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Lifting my head from the pillow, I blinked a few times before glancing at the alarm clock. It was just another early morning for me as i lay next to Michelle enjoying the sweet perfume she wore. The alarm showed 4am as i moved a little closer to her and placed several soft and lingering kisses over her ears, even blowing into them. One long slow lick followed by several soft bites left along the soft tender flesh of her neck as my fingers traced downwards over her stomach.

I felt her body move involuntarily to almost laying on her back as i moved closer to her. Hearing her heart beat a little faster as her breathing changed i smiled and traced a long line of soft kisses and licks down her upper chest. My tongue licked around and in between each of her succulent globes of flesh as I felt her move a little more. The excitement within me rose to new heights as i flicked my tongue across each hardening nipple before seizing each of her succulent and tasty buds into my mouth. Gently biting and sucking on them, they hardened even more magnificently as my fingers traced over her curvaceous hips.

In one quick movement, my body was between her spreading legs, as her eyes remained closed. My tongue traced down her stomach and flicked over her navel evoking soft sounds to escape her full sensuous sultry lips. Soon my tongue teased and tickled her trimmed pubic hair as it neared its prize. Licking and kissing through her pubic hair i gently beşiktaş anal yapan escort bit the outer lips of her honey pot before slithering my tongue inside her honey pot to dance upon the soft velvety inner folds.

Tasting her sweet juices oozing out i licked ferociously and soon was greeted with even more juices flowing as she moaned louder. My hands slid underneath her body to cup and squeeze her ass cheeks as my tongue danced deeper and deeper inside her honey pot. Her eyes flickered open and her slender fingers gripped my hair tightly as hips bucked up against my mouth as she whispered “oh god yes Henry.”

Her whispered words evoked more hardening of my shaft as my balls filled and gradually tightened along with the pressure mounting from the very base of my phallus. With her juices liberally coating my lips and chin, i buried my face even deeper between her legs wanting her first release of the morning to be deep down my throat. It had only been two days since she last did and the memory of her sweet nectar flowing like a river down over rocks had my tongue twisted slightly and thrusting even harder and faster in and out of her heated wet core.

Her arousal level was reaching fever pitch by the way her body thrashed around on the bed beneath my tongue, moans getting louder as teeth grazed against her hard sensitive bud almost biting it. Tongue greedily lapping up beşiktaş bdsm escort all her sweet nectar as it flowed much freer than it ever had much as a cat would with milk from a saucer. Long thick fingers eased from underneath her body lightly tracing up her sides and across the front of her body as my head lifted from between her legs. Dark bright blue eyes glazed over with pure lust and desire burning deep to the center of my being met her soft brown ones as they tried to stay open.

Bliss had taken her body for now but instead of letting her relax, I moved to lie on top of her and kissed her softly at first on the lips then more passionately. Our lips and tongues collided and danced to their own sensual music as the tip of my rampant phallus teasingly rubbed against her hard sensitive bud of flesh and glistening labia. Hips ground slowly against hers, the tip easing past her outer lips to rub lightly against her g-spot. Moaning loudly into the deeply passionate kiss I felt her teeth bite into my lower lip as she struggled for breath, my own breathing already ragged as small beads of sweat dripped from my forehead as the rest of my body started to show signs of perspiration..

With one quick thrust, i had the entire length of my turgid shaft deep within the soft velvety inner folds of Michelle’s honey pot as i broke the kiss to nibble and lick her ears and neck. Passion and intensity built beşiktaş elit escort within us as i thrust in and out of her harder, faster and deeper than ever before. Sensing her breathing changing again, i slowed my thrusts just enough before speeding up again just as her juices started to flow more freely. Her muscles tightened around my shaft as her legs clamped around my waist sucking my shaft even deeper inside her honey pot.

Moans and groans filled the air as i relentlessly and more ferociously pounded my shaft in and out of her pussy, each thrust bringing us that closer to a mutual release. Biting a little harder on her neck, i moaned louder as her fingers slid between our bodies to tease each of my nipples. I tensed slightly before claiming her lips and tongue with my own just as my shaft pulsated and throbbed almost violently then erupted like a dormant volcano; jet after jet of hot milky white semen hit the inner walls of her pussy mingling with her free flowing juices. Thrusting slowly in and out of her emptying the contents of my balls totally as my breathing was erratic, heartbeat gradually returned to normal as my shaft softened inside of her honey pot. Breaking the kiss, i looked deep within her eyes as the whispered words flowed. “Good morning baby.” The only response i got back was a smile as she lay underneath me breathing quite hard, both of our bodies covered in a thin layer of sweat.

Disentangling my body from hers slowly and loosely tying the robe that hung on the hook behind the door around my waist I walked casually from the room to make coffee. As she joined me in the kitchen with her soft brown eyes meeting my blue eyes I gave a soft chuckle and slid my arm around her waist before casually walking out to the back porch to enjoy the morning sunrise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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