What do you have?”

We settled on some straight Scotch.

“Rick will you canlı kaçak bahis be angry with me if I come clean with a secret?” There was hesitancy in her voice, nervousness.

“I guess I have to know what the secret is before I can be angry or not.” We were seated on the sofa close enough for me to touch her face. “Tell me if you want.”

“Remember I said lots of dates and no one made me mad as you did?” I only nodded because there was more to come. “No one ever made me desire them like I want you. I’m still a virgin, Rick.” Pools of tears welled in her eyes.

She took a hard swallow of the Scotch before leaping the space between us to settle on my lap. She was out of control squirming and rubbing herself against me. Gasps and sighs became louder moans until she ground hard against me and came.

With total abandon, our hands explored each other and pieces of clothing became discarded until we were naked. “Happy birthday, Rick.”

Pam cried in pain this time. She almost brutally took me into her puncturing her hymen and filling her virgin chamber in one thrust. She gasped deep lungs full of air. “Oh fuck that hurt!”

Her cheeks were flushed red and her eyes wide open in a gaze and amazement. “I’m glad I got that out of the way,” as she pressed her lips to mine again. Her nipples rubbed against my chest and her hips began to move against me. This time with my cock hard into her.

We kissed deeply as our bodies became entangled in arms and legs. Pam was getting more energetic about her movements. Soon she began to sigh deeply and ride at a faster pace.

“Don’t let me cum in you, Pam. We’re not protected.”

“No! Cum in me. Fill me!” Pam was closer to cumming than I thought and if she wanted me to cum in her, I would.

We came together, hard, wet, and loud. From somewhere deep in the backs of our minds, thrust forward in that moment of complete fulfillment came simultaneous I love you’s.

Tonight is our tenth anniversary and we plan for more fulfillment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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