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Life seem to go back somewhat to normal after our swinging party. The following Friday Shelly and I went over to Jerry and Katie’s. The kids as usual headed over to Ron’s place to play video games. As Jerry and me went out onto the patio he said to me. ” I think last Friday is what me and Katie really needed. I don’t what open her perceptions on sex but she now reading a book on spicing up your love life.”

This kind of took me by surprise, Jerry was not one to really talk openly about sex, let alone about his. At that point I could see that Ron and Mandy were walking towards us and I didn’t know if Jerry would keep the conversation going.

As Mandy goes inside and as Ron opens a beer, Jerry looks at us and goes. “Did any of your wives ever, you know masturbate?”

Ron smiles “Hey I’m sure they do. You know that they get urges too.”

“No I mean” then his voice dropped slightly and he leaned towards us. ” In front of you? Yesterday after Tim left for school. She stripped down in front of me and started rubbing her boobs. Then she took her other hand and started gliding her fingers over her pussy, then she started masturbating. As long as we been together she had never done anything like this.”

I have to admit that I was glad that I was sitting down so I could shield my hard on with my beer. At first I was picturing Katie doing this but then thought how great if Shelly did this.

“That would be a great way to start your morning.” Ron jokes ” plus it’ll keep your marriage fresh.”

“Hey I am not complaining. She finished with a blowjob.”

The evening air was cooling down so we decided to go inside. The girls were in the living room sipping some wine and talking. Ron calls the kids to see if they want pizza. This is usually an easy question since they always do. He order two for them and one for us.

As we sat there eating, there was no real conversion going on. I began to wonder if last Friday in the sexual sense was fulfilling but did this put a damper on our friendship?

After about ten minutes of it being quiet, Ron speaks up.

“Come on people, we all been friends for years. What happen last Friday we all agreed to! Hey no one was sneaking around behind anyone back.”

After a few seconds Katie casino oyna goes. ” I have to admit that I did enjoy the experience of trying some new things. If fact I think that it spiced up our love life.” “Oh, yea!”

Katie looks at Jerry and smiles.

“I know that this might sound somewhat strange but I found it exciting watching Shelly getting it on with you guys. I would like to know is who’s fantasy it was between Shelly and Mandy?”

Mandy blushes ” I just got caught up with the excitement of Bruce and you banging her. I just kind of…well you know…just did what I did.”

With that everyone turned their attention to Shelly.

“What?” goes Shelly.

“I watched someone tongue and lips doing some action there, even if it was for just a couple of minutes.” Replies Ron. “Be truthful, did you like it?”

I didn’t know what to expect or how Shelly was going to react. She gave a blank stare for a moment or two then goes. ” To be truthful I remember someone putting their pussy in my face but I was overcome getting screwed in both holes. I really don’t recall what it was like so honestly I can’t say.”

“Would you ever consider trying it?” Said Katie.

Again everyone just turned their attentions to Shelly, waiting for a reply.

“I have had thoughts about trying it even before last Friday. I just never knew any woman that would be open to it.”

“Any volunteers?” Ron jokes.

“Well I wouldn’t mind getting some oral but I have my visitor for the month.” replies Mandy.

We turn our sights on Katie.

“You really serious about this, Shelly?”

“Sure why not.”

It was only a little after eight so the kids would be too involved with the video games so this wouldn’t be a problem. Just to be safe Jerry goes and locks the doors and draws the curtains on the windows. Katie loosen her pants and pulls them down along with her panties. We move the coffee table away from the couch to make some room. She sat down in the middle with her butt pushed out to the edge of the cushion. Jerry took a hold of one leg and I took the other, pulling them away to expose her pussy.

Shelly knelt down in front of Katie, then slowly moved her head forwards. We all had a clear view as her lips were just about an inch canlı casino away. She slowly stuck out her tongue. Just as the tip of it touched Katie’s lips, she shuttered for a moment.

“You okay with this Katie?” asked Shelly.

“Yea, just this is my first time doing something like this with a woman.”

Shelly leaned back in and took a breath, then slowly began to run her tongue up and down Katie’s pussy. Almost immediately she began to glisten as she started to get moist. With each cycle of going up and down, Shelly tongue began to penetrate more inside. Katie began to softly moan as her head pushed into the back cushion.

I didn’t know what was more exciting. The fact that she doing this or that it seemed that she was enjoying it.

Jerry looked over at me and motion to pull her tee shirt off. We each grabbed a side and pulled it up over her head. Jerry put his hand in back of her and unsnapped her bra.

At this point Shelly lips where on Katie’s. You could hear her sucking and lapping the juices. It was here that I realize that Shelly was enjoying herself. I could see moved her hand into place so she was fingering and eating Katie at the same time.

Jerry leaned over and started sucking on Katie’s tits. Ron pulled out his cock and started stroking it. Mandy moved to the floor and began sucking him off. I moved from the couch to behind Shelly, working her slacks and panties off. Jerry undid his pant and pulled his cock out. Positioning himself over Katie and worked dick into her mouth. Between pants she would suck him.

I spread Shelly legs apart exposing the pussy, which now was very wet. I dived in a lapped up her love juices. I never remember her ever being this moist. I could feel her cum running down my chin as I was eating her. I would run my tongue up and down, every so often moving up to her sweet ass.

After a bit of enjoying her sweetness, my rod was pushing tightly against my pants. So I backed off and dropped my pants and plunged my cock inside her pussy. As I softly stroked her, I could see that Jerry move to the side and was face fucking Katie. He was holding her head and pushing till her lips were at the base of this cock.

“Oh damn baby I’m cumming” goes Ron.

After cumming in Mandy’s mouth, kaçak casino she stroked him a few more times then they both relaxed and continued watching the show.

I don’t know what I was enjoying more, the sight of my wife eating out a woman or the fact that she seem to be enjoying it. I could feel that I was about to climax and was about to shot my load. I didn’t want to interrupt her performance so I slowed my thrusts. I didn’t make any announcements when I started to cum, just fill her love hole and kept going with the soft thrusts.

Jerry started moaning as he was still humping her mouth. Katie’s state of mind must have been solely with the oral stimulation from Shelly. For I don’t think she even realized that he was filling her mouth with his cum. As he kept stroking, a frothy secretion of cum dripped down onto her breasts.

A few minutes later Shelly pushed herself back. As I pulled my half erect dick out, I could see my cum starting to run out of her. Not wanting to have this go on the carpet I grabbed what was first available, being Shelly panties. It was now little after nine and Ron goes. “We better check up on the kids.”

He fixes his pants and he and Mandy head out the door to their place. Katie and Shelly both rush into the bathroom. As Jerry fixes himself, I headed over to bathroom to wash my face. Both of the girls were in the shower. After I got myself refreshed up, I figured I would get me another peck of Katie naked. As I slowly pulled the curtain back a little I could see the two of them embrace in a kiss. I pull the curtain back in place and proceed to back to the living room.

I helped Jerry to get everything back in order. He grabbed a can of air refresher and started spraying the room and sofa. Few minutes later as the girls were coming out, the phone rang.

“Rod said the kids are getting tired and want to go to bed.”

Jerry and me decide to go get the kids. I told Shelly she should head back to house, didn’t want the kids asking why her hair was soaked while she was here.

Later that night after the kids were asleep I asked her. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“It was ok, why?”

“I seen you and Katie kissing in the shower.”

“Oh…I…aahh…yes, yes it was exciting.”

” Do you want to do it again?”

“Yes but differently.”


After a few moments of silence, “Yes just the girls….and maybe….you guys could watch.”

The end…..for now

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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