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She double checked the address on the paper in her hand against the address on the office building before going in. A quick glance at her watch showed her to be five minutes early, so she used the time to check her reflection of one of the windows. Long blonde hair, tight red shirt with a scoop neck that exposed the top of her firm breasts, a long flowing skirt, and, of course, no panties for easy access. They had both agreed that that would make it the easiest. No one would think she was out of place here, assuming she was a secretary on her way to work, and with him in his gray suit, his blue shirt and silver tie, he would look like any other guy working here. But work was not on the agenda today.

They had exchanged only one picture each, and only two emails, for keeping contact at a minimum heightened the thrill of the encounter that had been arranged. She walked down the hall to the elevator and checked her watch again. 10:45, just as they had planned. A time of day when most people would be in their etiler bdsm escort offices, working, but there was still a chance someone would need to use the elevator and they could get caught. The thought of that caused her pulse to race and brought a smile to her lips.

She pushed the up button, and waited for the bell to ring and the door to open. When it did, she stepped inside and saw an older woman…and yes, there he was, leaning in the corner, watching her, a grin playing on his face. She tried to contain her smile as she pushed the button for the top floor and settled back into the opposite corner to check him out. He was at least six feet, broad shoulders, strong jawline, dark hair that kept falling forward over his bright blue eyes. She could see from the outline straining against the front of his pants that he was ready, and the sight made the hot dampness between her legs spread to her thighs.

The elevator stopped at the top floor, letting the lady etiler elit escort off, and they exchanged smiles. He pushed the button that would take them to the garage level, unzipping his pants as he walked over to where she was standing with her back against the wall and put one hand on either side of her head, their faces inches away, bodies barely touching. She could feel his breath on her face, as they stared intently into each other’s eyes, and then the dam burst and they were kissing long and hard, frantically, his body pressing her into the wall, hips grinding against each other. She slid her hand into his underwear, grasping his hard, throbbing cock with her smooth hand and started stroking him. He slid his hand up her thigh, reaching underneath her skirt, sliding his hand firmly between her legs, pleasantly surprised by how wet she was.

She moaned at his touch, tipping her head back, and he rubbed harder, pulling down her top with his other hand, and grabbing etiler escort her firm full breast. She stroked harder and faster as he licked from her throat down her nipple, flicking it with his tongue before sucking it strongly. She moaned again and pulled up her skirt, wanting to feel him hard and deep inside her, putting her hands on his hips and pulling him desperately against her. He rubbed himself, rock-hard and aching, against her smooth, shaved skin and she wrapped one leg around his waist, allowing him to enter her with one violent thrust, followed by another and another. Tongues exploring deeply, licking and sucking, hands pulling each other closer, frantically, while the hip movements became faster and harder yet. Deeper he pounded into her, her hot wet pussy like a velvet glove, clutching and grabbing at him at he felt himself start to lose control. She bit him hard on the shoulder to keep from crying out as he throbbed and pulsed and with one last strong thrust, felt himself release in her.

They stayed like that for a moment, listening to the sound of the elevator as it passed each floor. Then he moved back, zipping up his pants, his legs feeling a bit weak, her skirt falling back into place. She smoothed her hair as the door opened, gave him one last smile and a wink, and left without looking back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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