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I push open the doors to the club and look around to see if there is anyone worth talking to. It’s only a Tuesday night and not too busy but there are a couple of prospects by the bar. I pause to check out my reflection in the mirrored glass framing the doorway and smile, pleased with my appearance. My tight tank top hugged my firm, full tits beneath the thin shirt, stopping just above my slender waist revealing my flat stomach. A short black skirt covered my ass revealing no panty lines. I ran my fingers through my shoulder length black hair, loving the feel of the loosely curled locks about my shoulders. I looked hot tonight.

As I walked to the bar I was aware of the attention of the other men and women in the bar, watching as my as swayed with every stride. The strappy heels I wore gave my hips a natural swing and a bounce in my step that caused my tits to wobble slightly as I walked.

The barman was busy so I looked around the room again, checking out the occupants. There were a couple of business men looking me over, a few couples ignoring me whilst one or two checked me out. I smile at one young man who was staring at my tits earning a slap from his jealous looking partner. I see the barman walking over and turn back to the bar just as a man steps behind me.

“Hello, Emma, no Tom tonight?”

His voice is a husky rasp with a touch of authority in it that makes my blood tingle. I turn and look him over. Jackpot, I thought, as I stare at the black tshirt hugging a chest so ripped I had to stop myself from tearing his shirt off. Whoa, girl, I told myself, let’s just savour the moment and see where it leads. His black leather jacket seemed to enhance his muscular frame, giving him an imposing appearance that made my pussy clench in anticipation. Denim stretched taut over powerful thighs whilst there was a definite bulge in his crotch that made my mouth water. Tonight was suddenly looking good.

“He’s away for the week,” I reply looking up into his face as I wonder how he knew me. His black hair was cropped close to his skull in a military cut. His skin was tanned, faint wrinkles at the corners of his grey eyes as though he squinted against the sun a lot. His nose had been broken once, judging by the slight bump at the bridge, and his lips, god, his lips were firm and full and had me imagining all sorts of things. He seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place where I’d seen him before. I was certain I would have remembered a body like his.

He smiled as though satisfied with my answer and let his eyes wander slowly down my body. I saw him pause at my tits and unconsciously thrust my chest out slightly, pushing them against the tight fabric of my shirt. I knew my nipples were hard, my own little hard on, thrusting towards him.

“Buy me a drink?”

“What do you fancy?”

You, I wanted to say but held my tongue. “JD and coke?”

“Sure. Double?”

I nod thinking he knows my preference already.

He orders a beer for himself along with my drink. I watch him paying, feeling a shiver run over me at his long, firm fingers and rough looking hands. This was not some soft handed business man who worked out to look tough. This was a real man and I wanted him.

“You look better in real life than those pictures Tom sent me of the beach party last summer,” he said, sipping the cold drink. “I printed one off and hung it on the barrack’s wall, the one of you rubbing sun cream on Bailey. You looked like you were having fun.”

My eyes widened as I wondered how he’d gotten hold of the picture. I knew the party he was talking about but how had he got a picture? There had only been me and Bailey and Tom and his cousin Warren, Bailey’s boyfriend. I look hard at him, tracing his features, they look familiar but I imagine them older. Then it dawns on me, this is Mike, Tom’s stepbrother. Wow. He’d changed since I’d last seen his five years ago. He’d developed muscles where he didn’t have any before and a hardness that made me tremble in anticipation.

“We did,” I reply. I remembered the fun Bailey and I had had after the boys had gone home. “It was a fun weekend.” I took a long drink, savouring the bite of the whiskey and the burn as it went down. “What are you doing in town?”

“Got a couple of days leave and thought I’d have some fun myself.”

Oh boy, this got better and better. I move in closer to him, my tits just brushing that hard chest. A charge of lust arcs down from my tits to my pussy making it spasm in anticipation. I like my lips and look him in the eye. “What sort of fun do you fancy?”

“Something where I can update the photo wall, cheer up my room mates.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and placed it on the bar. It was one of the new, expensive ones with a high quality camera and video recorder. I tingle all over, my mind imagining the fun we could have with that.

I finish my drink in one go, my tongue snaking round my lips to get the last of the whiskey. “My place is near hear, ten minutes’ istanbul escort drive.”

“My car’s outside. Shall we go and have some fun?”

“Yes,” I breathe, wondering if it was possible to cum from anticipation.

He took hold of my elbow. “Will you do what I say?” his voice a rough rasp sending shivers through my body. I nod, powerless to resist his hold over me. “Walk out in front of my, swaying that ass of yours.”

I give him a wicked smile and walk towards the door, deliberately exaggerating my stride so my ass moves from side to side. I can feel his eyes on me as I go out to the car park.

“My car’s in the corner,” he says behind me. I can feel the heat of his cock through his jeans and my skirt. “Take your top off when you get there.”

I walk towards the pickup parked in a dark corner out of view of the club. Reaching it I whip my shirt and top off and turn to face him. He’s got his camera out, filming me. I feel my juices start to flow.

“Play with your tits for the camera.”

I run my hands up to my tits, rubbing around them but avoiding the nipples as they start to harden more. I have large nipples that men love and I wanted them to be fully hard for Mike. I lift one up to my mouth, my tongue licking against the soft skin. He moves closer with the camera as I roll my nipples between my finger and thumb. My pussy is wet, my body trembling. I’ve never been so turned on before.

“Talk to the camera, Emma.”

“Like my tits, Mike? They feel so good, so full and my nipples so hard.” I pull on them. “This is your mouth sucking them, hard.” I see him adjust his pants as he continues to film. “You suck them so hard I can feel it in my pussy.” I lick my fingers and rub their wet tips around my aching nipples, the evening coolness peaking them even further.

“Get in the car,” he orders as he goes round to the driver’s door.

I climb in and watch as he places the camera so it can continue to film. He sets it selfie setting so I can watch myself as I continue to rub my tits before letting my fingers trail down to my dripping pussy. I’m glad he’s got leather seats as I know I’m going to leak all over his seat. He asks for my address and sets off whilst I continue to play, moaning with each touch of my fingers.

“Don’t cum,” he says. “Not yet, anyway.”

I bite my lips, the urge to cum building within me but I stop myself and play to the camera instead. I’ll give him something that’ll have him cumming every time he watches, I thought.

“Do you like my tits, Mike? Wanna suck these nipples like a hungry baby? I bet you do.” I rub my juices over my tits, seeing the liquid shine in the truck’s lights. “Wanna lick them clean?” I return to my pussy, feeling the juices dripping from me. My fingers slip inside, a moan rising from me at the sensation. “Wanna fuck this pussy? Drive that hard cock into me, filling me? You would fill me, you’re so big and hard. I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

“You’re so bad, Emma. I bet Tom doesn’t see this side of you.” He watches as I place my wet fingers in my mouth, sucking hard on them to clean my juices.

“Tom just likes missionary position, under the covers with the lights out. I like a man who lets me play and have fun.” I stare at him out of the corner of my eyes, his face is flushed, jaw taut as he keeps in control. I wonder what he’s like when he lets go. The thought thrills me further.

“Stupid bastard. We can have fun all night long.” He reaches across and pinches my nipple, hard.

“Ohhh, yesss,” I moan as I nearly cum. Only the look in his eyes stops me. I am totally under his spell.

We arrive at my block and park in the private car park at the side. I climb out and walk to the door, not caring if anyone’s around. I can feel my juices trickling down my legs, warm and wet, my clit throbbing with every step. I flash a wanton smile to Joe, the night porter who stands with his eyes wide with shock. He’s never seen me quite like this although I have given him a few thrills when I’ve staggered home in the early hours.

I lead Mike up the stairs to the first floor, deliberately letting my ass show as he films me climbing. I unlock the door to reveal a large sitting room with the kitchen at one end and my bed and small bathroom at the other. I’d removed the wall between the bed and sitting room not long after moving in, liking the decadence of my bed being part of the main reception room.

Mike places a camera on a small tripod, pointing it towards the bed and checks the view. What he sees must have pleased him for he looked around before turning to me. His hands rub his crotch and I lick my lips at the thought of what lay behind the denim.

“Are you still marrying Tom at the weekend?”



“Why not?” I wonder why he asks. “He’s rich and wants me as his wife. He won’t stop me having fun.” I step towards him, eager to continue what we had started.

“Good, because kabataş escort I plan to have a lot of fun with you. And Bailey, if she’s interested?”

I thought of my hot friend and nod. “Yes, she’d be interested in having fun.”

“Call her.”

“She doesn’t finish work for another hour,” I reply as I grab my phone. “I’ll text her.”

Wanna cum and have some fun? I type and hit the send button.

“Have you got your wedding dress?”

“No, I get it the day before. I’ve got everything else.” I thought of the white basque, stockings and suspender belt waiting in the dressing room off the bathroom. “You wanna see it?”

“Put it on.” Mike wandered over to the large tv screen and to mess with the controls and his phone whilst I disappeared into the bathroom. I stripped off my skirt and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My nipples were erect, begging for attention, whilst my thighs were smeared with my cream. I reached down to touch myself, almost plunging my fingers deep into my starving pussy but stopped. I would cum when Mike said I could and the wait would be so worth it.

I pulled on the lingerie, tightening the front laces of the basque so that my tits threatened to spill over the top. Only my nipples held them behind the front, the pressure on the aching nubs a pleasure pain. The stockings hugged my slender thighs, attached to the basque by the lacy straps. I thought about the panties but decided against it. I was too wet to wear them. I slipped my feet into the white heeled sandals and returned to the lounge to hear my voice asking Mike if he wanted to fuck my pussy. He’d somewhere managed to get the video off his phone and onto my tv playing on a continuous loop. I looked like a slut on the 42 inch screen as I finger fuck myself before sucking my fingers clean. So hot.

“Come here, slut,” he orders. I turn and see him sitting on a chair in front of the coffee table which he’d cleared. There was a familiar bag of grey powder on the table along with a small tube. “Want some Heat?”

Heat was a local powder that the herbalists in the town made up. A mix of legal highs, it provided the same buzz as coke did but wasn’t addictive. It enhanced your senses and made sex mind blowing and you could take as much of it as you wanted. I nod and watch as he puts some on the table and offers me the tube. I kneel down and take the hit, waiting a second for the drug to get into my system before letting out a lusty moan as I feel its effects. Through half closed eyes I watch him take some before sitting back in the chair and opening his jeans.

My eyes widen as his cock springs out, long and thick with precum on the end. My mouth and pussy water with anticipation at the thought of him using that in me. On my hands and knees I crawl towards him, fixed on the cock standing to attention.

“That’s it, slut. Come and get what you want.” His voice is hoarse and he groans as I lick the wet tip, tasting the sweetness of his precum. “More, slut, take some more.”

I lean forwards and take him in my mouth, my tongue strokes his skin, feeling his hard flesh swell even more. I move my head up and down, taking more of him inside my wet hole. My teeth scrape lightly against him causing him to moan aloud. I can hear the moans of the video as I such harder, working the flesh between my lips. He puts his hand to the back of my head to push deeper causing me to gag slightly before adjusting to take him fully.

“Wow, slut, no one’s ever took all of me like you do. Like a pro.” He pumped my mouth a few times before pulling me off and looking at me. “Where did you learn to do that?”

I smile, licking my lips to savour his taste. My pussy is on fire, aching for his cock to fill it completely. “I work part time at Monty’s in the city,” I said, mentioning a pole dancing club that offered more to paying customers. It was also the local porn film studio where I’d made a couple of hot movies.

“So you are a slut?” he said pushing me off him. I nod, wondering what he was going to do. “On your knees in front of the mirror,” he commands, moving the camera so that it is pointing to the mirror.

I crawl over to the mirror, my hair hanging down over my head. One sharp move and my tits would spill out of the confines of the basque and be free for his attention. In the mirror’s reflection I watch him shed his clothes and cup that impressive cock. It must be at least 9 inches of pussy pounding meat. I weep some more.

He knelt behind me, slapping his cock against my ass. My pussy spasms with each touch and I wonder how long I can last before cumming in a loud, messy heap. Never have I wanted to cum so much.

“Are you a slut, Emma?” he asks, running his fingers down my crack stopping just short of my pussy.

“Yes,” I whisper, my insides coiled with anticipation, the heat making his fingers burn my sensitive flesh.

“Louder, Emma. Are you a slut?”

“Yes!” I cry. “I’m a slut, a cock loving slut!” kadıköy escort

“Are you my slut?” his fingers stroke the edge of my pussy. I’m going to die.

“Yes, I’m your slut!” I’m desperate and move back towards his cock but he slaps my ass sharply, the stinging pain adding to the pleasure.

“Even after you wed Tom?”

Oh god, to still have the opportunity to fuck this hung stud after my marriage was too much of an opportunity to pass. “Yes, whenever and wherever you want me. I’ll be your slut! Now, fuck me like a slut needs!”

“Remember, you’re mine now, Emma,” he said before slamming his cock into my dripping hole.

I screamed as I came around him, my pussy contracting violently as my juices squirted everywhere. The pleasure was intense, almost painful and I nearly passed out from it. I felt him grab my hair, pulling my head back as he continued to pound me.

“It’s not over, yet,” he grunted, his balls slapping against my ass. I could hear his cock slopping in my pussy as he pistoned in and out of me. Amazingly, I could feel myself tensing to cum again. Oh, god, if this was what it was going to be like all night then I was surely going to die from too much pleasure.

“How’d you like my cock, Emma, pounding in and out of your cunt, making you my slut.”

“Yes,” I moan. “Your cock, my cunt, your pussy. Fuck your little slut harder. Fill me with that cock of yours, stretch me on your rod!”

He slapped my ass again, pistoning against me. I started to cum again, screaming my head off as I ordered him to fuck me senseless. My pussy squeezed his cock and I was rewarding by hot jets of cum filling my womb.

“Take it, you bitch, take it like the cum whore you are!” He continued to jerk against me as I collapsed in a boneless heap on the floor. His cock slipped out of my pussy and I rolled over on to my back. I put my fingers into my full pussy and scooped some of his cum out and tasted it.

“Nice,” I said, licking my fingers clean.

“Stand up, slut,” he ordered. His hands pulled my tits from the confines of the basque and pinched the nipples, hard. I moaned at the pain, leaning towards him as my pussy twitched. “You really are a slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I was born to be a slut. Your slut,” I add, trailing my hand down his chest to where his cock was starting to stir.

“Get naked, slut and lie on the bed. I want to watch you pleasure yourself.” He moved the camera back to the bed as I crawled across the black satin cover. He checked the picture on the camera before seating himself on the chair, cock in hand. “Touch yourself, slut.”

I licked my fingers and circled my nipples, feeling the tips harden beneath his stare. I pulled hard on them, feeling the echoing pull in my pussy, imagining his mouth around them.

“What are you thinking, slut?” He lazily stroked his growing cock as he watched my hands.

“Your mouth is on my tits, sucking them hard, biting them,” I reply, mimicking the action. “Your hand goes down to play with my pussy, sliding into its wet folds and finger fucking me whilst you suck.” My fingers disappear into my pussy and I arch my hips up as I thrust a few times before withdrawing to play with my clit. “You go down on my, sucking my clit, drinking my juices as they flow out of me.” I moan at the image in my mind, my hand working frantically against my pussy, my juices going all over the cover beneath me.

“Oh, yeah, slut. I’m gonna fuck you with my hand then my cock until you scream my name. You won’t want Tommy when I’ve done with you.” His hand moved faster, features tautening as he watched me writhe on the bed in the agony of ecstasy. “You’ll want my cock every time Tommy fucks you, my face will be the one you see, my cock the one you imagine. You’ll crave this piece of meat like a junkie craves a fix.”

My hand moves faster, fingers pumping in and out of my pussy, sliding against the internal walls as I continue weep copious amounts of pussy juice. “Your cock,” I moan. “Always want your cock.” I can feel myself starting to cum and I stare at him, wanting him to see me as I cum imagining him fucking me. “Your rod pistoning me, hard and fast, covered in my cream, as you pound my pussy.”

His hand moves faster as he gets to his feet and stands before me. I watch him move up and down his shaft, my mouth dry. I lick my lips, imagining him squirting on my face, in my mouth, marking me as his. “Cum on me,” I beg. He moves to stand level with my head, his free hand rolling and squeezing his balls in time with his wanking. I slide my other hand down to my pussy to pinch and pull my clit, my eyes fixed on his cock.

“Your pussy will be so sore when I’ve finished with you, your ass to. Every hole will belong to me. Open wide, slut. I’m cumming!” He let out a series of harsh grunts as his cock exploded with ribbons of thick cum. At the first touch of it on my sensitive flesh I started to cum, bucking on the bed, my whole body consumed with pleasure, screaming his name as he continued to come on me.

I hovered on the verge of consciousness, my heart pounding loudly in my ears as my pussy throbbed. My face and tits were covered in his cum, some of it in my mouth where I swirled it around my tongue before swallowing, a smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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