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“Elsie, come in here, I gotta talk to you,” It was Mom. Now what? Elsie wondered. She was trying to clean out the pig pen, talking to the pigs as she did it. Maybe Mom wanted to lecture her again about avoiding all contact with males of any age — they weren’t to be trusted.

She took off her muddy, stinking boots outside the back door and walked into the kitchen. She shook her head and a couple of pieces of straw fell out of her long blond hair. Straw in her hair, muddy boots, jeans — she was a real country bumpkin she thought to herself.

Elsie loved the farm, but wished she could dress up once in a while, a flimsy blouse; short skirt; stocking; heels — she could be a knockout. And these damned glasses, if only they could afford contact lenses. But, she thought, at eighteen she was pretty lucky, she had to work, but she loved what she did.

“Sit down dear, I made us a cup of tea and here are some cookies.” Mom said, smiling. “We have to talk.”

This had to be serious, tea and cookies in the middle of the afternoon — while she was still doing the chores.

Oh God! She thought, they caught that guy who shot his sperm all over me at the Fourth of July fireworks, and they’re going to put him in jail. Mom had never said any more about that and she certainly wasn’t going to bring it up. Had Mom called the cops and…….?

Mom brought over the mugs of steaming tea, here it came.

“Elsie dear, you probably don’t realize it, but the farm just isn’t making it. I can make more money working in town.”

Oh no, they were going to sell the farm?

“But I won’t give up the farm, we both enjoy it too much.”

Thank God.

“So I want you to go on working here until you go to college in the fall, and I’ll get you some help.”

“Help Mom? What kind of help?” She asked.

“I’ll get a strong man who’ll be good for the heavy work.”

Elsie envisaged a muscular, good looking young farm hand.

“I’ve talked to the people at the Bible College and they have someone they’re going to send over tomorrow.”

Oh no, a Christian wimp! Oh well, you can’t have all your dreams, or life wouldn’t be fun when the real thing came along.

Next morning, bright and early the help showed up. He was a nice looking guy wearing glasses, not really the brawny farm hand, but he could probably do the work. His name was Ken, and Elsie showed him what had to be done, and advised him to bring a pair of boots tomorrow.

The first day worked out okay, Ken was stronger than he looked, and managed to stay pretty clean. Next day he was better dressed for the work, and was learning fast. He hadn’t had much experience with animals, and was nervous around the horses in particular, but he was very willing and would try anything Elsie asked him to do.

When he’d been there about a week Mom had started to go into town every morning early. One day when they stop for lunch, Elsie went up to take off her bra and change into a short sleeved shirt, and forgetting Ken was in the house, came down with it open. She met Ken coming out of the kitchen, and he stopped dead, looking at her breasts.

Elsie quickly covered herself, but Ken reached out and touched her.

“NO!” She said.

“They’re beautiful.” Ken uttered open mouthed and grabbing her shoulders pulled her toward him. Elsie pushed him away, but he was too strong and pulling her to him, kissed her mouth.

For Elsie this set off a reaction that she couldn’t control. She returned his kiss, and soon their mouths were locked together, tongues meeting, touching, entwining. Ken’s hand slipped under her shirt and she felt him fondling her small breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers.

Her heart pounding Elsie held Ken in her arms, as his hands explored her body. He tried to push his hand down her jeans, and when he found her belt too tight she loosened it and felt his hand slipping down into her panties. She wanted him, and slipping her hand down the front of his jeans felt his hard penis pushing out his pants.

“Do you have a rubber?” She whispered in his ear.


“I can’t do this. I’ve never been with a man before.” Still whispering.

“I want to …..I need to………to fuck you.” Ken said softly.

“I do too.” She said.

“Let’s go up to your room. We can do other things.”

And Elsie turned and started up the stairs.

In her room they held each other kissing, hands running over each others bodies. Ken had Elsie’s blouse off and pulled on her jeans, which she took off, and his hand found its way into her panties. He touched her vagina, which startled them both, she’d never had a man touch her “down there” and he’d never touched a girl “down there”, so there was a pause and then his fingers started to explore her.

She gave a little gasp as his fingers touched her clitoris, and then rubbing, penetrating, found there way into her now-wet vagina. Elsie’s heart was pounding, she was ready and wanted sex, and if pushed would probably have let Ken do anything he wanted, but fortunately he kept his head etiler ucuz escort and went no farther.

Soon Ken too was undressed and Elsie took off her panties and they held each other naked. Ken kissed her breasts, then worked down until his mouth was on her mound, then he opened her with his fingers and kissed her vulva, but pulled away because he didn’t like the smell of her, even though he realized that most of the odor was sweat, from working.

He had turned around so that his face was opposite her vagina, and his penis near Elsie’s face, and inserted his finger into her and she gave a little gasp. The seeing his stiff, dripping cock in front of her she rubbed it gently then kissed it.

“Put it in your mouth “he said, and she did as he asked, sucking on it gently, at the same time his finger was in her vagina rubbing vigorously.

“Yes, yes, that’s nice.” She said, and sucked on him harder.

After several minutes Ken said, “This isn’t working for me.”

“Me too.” Elsie answered. “I think I can do it better myself.”

So they both rolled over on their backs and started to masturbate vigorously.

After just two minutes Elsie started groaning, “Oh..oh..uuuuuuh….” As she jerked spasmodically and had a nice orgasm.

This was enough for Ken, and his cock started squirting, mostly on his stomach but some landing on Elsie’s bed and some hitting her breast. They lay there for a couple of minutes and when Ken asked if she had any Kleenex Elsie got up, kissed him and brought him a couple.

They got up quickly because they had to make up for lost time, then got dressed, kissing several times as they did. Soon they were out again working hard, but both cherishing the lovely moment they had just experienced.

It would soon be time for Mom to come home, but before she did they kissed and held each other once more, and Ken promised to bring a condom with him next time.

Next day when Ken arrived early in the morning Elsie was filled with anticipation. As was usual before Mom left he had a cup of coffee, then they both went out to the barn. After a few minutes Mom left, and Elsie whispered to Ken, “Did you bring one?”

He paused a moment the, “One what?”

“A condom.”

Again he paused before answering. “Elsie, I’ve been doing some research. I don’t think we should be doing it, having sex.”

“What? I thought you wanted it.” She said astounded.

“Yesterday I did, but that was in the heat of the moment. I’m not sure if it’s a Christian thing to do. I’ll do some more reading tonight, and see you tomorrow and let you know what I find.”

“Okay, have it your way.” Said Elsie, the asperity in her tone told Ken she was really annoyed. She wanted sex, she wanted him to fuck her — NOW.

“I’m sorry Elsie, really. Don’t be mad, I’m sure we can do something tomorrow.”

“Let’s get to work.” Elsie replied tersely.

Ken had a problem, he wanted to have sex with Elsie badly, and he wanted to buy some condoms to use, but thinking about it was one thing, actually buying rubbers another. In this State you had to get them from a pharmacist, what if it was a girl, a woman. Then, what if someone he knew saw him? He was sure some of the other guys were having sex and he could ask them what to do, but which ones?

He gave up the idea of actual sex with Elsie. If she’d suck on his penis maybe, but that hadn’t really worked, she was too inexperienced. How about the other thing, anal sex? For some reason that excited him even more and since he was in his dorm room he went into the toilet to masturbate.

He’d tell Elsie that his research showed that it was against God’s will to have sex if they weren’t married, but that it was alright to touch each other, to kiss, to everything except for them to have proper sex, with or without a condom.

So next day as soon as Mom left for work they talked and he told her that everything except sex was okay, including oral and anal sex.

“Anal?” Elsie said,”You mean you’d stick your penis, your cock in my bottom?”

“Yes, would you like to try that?” Ken said, blushing.

Elsie thought for a moment. “That seems nasty, dirty and painful to me, so I don’t think I’d like to do it.”

They worked until lunch, then after a quick lunch went upstairs, undressed and after kissing and hugging started to explore each others bodies again. Again, Elsie took his penis into her mouth, while Ken went down between her legs, and opening her labia with his fingers started to lick her vagina, particularly her clitoris.

This was feeling better for Elsie, Ken wasn’t being so tentative.

“Hard, harder.” She urged him, while she went to sucking him harder, and massaging his penis with her hand.

Ken thought the pink thing in front of him was beautiful, and the smell and taste of her excited him hugely.

As she sucked, and pressed his penis against the roof of her mouth Elsie suddenly felt his sperm start to shoot and hit the back of her throat. At first she choked and pulled away, as the juice etiler üniversiteli escort hit her mouth and chin, then realizing what it was she took him back into her mouth, and in spite of the strange taste continued sucking.

They lay together a few minutes, his head on her thigh, his penis in her mouth.

“Thank you, Elsie that was lovely.” Ken said as he pulled away from her. “Now I must do something for you.” And getting up he moved down and knelt between her legs.

Licking, licking her pink vagina and clitoris, he held her open with his thumbs. She moaned with pleasure and moved her hips to his tongue, until suddenly she felt herself jerking and pushing against his mouth in a wonderful orgasm.

They lay together for a moment, then dressed and kissed and hurried back to work.

Next day they hurried through lunch, rushed upstairs, flung off their clothes, and this time Ken didn’t hesitate, but pushed Elsie back on the bed, gently pushed her knees apart and went down and started licking her until she reached an orgasm. Then he lay back while she took his already hard penis in her mouth and sucked and rubbed it until he squirted his juice into her mouth.

They followed this ritual for several days until one day while he was licking her he inserted his moistened finger into her anus.

“That’s different.” She said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sticking my finger into your bottom.”

Without thinking he stuck his finger back into his mouth to wet it, then slipped it in again, and started to move it in and out.

“Oh my, oh my…that’s very nice. Maybe a little bit faster.” Elsie sighed

This combination, a finger in her anus and a tongue on her clitoris, felt wonderful to Elsie and she quickly had a very satisfying orgasm. After a couple of minutes rest they changed places and she took Ken’s penis in her mouth and brought him to the point of ejaculation. She was long past even considering spitting his sperm out, and always swallowed it now, in spite of the taste.

The next day they were following the same routine when Ken asked Elsie,

“Did you like my finger in your bottom yesterday?”

“Oh yes, that was really nice.” She answered him brightly.

“How would you like to try my penis in your bottom? That would feel even better.”

There was a pause while Elsie thought about that. Then: “I don’t know, your penis is a lot bigger that your finger, I don’t think it would go in. And what if I’m, you know….nasty back there?”

“Well, if it won’t go in it won’t work, and if it hurts you I’ll stop. As for the other thing, well, I’m sure you’re clean inside and out.”

Another long pause, while Elsie stood naked, looking out the window at the farmyard as she considered what Ken had just said.

She turned to look at him where he sat on the bed. “You promise you’ll stop if I ask you?”

“Of course, my love, and I bought some lubricant yesterday at the drug store to make it easier.”

“Okay then let’s try it.”

Elsie knelt on the bed, while Ken stood behind her beside the bed. He put some lubricant on his fingers, then slipped a finger into her anus, slowly pulling it in and out.

“That feels very nice.” She said.

Then, with more lubricant he gently pushed a second finger into her.

“Oh… oh yes, that’s very nice. Is that it? Is your cock in my bottom?”

“No, my dear, that’s just two fingers to loosen you up. Now I’m going to try three fingers.”

But as he started to push another finger in Elsie jumped.

“Ow!..Ow, you’re hurting me.”

“Okay, I’ll stop. Now I’m going to try to get my cock in.”

Again slathering her anus and his penis with lubricant, he pushed again her hole, and he watched as it started to slide in. Slowly, slowly he pushed his penis into Elsie’s virgin anus.

Elsie could feel something very big stretching her hole. It wasn’t bad, in fact felt good, like a very large bowel movement, and it seemed to go on and on, until it stopped.

Ken felt as if something was blocking him from going in further. He gave a harder shove which brought an immediate reaction from Elsie.

“Ouch, that hurt.”

He tried pushing again, and seemed to move a little, then grasping her hips in each hand he shoved hard, and he slipped in deeper — all the way.

“OW! Stop! That hurts.” Elsie screamed as Ken’s penis drove deep inside her. The pain was too much, she seemed to be splitting open inside.

“NO Ken! NO! You’re hurting me, it hurts bad.”

But it was too late, Ken’s penis was all the way in her, up to his testicles, and there he stopped.

“That’s it, Elsie my love. I’m all the way in.”

“You’re awful Ken. You promised you’d stop. I think you may have hurt me inside.”

“It’s too late now, try to relax.” As he slowly pushed his penis back and forth. “Why don’t you rub yourself?”

As Ken moved in and out of her anus, gently, slowly, she started to masturbate. Else felt the heat welling up inside her, and moaned with the pleasure, fatih escort even though it still hurt. But for Ken it was too much, he was penetrating her faster now, and soon seemed to explode in the most wonderful feeling he’d ever experienced. Elsie was so tight, like super masturbation, that he started to ejaculate into her.

Elsie was still rubbing herself furiously, so Ken tried to keep going even though he was finished, done, and starting to soften up. He was soon rewarded when she gave a gasp and a groan, arching her back and jerking as she too had an orgasm.

When they went back to work Elsie felt uncomfortable, but it wasn’t until next morning when she sat on the toilet that she really hurt, and at noon she disappointed Ken by telling him firmly, no anal sex.

Two days later she let him try again, and even though it hurt at first, she found a lot of pleasure in his penetration of her anus.

“Oh, wait, it hurts, it hurts……there, slowly……..oh yes that’s nice……” and she groaned with pleasure.

Again she had an orgasm by masturbating as he fucked her anus. She started to think that this was as good as if he was in her vagina, and they didn’t have to use condoms, no fear of pregnancy.

On the weekend, of course, Mom was home, and then on Sunday she started her period. They had less than three weeks left, and this really upset things because Ken didn’t want to do anything even though Elsie was willing.

When they had lunch the day after her period was over, Elsie found her heart racing at what was to follow. They kissed and caressed each others bodies, then she turned and knelt on the bed. She felt the cold lubricant on her anus, and felt Ken’s fingers penetrating her hole. There was a pause, then she felt his penis nuzzling her bottom until it slid into her.

There was a brief pain, then a comfortable feeling as he slipped deep inside her. He started to move in and out almost mechanically, quickening his pace as Elsie moaned with pleasure.

Ken had never had vaginal sex with a girl, but he couldn’t believe it could feel any better than this. Elsie was so tight, it felt as good as his hand when he masturbated. And Elsie felt as she was wide open as his scrotum slapped against her labia with every thrust.

They both reached orgasm quickly, Elsie masturbating, and as she arched her back and jerked her body her anal sphincter grabbed Ken’s penis involuntarily, like a hand grabbing him, and causing him to ejaculate into her rectum.

Ken held on to Elsie’s waist, his hands reaching up to caress her breasts and they both relaxed for a few moments until they grabbed their clothes and rush back to work. Before he dressed Ken quickly washed himself off, because sometimes he found brown flecks on his penis, which he never mentioned to Elsie. Anyway, the pleasure he felt overcame any problem he had with that.

This became their standard for sex, and Elsie was soon quite comfortable with anal sex, feeling a rush of anticipation as they went up stairs after lunch every day. For Ken it was a huge success, he felt a wave of excitement each time his penis slipped into her tight anus, and when she achieved orgasm and her anal sphincter clamped down on him it caused him to have a great orgasm, imagining his sperm shooting deep into her body.

Elsie was disappointed because she was unable to have an orgasm anally, she had to masturbate for that, but she loved the feeling when he ejaculated into her.

It seemed as if it would last forever until one day Ken said to her,

“I only have a week left.”


“In a week I have to go back to school.”

Elsie was lying on her back relaxing, and when the full portent of what he had said dawned on her she started to cry.

“Don’t cry sweetheart.” Ken said as he hugged her naked body. “I love you Elsie. I want to marry you and have babies with you.”

Elsie laughed through her tears. “You don’t love me, you love my bottom. And I don’t want to have anyone’s babies. I want someone to fuck me. I want to fuck using a condom and without any fucking religious inhibitions.”

Ken was silent. He really wanted to marry Elsie, and have sex with her face to face.

“Time to go back to work.” He said, jumping up and getting dressed.

The week passed too quickly, and on the Friday, his last Friday, they had a longer session. They first had oral sex, Ken licking her until she was satisfied, then Elsie sucking his penis until he ejaculated into her mouth and she held his penis until it became flaccid.

Then they had their last anal sex, and as Elsie presented her buttocks to him Ken gazed and her lovely bottom. Her vagina was wet and open in front of him, and he thought how easy it would be to shove his penis into it, and the thought excited him tremendously. He brushed her labia with the head of his penis, and actually pushed it in for a moment, but then pulled back, and thrust it into her anus.

“Oh Ken, my love. So good.” She uttered as he slid forcefully into her, then they were off in a frenzy of sex. More frenzied this time because it would be the last for a long time, perhaps forever.

Saturday without Ken was always empty for Elsie, but this was particularly bad because usually she could look forward to Monday, however not this time. Soon, in just a matter of days she would be off to school herself, a great change in her life.

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