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Brutally fucking Eimi Yoshikawa for over six hours straight just wasn’t fun anymore. If her cunt felt anything like my cock did, she lived in a world of hurt. My prick felt raw, the skin rubbed off by her greedy, tight twat. Eimi, or Ember as I called her, always felt snug, and not just because my cock had girth to spare. She’d been a virgin when I met her. Surprising enough for a girl in her twenties. More surprising still since she’d been a prostitute working the West Van area at the time. In the year since, her box had molded to fit me perfectly. A made to order snatch, if you will. Her petite frame stood less than one and a half meters with heels off. A rare occurrence, indeed. I made her wear high heels everywhere! I delighted in seeing my beautiful Japanese girlfriend strutting around in 10 centimeter heels, sexy lingerie, or a tight micro skirt or hip-hugging dress. It always made me feel like fucking. Her, too! I must’ve filled her with cum two or three times a day. Whether in mouth or in cunt, she always insisted that my seed be taken inside her, and not be squandered.

“Sperm outside a woman is a sin, Andrew Grissolm,” she’d often admonish me. “Oozing mouths and vaginas are for the movies. They have no place in real life.”

As much as I wanted to argue with her, I loved spunking inside of her velvety, sucking mouth and her wonderful, gripping snatch so much, I rarely cracked my teeth when she made such comments. Especially when she dropped the ‘Andrew Grissolm’ crap on me. I’d rather have her call me Ashe, her pet name for me, than use the dreaded ‘A.G.’ With Ember, use of my full name meant trouble. Why should I complain, anyway? She wanted me to come inside her? Hell, I’d never have trouble fulfilling that wish! Pop-shots made for great video, but lousy sex.

Today I had stopped by on second floor unannounced to see her. She’d been dressing to go out with a couple of friends. She wore a tight white bandeau top. It beautifully accented her breasts and long nipples. The leopard skin print wraparound skirt hugged her petite waist just the way I liked. It came halfway to her knees. A trifle long, but I figured that this once, I’d let it slide. I walked up behind her, lifted her waist long black hair out of the way, and nibbled at the nape of her neck, just at the hairline. Jacked up on her 10 centimeter cigarette heels, she came to the perfect height for my 6 foot 4 self. I intended to grab a quick one before she left for the day. She seemed to know what I was thinking, and didn’t approve.

“I’m running late, Ashe. Have no time for sex right now.”

To say I felt miffed was to call Everest a foothill. However, I knew how to delay gratification. Sex would be so much sweeter when she returned. I’d wait. “No problem, kitten. Hurry back, though. We have some business to take care of.” I smiled. Business indeed. I placed a meaty hand on her firm, round tush and rubbed it appreciatively. I always loved feeling up her fleshy ass. My hand suddenly stopped moving. It had brushed against something that had shocked me.

A panty line.

Ember guiltily squirmed away from my touch. “I can explain,” she said.

“Can you?” I motioned for her to straighten up. I cupped her high, round tits with my hands, stroking them with gentle, swirling motions of my thumbs. The swelling nubs of her nipples were obscured not by the thin crepe of her elasticized tube top, but by something else. I ripped the garment open, my powerful hands making short shrift of the flimsy material. The cloth split like tissue. The shredding noise made Ember go rigid. A light beige, offending garment sprung into view. A seamless, strapless push-up bra? An ugly thing. I didn’t know she owned any. The plain bra neither had lace nor peek-a-boo, nipple revealing holes. Just two cups of Wonderbra-boring, tan material. Unforgivable.

“Ashe?” Her soft pitched, lilting voice trembled.

I stood immobile. My brain had been unhinged by the dual assault on my sensibilities. Panties. And a bra. How long had she been wearing such things behind my back? I had been lax, apparently. One day would she challenge my other preferences? Would low heeled, sensible shoes be in my future? Full-length skirts? Heaven forbid, perhaps she’d take to wearing pants!

I’d be damned if I let things turn out that way.

“Call your friends back. Tell them you won’t be meeting them. Be at the Lotus House in 15 minutes. Come as you are.

The Lotus House – her name, not mine – was one of the smaller homes on my property. I preferred to stay in the main house, an Edwardian style mansion. I lived on the third floor, while Ember preferred to dwell on the second. But every so often, I’d spend time in one of the smaller residences. The houses hadn’t sported names until Ember had come to live with me. She’d given them Japanese-styled names based on flowers. She believed a house without a name could never become a home, and she very much wanted a home. I’d given her leave to name the buildings to her heart’s content. Keeping Ember happy always paid dividends. A happy Ember canlı bahis made for a horny Ember. A horny Ember kept Ashe happy.

Happy is good. I like happy. Being disobeyed made me decidedly unhappy.

So here I am, pounding into her tight twat with a ruthless force I had never before used with her. I usually feared hurting her. I liked to use gentle, yet powerful strokes when screwing her. Not today. I intended to deliver a punishment fuck like she’d never experienced. I wanted to discipline her, plain and simple. I had to demonstrate to her that her body remained my plaything, mine to do with as I wished. To take as I wished.

Today, I took it hard.

I sat in the deep, winged back chair in the sunken living room. Ember sat on top of my lap, facing away from me. My hands gripped her waist as I jammed a fistlike mass of black cock up her ravaged cunt. She clutched the arms of the chair as I reamed her hole. She made intermittent, short moans, almost barks, as I pummeled her hairless, dark lipped juice box. I glanced at the mirrored wall of the room. Ember’s face screwed up in pain. She gritted her teeth as she rode my meatstick. The inner lips of her cunt flared bright red. Her outer lips had the same dusky color as usual, but they shone a slick, bright scarlet inside. I increased the speed of my screwing. She squealed. Her tits, round handfuls of creamy goodness tipped by long, copper coloured nipples bounced and jiggled delightfully, rotating in opposite-facing circles. I loved it when they did that.

“What are you never to wear?” I asked her for the hundredth time today.

“No bras that conceal my nipples,” she said through her huffing. “No pants, leotards, or pantyhose. No panties that conceal my genitals.”

“What was that last part?”

“No panties.”

“Why is that?” I pressed.

“My body is to remain accessible.”

“Why?” I gave her three, ultra hard shots to the cunt with my mahogany belly-probe. She gasped aloud. The wall mirrors showed her eyes rolling back into her head. I grabbed a handful of silky raven hair and pulled back on it sharply. Her neck snapped back towards me. My other hand stroked her neck gently. “Keep fucking me while we talk,” I commanded. Ember resumed her humping. She used her arms to lift her ass up, and then bear herself down upon my cock. She sucked air in between her teeth with each stroke. Man, my cock was sore beyond belief! She had to be feeling worse than I did.

At least, I hoped so.

“Why are you to remain accessible?”

“For your pleasure.” Ember increased the tempo of her fucking. Who was punishing whom, here? The chick was killing me!

“I am to remain open and available at all times so you can take me whenever you wish. My body is yours, Ashe.”

Damn right it was. I released her hair and throat and fondled her tits instead. I teased the long, distended nipples with thumbs and forefingers, then twisted them cruelly. Ember rose off of my cock with the sudden, lancing pain. She squealed in surprise.

“I’m going to enjoy taking this body again. You understand me?” I tossed her off my lap. She looked up at me with anger and arousal. She might be Japanese, but Ember displayed none of the inbred docility usually attributed to Asian women. She had a Japanese woman’s body and face, but a Western woman’s mind. She’d decide what kind of crap she’d tolerate, and what kind she’d balk against. The only way to overcome her would be to move quickly. I rose from the chair, picked her up, then tossed her down onto it. Her tits stood straight up, nipples clawing their way heavenward. Her well-used cunt blossomed, a moist Camellia Japonica of my very own, looking delicate, glistening, and welcoming. God, how beautiful Ember became when being soundly fucked.

I covered her diminutive frame with my muscular, dark-skinned body, and slid back into her goo-tube. My cock sloshed around inside her. After so many hours of fucking, even a tight piece like Ember started to feel a tad slack. That didn’t bother me. I could stay buried in her cunt forever. Her muscles convulsed around me, milking my cock. I luxuriated in the feel of her.

Her slim ankles rested on my shoulders. As I burrowed into her, her legs pumped up and down, keeping time. Her strappy black high heels swayed like tree branches in high wind. She fucked the air with her clear Lucite, golden tipped heels every time I thrust into her. I laughed. As long as everyone was getting some, who was I to complain?

Ember grabbed the back of the chair with both hands. Her arms extended over her head. Her elbows moved together, partially shielding her face from my view.

“Move your elbows apart, kitten. Let me see those gorgeous oriental features of yours as I use your cunt.” Ember’s elbows spread apart. Her almond shaped eyes flicked open, allowing our gazes to lock together. Her eyes mirrored the lust I knew existed in my own. I spread her legs wider and held them tightly to the corners of the chair, right where the back attached to the arms. Pinioned this way, she looked so deliciously bahis siteleri vulnerable, my cock twitched.

“Grab my hands,” I ordered. “Don’t let go.” She complied immediately. I varied my stroke, swirling my ass in a clockwise, circular pattern. Ember growled, the sounds emanating from deep within her chest. Such big, fierce noises from such a small woman! Her tits jiggled as I pounded into her. Sadly, they lay just out of reach of my questing mouth. Her brassy areolas teased me, glistening as if already burnished by my tongue, spit-shined to a high luster. My thrusting hips echoed my frustration. My strokes became seriously rough.

Hey, I know. It surprised me, too.

Ember responded favorably. Her cunt became even slicker. Fresh gash-gravy bubbled around my cock and balls. Its molten temperature burned my ebony skin. The sounds from her and the sight of her as she flailed beneath me made me incredibly excited. She could take everything I threw at her, and then some. I enjoyed screwing my sweet-tasting Japanese girlfriend so much it hurt.

“I love making love to you too, Ashe. No other man will ever have me. I swear it.”

It no longer surprised me when she did shit like that, seemingly reading my mind. I’d grown used to it, though I still didn’t particularly like it. This weird connection had existed from the very start, though I never understood why we shared one.

I pulled out of her box and firmly grabbed her head. I pulled her forward, forcing her body to reposition to better accommodate me. She sucked my fat, turgid cock into her mouth. I slipped down her throat without difficulty. Her mischievous brown eyes smiled at me, seeing how I had her mouth stuffed full of ebony cockmeat at the time. I pumped her face, fucking it as fiercely as I earlier had her cunt. Her spread legs scissored around the back of the chair while her hands rested on the lip of the seat. The position let her tits hang down in two inverted pyramids, the distended nipples seemingly weighing down the breasts. They swayed back and forth as I slammed into her face. Rivulets of drool streamed down her chin. They clung to her in thick gooey cables that swayed with my thrusts. She moaned around my cock as I skull fucked her. As I worked her mouth, her tongue and throat moved in a concerted effort to get me off quickly. I pulled out of her face.

I still held her head between my large hands. I brought my face close to hers, and kissed the very tip of her petite, rounded nose. She giggled at me.

“You, my dear, are trying to make me come,” I accused.

“Of course. I live to accept your seed.”

Fuck. My little son pulsed with desire for her, despite its sad condition. It would take more than a little epidermal distress to keep me out of that exquisite sheath of hers, let me tell you! She prided herself on never swearing, but she sure knew how to sound like the sluttiest bitch at times. I loved being with her.

“Request denied, my golden-hued cock muncher. Turn around on the chair and grip the chair back.” I smacked her ass lightly. “Move your knees to the edge of the chair seat. Yeah, just like that.” I shoved three fingers lengthwise into her slit, and worked them in as far as I could. As I diddled her, I continued to talk.

“Why did you disobey me?”

“I was going to the pool with my friends. I did not want them thinking me a slattern.”

“But you are a whore, Ember. You’re my whore. Never forget that.” My other hand snaked between her legs and sought out her clitoris. I pulled it clear of its shroud and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. “Your ass is mine. Your cunt is mine. Your mouth. Your tits. Any part of you I desire, I’ll take. Do you understand?”


“Yes, what?”

“I am yours to do with as you please.”

Damn right. “Right now, I desire to fuck you until you bleed.” Not much chance of that happening. My cock would disintegrate long before. I picked her up by the waist and carried her over to the couch. I threw her down upon it. She scuttled to the far side, as if trying to escape me. I lunged for her, catching her by the base of her neck. I held her neck down firmly on an arm of the couch. She had one knee on the couch, and the other just off of it. One of her high heels planted itself into the white pile carpeting.

I plowed into her as hard as I could. She screamed. I kept her head pinned down as I rode her cunt. She wasn’t a woman to me right now, just a hole provided for my use. I’m sure she felt the difference in my fucking style. Lust ruled me right now, not love, not caring. As I slammed into her, her entire body jostled. I knew her slight frame could take the abuse. She’d let me know if I pressed her too far.

I forced myself to regulate the pace of our screwing. She would wear me out at this pace. Her ass smacked against my pelvis, making rich, sloppy, sucking sounds.

Smack! I struck the right side of her ass with my open palm. “Work that ass against me. Hard.” She forced her ass back against me.

Three more sharp cracks echoed bahis şirketleri through the living room. Her ass cheek glowed red in response. “Faster,” I yelled. “I want to see that ass blur.” I lightly brushed my palm across her abused ass cheek. She flinched as if stung. Her blushing ass radiated heat. I continued to stroke it with feather soft caresses. Her sighs told me she liked the treatment.

Her ass and belly undulated. Her juices frothed white around my pole, coating my black rod with her clinging, white cream. I was in heaven. Ember never failed to delight me, not once. I jammed into her as hard as I could, trying to reach her womb. I spit on her asshole and snaked a finger into her puckered anus. Her ass bucked against it, sending even more interesting sensations through my fuckmeat. I jammed my finger forward into her anus every time I pulled out of her cunt, creating an interesting syncopation.

“Do you know why I ask for these things? The open panties, the bare nipples?”

“So. You. Can use. Me as you. Wish,” she replied between gasps.

Very true. “No, not just that. Why?”

“You enjoy seeing. Me in cheap. Looking clothes and shoes.”

Well, that was also true. But she never wore ‘cheap’ anything. The money that girl spent on clothing and shoes last year could feed a family of five for two years, easy. “No, Ember. Why do I make you dress as I do? Why do I like looking at you so much? Why must I fuck you three or more times each day?”

She stopped pushing against me and peered over her shoulder. Her long, glistening hair half-covered her sweaty face. Her open mouth greedily sucked air, taking advantage of the brief respite.

“Because you are an oversexed black man who is happiest when having sex with his Japanese woman.”

Bingo! “It’s because I love you, Miss Yoshikawa. I do these things because I love you, and constantly crave your body.”

The words had the intended effect upon her. I have no gift with mushy words or romantic turns of phrase. The few sweet things I did say to her she hoarded, cherishing them like precious jewels. Rarity truly does make things more valuable, it seemed. I really did love her, and showed her the depths of my affection in many different ways. But she always seemed to crave the words. I rarely spoke them. Today, I had relented.

Now, don’t go thinking me soft. I had good reason.

“I’ve given you something, Ember. Something precious. What will you give me in return?”

Ember continued to stare at me from over her shoulder. She brushed a few damp strands of matted black hair away from her face. Her dark brown eyes, almost black, regarded me coolly. A pink bit of tongue flicked across her pert lips, puffy with arousal. Ember exuded the aura particular to all freshly fucked women, a heady mixture of confidence, bravado and recklessness. Was there anything in life more beautiful?

Ember pulled herself off of me and slipped over the arm of the chair. She gracefully regained her feet and strutted over to the center table. She swept its contents onto the floor. Pieces of fruit and their worked copper bowl tumbled onto the white pile carpeting. She gingerly laid herself across the table, face down. Her ass faced me, its golden, unblemished smoothness oh-so-tempting. She spread her ass cheeks in invitation. Her asshole, a hazelnut of knotted muscle, clenched spasmodically.

“Please take my ass,” she said. “I want to feel you deep inside of me.”

I’d bet my ass that she really didn’t want me in hers. As much as I loved railing a woman up the poop chute, I knew that she hated it. That incredibly small woman had a really tight ass. I had tried to stretch her asshole with a steady regimen of butt plugs that I gradually increased in diameter, but even so, she was still tiny back there. I usually limited my anal play with her to tongue rimming, finger play, and the occasional toy. The few times I had taken her anally, I had caused her considerable distress. The last time she had allowed me back there, I had ripped her up pretty badly. It had taken her over a month to heal. A torturously long month, I’m certain. I still felt incredibly guilty about the incident. Since then, I hadn’t gone anywhere near her asshole with my cock. She hadn’t offered it up to me, either.

Not until this very moment.

“Are you sure?” I asked her as I quickly approached. No way was I going to give her time to change her mind.

I stroked the firm globes of her spread ass. As much as I didn’t want to hurt her, I really wanted to burrow into there. I dribbled spit into her single brown eye. The saliva trickled down the crack of her ass. I spit some more, and worked it into her. “This will hurt.”

“I know,” she replied, “but one must face the pain if she is ever to experience the pleasure that dwells on the other side.”

“I see,” I said, though I really didn’t. “In that case, I’ll leave the pace of the play to you.” I leaned over her and placed my cock at her back door. My meat had approximately the same dimensions as a beer can, wide, yet relatively squat. Seeing such a thick piece to mahogany muscle trying to enter such a minuscule bud almost made me call off the whole thing. Almost. Instead, I braced myself against the table for support, and patiently waited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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