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Solo Male

Being drunk has landed me in trouble and that night was no different. Do I regret the things that happened? NO. This incident happened around 8 years ago, when I had recently moved in the corporate world and was new to the big city and the city life.

I was invited for a weekend house party by a senior colleague and hence felt obliged to attend it considering I did not want to offend anyone by not showing up. When I reached the venue in I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd there from the office and felt quite conscious of the way I looked. It was winters and everyone seemed dressed to kill and I, on the contrary, seemed dressed to be killed. Anyways to cut the long story short, I was looking lanky in my shirt and jeans.

Well to describe myself, I am 35 year old married male working for a MNC in Mumbai. I am around 6ft tall, fair with a lean built and am averagely endowed considering my Indian genes (I won’t brag about myself). However I do make up for it in my stamina and pace.

I was in a corner sipping my drinks and smoking some cigarettes when the host of the party, who was pretty drunk, came over to me and whispered don’t do something you will regret and simply left. I was a bit confounded but ignored. The party was getting too boring for my taste and hence I decided to call it a day. As I was about to leave, I bumped in to Esha. Esha was a senior colleague who was very ambitious, arrogant and condescending considering her quick rise ucuz escort in the corporate world. She was about 7-8 years elder to me, tall, shoulder length hair, sharp features (high cheek bones, long nose and kohl eyed), slim and fairly endowed. She looked killer tonight in her short floral blue dress and short white sweater. We exchanged pleasantries and she asked me where i was headed. I told her that I was done for the night and would be heading back home. She insisted that I have one more drink for the road and then head off. So I landed up drinking some more and chatting up with her. I realised she was slightly tipsy and hence was showing such keen interest in what I had to say. Had she been sober she would not have given a flying fuck! Anyways we both seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

Soon she whispered to me if I had seen the view from the terrace. I said i had been here for the first time, so she caught me by arm and dragged me out with our glass still in our hands. We went up the elevators to the top floor and climbed up to the roof. There she dragged me to a corner and showed me a beautiful view of the city! It was indeed mind blowing and in the company of such a beautiful lady it was like an icing on cake. We had a small chat about the view and i thanked her for bringing me here. To which she replied, “Do you think I brought you here to show the view?”

I was a bit taken aback and mumbled an answer but then ümraniye escort from somewhere I pulled up some courage as it was a make or break situation and i needed some control over it and so I pulled her closer and asked her, “What have you brought me here for then?”

She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer. I leaned in and kissed her luscious lips. We kept smooching passionately for some time with my hand roaming around her back feeling her taut butt. I slowly picked her up and placed her on the paraphet of the terrace. In the hindsight it was a stupid move considering she could have fallen but in that heat of the moment it made complete sense. I spread her legs and place myself between them. I could feel bosom on my chest. I started exploring her mouth with my tongue to which she reciprocated. I then moved on to her neck kissing and licking the length of it. My one hand was on her back and the other kneading her boobs over her dress.

I pulled her sweater off her shoulders and kissed her shoulder blades moving towards her shoulder. I tried to pull down the straps of her dress when she whispered, “You do realise that we are on the roof and people can come here and see us.” I got the point and we continued smooching and feeling each other up. Things were getting a bit heated. Thats when she took control. She pushed me away got down and asked me to lie down. Like any drunk, obedient and horny üniversiteli öğrenci escort guy, I obeyed. I lied down and then she mounted me. She held both my hands and put them on her tits and started grinding her crotch against mine. This was getting too hot for me to handle and my dick was straining to come out. She realised my discomfort soon but continued grinding her pussy against the length of my dick. Suddenly she got up and undid my jeans. I got the message and pulled them down along with my boxers.

She got rid of her panty held my dick in her hand and guided me towards her pussy. I moaned as I entered her wet pussy. She held her moan as she felt me enter. The grinding and making out had made both of us horny. She slowly started riding my cock. I could hear her pussy sliding against my dick every time she came down on it. She steadied her pace and I continued matching my thrusts to hers and mauling her boobs. We were both caught up in throes of passion and the fact that this was happening on a roof top made it all the more interesting!

There was this constant – ah ah ah ah that was coming from both our mouths. Soon after about 8-9 mins of pumping she loudly yelled “FUCK ME” and came all over my crotch! She then came over me and gave me nice passionate kiss and said, “You’re Good!” With that she slid out and lied next to me. After a few seconds she realised that I haven’t cum yet so she got up and started pumping my dick. As I was about to cum, she read my face and covered my dick with my handkerchief so I wouldn’t soul either of us. Once I was done, We got up and tidied ourselves up and smooched some more. Then we shared a fag on that rooftop and later joined everyone else at the party acting as if nothing had happened between us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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