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Mack and I had been dating for nearly two months now. It was, for me, the best relationship of my life. On the outside, Mack was a big, strong bear, who intimidated people in the work world with his stature, presence, and intelligence. Underneath his butch exterior, he was the most tender and kind man I’d ever known. He read poetry, gently massaged my neck, never complained about any work or waiting—he was patient and sweet, strong, and loving. I was overwhelmed by the strength and depth of my feelings for him. As my Nana would have said, “He’s a real mensch!”

At 28, Mack was inexperienced. He grew up in a small town with older parents, worked full time while studying part time, and I was his first relationship. It could have been worrisome: Would he want to play the field? What if he got bored? He had no experience—would he bolt at our first fight? What if he got bored of me?

But Mack was just built differently. He was a deeply sincere man. He valued honesty and integrity. He was reserved in public—he liked to observe what people did, how they spoke, to see if their words matched their actions. He was comfortable with silence and he felt no need to fill in empty spaces with idle chatter. He was endlessly patient, quietly brilliant, and had the most gorgeous blue eyes on the planet. Looking at them was swimming in an ocean.

Mack and I worked for the same company, but in different departments. He dealt with finance and strategy; I was in international business. We ate lunch together every day and spent most nights together. We never officially “came out” as a couple at work—the company has 12,000 employees—but we never hid the fact that we were an item either.

One weekend in late October, as we were shopping for Halloween costumes for our friend Annie’s party, Mack sat quietly as we got coffee. I sipped my latte, he drank his pumpkin spice abomination (This was the only thing we didn’t agree on—he loved pumpkin spice everything; I found it to be a Geneva Convention violation).

“Adam, I know we’ve only been dating a few months…but you’re very special to me. It’s my parent’s wedding anniversary in two weeks and I’m planning to go spend the weekend with them. I’d very much like to bring you with me, if you’re able to come.” He smiled and looked hopeful. He did this thing when he was waiting—he stared deeply into my eyes. It was as if they were lasers that could pierce back any bullshit.

We had spent the past two months very much in love. We laughed and went for dinner and worked out together; we went on long walks and played frisbee in the park and even went dancing once at a bar; we made love and fucked our brains out as young couples in love are wont to do—Mack was new to this, but eager and horny and I was more than happy to oblige. We kissed for hours and fucked for days. Occasionally, he fucked me, but despite my being shorter and smaller, he somehow needed me to be dominant in the bedroom and preferred to bottom. I was happy to oblige, though on Monday mornings I was almost happy to get to work because my cock had gotten sore from all the fucking and sucking we did all weekend. Almost.

We had whatever “it” is and our chemistry was intoxicating.

There was no way I would say no to him. But meeting the parents… Wow.

“Mack, I would love to go with you and meet your parents. This is a big step for us, for you. You’ve never brought home anyone to meet them before. How do you anticipate they’ll respond to me being a guy? Not just a guy, but a nerdy Jewish guy who is a lefty human rights activist lawyer?” I was smiling but I was more than a bit nervous.

Mack held my hand across the table. I anticipated he would say something calm and reassuring.

I was wrong.

“Come with me. Now.” His voice was stern and he looked serious as he got up from the table. The coffee shop casino siteleri was empty as he led me to the bathroom.

I was a bit bewildered but followed him. Once inside, he grabbed my neck and kissed me hard. I was started by his passion but returned the kiss with equal fervor. He quickly unbuckled my belt and before I realized what he was doing, he had locked the bathroom door and had my cock in his mouth.

“Mack, what…” I started to ask.

He looked up at me. “You want me to stop?” he asked coyly, knowing my answer. I shook my head.

Once he had me hard and wet, he bent over the sink and pulled down his own pants.

“Adam. Fuck me. NOW!” He commanded. I obliged. The control he had over me, the effect of his touch on my body, was electric.

And there in the coffee shop bathroom, I fucked my big butch musclebear until we both came—we were so turned on, it was fast.

After I unloaded in his ass, I pulled out and asked, “What…?”

“When you start to worry, my job is to remind you how much I love you. You needed to be reminded. You want to complain? Take it up with my people at the office tomorrow.” And he laughed as he washed his hands.

I shook my head with laughter. I just had the hottest sex of my life with a man I loved.

“How did I get so lucky?” I kissed his neck.

“I’ll talk with my parents. It will be fine. They’ll love you because I do.” Mack was remarkably emotionally sincere and uncomplicated. I believed him. Still, I worried. His parents were older, still lived in the town they grew up in, and their son was bringing home his boyfriend to their anniversary party… I had to have faith in him.

The next day at work, Mack was in meetings most of the day and I stared out the window for far too long. Annie came to my office.

She looked radiant as ever. She was whip smart. And she was already proving herself to be a powerhouse here.

She sat down at my desk and put her coffee down. “So Williams just asked me to join him on the Tokyo trip. They think I would be helpful in making the deal.” Annie lived in Japan for a year in college, spoke fluent Japanese, graduated from Princeton undergrad and Yale law school as their valedictorian. She was brilliant, powerful, and in the six months we’d known each other, I came to consider her one of my best friends. I mean, c’mon—a powerful African American woman who seems like the next Michelle Obama and a sweet, handsome, nerdy gay Jew. What could be better?

“You’re going, right?” I asked.

“Of course!” She stated without any doubt. “But it’s just…” Her voice trailed off…

“What’s wrong?”

“It will be just me and Jared… and…”

I smiled. “Mr. Williams first name is Jared. And he’s a fine man. And you’re gonna get busy with him?”

She laughed.

“Listen, he’s 10 years older than me, divorced, has a kid… I don’t want to complicate anything.” She was serious.

“Annie, I know your heart is tender.” She smiled. “But Jared isn’t Jonathan. He’s a good man. And you know he’s interested. Why not just see how things play out and trust your heart?”

Annie sighed. “You’re good, you know? I just don’t want it to go south… I like this job and…”

I got up from my chair and hugged her. Two years of an abusive relationship with a guy who turned out to be already married had really wounded Annie’s heart. Trusting was hard for her. I think the only reason she truly let herself get vulnerable with me is because I’m gay.

“Besides. If Jared is a dick, then we’ll have Mack beat the shit out of him!”

We both cracked up. Mack was such a softy and he’d never thrown a punch. But he looked mean, so we used it to our advantage.

The day went by quickly and I met Mack at the gym. He was all smiles.

“Spoke with my folks,” he said as he gave canlı casino me a kiss. “They’re cool. Let’s stretch.”

“Wait. What do you mean ‘they’re cool?’ I need more details. C’mon man…” I was smiling and only slightly pleading.

He laughed quietly. “You can’t get all worried cuz that turns me on and I need to stretch.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Ok. Fine. Tell me what they said please.”

Mack took my hand. “Adam, they told me they were happy that I found a special man in my life and while they had a lot of questions for us, they are looking forward to meeting you next week. My mom wanted to know what your favorite dessert is and she asked me if I could find some recipes.” He was serious now.

“Adam, my folks aren’t worldly or sophisticated. My mom finished the 8th grade. My dad graduated high school, but that was more of a fluke. They don’t quite get us, but they are kind folks who love their son and if you make me happy, that’s really all they need.”

“You fucker,” I choked out through tears. “You always make me cry. And I’m NOT a crier!” We both laughed.

“Counselor,” he said, “the evidence is to the contrary.”

How did I get so lucky to find this man?

The next few days flew by and soon, Friday was upon us. We loaded up a rental car and planned the five hour drive to his small town outside Madison.

I’d bought gifts for his parents: some lotion and soap for his mom; a snow globe because Mack told me she collected them; some cigars for his dad. I’m a generally even-keel kinda guy. But I was as nervous as I could remember on the drive up.

Mack sensed I was worried and kept the conversation going, occasionally landing his hand in my crotch. It was simultaneously comforting and arousing.

We arrived at their home a little after 4pm. As I got out of the car, I looked at Mack. “You’re gonna be fine,” he reassured me. “They’re gonna love you.”

As we walked into their home, I was struck by three thoughts at the same time: First, this was Mack’s childhood home and I got to see where he grew up. Second, this home, built in the 1920s, was remarkably similar to the one I grew up in—front parlor with a dining area and small galley kitchen; a couple of steps up to the two bedrooms and the bathroom; and basement that was finished with a laundry area and storage space. The main difference was that Mack grew up as an only child and I grew up in the same space with four siblings! And finally, Mack’s parents took pride in their home. Everything was immaculate, tastefully and simply decorated, and felt “homey.”

Mack greeted his parents with a big hug. I extend my hand and shook theirs; “It’s so nice to meet you, Mr. And Mrs. Miller.” Mack’s dad looked exactly like him—only he was 79 years old. Mack’s mom was tiny, had rosy cheeks and Mack’s sweet smile. Maybe she was 5 feet tall and weighted 85 pounds soaking wet, but from the stories Mark told me, she was a strong woman inside and out. She reminded me of my Nana and I felt at ease in her presence.

We washed up before dinner and I got to see Mack’s room. It was painted a light green and he had a huge poster of the globe on one wall. The shelves were overflowing with books and awards from Mack’s various sporting achievements. The room was tidy and well kept.

When we went down to dinner, I was surprised speechless. Mrs. Manning stood at her place with her apron and smiled. “Mack tells me that you’re Jewish, Adam. So I went to the library and got some recipe books for a Sabbath dinner. I know it won’t be as good as your family made, but we wanted to make you feel at home.” I found my eyes welling up with tears: On the table was chicken soup, baked chicken, brisket, a sweet noodle kugel, and Manishewitz kosher red wine. Mack beamed.

“I’m very touched, Mrs. Manning. Thank you,” I managed to get out while Mack kaçak casino rubbed my neck.

“Told you they’d like you,” he smiled, proud of himself.

Dinner was delicious and the conversation was pleasant if not a bit uncomfortable. Mack’s mother asked questions about our work and we spoke about news in their town. Mack’s father didn’t say much. I worried he didn’t like me. Mack had told me beforehand that he was simply a man of few words, but nonetheless, I was concerned.

As we cleared the table, Mr. Manning spoke up. “Mr. Miller,” he said with quiet authority.

“Yes sir,” I replied as I sat back at the table. I was sweating and even Mack looked a bit uncomfortable.

“You are the first person Mack has ever brought home. I must admit, I never thought much about it, but I had always assumed Mack would bring a woman home. I’m not a man of many words, but Mack is a grown man and this is his decision. I love my boy very much…” He was clearly choked up as he took a sip of his wine. “He’s got a good heart. He’s a hard worker. And he’s made me proud every day of his life. You seem like a fine boy yourself. But I need to ask you something.”

I felt my hands shaking as I took a rather large gulp of wine.

“Yes Sir?” I asked.

“I don’t know how this works exactly with you two young men and it’s none of my business. But I am old. I’ll be 80 next summer. And as you can see, I am not in good health. It would give me great peace to know Mack has someone special to love. Now, I watch the news and I know the gays can get married. That’s a good thing. No one’s damn business who anyone loves.” He was clearly animated on this subject and I tried to keep my jaw from hitting the table.

“So. I would like to know if you plan to make an honest man out of my son. Is this just some fling you kids have today? Or are you gonna take care of my boy and marry him?”

“Dad,” Mack spoke up, clearly embarrassed. His mom smiled gently. “We’re not ready to—”

“It’s ok, Mack,” I interrupted. “Mr. Manning, Mrs. Manning. These past few months of dating Mack and being with him have been the happiest of my life. I’ve never met a kinder, smarter, more gentle, more honorable man in my life. Now, we haven’t discussed this yet and Mack hasn’t had a chance to meet my crazy family yet—so he may yet change his mind—but I can’t imagine a future without your son in it. I’ve never loved anyone more and I can’t imagine ever loving someone else like I love him. So if he’ll have me, I’ll spend every day of my life trying to make him as happy as he makes me.”

Tears were falling down Mack and his mom’s face. He leaned over and kissed me gently. In front of his parents! Whoa.

Mr. Manning smiled. “Well, that sounds good to me. You’re clearly a very smart young man!” We laughed.

The rest of the evening was pleasant and I enjoyed their company. Mack was beaming.

As we got ready for bed, Mack quietly sat me on the bed. “I love you. Forever. We need to find a time to meet your folks.”

“I’d love that Mack. Maybe we can go over New Year’s break?” I offered.

“That would be great,” he said as he kissed my neck and fondled my hard cock. “We can’t talk wedding plans before I meet them.”

“What?” I asked. But he had other things in mind as he sank down and swallowed my dripping cock.

“Are you sure this is a good idea” I asked as he bobbed up and down.

He smiled up at me and worked it harder.

“If you keep that up,” I moaned, “I’m gonna cum.” He didn’t stop and I burst my load down his throat.

As I lay pack trying to pant quietly so as to not alert his parents to our love making, Mack climbed on top of me and slowly lowered himself onto my still hard dick. Quietly, he moved himself up and down. “Ah,” he sighed, “I needed you.” I could feel him tensing as he shot his load all over my chest.

Falling into my arms, he sucked under my collarbone. I could feel him marking me. “I love you, Adam.”

“I love you, too, Mack,” I whispered as we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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