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Alyss tried to leave. She wanted to leave. Knowing it was the best thing to do.

But she didn’t. She just sat there, glancing at Regina and that man as the two spoke, holding the third drink since leaving the bathroom an hour before in her hand, sitting comfortably in one of the high back, almost recliner like chairs. At least she did not pay for any of them. Billy had done that.

He sat across from her in a similar style chair. And as luck would have it, his back towards Regina and the man. This gave Alyss an excuse to look that way, over Billy’s shoulder, without anyone thinking she was some voyeur, vicariously carrying on a conversation with that man through Regina, paying little attention to Billy as he spoke.

“Like I was saying,” Billy said, sipping his beer, “nice to see you hear this late in the evening. We don’t get a chance to chat much outside work.”

Alyss watched as the man gently caressed his face, nodding, looking straight at Regina.

No ring. His hands are small, but not overly so…

She imagined his hand upon her face, using his pointer finger to stroke her cheek, as he now did to his own.

“So what do you usually do after work?” Billy asked.

Alyss looked at him and smiled. “After what?”

Billy leaned forward. “What do you like to do when not working. I mean, hobbies? Coming here?”

“Oh.” Alyss took a sip. “I ah— enjoy reading. As much as we have all gone digital there’s nothing like curling up with a good book.”

He deals with books, she thought, glancing back at him. She crossed her legs and ever so subtly, mover her hips side to side, that soft quiver returning to her just below her belly button. Curling up with him. What would that be like.

“Books. That’s great,” Billy said. “I thought maybe you like to hit the gym. I mean,” he took a sip of liquid courage, “you got a nice figure. I should get there…”

She glanced back at Billy and smiled as he rambled about getting in shape. Although she had a good buzz going, she realized what he was trying to do. She took another drink.

Not doing a very good job hitting on me Billy, she wanted to say but refrained. But at least you’re sweet about it. Better than that one guy earlier. God. He thought that skin tight tee shirt he had on showing off his chest and arms was suppose to make me want to jump his bones. Pathetic. She felt her smile disappear, looking back towards the man. Any less pathetic than what I’m doing.

She closed her eyes and drew in a breath, then took down half her drink. Upon opening them again, she saw the man take a drink also, then pucker his lips, liking them once done.

The sight of him doing that sent a shiver down her spine. She placed her free hand on her leg and began massaging it, oblivious to Billy talking about his hobby of collecting graphic novels, and how computers are used to create them, and how she might be interested since she is a graphic designer.

She imagined his lips on her… kissing her… licking her… his lips on her kitty…

Stop it! she commanded herself, closing her eyes and taking a drink, finishing what remained. I just called it my kitty! I haven’t used that word since high school!

There was only one thing she could think of doing right now.

“Hey Billy,” she spouted, cutting him off mid sentence. “I think I better be going now. It’s getting late.”

Billy watched her get up. “A sure—”

“And thank you for the drinks. You’re very sweet.”

“You’re welcome, Alyss. Any time.” He stood also.

Alyss gave him a gentle hug. Without another word she headed for the door, setting her empty glass on the bar as she passed by. Even a final look at that man was too much to bear right now. The acute buzz in her head just made things worse.

Once in the elevator, she fumbled for the 1st Floor button, planning on what she needed to do once on ground level.

Hail a cab… get home… bathe… shower… after I…

His image shot across her mind’s eye. The sight of him licking his lips. His hands. His face.

Why do I feel this way again? Why now? Him…

The ache still radiating from her crotch grew stronger. A warm wet feeling added to this as her juices made themselves known.

The elevator gently passed the 3rd Floor. She leaned against the wall, facing it, propping herself up with one arm. The urge for a release became too great.

Her other hand traced along the waist of her pants, moving towards her stomach. There, over the button and zipper holding her pants up, she guided her hand under them, under her panties beneath, passing by the small clump of hair, finally reaching her lips.

She silently moaned as two fingers found their way into her.

Making small circles with her fingers, the sense of release brought by this stimulation made her weak in the knees. Her breathing slowed.

The mellow chime of a bell rang out as the elevator şişli rus escort came to a stop. Alyss yanked her hand out from her pants and straightened up. She turned and watched the stainless steel doors open to expose a group of people. Two were about to step in when they saw Alyss. The group parted and allowed her to pass.

She strode down the hall towards the entrance. Once through the main doors, she stood on the large patio adjacent the building, one providing outdoor seating for the upscale restaurant on the first floor. Pausing to regain her thoughts, she took in a few deep breaths, part of her wishing the enchanting sensation, that yearing deep within her would just go away.

I can’t even wait to get back to my room. I haven’t felt this horny since—


She turned to see Russell heading for her.

As he approached, she put on a confused smile. “Hey, Russ.”

He walked right up to her. “I saw you leaving all the sudden. Ran down four flights of stairs. Wanted to say good night.”

“Yeah. Sorry. I just decided to call… call it a night. You know. And did… didn’t want to interrupt you and a… a Julia.”

Russell saw the glaze in her eyes. A slight slur accompanied her words.

“Are you okay Alyss?”

“Yeah.” She turned away. “Just need to get home. You know. Get a cab. Get home.”

Russell watcher her straighten out her hair, then prop herself against the railing separating the patio from the sidewalk. He took a step towards her.

“Let me get you home Alyss.”

She faced him and smiled. “No. That’s okay. I’ll… I’ll be fine.”

Her wobbly smile gave Russell no encouragement. “It’s no bother, Alyss. I brought my car, and you won’t have to wait for a cab. Please, Alyss, let me help you.”

Although her thinking was not that clear, he had a point, and waiting for a cab was something she really did not want to do. She needed to get home. Get undressed. Purge all these urges from her.

“Thank… thanks, Russ. Yeah. Okay. But,” she looked him in the eye. “What about Julia? You guys looked like—”

“Don’t worry about her. She can try some other time to pick me up. I’ll text her and let her know something came up.”

The ride through the streets now devoid of most of the rush hour traffic was a silent one. Russell noticed how Alyss just sat in the passenger seat, caressing her head and saying little.

But she did a lot of thinking.

Her mind drifted back to the bar.

Should of just said to hell with it. Go up to him. Start talking. Go for him. But I didn’t. Why? So the same, stupid, pathetic thing I did back then… didn’t happen again.

“Quite an evening wasn’t it?” Russell asked, the silence and tired look on Alyss’ face unnerving.

She looked over at him. “Yeah. Maybe too much.” She smiled. “And thanks again for… for this.”

“No problem. What are friends for.”

Alyss turned and looked out the passenger side window. She took no notice of the buildings and now closed shops they passed by. As if his reflection in the window stared back at her, she saw his face, his dark eyes and hair. She closed her eyes.

Try not think… thinking about him, she thought, trying to focus elsewhere.

Russell looked over at her. Glancing between the road ahead and Alyss, he saw her hand slide down her leg, her hips gently moving back and forth. Wide eyed, he watched as she began caressing her crotch. Her other hand moved up to her chest. He turned back forward, making sure he did not rear end the car in front. Looking back at Alyss, she now massaged her breast under her jacket.

He swallowed hard but said nothing. Next came a soft moan from her. Unable to hold back, he nearly froze, feeling the bulge his arousal caused pushing against his pants. He let out a slight cough.

Alyss turned and saw the look on his face. She then glanced down at herself, looking at both hands and where they were. Her metal attempt to not think about that man failed. Oddly, she felt little embarrassment, the alcohol having removed most of her inhibitions by now, as well as her ability to focus. That and thinking about the man. What they would do together right now. She then saw Russell shuffle in his seat. Glancing down, she noticed the bulge in his slacks.

“Ah…” he suddenly spat out. “We should… should have you home in a jiff. I’m sure you want to sleep maybe… relax.” He then turned and smiled at her, trying not to look at her hands still fondling herself.

She thought about what he just said. Home… my bedroom… my toys… that’s what’ there right now.

She looked at Russell’s face, then turned back towards the passenger window. Her yearning for a release, a real one, not one courtesy of inanimate objects, became unbearable. The image of that man burned as deep into her mind as the aching did within her crotch.

She took a deep breath.”Can we… şişli türbanlı escort can we go to your… your place, Russ.”

He turned and looked at her. No fool, he did not ask why. “Of course, Alyss.”


Russell let Alyss go in first. His modest one bedroom apartment overlooked the city three stories up. The small balcony adjacent the living room perfect for viewing the urban jungle below. Once in, Alyss moved towards the couch, almost in a daze. Russell closed the door and followed.

He came up behind her, placing his hands upon her shoulders. Then, leaning forward, he pulled her hair to the side and kissed her neck.

She reached up and touched his hands, his warm breath and kiss tantalizing her skin as she began removing her jacket. Russell helped her remove it. Once off, he folded it over his arm.

“Would you like something to drink, Alyss? Water or a soda?” he asked.

Alyss turned and stepped up to him, placing her hands on his chest, caressing the fabric of his shirt.

Russell looked at her, but she did not return his smile, one accompanied by anticipation.

She gently shook her head.

This is wrong… shouldn’t do this… she then thought.

Remembering the neat, clean shirt that man wore, the fantasy of her massaging his chest overtook the moment, the exotic sensation within her unyielding.

She turned and moved away from Russell.

He stepped towards the couch, setting her jacket thereon, then began removing his own.

“Why don’t we go to the balcony and relax.” He sat his blazer next to her’s, staring at the large windows and balcony beyond. “Let some of the alcohol we both had wear off. It’s a nice night. If you’re hungry I have some cheese and—”

Upon looking back at Alyss, he saw her slowly moving towards the bedroom. Halfway there she kicked off her matching flat heel shoes, leaving them in her wake.

“Some cheese and crackers to snack on,” he finally finished.

Alyss heard him through the buzz in her head. Romance is not what she wanted. Not right now. She began unbuttoning her pants. Nearing the bedroom door, she paused.

Russell gravitated her way as she wiggled them off, never turning to look at him. Awestruck, he watched as her nearly bare butt came into view, the blue back of her thong cutting between her full, near perfect cheeks. Letting her pants fall at her feet, Russell took in her legs. Although not tone, they looked graceful, even as she kicked off her pants, appearing to nearly stumble as she did so.

Her slacks cast carelessly to the side, she moved on.

Russell began removing his shirt, his half hardened pride within his pants pushing against his shorts.

Alyss paused in the doorway, his bed just beyond, neatly made and awaiting her. Part of her, the part questioning her motives, battling against all the other emotions and desires swelling within her, reached out. She rested her arm against the sill and turned her head slightly, just enough to see Russell now shirtless approaching her.

Turn around… tell him this is a mistake… how sorry you are to waste his time… to tease him… you don’t screw friends…

The other man won out. Imagining his bare chest, how it would feel against her skin, caused her to reach for her crotch. Again, her fingers found their way under the thong and to her already swollen lips below.

She moved into the bedroom. Inside, she grasped the bottom of her camisole.

Now in the doorway himself, Russell watched her peel the shirt off, then like her other clothes, let it drop without care to the floor. For the first time he got a good look at the tattoo at the base of her spine. The angel wings stretched out and away from her back and above her butt with grace and taste.

Alyss walked up to the bed and closed her eyes, both hands now on her breast, fondling her long ago erect nipples. She turned and laid back onto the bed, keeping her feet on the floor.

Russell stepped towards her, watching her lay down, naked but for the panties covering her hips. Watching as she stimulated herself, he removed his slacks, the bulge in his tight black boxer shorts going unnoticed by Alyss. Next he stepped up to the small table next to the bed. He slid open the drawer within, producing a condom, setting it atop as Alyss let out an ever so slight moan.

Oblivious to Russell as he removed his shorts, Alyss remained still, her hands dancing along her breast. But to her, it was that man’s mouth and hands on them, caressing them, kissing them. She then felt two hands upon her legs, sending a shudder up and through her body. Her skin brushed against the supple sheets as these hands spread her legs.

Russell knelt beside her and positioned himself there. The sight of her thighs and still covered crotch enthralled him. This unexpected yet welcomed chance with Alyss drove him forward.

Alyss felt a light şişli ucuz escort push against her lips, then a warm puff of air through the cotton of her panties. She moaned, suddenly releasing herself and grasping the bed cover. Moist lips then made their way down her thigh, towards her knee, repeated again upon the other leg. Raputre shot through her as the face of that man, that unknown man, doing all this to her, filled her mind.

She felt her panties slowly moving down her legs, glided down by Russell’s hands, his palms caressing her skin. Yet, she did not look at him, only taking in the fervor his hands wrought, adding to the quivering sensation already filling her. Her thong now off, his hands moved upward. One stayed on her hip, the other danced towards her breast, cupping one once there, gently rubbing and tugging her nipple between his fingers. Reaching up with one hand, she did the same to her other. The other hand reached for her crotch.

The sensation of his mouth kissing her labia caused a shutter to shoot through her. She let out a delicate moan, arching her back slightly, then pressed into her clit, massaging it as his tongue danced over her swollen lips below the well trimmed tuft of triangle shaped hair.

Her breathing quickened. Still she did not look at him. The image of that man remained fixed within her head, one still buzzing from the alcohol.

Beginning to pant, she suddenly felt Russel lean over her, his warm mouth now over her breast, licking her erect nipple. She continued to twist and pull the other as her other fingers made small circles around the hardened button of a clit above her lips.

His now hard cock rubbing her inner thigh sent a chill through her. But it was Russell’s dick there awaiting to enter her, his mouth on her breast, not the one she wanted. She knew that.

He moved up and began kissing her. She returned the kiss, but only for a moment, turning her head to the side, his lips running against her cheek.

Despite the quivering sensation filling her, conflicting thoughts racing through her mind, competing with those of that man and the alcohol.

This is wrong… Using Russell… So wrong… Him… Want him…

Russell’s lips once again found hers. Again she turned her head, eyes closed as he leaned in and began kissing her neck. Desire and remorse, fact and fantasy, all danced around within her mind. The only clear image in her head and through the haze of alcohol and carnal craving was the image of the man. His dark hair, dark stubble on his face, dark eyes.

Need to stop… No… Not right…

She felt his hands cup both her breast and the bottom of his cock rub against her crotch. Her back arched once again as pleasure shot up her spine. She could wait no longer.

“Put…” she whispered, then paused, panting before continuing. The desire for a release, the need to satisfy that thirst no mere tool or toy could quench, won out. She didn’t want foreplay anymore. “Put on… put it on…”

Russell heard her. Looking over at the condom he stood, reaching for it.

Their flesh parted. She sat up and paused, glancing at his solid cock as he covered it with the clear condom.

Turning around, she bent over, climbing on all fours upon the bed, spreading her legs and pushing her butt closer to him. Her swollen lips, now covered in her juice, awaited. She wanted it, but not to look at him.

Russell put one hand on her hip, moving in a small circle, tempting her skin. The other guided his cock forward, looking with awe and anticipation at her body. Her skin was almost flawless, without a trace of a tan line, freckles here and there and the tramp stamp above her perfect butt the only blemishes. He slowly entered her. Wet as she was, he required little effort.

Alyss spat out a sudden moan. Feeling her eyes roll back in her head and Russell filling her, she gripped the sheets, back arching again out of rapacious instinct. She then pushed back her hips, tightening her muscles around his flesh within her as he began a gentle rhythm, coming all the way out, then going all back in.

“Oh… God… Oh… God,” she spat out between his gentle prods, her body pulsing forward, her firm breast moving back and forth with each push. His tempo increased. The soft, slapping noise of their skin colliding filled the bedroom. She lowered her head and chest onto the bed, biting her lower lip, relishing the moment, surrendering to her lustful urges tormenting her all evening.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Rang through her head. She could feel his head swelling inside her, his hand upon her hips, pulling her in.

Alyss propped herself back up. In one smooth motion, she leaned back, grabbing his hands, bringing them around and upon her chest. Russell did not slow down as her hair whipped across his face, all the while squeezing each breast in his hands.

She needed to feel the skin of a man, on her, in her. The alcohol enhanced that desire, along with her longing for that one man, the one she was unable to get out of her head. Even now, as Russell began a more piston like motion, he was just a body there to please her. She grinded her hip against him, moving them in a small circle, adding friction against her swollen lips and skin within her.

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