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I was 24 years old at the time, I was a newly minted teacher and taught in a high school. Due to my profession and my many interests, including knowledge from physics and chemistry through biology to technology, I often visited the city library. I lived in a small town in the province at the time.

This library was not a large facility. It was located in an old building and included several rooms connected to each other. I used to go there a few times a month and generally I was the only borrower during the whole stay. Of course, besides me there was always a librarian.

The library was managed by two ladies, but in the part I attended – for adults – was always SHE, as I found out later, her name was Sally. She was a woman at the age of 45-50, well-groomed, with dark auburn hair and hazel eyes, quite curvy but also tall, with a nice face and always nicely perfumed. Undoubtedly, her advantage was the large breast.

For a long time I did not pay attention to her, after all she was so many years old … I always had other things on my mind, I was interested in so many things. So I borrowed books and ran away.

Once upon a time, however, as always it was in the afternoon, I stood at the bookshelves with books on historical subjects. The bookcase was right behind the desk where the librarian was sitting. So she had her back to me, sitting on her chair behind the desk, which was also a place for catalog of library cards set up in containers over the desk top.

These were the days when the computer borrowing register had just begun to use, and first only in larger cities, and library cards were still used in the provinces.

At one point a person came to return the books. The librarian got up, accepted them, and the person left, closing the door. So we were the only ones left again.

Sally, standing at the desk, leaned over it, flipping through the library cards and making records. At this point I was looking through a book from the bottom shelf, so I was leaning over and looking at the librarian leaning in front of me. She probably didn’t pay attention to me because I had been behind her for a long time and kept quiet. I was looking through books.

I felt so horny when I looked at her. Dressed in a black knee-length skirt and black leather knee-high boots, a little plus-size Sally, leaning over the desk top, she revealed her full thighs to me.

I couldn’t control myself and bent low over the floor, looking under her skirt. Because she had her legs slightly apart, I saw beige stockings, a white garter belt and white stylon panties hiding this place … And besides this sweet woman’s scent!

The excitement that came over me was indescribable. It took maybe five minutes, but when Sally finished flipping through the cards and sat down, I stayed in my place for a long time to control myself, breathing deeply.

Later I left the library and walked the streets for a long time, remembering what I was able to see. After a few days, unable to bear myself anymore without seeing the lady from the library, I went again to exchange books. Looking at her surreptitiously, I gave the books and went to the shelves. After a few moments I was back again where I saw her legs last time.

This time her skirt was grey and slightly longer, reaching beyond the knees, but on the side there was a mid-thigh slit. Of course, also black leather boots, which she had recently. She was also wearing a short-sleeved blouse (it was always warm in the library even in the fall when this story happened) relatively tight, my favorite pink color that highlighted her voluptuous, large breasts.

Looking at her from the back, I saw the shape of the bra straps, clearly visible under her blouse, tightly fitting her curvy body under her armpits. The bra was probably a bit too small for Sally’s big bust. This time my lady sat behind the desk slightly sideways, not sliding her legs completely under the desk, which I scrupulously noticed immediately.

Leaning over the library cards, she raised a little above the chair, making her skirt rise a little higher. When she sat up later, the slit on the skirt reached almost to her hips and revealed the ending of the stockings she had on her legs.

This time they were quite dark, brown, but very thin. The white color of her thigh skin stood out from them in a beautiful way. I also saw one garter of the garter belt firmly holding the stocking.

Looking at her I felt my penis getting hard, quickly stiffening. Because I was in a crouch position, the big penis did not want to fit in my panties anymore and clearly disturbed me. So I got up and pulled him sideways out of my pants to my pant leg. Now I could comfortably bend down and keep watching. After a while, the librarian got up and left for the next room.

After a few minutes she returned and standing behind the desk, leaned over the catalogs of the library cards. Like the previous time, I quickly used it, bowing my head to the ground and looking under her skirt. Blood boiled when I saw dark curly canlı bahis hair coming out from under thin panties between her legs. Narrow, white panties revealed large, buttocks, tucked in with a pink garter belt.

Similar situations have happened several times. I came to the library regularly, twice a week, when time allowed. I thought all the time that Sally didn’t suspect anything, especially since her attitude towards me didn’t change. Until one late afternoon …

As usual, I came to exchange books. Entering the library, I bowed and looked at “my” lady. She was wearing a light brown leather suit (jacket and skirt), and under the jacket a black, shiny blouse with a large cleavage.

The smell of her sweet perfume enveloped me as soon as I entered. I went to the desk and was surprised to see her hand stretching towards me to greet. Instinctively, I took it and kissed.

“Mr. Andrews, I have a great request,” said the librarian, “Will you have a moment of your time? I need a strong male hand to do one job. And I see you are so manly, so well muscled,” Sally said, touching my bicep.

“Yes, of course, but please do not overdo it with this manhood. It is true that I go to the gym, but I am still far from ideal,” I replied.

“Well, don’t be so humble anymore. Okay, then choose your books and then I’ll tell you what I mean, okay?”

I stood at the bookcase, choosing books, but my head was filled with thoughts “I wonder what she mean” and I looked at her furtively.

She was beautiful! Dark, slightly wavy hair. Strong but unimposing makeup added charm to mature femininity. The large earrings twitched slightly with the slightest movement. When her head was tilted, a second chin appeared. The cleavage was adorned with a long necklace of white pearls, contrasting with the black blouse. The roundness of her hips was visible from under her skirt.

Black leather knee-high boots on high heels, embracing black sexy fishnet stockings were the culmination of the whole. I took a few books at random and went to the desk. The librarian, taking library cards, said:

“I need to do some tidiness in the back room and I need help with that. Maybe we could go to this room and show you what I mean.”

I followed her. We entered one of the back rooms equipped with empty bookcases.

“I would like you to move these bookcases so that there is no free space here,” she said, showing with her hand the actual free space by the wall, “These bookcases are empty, so I think you can handle it.”

“I’ll try, but it shouldn’t be a problem,” I replied.

“Awesome. I knew I could count on you. Once you set up these bookcases, I will be able to put these books,” she pointed at the cardboard boxes with books standing in the middle of the room.

The librarian went out for a while, but I rolled up my sleeves and started to rearrange the furniture. The bookcase was empty and relatively light, so rearranging was easy. The librarian did not appear for some time, so out of curiosity I went quietly to the door to see what Sally was doing.

Through the slightly ajar door I saw Sally correct her lips holding a mirror and lipstick in her hands. When she improved her lips, she put down the mirror and lipstick and began to improve her bust in the blouse. After about five minutes of absence, Sally returned. Looking at my work, she said:

“Yes, I meant it, Mr. Andrews, I hope I won’t disturb you when I start putting books?”

“Of course not,” I replied and added, “Please don’t call me “mr”, this is very embarrassing for me. I’m just Jack.”

“Well, basically you’re right. My look rather shows that I could even be your mother, right?” she asked.

I was confused a bit but had to answer.

“No, that’s not what I meant … you look very pretty,” I stammered.

“Do you really think so?” she asked, coming up to me, clearly swinging her hips.

“Yes,” I replied, “I like you very much.”

She came to me quite close and stroked my cheek with her fingers saying:

“Thank you Jack, you are very kind and very handsome. You can also call me by my name. We will talk easier with each other. I am Sally.”

I must have looked very flustered, for I felt my burning face, but she did not comment on it, but went to the chair standing nearby and took off her jacket, hanging it.

“It’s quite warm here. I guess I’ll take off my jacket,” she said.

“In fact, they heat up high,” I added.

“Why don’t you take your shirt off?” she asked then added, “You don’t have to feel uncomfortable with me. I think you have a T-shirt underneath, right?”

“Yes, I have. But, no. Maybe I’ll take off my shirt later. I’m not so warm yet,” I replied.

Speaking that at the same time I looked at her. The black blouse under the jacket turned out to be a short sleeveless shirt, barely reaching the skirt strip. Her body shape made itself felt.

The shirt was quite loose, but the big breasts and big tummy were clearly visible. The woman noticed that I was watching bahis siteleri her and smiled, looking at me. Our eyes met for a moment, this time without words.

Sally walked over to the boxes standing on the floor and leaning over, she began to look inside them. Moving the bookcases, I looked at her. Her white bra was clearly visible through the holes of her blouse under her armpits. A short blouse, when bent, revealed her shiny black underwear.

After a while, the librarian straightened up, holding several books, and walked over to the bookcase I had set up. Putting them on the shelves, she returned to the box. The described scene was repeated many times. At one point, holding one book in her hand, she came to me saying:

“Look, that would definitely interest you.”

She suggested the book to me, moving quite close to me so that I felt the touch of her breast on my shoulder. I took the book and looked through it for a long time, reveling in the smell and touch of her bust.

“Indeed, very interesting,” I admit.

“When I describe it, you can borrow it.”

She put the book back on the bookcase and returned to the boxes. After a while, having several books in her hand, she turned to me:

“I have to place them on the upper shelf, could you put that ladder up so that I can climb it?”

She pointed at a ladder with several steps at the same time. I put it under the bookcase. Sally put the books back on the shelf, and gently put her feet in the boots on the steps of the ladder. She had to pull up a narrow skirt above. Being on the third step from the floor, she took one of the books while saying:

“Could you hold me a little, you know, I have a little fear of space, and if you would protect me, I would feel more confident.”

“Yes, of course,” I replied. I approached her from behind and took my hands around her waist.

“Just hold tight,” she added.

“Okay, Sally,” I replied, “I certainly won’t let you fall.”

I watched her back and neck at the same time and felt my cock swell up quickly. My eyes clouded when I felt that I was touching her shiny, slippery lingerie. She raised her hands arranging books and her blouse rose to reveal her waist. It took a while, but my tension was so great that I decided to act.

“You know Sally, you have very nice underwear and you look sexy in it,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said without turning around and not lowering her hands, “What you see is a corset. I have to wear it so I don’t look too fat. Well, as you can see I don’t have the perfect shape of a model.”

“You’re not fat at all, Sally,” I took the opportunity to compliment, “I think your shapes are the most feminine. But the corset makes you even more attractive.”

“Thank you. You’re nice. I have to go a step higher because this shelf is already full. You’ll have to hold me higher so I don’t fall. You can hold my bottom if you want,” Sally said, shaking her bottom gently and tempting in front of me.

“Oh really! You won’t mind?”

“Of course not. Well, unless you don’t want to.”

“No, but no, of course I want to.”

“Okay, I won’t go down the ladder anymore. Would you hand me the next batch of books?”

Sally grabbed the sides of the ladder so I could let her waist go. I went to the cardboard box for the next batch of books and handed it to her, then grabbed her by her waist again.

“Then hold me. Watch out, I’m climbing.”

Sally gently raised her left foot dressed in black boot first and put it on the step above, then right. My hands holding her waist so far suddenly found her soft big buttocks. Her bottom was just above my face. Sally slightly protruded her bottom towards my face, leaning towards the shelf of the bookcase.

I brought my face closer to her ass as close as possible, trying not to touch her. I could smell the aromatic smell of her leather skirt. I closed my eyes and put my lips together as if I wanted to kiss her. After a while, suddenly, Sally pushed her ass in my direction even more, hitting me in the face.

“Oh, I hit you? I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to. I’m so clumsy. It’s all because of my fear of space. I can’t stay on the ladder,” Sally said surprised, looking down at me.

“Come on. Nothing happened,” I replied with a smile, “As for me, you could hit me by accident all the time. I wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh, thank you. You are very nice young man. Do you like my bottom a little bit?”

“You look very sexy in this skirt.”

“Thanks. Would you give me another batch of books? I promise that I will be more careful now.”

I handed her another batch of books, then grabbed her buttocks again and asked her:

“What would you say if I massaged your ass now to relax so you don’t get stressed standing on the ladder?”

“Really? Would you like to do that?”

“Of course. Protrude it a little bit more and I’ll take care of it properly.”

Sally got out more towards me and I started massaging her while she was putting books on the shelf.

“So, bahis şirketleri how do you like my ass?”

“Yes, it is very beautiful. You know, I would love to kiss it if you didn’t mind.”

“Okay, just give me the next batch of books, because I’ve already put these on the shelf.”

I hurried over to the books and handed them to Sally. She took them, leaned her hands on the shelf and, looking down at me, turned to me.

“Now you can kiss me in my ass. Just don’t forget about massaging it. You do it perfectly. Oh, and first of all, don’t forget to protect me so I don’t fall off this ladder.”

“Don’t be afraid. You’ll feel safe and relaxed with me.”

Sally had already put together books before I got to work. Anyway, every time arranging books in the right place took her literally seconds. So she just waited for me to look after her. Temptingly she shook her butt, letting me know that she was getting impatient a little longer.

I embraced her bottom with my hands again and began to massage. Then I brought my lips closer to her and started tenderly and passionately kissing her leather buttocks all the time massaging them with my hands. My lips were stuck tightly to her leather skirt. I stick out my tongue, licking her ass. I began to roam my mouth and tongue through the endlessness of her bottom.

I looked up at Sally, still without taking my lips from her ass. Sally looked down at me, leaning against the shelf. She was smiling. She closed her red lips, as if preparing for a kiss, and kissed loudly and lustfully in my direction. Then she smiled broadly again and took out her tongue and began to lick her upper lip all the time smiling at me.

“Kiss my ass tenderly! … Kiss! … So go ahead!” Sally whispered, then added, “I know it is not proper, but I hope you don’t mind if I’m a little vulgar, huh? It excites me a lot.”

“Mhhhm,” it was the only word I could say right now because I was literally sucked into her leather ass all the time. I began to massage her in such a way as to loosen the slightly tight leather of her skirt, which was stretched during my massages. Thanks to this, in the place where her two wonderful buttocks meet, a valley has formed.

At that time I had better access to the penetration of this place and I started kissing them more passionately. I shook my head gently in both directions horizontally with high frequency as if wanting to drill deeper. I murmured my “Mhhhm” from time to time.

“Kiss my ass! … Kiss loud! … Kiss! … As if you were passionately kissing me on my lips!” whispered Sally.

I started kissing loudly, slurping. Literally as if we were kissing hotly on our lips. I dared to give her a light slap in the ass.

“Oh, yes! … Spank my ass! … Spank hard! … Feel free! … Go ahead!” whispered Sally.

We were possessed for the next few minutes. We looked at each other all the time. I kissed her ass. I drilled my head and tongue trying to get in as deeply as possible kissing and muttering my “Mhhhm” from time to time. All the while kissing I massaged her buttocks, giving her loud and hard spanking.

Sally looked down at me all the time, smiled and fidgeted with her butt leaning against my face from time to time either by loudly kissing in my direction or licking her upper lip with her tongue.

We would have stood so infinitely, had it not been for Sally, who realized that two small piles of books had to be put in.

“We need to put these two piles on the last top shelves,” Sally said, gently pushing my head away from her butt, letting me know that I would give her books. “I will have to go even one step higher and then to the highest one. I hope that this time I will be able to count on your protection, … and … for some tender kisses.”

“Of course you can count. I can’t wait to start kissing you.”

“But you know … you will have to settle for only my legs, because I will be standing quite high. Will that be enough for you? You know … they are a bit thick.”

“Of course. You have wonderful legs, they are not thick at all and I can’t wait to start kissing them.”

“Mhhhm … you are sweet. Good. Please give me the books and then you will be able to kiss me.”

Sally climbed a step higher. I took the penultimate small pile of books and gave them to her. Then I gently grabbed her thighs in sexy black fishnet stockings and started kissing them gently.

“Oh Sally, you look beautiful in these pantyhose,” I pretended I didn’t know she was in stockings.

“Oh, thank you. But these are not pantyhose, but stockings, silly. I feel better in stockings than in pantyhose. If you get closer and look under my skirt, you should see lace.”

“It would be nice if you raised the skirt a little up. Then I would have a better view of your thighs.”

Sally raised her skirt high enough that I had a wonderful view of the place where the black stockings turned into the contrasting pale white of her legs.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“You look wonderful. I’ve never seen such a wonderful view of women’s legs in stockings.”

“Well, why don’t you check out this? But don’t forget about tender kisses, my dear.”

I continued kissing her thighs, after which Sally said:

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