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The French Maid in the Sex Shop

It was Sunday morning and I rode the metro into downtown Buffalo in order to visit the sex shops. Although I had a hot session with Glen just yesterday I knew that I could not wait too long before I needed to see him again. When I left his apartment the previous day he had told me to purchase a French maid uniform before coming back.

I went into the sex shop closest to the metro line. They had also advertised that they catered to gay clientele. It was a large two room shop. Or, so I thought. The front room had its walls covered in glass encased shelves with every kind of sex toy imaginable. In the middle there were two racks overflowing with porno movies. Off to one side by the entrance there was a counter with a cash register and burly looking biker dude behind it. In the back room there were racks of costumes and role playing equipment. I saw nurse, cowboy and police costumes. There was also a small rack with very sleazy lingerie.

All of the French maid uniforms took up about a quarter of the rack on the left wall. There were about 50 of them. I spent about 10 minutes looking over them and the burly biker dude came over and asked if I needed any help. I must have turned beet red when he asked if the maid uniform was for my girlfriend. I gathered up all my courage and asked, “Where the dressing room?”

He said, “Oh!” “I didn’t realize.” “It is in the basement right at the bottom of the stairs.” He turned out to be a really nice guy and was named Choker! Choker took the time to show me the merits of the various maid uniforms and told me that since they were designed for women I would probably fit only into extra-large ones.

I chose three extra-large uniforms of various styles. All of them were black with a little white apron on the front. One was very lacy with a short puffy skirt made up of layers of lace. The second was made of plain cotton material with white lace around the edges. It was longer and would probably end at the top of my knees. The third was made of mostly satin with lace on all of the edges. Like the first one it too was very short.

Choker said that he would show me the canlı bahis way to the changing room and offered to give me his opinion on which one was the best. We went down the stairs to the basement which turned out to be a HUGE room chock full of BDSM equipment! I was in awe and just stood there staring until Choker said jokingly, “I would not mind having you in some of these devices.” I smiled and pulled the curtain to the dressing room closed. I undressed and put the plain cotton uniform on. It was very conservative and did not make me feel too sexy. I went out and did a twirl to model it for Choker. Next I put the satin uniform on. It was very sexy but I did not like the way the satin clung to my skin. At last I put on the lacy one with the puffy bottom. I immediately knew that I had a winner.

With the lacy French maid uniform I stepped out and curtsied to Choker. He had me turn around and look at myself in the mirror. Boy was I hot! Choker told me that it would look even better on me with if I wore a stuffed bra and stockings. As he said this he cupped my chest and ran his hand down my leg and back up over my right ass cheek. I froze and Choker apologized. I replied, “No need to, it felt great!” with that he started kneading my ass.

I was in heaven as Choker told me to lose my male underwear. I quickly chucked them off and into the dressing room onto my jeans. My cock popped out and held the whole front of the uniform up. As it was, the uniform left the cleft of my ass cheeks and balls exposed for all to see. Choker now ran his hands all over my thighs and ass. I felt so violated in an exciting way when he ran his fingers through my ass crack and tickled my nuts. Choker told me wait a second so that he could go up and lock the shop door. As he went upstairs I pranced around that BDSM room looking at all the slings, stockades, face cages and tons of other devises that I could only guess at their function.

Choker quickly came back down the stairs and told me that we had to be quick for he had a business to run. I immediately went down on my knees in front of him and unbuttoned his leather pants. Out popped a HUGE dick bigger than Glen’s dildo! It was surrounded bahis siteleri by a jungle of thick graying pubic hair. I grabbed the spongy dick and put the head into my mouth while holding onto the base with my right hand and Choker’s nuts with my left. It was spongy and velvety soft. Choker grabbed my head and started fucking my face. I could feel his HUGE dick getting harder but thankfully is seemed to stay the same size. I knew that Choker was trying to get off as quickly as possible so I worked furiously on his cock and was awarded a HUMONGOUS load of cum. Some of it even ran out the corner of my mouth and onto my chin. I removed Choker’s dick so that I could swallow that mouthful. Once I had swallowed he told me to polish his knob like a good sissy maid. I quickly took his huge dick back in my mouth and sucked off all the semen that was covering it. As it shrunk even more semen came out and I swallowed it all up.

I felt so naughty that I knew I deserved a spanking. I leaned over a bondage rack that was on display and asked Choker to spank my ass as I jerked off. I felt a hard slap on my left cheek and then an even harder one on my right. Choker had power in his arms and demonstrated it to me. I was so turned on that I started cumming only after five or six hard slaps. I caught the mess in my left hand and made a show of slurping it up and swallowing it down.

Choker said, “You are very good at cleaning up!” “A slutty French maid seems to be the perfect profession for a cum-whore like you!” With that he left to reopen his shop. I felt proud of his comments and sorrowfully removed the uniform. I got dressed and picked out a set of black stockings, garter belt and bra. All were sheer black satin with lacy trim.

By the time I came to the register to pay for my purchase two other customers had entered the store. Choker rang up my purchase and I mentioned to him that it was only about 30% of the true cost. He smiled and said loudly, “I am giving you a reduction in price for cleaning services rendered.” Both customers turned their heads to look our way and I felt so humiliated. Choker then told me that with a college ID I could enter the glory hole section bahis şirketleri of the store for free. I asked him what glory holes were and he called over one of the customers.

Choker introduced the customer who was named Hal. Hal was about 60 years old and Choker explained that he has been a regular customer for over 15 years. He then asked Hal to show me the glory holes. Hal said, “Hello,” and told me to follow him. We went to the back room but instead of going down the stairs to the basement BDSM showroom, we took the stairs up to a dimly lit maze of cubicles and a small theater with a large screen. The whole place reeked of sex and was quite seedy. Hal showed me how there were holes about 3 inches in diameter at various places in the cubicle walls always at waist height. Hal explained to me that people would

go into these cubicles and either stick their dicks through the holes or put their mouths or asses up to them. People on the other side could either suck them off fuck their mouths and asses with anonymity. Hal told me that most of the clientele were married men 45 years old and up. The cost of entry was ten dollars but college students were allowed in for free so that there would be some hot young stuff around. The place opened at 4:30, when people started leaving work.

The whole place turned me on immensely and with a shit eating grin, I asked Hal if I could thank him for showing me around. He said, “Sure, I never turn down a blowjob.” I dropped to my knees outside one of the cubicles and took Hal’s soft dick into my mouth. I rubbed my tongue under the shaft and it grew hard quickly. Once fully hard, Hal’s cock was only about six inches long and less than an inch diameter. It easily fit into my mouth. I worked on it slowly and Hal quickly told me that he was getting close. I removed his cock from my mouth and said, “Feed me your jizz!” After only a few more bobs of my head Hal grunted. I could feel the spasms in his cock and my mouth was flooded with watery sperm. I guess it was his age but I did not have to swirl his cum around my mouth to thin its consistency. It went straight down and left a nice aftertaste. I continued stroking the underside of Hal’s shaft with my tongue until he shriveled up.

Hal and I descended the stairs. I said goodbye to Choker who was ringing up an order. He looked up and said that I was welcome back anytime!

To be continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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