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The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 5 – Depths of Despair

There was virtually nothing left of the house. It had been reduced to pile of ashes, literally. No structure remained, the beams and walls had all burned completely. What had been my boyhood home was now just a pile of gray charcoal and ash.

“Your parents’ bodies were incinerated.” Leanne told me as I looked at the disaster. “We’re running DNA tests to confirm it’s them, and a sample of your blood would help with that.” I just nodded, unable to speak. I barely felt it as a medic came up and took a sample of my blood.

The preacher of my parents’ church came up to me. “Hello, Donny.” he said. “I’m so sorry about this. Why don’t you come to my house.”

“I’ll bring him there.” said Leanne. I dimly realized that I was being escorted by Police wherever I went.

At the preacher’s house, I called Melina and told her what happened. “I’m going to make arrangements and stay up here for the funeral. It’ll be on Tuesday. Are you going to come up?”

“No.” Melina said, and I was beyond shock at that. “I’ll stay down here. Don… I’m sorry about your parents, and I’ll see you when you get back.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Melina did not come, but guess who did…

She came into the preacher’s house wearing a black dress, sheer black stockings, and black high heel pumps. I first saw the magnificent legs, then looked up into the face of my sister Elizabeth.

“Hello, baby brother.” she said, and not in a very friendly manner.

“Hello.” I said quietly.

“Have you started the arrangements?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes.” I said. “The church is taking care of most of it. My dad left some money that is paying all the expenses.”

“Good.” she said, then turned to speak to the preacher and his wife. I heard something going on outside and looked out the window.

An entourage of three black limousines were pulling up. Security men in shades got out first, looking around warily. Then they opened the back door of the middle vehicle, and out popped the Reverend Jonas Oldeeds, his black hair perfectly in place, his extremely expensive black suit fitting perfectly.

The entourage came inside, security men taking posts near the windows. Oldeeds first hugged Elizabeth warmly, and she seemed to be pressing her body into his as she hugged him back. Then he came over to me. I minded my manners and stood up.

“Hello, Don.” he said, shaking my hand like a practiced, veteran politician. “I’m so sorry about your parents.”

“Thank you, Reverend.” I said. Oldeeds then shook hands with the preacher and his wife, then with Leanne Wisocky, who was still here with me. I heard him say to the preacher that he, Oldeeds, wanted to say a few words at the funeral of his friend Douglass Troy, and the preacher said Oldeeds would be most welcome to do so.

Some minutes later, I went to sit on the front porch, hoping the sunshine would warm me up; I was still freezing cold. Leanne came out and sat with me.

“Any idea what caused the fire?” I asked.

“No.” said Leanne. Then she looked outward as she said “But it’s considered ‘suspicious’. It burned very hot, and completely consumed the house, and that was before the Fire Department even got there. It had collapsed already when they pulled up.”

“Arson?” I asked.

“Maybe.” said Leanne.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tuesday, September 18th. The funeral was a solemn ceremony, and well attended. Most people that were my parents’ ages were there, to be expected. I had an idea that many of the others, the younger ones, had come to see the Reverend Jonas Oldeeds. Indeed, I heard that at the lunch for the family before the funeral, Oldeeds was in another room letting people take selfies with him.

“Where is Ned?” I asked Elizabeth at the lunch, as my sister and I were pretty much forced to sit together.

“He didn’t even come to his brother’s funeral.” Elizabeth said acidly. “I can understand that; he and Todd hated each other, and much more than you and I hate each other. And speaking of no-shows, where is your wife?”

“I was already up here.” I said. “I visited Mom and Dad, then was staying over in Rome for the night. I got the call the next morning.” It was a lie, and my sister was peering hard at me as I said it. “I called Melina, but she decided to stay in town. She has a new job, so she doesn’t have any vacation days yet.”

“Tough otele gelen escort job, if they won’t let her come to her In-Laws’ funeral.” Elizabeth said. “It’s just as well; Mom and Dad did not like her. They were respectful about it on your account, but none of us liked her, except Todd. But I think he just had a crush on her, and wanted to get in her pants.” I did not know if Elizabeth was saying these things to hurt me, or just imparting information without regard to my feelings.

After the funeral ceremony, we went to the cemetery, where my parents’ mortal remains would be placed in the mausoleum space my father had bought for them years before. I noticed that Jonas Oldeeds’s security people were very anxious, looking around alertly.

“Is something wrong?” I asked. “Reverend Oldeeds’s people seem to be anxious.”

“He told me that there have been some threats against him and his Ministries.” Elizabeth replied. “They’re just being cautious.”

The preacher said the final words, Oldeeds sitting near us, security around him. Just as the service ended and we all stood up, I heard something… a *whizz!*, followed by what sounded like a loud *snap!* and *zing!* in front of us. I saw a spot on the corner of the mausoleum that was very fresh relative to the stone around it, and realized I’d just seen a bullet strike it!

Most of the people at the service didn’t see or hear anything, but a few were looking around as if something wasn’t right. But Oldeeds’s security had noticed. They quickly surrounded him, and one man whispered something to him.

“Folks, I’m sorry, but I have to go.” Oldeeds said. He quickly hugged Elizabeth, shook my hand and the preacher’s hand, then strode to his limousines, surrounded by his men.

“What just happened?” my sister asked, watching after him. I quickly pulled out my iPhone, and checked the app to see where Melina’s iPhone was… to my shock, it was not in Midtown… it was pinging in Rome, just a few miles down the road from us.

What the hell? I thought to myself, though saying nothing. And even more… what gave me the idea to check that?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, September 19th. We were in the offices of Grove & Partners, P.C., in the office of Hamilton Phillips… the office that used to be my father’s. They were handling my father’s will. I was named Executor of the will, which did not please Elizabeth all that much.

“Okay,” said Hamilton Phillips, an older man, distinguished but with an aura of furtiveness around him, “there’s not much left for either of you. The house and most of the physical assets were consumed in the fire. You can sell off the cars. Your father had life insurance that he was going to convert into an annuity, but your mother was the sole beneficiary listed, and she left no will. So the insurance company is not going to pay anything at all. You might try to fight that in Court, but I can assure you they’ll just drag it on to drain you dry financially, and then they’ll win anyway.”

Elizabeth and I both nodded. I wasn’t thinking of money, but I was sure my father had some.

As if reading my mind, Phillips said “We were paying your father for his Law Practice over time, into a trust. You will both inherit that, and accounts are set up for you at the Bank, but that’s over the next thirty years.” He named the monthly amount, which was not much at all. And I knew my portion was at risk due to my impending bankruptcy, even if it was a trust.

“Did my parents have a safe deposit box?” asked Elizabeth.

“No.” said Phillips. “Well… they did have one, but your mother emptied it several months ago and let go of the lease on it. If she took the contents home, they probably were burned in the fire. My inquiries into other banks in the area show no other accounts nor deposit boxes.”

Elizabeth seemed to be unhappy with that news, and I wondered why. I didn’t say anything, but I was remembering a key my mother had given me the day before she died… a key to a safe deposit box.

“Thank you, Mr. Phillips.” said Elizabeth. “If I’m not needed, I’ll be heading home now.” Phillips assured my sister that all was taken care of, and she left with nary a nod in my direction.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sergeant Leanne Wisocky drove me to County Jail to get my vehicle. Ernie the Deputy was waiting for us when we got there. After saying brief goodbyes to Leanne, she drove off.

“Donny,” said Ernie. “There’s a couple of things you need to do. Take your car here to our buddy Eddie’s Auto Stop in Apple Grove. He’s going to give you an oil change, but what he really will do is take out the tracking devices like the GPS and the ‘Theft’ light in your vehicle. I don’t know what the Feds are doing, but you’ve been followed everywhere you’ve gone since you’ve been here. A lot of us in these here parts don’t like the Feds. Let’s just say they’re too partial to those people in Providence Springs, and take pendik escort their side against good citizens in the rest of the county, and the State… and the Nation.”

“Okay, thanks.” I said. I got into my car and drove towards town. Sure enough, there was a car following me down the road, even taking the side roads that I took as I approached Apple Grove.

“Hiya, Donny, it’s been a long time!” said Eddie as I pulled in. “Oil change?”

“Sure.” I said. I brought the car into the bay, and got out. Eddie began lifting the vehicle.

“Eddie,” I said, “I’m going over to the bank while you do the oil change. I’ll be right back.”

“Sure thing, pardner.” Eddie said. I walked over to the Bank. Going inside, it felt like the air conditioning was on full blast, and it was freezing.

“May I help you, sir?” said an attractive young woman that I did not know.

“Yes,” I said, producing the key my mother had given me. “I need to access this safe deposit box.”

“Certainly, sir.” she said. “Please come to my desk.” We went to her desk, where she looked up something. “Sir, she said,” that box requires a password. You can type it into this computer.” She let me drive, and I typed in the password: “S-U-B-O-R-B-I-T-A-L”. The computer screen flashed green, and said “Access Permitted.”

Once inside the vault, we inserted our keys and opened the box. There were some Morgan silver dollars, and a manila file folder with some computer floppy discs and jump drives. I emptied the contents into a leather bag I’d brought in, then put the empty drawer back in the safe deposit box and closed it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“This car is now safe to drive.” said Eddie. “I turned off the anti-theft device and wired around it so you can run the car. I also completely took out the GPS, so you’ll have to use your iPhone. You might want to secure that iPhone before leaving.” He handed me a plastic envelope that was lined with what looked like metal foil. I turned off my iPhone and secured it in the shielded envelope.

Eddie had more tricks up his sleeve. A car just like mine, same paint color and all, was in the next bay. One of Eddie’s workers got into it and pulled out. A moment later I saw a black car following it.

“That’ll give you about five minutes.” said Eddie. “You know the backroads, Donny, you always did know them better than us. Get on out of here.”

“I will.” I said. “Thanks for your help, Eddie.”

“Least I can do, after you lost your folks that way. That was bad.” said Eddie. I thanked him, got in my car and pulled out. I went south, through some neighborhoods, and onto a farm road. I could see that I was not being followed. Still, I took other farm roads until I got out of the county. I stopped and looked for drones, seeing none.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I pulled into the Second National Bank’s parking lot. Going inside, I saw an older man, who came up to me. “I’m Mr. Harkins. How can I help you, sir?”

“I may be getting a job here in Town.” I said. “So I want to open an account, and also rent a safe deposit box.”

“Certainly, sir.” He opened an account, into which I deposited $200, and then did the paperwork for the safe deposit box. I put the contents of my mother’s safe deposit box into it, then closed the door and took the key.

I had surmised that I should not trust my computer to look at the information on the discs and drives, and the safe deposit box I shared with Melina in Midtown might not be safe. Ergo, my mission to Second National Bank.

I was about to drive home, when I looked up at the ridgeline. A thought struck me, and I found the road that led up the side of the mountain, the University below me to my right.

The gate to the driveway was locked, so I parked off the side of the road and walked up. There had once been a house here, but now it was cleared off to the slab of the foundation. It was empty space, and I could see the vista of the Town below, the sun beginning to set in the west. A train was coming along the tracks out of the western horizon in the distance and I watched it for a second.

“Mr. Troy?” I head a husky female voice say. I turned and saw Captain Angela Harlan, with Patrolman Pete Feeley next to her. Their car was parked behind mine, blue lightbar flashing its LED lights.

“Hello.” I said as Angela came up to me, Feeley lagging behind and watching warily. “There used to be a house here. I was wondering if this property was for sale. Great view of the Town.”

“Yes, it is a great view.” said Angela agreeably. “Unfortunately, it’s not for sale. Pete, what happened here?”

“Old Mr. Bonniker died.” said Feeley. “His family is fighting over the estate. Thomas P. Cook of the Town Council got an eminent domain proclamation, and the County sold it him, and then he sold it to one of the cellular networks. They’re going to build a cell tower here.”

“Wow.” I said. “That’ll be an eyesore for the whole Town rus escort to see.”

“Yes, it will.” said Angela. “Environmental groups are fighting it in the courts. So, Mr. Troy, why are you here?” I did not pretend to not understand the true intent of her question.

“I was passing through, on my way home from Apple Grove, where my parents lived. They just passed away.” I said. “So while I was here, I just looked around and found this road and came to look.”

“All right, but you’re going to have to leave.” said Angela. “It’s private property.” I nodded and we left. I went down the road and around the mountain finger, ending up on the road to the Mountain Valley Golf and Country Club, then to the Nextdoor County Highway. I took it west, then the Bypass to the Midtown Highway, and home. I noted that the TCPD Cruiser followed me at a distance the entire way.

Part 6 – Dissolution

It was late when I got into Midtown. I did not go home, but to my place of business. I used my laptop to see where Melina was… and felt my stomach drop into my bowels.

Midtown does not have a lot of high rises, and the highest one is twelve floors. The top of that building is leased or owned by Burke Enterprises, and Melina’s iPhone was there…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Being involved in the security devices business, I had a universal access card for a side door to the building, but I had to get around the guard in the front lobby to get to the elevators. So I stopped off at the Wal-Mart on the way. They had some fireworks, ‘poppers’, with long fuses. They would just go off with a loud bang.

Parking in the lot, I put Scotch tape on the ‘poppers’, then got out of the car. As I walked towards the building, I quickly lit the fuses then taped the fireworks to door handles of expensive cars along the way. As the fuses burned, I walked to the side door, knowing my hat and turned-up collar would help hide my face.

*POP!* *POP!* *POP!* *POP!*


As the car alarms set off, the guard rushed to the front, then outside, to see what the commotion was. I went through the side door and to the elevators.

I punched in the universal number code in the elevator to the penthouse, and up we went. Getting out at the top floor, I saw no one. The lights were turned off or dimmed, and the assistant’s desk in front of the CEO’s office was unoccupied.

As I got to the door, I heard a moan. I knew that it was my wife. I got out my iPhone, and very quietly cracked the door open.

Inside, on a sofa, my wife Melina was lying on her back, naked except for her high heel navy blue peep-toe pumps. On top of her, completely naked, was Jack Burke. Their tongues were twining in a deep kiss, and Melina’s hands were on Jack’s hips, pulling him to her.

His muscular ass was bobbing up and down in short thrusts, and I realized that his huge cock was inside her tight, deep pussy. Almost as if on cue, Melina pulled her legs up and back and Jack shifted his position. And I could see their merging loins.

Jack’s cock was buried almost balls deep inside Melina’s clutching cunt. His large balls were pressed against her when he sank it it, then hanging in the air as he pulled out.

“Ohhhhhh, yessss!” whispered Melina as Jack pumped her. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck me with that big thing!”

“Yeah, babe, take that big cock.” Jack said. “Your husband can’t give you what I can.” Melina’s response was to pull Jack’s face to hers and smash her lips to his another hot kiss.

I just watched as the stud vigorously pumped the beautiful woman, their bodies moving together perfectly, their loving raw, physical, well-matched. If this weren’t so brutally personal, it would be like a hot porn movie. Watching them make love was deeply intense, though deeply painful.

I kept hearing a voice in my head, telling me how I was being cuckolded, how humiliating this was for me. Though in pain in seeing my wife betray me with Jack Burke, I felt a strange sense of detachment from this, as if my mind were trying to block it out.

I clicked the lever of my iPhone so that it was silent. Bringing up the camera app, I began taking photos of them. Then I turned on the video and recorded a few minutes of the couple’s hot copulation.

For a few moments, Jack fucked Melina with longer strokes, withdrawing half of his huge cock and shoving it back into her. The wet smacks and slurps of his body plunging into hers filled the room. They were too busy kissing deeply to talk, and no words were needed.

Melina began pulling her legs back more, and Jack was climbing her all the way. He was close. He began thrusting harder, making Melina moan and gasp, urging him on to give her more.”

“Ohhhhh, give it to me Jack! Deeper! Oh yes, you’re going so deep! Give it to me, baby, give it to me!”

“Oh yeah… ” Jack grunted. “Oh yeah… oh my God, here it comes… OH YEAH!!”

He was coming inside her. Jack Burke was doing what I had never done: he was pumping his sperm into Melina’s unprotected womanhood. I just looked on, pain in the depths of my soul.

“Uhhhh…” Jack gasped as he pressed his groin hard against Melina’s as she watched him come. “Oh, this is what I think of your husband! Take my cum, baby!”

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