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Mike thought he must have misheard the girl. Did she really say that?

“Excuse me?” he said.

“Yes,” the girl repeated, “in the sauna, you must stay naked.”

Mike swallowed.

“No trunks or even a towel?”

“No,” the girl replied in that accent, brushing her long blonde hair behind her left ear, “you may sit on your towel, but you won’t want to keep it wrapped around you anyway – it’s too hot!”

Her hands disappeared under the counter to pull out a thick, fluffy yellow towel and a locker key.

“Enjoy!” she said, smiling and dazzling him with those blue eyes. Mike tried to act like it was an everyday occurrence; being told by a beautiful Swedish blonde-haired, blue-eyed 20-something girl that he had to walk around not wearing a stitch in the Canary Island sauna he had was visiting on a work assignment. Thoughts of his local central London fitness centre and its Stalin-esque: “Swimming costumes MUST be worn at ALL TIMES!” signs made him feel like he was a long way from the dreary, stuffy capital, which, he had to admit, pleased him no-end.

“Oh, one other thing,” she continued, “there is a women-only sauna and also there is a mixed sauna for men, but there are signs, don’t worry.”

Although he had heard her perfectly, he struggled to comprehend what she had said. Did she really mean that this is a mixed, nude sauna, he asked himself. The very notion made his heart beat that bit faster and gave him a flash of sheer lust deep within his balls, making his cock tingle.

“Ok. Thank you,” he said, smiling at the girl and taking his towel and key as coolly as he knew how. He walked through the male locker room door to the left of reception.

Naked mixed (mixed!!) sauna, he thought to himself, amused and aroused, as he sat down and untied his running shoes. He pulled them off, also peeling away his sweaty sports socks, getting a waft of his warm, sweaty foot aroma as he did. The floor tiles of the locker room felt sensational under the soles and toes of his muscular bare feet, which ached from his long run on the gym treadmill. He placed his towel on one of the short, wooden benches next to the lockers, looking up in time to nod to a bronzed, muscular male who had just come out of the shower and was drying himself off. Mike pulled his sweaty running top over his head and stowed it in one of the lockers. He untied the waistband of his black shorts and slid them down his strong legs. He tossed the damp, ripe shorts along with his shirt, running shoes, sweaty socks and room key in the locker. As he picked up his towel, he glanced over at the tanned, fit guy who was now sitting on his bench vigorously drying his sun-kissed Mediterranean feet. Mike’s cock twitched again. He had a raging foot-fetish for both male and female feet, and watching this fit young Spanish guy (he assumed the guy was Spanish, due to the tan and dark hair) spread his long, smooth toes for the blue towel sent a spasm of carnal desire straight to Mike’s excitable dick. The guy suddenly looked up, but Mike was already bare-footing his way over towards the showers, towel in hand.

The hot shower felt so good after the hard, hot 90 minutes in the gym. He had arrived on the island yesterday to review the hotel for a travel brochure, and so had to make the most of his trip and gather plenty material for the article. He took a large glug of the clear, sweet-smelling shower gel in the palm of his hand and soaped himself from head to toe. Thoughts of the Swedish receptionist swirled in his mind. He remembered thinking how toned, tanned and firm she looked as she stood speaking to him in that tight, white t-shirt that accentuated the curves of her pert young tits. He had looked back over his shoulder on his way to the male locker room and, to his delight, was able to see that she was wearing blue flip flops on her beautiful naked Swedish feet. He stroked his soapy, rock-hard dick as the hot water lashed down over him, imagining those succulent, sweet, Swedish toes of hers crammed into his mouth, her other foot eagerly wanking him, her toes adeptly splayed to accommodate the girth of his cock, feeling his warm pre-cum lubricating her delicious toe cleavage as she foot-fucked him. He imagined the orgasm he would have, his sperm erupting from his cock, coating those beautiful toes of hers, showing his utter adoration of her glorious bare feet with spurt after spurt of his hot cum.

The sound of the locker room door opening and closing interrupted him just as he was about to climax. He glanced out from behind the shower curtain and noted the tanned guy had left, but another man was now undressing.

Mike’s reverie had been interrupted, so he decided to keep his orgasm for later. He rinsed himself off, pulling back his foreskin as far as it would go and washing away the soap around his swollen cock head. He turned off the shower and reached for the towel that the Swedish girl had given him, which hung on the wall opposite the shower. casino siteleri He wrapped the towel around his waist, quickly checking to make sure that his erection had subsided sufficiently and that there wasn’t an obvious, residual hard-on threatening to burst through the towel.

He stepped out onto the blue non-slip mat just in time for the other guy to nod in his direction before getting into the shower. Thankful at not getting caught by this guy a few moments earlier, cock in hand, masturbating, he quickly exited the locker room through the door on the left marked ‘sauna’.

The main area was bright, humid and had an atmosphere of deep relaxation. There were sun loungers on his side of the room and also across from him, outside the door from the ladies locker room. Relaxing pan-pipe music was playing softly from hidden speakers and at the top of three tiled steps in the lower right corner of the room there was a bubbling, whirling hottub occupied by a flushed-looking guy and girl. To his left, he saw more showers in a recessed, mood-lit part of the room and, further up, two wood and glass rooms which were the saunas themselves. He noted the sauna on the right had a female sign, the other had both a male and female symbol to the left of its heavy glass door. Two men quietly chatted on sun loungers in an alcove to his left, nodding to Mike as he entered the room.

As Mike lowered himself down onto one of the sun loungers, the hottub couple stood up in the swirling, bubbling water and climbed out, giggling at some private joke. He hadn’t been able to see it a moment ago due to the fact that they were sitting down, but both the guy and the girl were completely naked. The girl led the way down the few short steps from the hottub. The warm midday sunshine which streamed in through the tinted windows at the far right of the room made the girl’s shaved pussy glisten, wet and hot from the jacuzzi. Her boyfriend followed her closely, water still dripping from the tip of his uncut cock while she looked back at him, smiling and giggling. They wrapped large beach towels around themselves then reclined on a couple of sun loungers near the ladies sauna.

Mike had been in hotels abroad before with places like this, but this was the first time he had ever experienced an environment where men and women could freely be naked together like this. It was such a turn-on, this level of indecency, if that’s what it was, and just as Mike was about to de-towel and strut naked into the mixed nude sauna, a woman exited the ladies sauna, towel in hand, and began to walk towards the sun lounger directly opposite him.

She must have been 27 or 28, Mike thought to himself, and she was utterly stunning. She was in the region of 5ft 10″ and had long, dirty blonde hair which was tied back, exposing her soft neck and shoulders. Her nipples were hard from the change in temperature between the sauna and the main area, and she smiled over at Mike as she walked towards her sun lounger. His eyes lingered over her breasts, moving south towards that divine little landing strip of blonde bush which she wore so well, perfectly trimmed to a fine point, in line with her clit which, Mike imagined, must have been red hot after her time in the sauna. His eyes slid down those perfect long legs of hers and his heart thudded within his chest.

She had the most gorgeous feet; a size six, maybe a seven, with strong, defined toes which she had painted a glorious electric blue. He watched as those toes moved and spread on the floor as she walked, the firm, smooth balls of her feet making a deliciously naked slapping sound against the stone floor with every step she took. She sat down on the lounger directly opposite Mike and, smiling over at him, swung her legs around so that the soles of her bare feet were now facing him.

Mike drank in every detail of the sight of those breathtakingly beautiful bare soles of hers. She had glorious, high arches and smooth-as-silk wrinkled soles. Her heels and ankles looked strong and fit; the sweet pinkness of her skin glistened either side along the length of each foot, from the base of her toes right up to the tips of her heels, in perfect alignment with the curves of her fine ankles.

She lay back on the sun lounger, her right arm up by her head, as Mike continued to study her bare feet. He suddenly realised he had one hand under the towel around his waist and he was stroking himself. He glanced left and right but no-one was paying any heed; the two guys were still quietly chatting in the alcove and the young naked couple looked as if they were asleep on their sun loungers. Mike continued to masturbate, his eyes locked on the girl’s bare feet. He wondered if she had ever had those toes of hers sucked before. Did she watch, open mouthed and sighing as her boyfriend fucked her succulent toe cleavage with his tongue, his hand tightly wrapped around her ankle, all five toes deep within his mouth at once. Did he make her gasp by canlı casino tickling those wrinkled bare soles with the tip of his hard cock before stretching her toes apart and forcing the head of his prick between them, lubricating between her sweet toes with his saliva and pre-cum. He wondered if her boyfriend insisted on continuing to suck her toes while he fucked her, withdrawing his swollen cock at the crucial moment and unloading jet after jet of hot, white cum all over those toes and soles.

Mike had opened his towel and was now fully jerking himself off to the girl’s feet. His own bare feet were in his line of vision and he imagined playing footsie with this blonde stranger, their toes interlocking with each other, the sensation of her beautifully smooth soles against his hairy leg. He imagined she suddenly slid closer to him, her feet now either side of his head as he reclined, her hand around his cock, slowly wanking him off. He pictured turning his head and allowing the ball of her left foot to occupy his mouth while the toes of her right foot grabbed at his nose and cheek. Would she slap his face with those delectable feet as she firmly stroked his hard dick, he wondered. Would she clasp his eager cock between those naked soles, lean forward and suck his cock until it erupted sperm into her mouth?

“Are you enjoying that?” the girl said. Mike hadn’t even realised she had looked up and was now watching him. He quickly covered himself with the yellow towel, but all too late.

The girl laughed. “Oh, you’re not shy. Not after that little display.”

“I’m sorry,” Mike gasped, wondering what that accent was that he could hear in her voice. “This nude sauna stuff is new to me and…”

“… And?” the blonde said, putting her arms by her sides.

Mike again looked down at her feet.

“…And your feet just…” he paused.. “well, they blow my mind!”

The girl laughed again.

“Oh, you’re one of those foot guys, uh?” she said, wiggling her toes – a gorgeous little performance just for him. Was that a Czech accent he could hear?

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Gabriella” she replied. “And yours?”

“Mike,” he said.

“Well, Mike,” she said, bringing her right foot across her left leg so that she sat cross-legged on the sun-lounger, “I’ll bet you’d like to do some naughty things to my bare feet now, wouldn’t you?”

The lump under Mike’s towel stirred. It was all the answer she needed.

“Would you like to join me in the hottub?” she asked.

Before he could reply, she was up on those beautiful feet of hers and ascending the steps to the jacuzzi, looking back over her shoulder at him. He glanced around the main area. The two guys in the alcove were still in conversation and the young couple had seemingly entered the mixed sauna together, as they were no longer on their loungers. Mike stood up, allowing his towel to fall to the floor.

He padded naked across the room and climbed the steps to the hottub. Gabriella was already sitting, arms extended wide around the edge, grinning at him, her eyes flicking between his face and his stiff cock. She playfully bit her bottom lip as he stepped into the hottub, keeping his back to the two men further up the room so that they would be unable to see his hard-on. As he quickly glanced over his shoulder at them before sitting down, Gabriella suddenly leant forward and opened her mouth around his hard cock.

Mike gasped as she put her hand around the base of his shaft, her mouth spread wide around his cock as it slowly slipped back and forth between her lips. She held him firmly, sucking and licking him all the way from his balls to the tip of his cock, scooping pre-cum from his slit into her mouth.

“Mmm,” she grinned. “Get in!”

Mike sat down in the hottub, feeling the water jets blasting every inch of him. Gabriella sat back on the plastic seat and extended her right leg up out of the water.

“Suck my toes, Mike,” she said, her painted toes landing on Mike’s lips, which he quickly opened.

Her beautiful wet toes slid into his mouth as he held her smooth ankle with his right hand. At first he concentrated on her big toe, sucking it as deep into his mouth as he could get it, then her second and third toes, then her fourth and pinkie toes, making her squirm and laugh. He saw that her right hand was underwater and she was masturbating while his tongue explored between her toes, making his cock surge with desire. He opened wide his mouth and easily slipped all five beautiful toes inside, almost up to the middle of her foot, making her gasp.

She sat back and Mike suddenly felt her left foot against the base of his shaft . She pushed her right foot even deeper into his mouth, making his mouth even wider, feeling his tongue slide between her toes.

“Mmm,” she purred, “I want to feel that cock between my toes, Mike.”

Gabriella spread her toes wide and began to firmly foot-fuck him in the hottub. kaçak casino Lubricated by the warm water, she effortlessly accommodated his engorged cock head between her first and second toes and was wanking him back and forth, teasing his foreskin up and down, steadily driving him to climax, her fingers in her pussy all the while.

Just as he was about to shoot his load, Gabriella started to cum. The noises she made went undetected by the two men in the room, but just barely. She seemed to shriek, but quietly, and it was the first time Mike had ever heard such a sound, and he was unsure if the sudden pink tinge on her face was from this powerful orgasm now ripping through her cunt or from being in the hot water for too long. She suddenly pulled her foot from his mouth and freed his cock from between her wet toes.

“Wow…!” she sighed, seemingly lightheaded. “It’s been a long time since a man has made me cum like that!”

Mike didn’t know what to say. He quickly thought of something.

“Mmmm, don’t stop,” he begged. “I’m so close..!”

Gabriella grinned at him. She stood up.

“Well then,” she replied, “you’re going to have to make yourself cum and think about my toes in your mouth and around your cock, aren’t you?”

The fucking cock tease, Mike thought to himself as she climbed up out of the hottub. He had to cum! Why wasn’t she now sucking his sperm from between her toes, cleaning her gorgeous feet with that skilled mouth of hers? Fuck! He’d been nothing more than her disposable sextoy. Not that he minded, of course, but now his balls were groaning and he had to make himself orgasm for the good of his sanity.

Gabriella lay back down on her sun lounger and reclined once more while Mike climbed up out of the jacuzzi. He picked up his towel and headed for the locker room. He was pleased to see that it was empty and, hanging up his towel, he climbed back into the shower to masturbate urgently, still savouring the flavour of Gabriella’s toes in his mouth. His cock was rock hard again in seconds and just as he was about to ejaculate, a woman spoke.

“You fucking pervert!” the Swedish receptionist said. She was holding open the shower curtain and watching Mike, erect prick in hand. “I was watching you with that slut in the hottub!”

“I….” Mike stammered…”Sh—She!….”

The Swedish girl had been mopping the floor while the changing room had been empty and Mike hadn’t spotted her behind the lockers at the far end.

“So you like to suck fucking toes, uh?” the girl said. “Get on the floor! ” she barked, pointing at the corner of the shower, “Get on your back! GET DOWN NOW!”

Mike did as he was commanded, sitting down as the hot water sprayed down onto him, then lying back against the tiled wall of the shower. His erection bumped against his stomach as he lay back, and he saw the girl kicking off her flip flops.

She climbed into the shower, her white t-shirt getting soaked through. Mike delighted at the sight of her nipples through the cotton. She removed her shirt and slid her shorts down her legs, exposing her beautiful Swedish cunt. She sat opposite Mike.

“Now,” she said, “you’ll suck my toes!”

She slapped his face with her right foot, his astonished mouth already open wide for her sweet toes. He extended his tongue and eagerly licked the length of her gorgeous sole, tasting the rubber of her flip flops on her skin. Her toes disappeared into his mouth, his tongue fucking each sweet valley of her toe cleavage in turn. Quickly she withdrew her foot.

“I know what you REALLY want,” she grinned, slowly wrapping her deliciously wrinkled Swedish soles around his throbbing dick.

He watched, open-mouthed as those beautiful bare feet slid up and down his hard cock while the water sprayed down over both of them. She possessed the smoothest, sexiest toes and soles which just relented to every vein and ridge of his hard cock. She had him gripped at the base of his cock while she expertly used those Swedish toes to make him cum.

Great, hot ropes of sticky sperm shot from the end of Mike’s cock as the girl milked him dry. She adjusted her foot technique so that she was now stroking the most sensitive part of his cock as his cum decorated her Swedish toes and ankles. Her wet soles slid all over the epicentre of Mike’s orgasm, now glistening with his semen. He noted the first great jet of cum which he had unleashed somehow managed to land between the girl’s tits as she lay opposite him.

Mike gasped, his eyes still on the girl’s bare feet.

“Now,” she said, sitting upright, “clean yourself up and get out of my changing area, understand?”

Again, not sure of what to say, Mike nodded. She slapped him hard as she stood up.

“Fucking pervert!”

Not sure of the bizarre occurrences of which he had just experienced, Mike decided to do what she said. He quickly showered, emptied his locker, pulled on a change of clothes and left the sauna area, the Swedish girl watching his every move.

Back in the room, he turned his laptop on. He stared at the screen for a second, the taste of toes still on his lips. He grinned. This was going to be a glowing review.

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