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On Monday morning, as I went to work, I was curious as to how AJ would react. We had a great date, I had indulged his strong foot fetish, but after I had taken his virginity, I was worried he might expect too much. Even though he was at least ten years older than my 22 years, I didn’t want him to be clingy. I knew that I still loved having him at my feet and wanted to continue that teasing dominance over him. He was very sweet and I knew it would make both of us happy. I was aroused with the control I had over this shy man.

I was wearing my pleated plaid skirt, along with my knee high brown leather buckle boots overtop nude hose. I knew AJ loved the nylons so I was going to do anything in my power to drive him wild. My outfit was topped off with a tight, low cut blouse with a stylish half jacket. Because I was running late, I sat my purse down at my desk, hurried to the bathroom to put my hair in a messy bun and touched up my lipstick.

The morning went on as usual and AJ was busy helping with some tech problems in another department. The first time I saw him was just before lunch as he walked past my desk with his head down. I thought we were way past the point of being shy but I also knew he was that way by nature and I liked to play off that.

I wasn’t going to allow him to get away from facing me that easily as I quickly perked up, “Hi AJ. How was your weekend?” Before seductively giggling under my breath at my own rhetorical question.

He snapped a quick, “Fine,” before scampering past me. I had an idea, I knew he would have to come back through so I quickly slipped off my boot, pretending to have an itch on my nylon clad foot. As I slowly and gently scratched, careful not to put a run in my hose, AJ returned but this time he slowed down and watched my actions.

I then blurted out as I raised my foot and wiggled my toes in the cool air, “Oh, I see. Now you stop to say hi. You like what you see? I’m wearing pantyhose and my feet are looking very cute today.”

AJ looked horrified as two cute coworkers, Starla and Tina looked up at us after I had made the comment. It was the first time I had exposed his foot fetish in front of the other girls and I could see a wry confusion on their faces. AJ’s face turned bright red, he looked at me and then put his head down and stormed out. I felt a little bad for him but I needed to show him who was boss but I also knew it was driving him wild.

Starla had been working at the office about the same time as me. Her hair was long and was what I would call a light auburn color. Her cheeks were full and she had a very cute smile. She looked like the “girl next door,” with her good looks. Starla was built like me with her 120 pound frame but Tina was a little shorter and more curvy. We would always joke that her big boobs and bubble ass made her look voluptuous. Tina’s hair was more blonde than mine and she had the most amazing green eyes. She was very outspoken and was one to never pass on a dare.

Once AJ had walked past, Tina first looked at Starla, then back at me before asking, “What in the world was that all about?”

“Girls, follow me to the bathroom and I will tell you,” I responded trying to keep my voice down.

Once we entered, I looked around to see if anyone was in the stalls before whispering, “It seems as though our tech guy has a pretty strong foot fetish.”

Starla smiled in her shy manner, “How do you know that?”

I continued, “I caught him…well…how can I say this…in a compromising position the other day and I have been having so much fun with him ever since. I have been staying late every Friday so we can play.”

Tina interrupted, “Fun? What do you mean?”

“You know how shy AJ is, don’t you? Shoot, he barely speaks when he is fixing our computers. The guy is so introverted but went out on a date this past weekend. He took me to a hotel,” I divulged with a wink.

Tina’s eyes widened, “Really? What did you guys do?”

I giggled, “Let’s just say, our sweet, innocent AJ is no longer very innocent.”

Starla chimed in, “Did you guys…do it?”

I smiled, “Yes and he was so sweet. I showed him a thing or two and you know he was actually very good. I couldn’t believe how he knew his stuff when it comes to making love. I think once I involved my feet, his lust and passion skyrocketed and he just went to town. He came so much for me and he stayed so hard!”

Tina showed that mischievous grin, “Wow! Who would have thought he comes out of his shell by girls’ feet.”

I added, “Well, not just feet. He loves to be seduced by them. He is very particular but if you take control and expose his fetish, he is putty in your hands. He claims he can cum at least seven times in one session by just the smell alone. I would have to see that, to believe it.”

Tina asked, “Really? Just from a foot fetish?”

“Don’t get me wrong, he loves all cute, pretty feet but if you dress them up perfectly, he will melt. He loves tan or nude hose, he loves boots but he really casino oyna loses his mind if your feet are nice and musky,” I informed the two listening girls.

Tina bluntly asked, “Musky, what the hell does musky mean?”

I chuckled, “Musky is a tactful term for a strong aroma, not necessarily stinking but in that ballpark. He gets off if your feet have been trapping that pungent musky smell. If he smells them, he will shoot his load high in the air.”

Tina looked at Starla and waved her hand in front of her face, “Well honey, he will love you then. When you take those boots off, we all know it. He can get all the musky aroma he craves.”

Tina leaned in like we were in a football huddle, “I want in on this action. You can’t hog him all to yourself.” She then looked at Starla, “What do you think? You ready to show a little dominance and get that shyness out?”

Starla squinted her eyes, “I don’t know. He is so sweet and shy. Why do that to him? I don’t want to upset him.”

I jumped in, “Girl, you will not upset him. For AJ, it’s like he is torn. He just wants to scream on the inside from the teasing but he also loves it. It’s hard to explain. He feels trapped in the fact he loves it so much but yet he can’t get close enough, so therefore he wants to lash out internally. I say, let’s fan the flame of that desire.”

Both girls had an amazed look in their eyes before Tina spoke for both of them, “Really. I had no idea. It seems as though our little shy IT guy has a different side. I think this could be very, very fun. Starla, are you in?”

Starla was still hesitant but then relinquished, “You know he is cute. It could be fun.”

Tina’s mind was thinking, “So Britt, what are some of the things you have been doing to the poor guy?”

“Whatever comes to mind that day. I plan what I’m going to wear but when it comes to teasing, I just know I love making him worship my feet. I let him know his place and where he belongs. I bring out the belief in him that he was put on this earth to serve at women’s’ feet and he loves it,” I informed.

I continued, “Once you have him hypnotized by your feet, then you can play with his meaty uncut cock. His foreskin is thick and I love it. And let me tell you, I have never had a lover leak more precum than AJ. He is like a faucet and it has this sweet taste to it. I can’t get enough of it. If you wear nylons and get your feet really sweaty, he could fill up a cup with it.”

The girls stepped back and that even made Starla gasp, “Oh wow. I have to see this. I’m definitely in.”

I added, “There is one last thing I want to tell you. AJ is really sensitive. He likes to be dominated and humiliated but not in a demeaning way. I call it a sincere humiliation and not a humiliation like you are laughing or thinking he is a joke because he isn’t. The type of humiliation I’m referring to is how you control him with your feet and how you speak to him. Do not make him feel you are doing this to belittle because then you shouldn’t do it.”

Tina chimed in, “You know us better than that. We would never hurt someone’s feelings.”

I looked at both girls like we were devising a game plan and asked, “Friday, wear what you think your feet will smell the strongest after wearing them. We all have that one pair of shoes that does it and you know what I’m talking about. Are you ready? Then let’s have some fun!”

All week we teased AJ with our feet. You name it, we did it. Shoe dangling, shoe fall off, wearing no shoes at all, and me rubbing Tina’s feet in front of him among others. We had no shame but our plan was to excite and build him up all week long and I think it worked.

That Friday, I was wearing my sexy pinstripe outfit with a pair of strappy lace up heels. My toes were freshly painted red and looking sharp. I was the first of us three girls to arrive and when Starla walked in, she had this big smile across her face.

She held her leg out at my desk and showed me she was wearing shimmering tan hose with a pair of blingy Ugg boots and a mauve skirt, “Lookie what I found in the back of my drawer,” referring to the hose. “I used to wear these when I was on the dance team in high school. I can’t believe I still have them. Even when they are washed, that smell is embedded inside the feet. I remember what you were telling me about AJ and he will go nuts over these because these boots make my feet sweat more than any shoes I own. As a matter of fact, they’re sweating right now and it’s only 8:30 in the morning!”

I chuckled, “You got that right girl! He is going to flip out. What until Tina shows up and we can get a plan together.”

About 10 minutes later, Tina walked in wearing a very fashionable dark professional pant suit with nude hose and slip on flats when she said, “Good morning everyone.”

Before sitting her things down at her desk, she leaned in and whispered to me, “Is AJ here yet? Is everything a go?”

I giggled, “Of course, look,” I said as I lifted up my leg and pointed canlı casino my toe in her direction.

Tina had a confused look on her face when she asked, “Wait a minute. I thought you said AJ loves hose. Why aren’t you wearing any?”

I smiled, “Because he also likes musky feet. You see these shoes? They have a leather pad for footing and my feet sweat and stick to these and create strong smell. I want him to know it when he gets a whiff of these.”

Tina laughed, “I see. Well I chose these flats and these knee highs because my feet get just as bad in these. One day last year, I had to walk in the rain and they got soaked. Ever since then, they make my feet stink.” She then looked over at Starla and she smiled while holding her Ugg boot covered feet straight out as if to show us she was ready as well.

We had a plan. Shy AJ was going to get the surprise of his life and he didn’t even know it. About 5 minutes later, he walked in with his head down but as he walked by, his head began to turn and follow Starla’s feet and almost bumped into another coworker. From a side angle, I watched the entire scene unfold and Tina looked at me and smiled.

I yelled out, “AJ! Starla has been having trouble with her computer. Would you mind taking a look real quick? Her email has been blocking some messages. I’m sure it won’t take a minute.”

He looked up with those puppy dog eyes and responded, “Sure. Let me see. I can fix it right up for you.”

I knew he wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to get close to her feet. Starla stood up and AJ replaced her in her chair. After a couple of clicks he was looking for something. Tina glanced at me, gave me an evil grin and rolled her chair to the opposite side of Starla’s desk. Using her left foot, she slipped the shoe off her right one. Lifted her nylon covered foot and placed it directly on AJ’s crotch.

I had a great view as my mouth opened when AJ’s eyes widened as big as saucers. Tina was bold and she was going to see AJ’s reaction. The clicking stopped and he kind of swallowed under his breath. I could see her toes wiggle on his bulge. If he could have seen that hosed foot working its magic, he would have cum in his pants right then and there.

When Tina began moving her entire foot up and down on his crotch, he clicked two more times and quickly jumped up and said to Starla, “I don’t see anything wrong. I think everything is working properly.”

Tina snickered, “I’ll say. It definitely felt like everything was working properly.”

AJ scurried to his office. We all huddled when Tina whispered, “Oh my god! His cock was soooo hard.”

“Didn’t I tell you? If he hadn’t jumped up, there would have been a mess in his pants but we want to save that don’t we?” I rhetorically asked.

Starla chimed in, “Now I want to feel it.”

I reminded her, “At lunch you will get your chance. We all will.”

As the morning hours continued, we knew that AJ liked to find a quiet spot in the warehouse to eat his lunch because he knew if he stayed in his office, he would be interrupted several times with technical problems. There was a little place back in the left side corner behind some stocked clothing hanging in a long row. Back there was a small stool and tiny round table where he would eat and check things on his phone.

Sure enough, at noon, there he went down the steps, headed to the basement warehouse. I group texted the girls that it was almost time.

Starla’s text came back, “R U sure this will work? My feet are soaked in sweat. He won’t find it gross?”

I gave the thumbs up emoji and assured her, “Trust me. That is a GOOD thing!”

We three girls headed down stairs with me leading the way. We arrived in the corner and AJ was sitting there about to open his wrapped sandwich. He was slightly startled when we whipped the racked line of clothing out of the way in a peek-a-boo manner.

Tina seductively cooed, “Whatcha doin, there AJ? You eating lunch?”

I chimed in, “I think he is eating the wrong thing.” I lifted my leg up and placed my open toed high heel covered foot on the small table, then added, “I think this is what you really want. Starla, would you agree?”

Just a resounding, “Umm hummm,” escaped Starla’s lips.

I grabbed AJ by the face and planted a long, slow open mouthed kiss on his lips, not forgetting to probe the inside of his mouth with my tongue. Tina and Starla, each took one arm and helped him out of the chair while we kissed. As soon as I had stopped sucking his face, they both led him down on the floor. Tina was unbuckling his pants while Starla and I pulled on his pant legs until they slid off exposing his boxers, which had a tent pitched in them by now.

I giggled, “Let’s take these off. You need to let that thing breathe.”

As we pulled his boxers down, his hard thick cock snapped against his belly with a loud thud. AJ’s cock was about 6 inches long but since it was uncut, it had thick, meaty foreskin surrounding the shaft. The head was already sticking kaçak casino out like a turtle coming out of its shell.

Tina said, “Wow, look at all that foreskin. It looks like a fat cock wrapped with salami.”

I kicked off my high heel then put my musky bare foot in AJ’s face and rubbed it all around. He groaned in pleasure. When I put it on his mouth and under his nose, he shivered as the first sign of precum leakage become evident.

Starla spoke up and commented like she had spotted a lost object, “Look he is leaking already!”

I smiled, “You haven’t seen anything yet. He leaks like a dripping faucet when he smells feet.”

Tina had already kicked off both her flats when she added, “Well I guess he needs a little more then.”

She lifted her nylon covered foot on his face beside mine. We were rubbing and he was inhaling deeply. The little space in the basement was already starting to smell of stale feet and I knew AJ was loving every second of it. Every time one of us would put the bottom of our feet under his nose, another glob of precum would ooze down his head and coagulate inside his foreskin before running slowly down his veiny shaft.

I gave him his order, “AJ, I know Tina’s feet are really sweaty and smell really strong but I think it’s time you start licking them. They need cleaned so I want you to clean her nylons up for her. Ok, baby?”

AJ was speechless but he gladly started licking Tina’s feet and even sucked her big toe through the nylon just before I stooped down ready to feast on his sweet nectar.

Starla asked, “Can he smell mine now? Mine are stronger than both of you girls.”

“No not yet,” I responded. “You come down here with me and taste this delicious fluid. Tina, you make sure he keeps smelling your feet so he can give us plenty.”

Starla knelt down with me and I took hold of AJ’s cock and pointed it upward. It was now looking like a melting ice cream cone. I took my tongue and stuck the tip just under the head and inside his foreskin. I slurped it out. Starla leaned in and her cheek was touching mine as she slurped the other side.

Starla looked up with a long string of precum hanging down from the tip of her tongue and I smiled before I caught it in my mouth, following the trail up to her tongue before sucking the end of it. We actually French kissed for a moment before our heads went back down. Both of us were gently chewing and nipping at his fleshy sheeth. We moaned as we would lightly bite it before slurping up that sweet precum. He must have eaten lots of fruit because of how sweet it tasted.

I turned my head to Starla, “Take off your boots.”

She sat back and pulled them off and right away I could smell her hosed feet with the worn stains on the bottom and within seconds Tina could smell them from a standing position.

Tina waved her hand in front of her face, “Wow Starla! Your feet stink! Look at AJ, he is smiling. He is in heaven!”

I instructed Starla, “Stand up but don’t put your feet in his face until I tell you to. Understand? I mean it. When I say now, put your foot in his face and let him smell how pungent your foot is from being trapped in those boots all morning.”

Tina was still rubbing AJ’s cheeks with her feet and I wrapped my mouth around his purple head that had completely sprung free from its meat home. I started sucking his dick and I could already feel the twitches. I knew it wouldn’t be long.

I looked up and gave Starla her final command, “As soon as I go back to sucking his dick, I want you to count to five and then give him that foot. Let him inhale it deeply. Got it?”

Holding up my finger as to say wait, I went back to sucking AJ’s cock. I was bobbing up and down when I pointed to Starla, she began her silent count. I was ready and knew what was going to happen. I was sucking and trying to count silently along with her. Just then Starla lifted her overly musky hosed foot and placed it on AJ’s nostril openings.

Simultaneously, I heard a loud, AAAGHHHHHHH!” and his cum shot hit the back of my throat like a bullet. I could actually hear him sniffing and his cock kept spurting and spurting. I was amazed by how much cum he produced. We could all smell Starla’s feet but it was like fuel to AJ’s sexual fire.

Finally when AJ had stopped unloading in my mouth, I pulled up, tilted my head back and showed the girls how much slime he had actually released.

Starla giggled, “Oh wow, I can’t believe my stinky feet caused all that. That is a lot of cum!” She then looked down at AJ, “You really love stinky feet, don’t ya sweetie? Who would have thought they would have ever been good for something.”

AJ could only shake his head yes because Tina was now sitting in his stool above him and rubbing both her strong nude nylon clad feet on his face.

Starla then noticed AJ’s cock was just as hard even after he blew his first load. I swallowed his thick cum and it was definitely more than any guy I had ever sucked off.

I stood up and took off my pants and panties before telling Starla to switch places with Tina. Starla sat down above AJ and put her feet in his face while I sat down on his hard cock, guiding it in my pussy as I descended.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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