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This message contains feedback for: squiddly
About the submission: Trailer Trash Ch. 3
This feedback was sent by: bust-a-nut


I like the work, man, so I thought I’d let you know just how much.

I’ve been titillated by your purient descriptions for awhile when my girlfriend became interested in my forays into the erotica. I showed her your first chapter, and we had some knock-out sex following. We even re-enacted a few scenes.

When you came out with chapter 3, we were both pretty excited. I printed out the story, resisting the temptation to look, and headed to the bed room. I excitedly handed the story to Sarah who greedily took it from my hands. I stripped off her jeans and panties as she took to reading the story aloud. I positioned myself between her delicate thighs as she related the story from the printed pages.

Sarah has a similar unshaved patch of pubic hair to the foxes in your story. I began to lick her clit and discovered that she was already soaking wet from the beginning paragraphs of your story. As the story progressed she got hotter and hotter. I played with her cute butthole just as our hero in the story got to plugging at someone’s asshole. Sarah began moaning uncontrollably. I licked around her hair-rimmed butthole and back to her clit. She grabbed her trusty vibrator and began attacking her clit while I concentrated on her asshole. I was running one finger in and out watching her pretty feet flail in the air as she bucked to orgasm. What a sight!

When she had recovered enough to continue reading, I sat up and inserted my cock into her pussy. The combination of your imagery and her magical pussy was amazing. I pushed her legs back (she can’t put them behind her head like one of ortaköy escort your characters, but yoga has made her quite flexible). As I neared orgasm, I began to pull out of her pussy to get a clear look at her gorgeous nether regions. She was showing off her pussy and ass and driving me wild. Her butthole was positively pulsing with excitement. I slapped her hole a couple of times with my cock just to get it going. She didn’t want the big member up there just at the moment, but she smirked and said she had an idea…

Sarah pulled me up to kneel above her stomach. She then pulled her feet up to my cock which was right in front of her face. I’m not sure if you can picture this, but it was fantastic. I’ve got an un-cut cock, so she just wrapped her toes around my member and began to jack me off! Thank God for yoga. I began to lose it when she said, “That’s it baby, come on my face!”

Well, the first spurt hit her right in the kisser and the rest just covered her face with goo. She kept jacking me off until the last drop then proceeded to wipe my juice all over her pretty face licking up what she could.

Just wanted to say thanks again.

-bust-a-nut and sarah

To: bust-a-nut@…
From: squiddly@…

Subject: feedback

Best feedback message ever, man. Many thanks. I’ve got to relate my own story.

I read your feedback to my wife who wasn’t really into the erotica thing. She freaked out. She knelt down and began attacking my dick right in front of the computer. She said it just turned her on so much to imagine my words causing another couple to fuck like bunnies.

I kept your message on the screen so she could read it while I pushed her over the desk and entered her from otele gelen escort behind. She also has unshaven public hair which rings her butthole quite nicely. I began to massage her butthole while she paid attention to her clit from below. She came so fast, I was amazed.

I began to run my finger in an out of her butt as she looked over my first few chapters. Luckily, I keep some lube handy, and I greased up her asshole. “Baby,” I said, “tell me you want me in here.”

“Fuck, honey,” she said breathlessly, “Fuck my ass. Put your cock in my butthole. Fuck my ass and come all over me. Isn’t that what you want? Do you like facials? Don’t you want to come all over my face? I want to feel it. I want to look at your face as you cover mine with come.”

Well, shit, I was in heaven. I fucked her butt alright, but didn’t last too long. I pulled out, and she knelt in front of me. She stuck out her tongue and said, “That’s it, baby. Come on my face. Let me taste you.”

I did just that. I covered her face in spurt after spurt which she greedily licked up.

Damn, dude, thanks again for the feedback.


To: squiddly@…
From: bust-a-nut@…

Subject: feedback

Man, that was some hot response! Sarah and I read it with amazement. We had a date to do some boating that day, so I printed the message and we took it with us.

I rowed out to a remote part of the lake in a little, rented row-boat and took out the story to read to Sarah who was lounging in shorts and a bikini top in the middle of the boat. As I began to read, she dragged one gorgeous leg up to my crotch. My cock immediately began to stick out of my cut offs. She took her painted toes and began to run them up and down my shaft. otele gelen escort I loosened the shorts to give her better access while observing that she had done the same to her own shorts and was busily massaging her own crotch. I read on.

She pulled one bikini strap aside and began to tweak her big nipple as I read. She’s got a great pair of tits with big aerolae like you describe in your stories. She came like a banshee. I glanced around to see if anyone was near, but we were pretty far away from any bathers or boaters. She then concentrated on my dick. She got on her knees and pulled my foreskin back before assaulting my sensitive head. I was dying!

She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and said, “I want you really hard because I want this cock in my ass just like squiddly’s wife.” With that and a smirk, she took a tube of lube from her pocket and told me to grease up the hole.

She turned around in the boat and stuck her great ass in the air. I took a minute to lick that cute button before lubing her up. Luckily, we had a nice stable row boat, but the fear of tipping in my naked state kept me from hurrying the process.

I slowly inserted my cock into her butt as she groaned with pleasure. I wasn’t fucking for more than a minute or two when Sarah began convulsing wildly. I couldn’t take the amazing contractions she was putting on my cock with her butt muscles and said, “I’m going to cum!”

The cum-hungry bitch just flipped around and exclaimed, “Give it to me on my face. Cum on my face, honey, I want to taste it!”

I blasted her nicely right in the middle of that lake. And, to my surprise, she took my cock which had just been in her butt and licked it clean.

If I could just get her to let me video tape this, I’d never look at another nude pict on the net again. Ok, well maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I’d sure be hot.

-bust-a-nut and sarah


I’ll share more of our exchange, if there’s interest. I just love to get feedback like this. Send me more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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