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That was it. He howled like a bear and arched his back up, driving every last ounce of his cock into my body. I saw stars and could feel four huge pulses from his shaft. Deep inside my body I felt the cum boil over. My cock was trapped between our bodies and the pressure on it was intense. I gasped and said the most stupid thing ever to him, “knock me up with your baby, Scott. BREED ME!” I yelled it at the top of my lungs. His only recourse was to clamp his mouth down on mine to shut me up. As he tongued me my orgasm continued, I clamped down on his dick as hard as I could — and when he thrust in again I couldn’t breathe or see. My eyes rolled back in my head and I only saw darkness. I fucking passed out during an orgasm. What a pussy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I slept like the dead for 10 hours. I woke up to a start. It was bright in the room, like all the lighs were on. Scott was shaking my shoulder. He was fresh out of the shower and had his phone in his other hand. He had water dripping from his body and a loose towel around his waist, barely hanging from his hips.

“Get up Jason! Come on! Shake-a-leg dude!” he said with agitation under his voice. I pulled my head groggily off he pillow and looked around. I knew I was still in my hotel in Colorado with my boss, Scott Banks. I looked around the room quickly and blinked due to all the light. The drapes were open and white light shone in from outside.

“What’s going?” I said in a groggy voice.

“The airport is open and our flight leaves for Vegas in an hour. We have to make that flight. I have customers I have to see today,” he said with excitement.

I lay there trying to get my bearings. I am not so good in the morning. Scott reached over and pulled off the covers, grabbed me and started pulling me out of bed. I realized I was nude and tried to cover up my crotch.

“Hey, dumbass, I have seen everything you have to offer. No need to hide it now. Get your ass in the shower quick.”

I stumbled to the bathroom and as I started to turn the corner, Scott said, “dude your ass is covered in cum, it looks like a glazed donut back there.”

I could feel the strain on my ass. But it felt better than yesterday. I showered in record time, brushed my teeth and put on deodorant. I had only been in the bathroom for 3 or 4 minutes. When I got back into the room, Scott had his bag packed and was almost done with mine. He had already laid out clothes for me to wear. I found that funny. Nobody had done that since I was in grade school.

I dropped my towel and tried to find my underwear, but Scott apparently forgot to put them out. “Underwear?” I said quickly to him.

“Don’t bother with them when you are around me, baby. I want you commando,” he said as he saluted me.

I turned to dig in my bag for some boxers, when Scott came up and pushed me away and started closing my suitcase. “No time, hurry and get dressed Jason.”

I grabbed my dress pants and pulled them up. My cock felt weird rubbing against the inside of my pants, almost like I was naked. I started to bone up a bit. I pulled on my dress shirt, apparently I wasn’t wearing undershirts either. And there was no tie to be seen. Definitely not what I would have picked, but I was being dressed by my boss today.

I hurried with my socks and shoes, almost surprised to see he let me wear socks. After I pulled on my suit coat we were out the door 45 seconds later. At the elevator, he ran his fingers through my wet hair, styling it for me. “What the fuck, dude, I can do it myself,” I said somewhat annoyed with how the morning was turning out.

Scott had checked us out of the hotel already, and we raced to the airport on a shuttle bus. When we finally boarded the airplane, I was harried. Scott, on the other and, looked perfect and was settling into his seat next to mine. He rubbed his hand down my leg and smiled at me. He kept some pressure on his hand as it got to my knee.

“When we get to Vegas, I want you to check into the hotel for us. Get two separate, but adjoining rooms. I want you to take the morning off and do whatever you want, but get some rest. You look like a wreck.”

I smiled at him with a weary expression. “Thanks, that will help.”

The flight attendant had passed around orange juice and our tray tables were down, and Scott still kept his hand on my leg. More passengers came on the plane. Scott must have moved us up to first class, and I was happy for the extra room. I looked over at him and said, “I don’t know why I am so tired, I slept forever last night.” I took a quick drink of juice.

Scott leaned into me and whispered in my ear. “It is because I’m fucking you to death.”

I almost spit my orange juice into the seat in front of us, but choked it down instead. I coughed and had to wipe my face off, but managed to keep my clothes dry.

The flight to Vegas was quick and uneventful. I fell asleep and didn’t even touch my breakfast. Scott shook casino siteleri me awake when we were taxiing down the runway in Vegas. The flight attendant brought me a little doggie bag with a breakfast muffin and coffee per Scott’s request. Sometimes the guy was very genuine and nice. All except when he got me in bed, then he became very aggressive. Just the thought of that moved some blood to my cock and I felt it roll off my leg and between my thighs. I adjusted myself a bit.

Scott was watching and joked, “you will get used to that.”

We grabbed a taxi to the convention center, dropped Scott off and then I was off to the hotel. We were staying at Caesars Palace. I checked in with Scott’s requests and was escorted up to my room by a young man. As he walked in front of me with our luggage on his cart, I couldn’t help but notice his ass. This guy was very skinny and his legs were long, going right up to a great little bubble but. I wondered what he looked like with his pants off for a moment, and then I wondered what was wrong with me. I never used to think this way — not ever. What had happened to me in the last 2 days?

Once I got settled in the hotel, I decided to face another demon. My health. I had let Scott cum in me a number of times over the last 2 days. I needed to get checked out. I jumped online and did a quick search of clinics. I was nervous and didn’t want to go to a regular hospital or clinic. I didn’t want medical records floating around. When I googled Vegas + STD Testing + Anonymous I found a clinic called Popre. I searched and found their website. This was exactly what I was looking for. It seemed legit. I did a quick search under the Better Business Bureau and it came back with a clean record. I called and set up an appointment 2 hours later.

I arrived at Popre at the appointed time. The building was located in an upscale part of town off the strip. The building was professional in nature and I entered. I was greeted by a receptionist and gave her my name (alias for the appointment — Jay Scott. It only seemed fitting). I paid for the tests up front and was shown into a clinic type facility. A male nurse about my age lead me into a room and told me to strip down and put on a gown. I thought I would only be getting a blood test and told him so, but he assured me that doctor would want to give me a once over.

I undressed, put on the gown and sat on the exam table. A few moments later the nurse reappeared and started taking down my stats. Normal stuff: age, height, weight, reason why I was here. I was kind of shy and said I needed some STD tests done. The nurse asked me when I had unprotected sex, and I replied repeatedly over the last 2 days.

“Gay or straight?” he asked.

“Huh?” was my response.

“Did you have gay or straight sex?” he clarified.


“Gave or received.”

“Mostly received.”

“Oral or anal?”


“How many partners?”

“Just one — only one.”

“Do you know your sexual partner and has he been tested?”

“Yes to both and he tells me he is clean.”

The nurse finished jotting down his notes and then stood up and came closer to me. He took my temperature and blood pressure. He complimented me on my low heart rate and blood pressure. Then he pulled the gown down off my shoulders and left it bunched up near my waste. He pulled on gloves and drew some blood. He asked a couple other quick questions about any meds I was on or allergies. He took copious notes, and headed for the door. He said the doctor would be in shortly, and flashed me a grin with amazing dimples. I thought the nurse was kind of cute. Blonde hair, about 6 feet tall. Stocky build. And a little goatee on his chin.

I sat up on the exam table and in a few minutes there was a knock on the door. The door swung open and in walked a nice looking man that I judged to be in his late thirties. “Hi Jay. I’m Dr. Davis,” he reached forward to shake my hand. The doctor was shaved bald, but it looked good on him. Probably because his physique was so muscular looking. We made some small talk and then Doctor Davis asked, “What brings you here today?”

I gave a high level account of my last couple of days. Dr. Davis looked down at my ring finger, smiled and said, “I see you are married. Good idea to take care of this before you go home to your family.” The doctor began to ask a lengthy series of questions, everything from bathroom habits to my sex life. Finally finished the doctor said it was time to begin.

First, the doctor listened to my heart. Then the breathing! Deep breath in, let it out slowly. This was repeated a few times. “Everything looks good so far, you seem to be in great shape.”

“Jay, why don’t you lay down now. Due to the nature of the rest of this exam, I need to have another person in the room with me. I will be calling in my nurse to observe,” the doctor informed me. As I lay back, the doctor opened the door slightly and called out, “Tom, please come canlı casino in here. No need, to be anxious, Jay, we do this all the time” said the doc. I tried to relax.

My gown we only covering me from my stomach to my knees. The doctor came up on one side of the exam table, and Tom on the other with a clipboard. As the doctor started his exam, Tom jotted down everything. The exam started at the top of my head. Checking my eyes, ears and throat with a pen light. Tom then handed the doctor a three swabs and they swabbed my tongue, cheek and deep in my throat. I gagged on the throat swab but it was over quickly. The doctor then felt around my neck, turning my head from side to side. When he got to my chest, the doctor rubbed my chest a bit and flicked at my nipples. They responded quickly and got hard. Maybe it was nerves or cold in here.

The doctor then grabbed one of my arms and raised it up, exposing my armpit to them. His touch was gentle and I could feel his fingers grazing though my pit hair — it felt really nice. His hands were warm and soothing. He repeated it again with my other armpit, but had to lean across my body to do it. I could feel his body press into my side as he leaned over me. His abs were rock hard against my side. I was impressed, while my stomach is flat, I had lost my 6 pack abs in my late 20’s. The doctor noted to Tom that there was no inflammation of any of my lymph nodes. Dr. Davis smiled up at me and said, that is a good thing. I started to bring my hands down, when Tom reached up and pushed them back up over my head. “Just keep them up there, they will be out of the way, OK Jay?” he said with a smile. He looked right into my soul when he said that.

The doctor progressed to my abdomen and did the normal poking. As his hands moved lower, I could feel my cock stir a bit. Shit, this is not what I wanted. I closed my eyes and willed it to go down. I did not want a hard on at this time. I must have started blushing and tensing up. The doctor smiled up at me and said, “Relax, it’s perfectly normal. It happens all the time. The human body reacts to touch, not to the one doing the touching,” said the doctor. I tried to relax by breathing deeply.

The doctor pulled the gown down to just above my cock…my upper pubic hair was showing. The doctor’s hands moved all through my pubic hair and this started to feel good. During this time, Tom still was holding my hands above my head with one hand, writing with the other. “No sign of pubic lice,” said the doctor. The doctor’s hand rested on my hip as he dictated more notes to Tom. I was going beyond a semi erection and my cock started pushing up on my dressing gown.

The doctor then moved around the foot of the table and raised the stirrups. “Please put your feet up in here.” I was started by the request, but complied. The doctor checked on my both legs as he put them in the stirrups. The doctor sat on a stool between my legs and pulled the gown from my body. As he did that, my cock flopped up and slapped my stomach. It wasn’t completely hard, but I was about ¾ of the way there. The doctor said, “Well obviously no problems with erectile dysfunction. Ever have any problem achieving or maintaining an erection?” I shook my head no, I was too embarrassed to speak.

Suddenly the doctor reached out and began to gently massage my balls. “Do you do regular monthly testicular exams? Too many men don’t protect themselves from testicular cancer.”

“No,” I said in a whimper. I felt uncomfortable mainly because my erection was only getting stronger. While the doctor continued to feel up my nuts, my cock started leaking a bit of precum and I let out a small sigh.

“Everything all right? Any discomfort?” asked the doctor. I just shook my head.

To my surprise, the doctor reached up and squeezed my cock tight and a bit more precum appeared. Tom was at the ready with another swab. This time it was a bit more uncomfortable and the doctor warned me of it, he pushed the swab into my piss slit a bit. Ouch, that burned. The entire time the doctor was taking this sample, he had my cock pulled down towards him. I chucked to my self, remembering a joke growing up about the definition of torque and something to do with pulling down a hard-on. As the doctor released my cock, Tom released my arms.

“Keep them up there, OK buddy,” he asked me again. His eyes locked on to mine for a bit longer than I expected and I just nodded in agreement. The next thing I know I feel cooler hands grasping my cock and I looked down. It was Tom. He pulled it back from my body again. He then put a disinfectant while on the head of my cock and wiped off the precum on my dick, then cleaned off the precum on my stomach. Tom then rested my cock back on my stomach. Did I imagine the slight squeeze he gave me prior to letting it go? The doctor continued his exploration of my crotch. No hernias or abnormalities. Everything was normal. Tom then pulled a special light over my body and turned it on. It put a special bluish-white kaçak casino light on my crotch area and both the doctor and Tom instepcted my cock and balls closely. I heard mutterings below, but nothing to cause me any concern. My cock was pulled down, to the side, up — it was really getting a workout. My breathing changed a bit, too.

“Excuse me,” I panted, “but if you keep that up I am going to make a mess.”

“Don’t ejaculate quite yet, Jay,” replied the doctor from between my legs. “We will be taking a semen sample for analysis, but we don’t want to waste it.”

The glow light was removed a few minutes later. I then heard a glove being put on. That was odd, they hadn’t been wearing gloves earlier. I tried to remember back to previous physicals. Hadn’t they always worn gloves for the entire physical? I couldn’t be sure.

Suddenly I felt a lubed up finger probing at my anus. I started to clench a bit, but the doctor told me to relax so he could check my prostate. I relaxed and the doctor’s finger slid in. After all the fucking I had done the last couple of days, there was no resistance at all.

“There is a slight tear on the anus, approximately ¼ of an inch. This is located near the posterior side of the anus. There also appears to be some swelling of the anal sphincter and abrasions inside the rectum,” the doctor dictated to Tom

“Jay, some of our findings here indicate very rough anal sex. Were you forced or raped?” asked the doctor with concern in his voice.

“No, he was just really big.”

“Do you know exactly how big he was? Can you describe that for me?” asked the doctor.

“Nine inches long. Almost twice as thick as me.”

I heard some more scribbles and the doctor clear his throat. “Thanks Jay, and this was your first anal experience?”


“OK, lets get back to the exam,” the doctor instructed me.

During the entire conversation the doctor had his finger in my ass. He slowly withdrew his finger and then slid it back in, sweeping it side to side. I gasped. “Pain?” asked the doctor.

I replied, “Not at all!” and immediately blushed. That answer sounded too quick and the doctor knew I was enjoying it.

The doctor added a second finger and kept sliding them in and out. My erection became stiffer. As the fingers moved in and out Tom placed his ungloved hand back on my cock and began to stroke me. This time I moaned audibly and close my eyes. The doctor kept fingering me while Tom stroked me…and I was in heaven.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that if they kept this up I would cum all over. I was moving closer and closer to the inevitable, when suddenly the doctor stopped. Tom placed a vial near the head of my cock and continued slowly pumping my cock. The doctors fingers were at the rim of my ass and I slowly pushed down on them — fucking myself with his fingers. I could feel them slowly spreading me open and it felt fantastic. I let out a moan of ecstasy and didn’t last long.

As I was nearing a climax, the doctor assured me in a low voice, “Good, Jay, you are almost there. We need a sample, then you will be all done. No need to be embarrassed.”

I was past embarrassment and could feel my nuts pulling closer into my body and my cock swelling. The doctor used this as a teaching experience for Tom and explained what was happening to my physiologically. I tuned him out. The stroking from Tom and the fingering from the doctor were not in synch and I was getting a bit frustrated.

The doctor kept on talking, this time the conversation was directed toward me. “Jay, if you are going to engage in anal sex, you need to practice safe sex. Have your partner wear a condom. If you are going to have oral sex with strangers, wear one or demand that they wear one. That will keep you and your family safe.”

I could feel my orgasm start building, shooting right out from my balls, up my cock and straight out my body. I gasped and groaned and felt the cum shoot from my cock. Tom was at the ready and caught my load. My ass bore down on the doctor’s fingers and he pulled them from my body. While the experience was fun, it wasn’t as fulfilling as my times with Scott. It left me wanting more.

I heard the rubber gloves being pulled from his hands and then the doctor said, “You are in great health. Tom will help you get cleaned up and get your results back to you. Thanks for the visit. Good luck, Jay.”

I lay there panting and felt a warm wet rag cleaning my ass and cock. Tom patted me on the thigh and smiled. “Why don’t you get dressed — I will run down to the lap and get your test results. They should be finished shortly.”

As Tom walked out of the exam room and closed the door, I quickly jumped off the table and grabbed my clothes. I was starting to feel very guilty and disgusted with myself. I had made a fool of myself with these two guys. I was just finishing up buttoning up my shirt when after a short knock on the door, Tom entered.

“All tests are normal. Negative HIV, Negative for syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis and Chlamydia.” I was so overcome with relief that I moved toward Tom and hugged him. I buried my face in his shoulder and started to cry.

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