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Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read Part One first.


Chapter Three

With things having gone so well with Megan, I was really anxious to try again with somebody else. There were a lot of women I was considering but there was no guarantee that the situation would work out as well as it did with Megan. I ran into my friend Dave on the train heading to work one morning and he helped me make my decision. We were talking about work and he mentioned that he’d be heading out of town for a couple of days. I knew that meant that his wife, Patti, would be home alone since two of their daughters had moved out and the youngest was off at college. Because I didn’t see Dave and Patti all that much, I hadn’t even considered Patti or even lurked around their bedroom to see her naked, but this seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Since I hadn’t yet visited Patti or seen her naked, I didn’t know if she had any kind of nightly routine so I gave myself some extra time to investigate on Dave’s first night out of town. Resting comfortably at my place, I relaxed and pictured their front entryway then found myself standing there. The house was quiet but that didn’t really mean anything if Patti was home alone. I wandered around and found that she wasn’t actually home. I was considering returning later when I heard the front door open. Still invisible, I went to see if it was her and found her locking the door behind herself. She was dressed in running gear and sweating pretty good so it was no mystery where she’d been. She kicked off her running shoes and headed to the kitchen where she downed some water as she checked the stats from her run on her phone. As much as she was sweating, I was absolutely certain that she’d be heading for the shower next and I was not mistaken.

Patti was a definite MILF. She was cute, she had a great set of tits and her body had always been nice, even before she took up running. She didn’t really show off her tits, though, so I was pretty excited to get a look at them. I followed her upstairs, admiring her ass in her snug running shorts, then watched as she removed her top, revealing a substantial sports bra squashing down her tits. She removed her sports bra next, her tits expanding as they were released from the spandex confines. They were real beauties and I not only wanted to get my hands on them, I wanted to fuck them. Of course my cock was rigid at this point but I had no idea whether she’d be helping me get off or not. She ended up pushing her shorts and panties down together, leaning forward as she did so that her boobs were swinging, then separated them once she was naked. Her pussy was surrounded by a well-groomed dark bush.

I followed her into the bathroom, admiring her ass again but this time naked. She turned on the shower, adjusted the water temperature then stepped in. Her nipples were immediately thick and hard and I got an idea. I’d visited enough women’s locker rooms that I’d gotten pretty good at feeling up showering women without them realizing that they were being felt up. They were running their hands all over their bodies anyway so I just made sure that my hands were going the same places that theirs were. The trick was to make sure they didn’t feel my hands instead of their own bodies with their hands and that no part of my body, like my stiff cock for example, was felt by any part of their body. It had taken a lot of time and a lot of practice but I really didn’t mind putting in the effort, as I’m sure you can imagine. I got it to the point where I could feel them with just basically the palms of my hands and they could feel my palms caressing their body. I’d also been working on the same with my tongue, so I could lick and all they’d feel was my tongue. That one caused some fun reactions, especially in a public shower.

So I stepped into the shower with Patti and, when she was running her soapy hands over her tits, so was I, though I may have lingered just slightly longer on her nipples. I did the same with her ass, helping her soap it up while caressing the soft, smooth flesh. When she soaped up her pussy, though, I may have slipped a finger between her lips and over her clit. She let out a few soft gasps but her hands kept going back to her pussy and, before I knew it, it wasn’t just my finger passing over her clit. I helped her masturbate in the shower, my other hand going up to caress her nipples when hers did, which I had not done in any of the locker room showers but that I was definitely going to try in other private showers. Her body started shaking and she let out a low moan when she started cumming, her knees nearly giving out. I kept my hands with hers the entire time and felt pretty good about helping her cum, though certainly not as good as she did.

I watched as she finished showering, considering whether to apply my tongue somewhere, especially when she leaned forward and her pussy was peeking bahis firmaları between her thighs from behind. Ultimately, though, I just watched and hoped that she was still a little horny so, if I did have an opportunity to convince her she was dreaming like I had Megan, she wouldn’t resist it too hard. She turned off the shower and dried off then stood before the mirror, still toweling her hair. She wrapped the towel around her waist, leaving her succulent tits exposed, then brushed her hair in front of the mirror. Her tits were bouncing occasionally as she was brushing so it was difficult to resist stepping up behind her and fondling them but somehow I managed. When she was done, she hung up the towel and headed naked into her bedroom. She pulled what looked like a nightgown from a dresser drawer then reached way in the back of that drawer and pulled out what ended up being a dildo. This was going to be even more fun than I expected.

She set the nightgown on the end of the bed then propped up her pillows against the headboard. She sat on the bed, leaned against the pillows, bent her knees, spread her legs then slipped that dildo into her pussy as she moaned. Initially, I was just watching her fuck herself and thoroughly enjoying the visual but I did end up getting down there close to her pussy and applying my tongue to her clit while getting a taste of her nectar. This seemed to help because she started moaning louder and fucking herself harder. She was raising her ass up off the bed each time she thrust her latex cock into herself and, as I glanced upwards, her tits were bouncing enticingly. She let out a cry as she started cumming and I kept licking her clit, hoping that it would help with the level of pleasure she was feeling. Her body was shaking and she continued fucking herself, experiencing what appeared to be a pretty intense orgasm.

When she’d apparently finished cumming, she went still, sitting on the bed with the dildo still inside her as she was catching her breath. I straightened up and took the opportunity to further admire her naked body even though my cock was already painfully hard. When she had recovered, she slipped the dildo out and just set it aside then reached for her nightgown and pulled it on, hiding her body from my gaze. She grabbed a tablet off of her nightstand and turned it on then started doing what one typically does with a tablet. I was hoping that she’d gradually start to doze and that I just needed to be patient, though I didn’t want her actually falling asleep. I didn’t end up disappointed.

While she was looking at her tablet, she would close her eyes for a bit longer than a blink, then a bit longer the next time. I figured it was now or never or she’d end up really dozing off. I’d had enough time to figure out the best way to appear to her so she’d be more likely to believe it was a dream than that I’d broken into her house and so she’d know right away that it was a sex dream. When she closed her eyes the next time, I not only made myself visible and buck naked but positioned myself with my head down close to her pussy. The hem of her nightgown had slid to around her waist with her knees bent, so her pussy was exposed to me. Before she opened her eyes again but also before she dozed off, I reached up and hit the switch to put her tablet to sleep then ran my tongue along her pussy. I couldn’t see her face because of the tablet but she did moan as I licked her pussy.

“What the hell?” she finally mumbled when she opened her eyes and saw that, not only was her tablet asleep, but there was somebody lying there bare-assed with his head between her legs. She moved the tablet aside and, when I made eye contact with her, she didn’t seem shocked so much as confused and maybe a bit groggy. I continued lapping at her pussy and she ended up parting her legs a bit to make it easier for me.

“What’s going on?” she asked, “Why are you here?”

“Because your subconscious knows, Patti,” I replied, “that you shouldn’t have to be responsible for your own orgasms.”

I then put my tongue to work on her clit while slipping a finger into her hot, wet pussy. She moaned and set her tablet aside so I guess she was good with where this was going, whether she was convinced it was a dream or not. With her legs spread, giving me easier access, I was savoring the opportunity to devour her pussy. Even if she suddenly freaked out and I had to disappear, I wouldn’t have called the events thus far a loss. Fortunately, she instead seemed to really be getting into it so I kept up what I was doing, intent on bringing her to another orgasm. Obviously I was only partially responsible for the first and was only a witness to the second so this one was all on me and I wanted her to feel a great amount of intense pleasure while I was reveling in the opportunity to have my face between her thighs at the same time.

Her moaning was becoming continuous as she was rocking her hips toward kaçak iddaa my face, clearly not feeling any reservations about what was happening. I could feel her pussy becoming wetter and more engorged around my pumping finger so I definitely wanted to sink my cock into her once she’d had an orgasm. It was feeling like that was a distinct possibility so, naturally, I was pleased that this approach seemed to be working out again. She ended up grabbing my head and forcing her pussy toward my face as I licked and sucked her clit while still sliding my finger in and out of her pussy. When she started tensing up and her moaning was becoming more like intermittent gasping, I suspected that she was on the verge of cumming.

She went completely silent for a moment, then her entire body relaxed and started shaking while she let out a cry of pleasure. I continued to devour her as she was riding out an orgasm that appeared to be at least as pleasurable as the two she’d experienced earlier. If her subconscious was telling her that she needn’t be responsible for her own orgasms, it had better be providing at least the same level of quality. Based on how long her orgasm went on and the sounds that accompanied it, I felt like I was probably safe. When she finally went still and quiet, I raised my head but I didn’t want to give her too much opportunity to start wondering, so I straightened up in front of her with my rigid cock sticking straight out. Her eyes went wide and she reached for it so I gave her a moment to stroke it before I started to raise her nightgown up.

She released my cock and raised her arms so I removed her nightgown and tossed it aside while gazing at her succulent breasts. Sitting there naked, she caressed my cock again then leaned forward and licked the head. I would have been perfectly content to slip my cock into her mouth, but there were a few more things I wanted to do first so, after a moment, I flopped onto my back next to her. She didn’t waste any time in getting to her knees and straddling me. I was just staring at her body looming over me as she guided my cock to her pussy and lowered herself onto it. We both moaned as her hot pussy engulfed my cock and she just sat there for a moment before starting to move slowly up and down. I reached up to caress her tits, amazed to actually feel them in my hands without having to do it surreptitiously. They felt as outstanding as they looked and they looked even more impressive bare than they ever had covered up. In fact, seeing her entire body uncovered just reassured me that attempting this had all been worth it.

I was obviously savoring the feel of her hot pussy sliding up and down my cock along with the opportunity to fondle her tits and admire her naked body. It was still amazing to me that this was actually working and I was appreciating every little detail about it. Even though my second attempt was turning out to be as successful as my first had been, I wasn’t going to take it for granted that each subsequent attempt would be a success. I wasn’t even sure that I’d be able to make a repeat performance work so, while I was sure I could see both Megan and Patti naked again, there was no guarantee that I’d have another opportunity to fuck either of them. Given that, and that I might not successfully pull off another fake dream with someone else, I was absolutely appreciating everything about this experience. Not that I typically didn’t appreciate a sexy woman riding my cock while I fondled her tits, but this was just a little bit different.

Once she started riding me harder, and her tits were bouncing, I moved my hands around to caress her ass while watching her tits. She was moaning nearly continuously by this point and it was obvious from that, the expression on her face and how much hotter and wetter her pussy was becoming that she was getting close to cumming again. I’m not sure if it was because she had cum not that long ago or if orgasms just came that easy to her, maybe because she was experienced and knew her body well, but I was glad that she was feeling so much pleasure and she was going to cum again before I did. I was pushing up into her, partly to try to provide more pleasure to both of us and partly just to make her tits bounce even more. Finally, she dropped down hard and just sat there quietly for a moment then let out a cry as her body started shaking. I just lay there, my gaze alternating between the expression of passion on her face, her succulent tits and her trim bush. Her orgasm was long and appeared to be quite intense so I was happy to have helped to provide that but I also needed to figure out how to parlay that into future dream visits.

Once she’d finished cumming, she sat there on my cock for a moment, breathing hard. When she’d apparently caught her breath enough, she leaned down and kissed me. I was still caressing her ass as we progressed to making out but I didn’t start pushing up into her again nor did she resume riding kaçak bahis my cock. I ended up rolling her onto her back, my cock still embedded inside her as I supported myself over her, and we continued to make out. I did go back to slowly fucking her but only briefly. As much as I was enjoying her tongue exploring my mouth while mine explored hers, there was definitely still something else I needed to do. It wasn’t easy to bring myself to slip my cock out of her with it feeling so outstanding but I finally managed to before I was too close to cumming. I moved up and straddled her, laying my cock between her tits then squeezing them against it. She watched my cockhead disappear and reappear as I started to fuck her tits.

The soft, smooth flesh felt outstanding against my throbbing cock as I slid it between them so I was immediately glad that I’d made this move. My attention was still on her tits and, as I was holding them against my cock, I was also caressing her hard nipples as well as just generally admiring them. I did glance up at her face occasionally and, when she wasn’t still watching my cockhead, we’d share a smile. Given that she wasn’t really getting much in the way of stimulation with this, she still seemed very into it, which was good because she could have been trying to wake herself up before she ended up with a load of cum on her chest. Little did she know, however, that I wasn’t planning to spew there.

I fucked her tits long enough to sufficiently enjoy the experience but, as my orgasm was building and I was getting closer to cumming, I released her tits and moved forward, guiding my cock toward her mouth. She grasped the base and, while gently pumping it, wrapped her lips around my cock and inhaled it. I moaned as my cock slid into her mouth and she started sucking it, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it for as long as I would have liked. She immediately showed her talent as a cocksucker and my orgasm was building even more quickly than when I’d been fucking her tits. If I hadn’t already been thinking that I’d need to figure out how to get with her again, this definitely would have convinced me. There was no doubt that I’d need another opportunity to enjoy her cocksucking for longer but trying to hang around to do it that night would be risky. I had a feeling that I could make it work and provide her with even more pleasure, as well.

My cock was swelling even more as I got closer to blowing my load but she was unaffected and continued to expertly suck me off. The pleasure I was feeling was off the charts and, when I finally started to spew, it was unbelievable. She swallowed my load and continued sucking me off, as though she wasn’t quite ready to quit yet. When I was completely spent and starting to soften, I moved back so that my cock slipped out of her mouth then lay beside her.

“This is probably the most vivid dream I’ve ever had,” she said.

“Hopefully you don’t forget it by morning,” I replied.

“I’m not sure I get it, though,” she continued, “What is my subconscious trying to tell me?”

“Well, if this was just a dream about sex,” I explained, “I would probably be someone that you really lust after but you don’t lust after me.”

“Well…” she was going to try to be diplomatic.

“No, it’s okay,” I stopped her, “I’m not really me so you’re not going to hurt my feelings but how do you think the real me feels about you?”

“You’re always nice and helpful,” she replied, “You’ve never come on to me or made a pass at me but I think that you might have a little bit of a crush.”

“So I’m acting just as the real me probably would if given the opportunity,” I went on, “attentive, giving, generous. There must be some reason why it’s me and not somebody else.”

“As you said, if it was anyone else, it would just be about sex,” she said, “but you’re reminding me that I’m desirable to other people aside from Dave. My subconscious is trying to boost my self-esteem.”

“Not bad for somebody sound asleep and dreaming,” I replied.

“This is the craziest dream ever,” she said, “but I wouldn’t mind having it every night.”

“Well, there may be some way to inspire that,” I said, “What was it that made you think I might have a little crush?”

“You’ve always flirted just a little, nothing overzealous,” she replied, “but that one barbecue for Dave’s birthday when I was wearing my purple sundress. I think I caught you checking me out a few times. Not leering, just admiring.”

“So tomorrow night, take out the purple sundress before you go to bed and see if it triggers your subconscious again,” I suggested, knowing that I’d be showing up again.

She liked the idea but, as we were lying there, she was starting to fade so, before she fell asleep for real, I helped her back into her nightgown. I stayed with her until her eyes closed and she was breathing steadily then positioned her tablet and dildo to make it appear as though she had just dozed off and had dreamed the entire encounter. I was really looking forward to the following night as I returned to my body and recounted what had just happened before falling asleep myself.

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