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This story involves dom sub/scenes, humiliation and forced fem. Not your thing, loots of other stories.


I force myself to walk down the corridor and to the elevators. When the door opens there is an older couple in the elevator and I get on and move to the other back corner. The man’s wife is standing a little in front of him and I see him look over at me briefly. Then he looks again, giving me the once over. His stare makes me uncomfortable and makes me look down embarrassed. I wonder what he is thinking. Do I disgust him or does he wish he were alone with me in the elevator right now?

The elevator door opens and we get out. So many people around and I see some of them notice me as I try and see where the bar is. I notice the older men look the longest, even some of them with the wives. I see some of the wife’s looks too and they leave no doubt what they think. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

I finally see the bar and go up the walkway to enter bar area. It looks like bar is filled mainly with businessmen, maybe conventioneers. See several of them notice me but I just keep moving looking for Mr. M. Notice a couple lean over and say something and more heads turn to watch me. I can feel my face getting redder. I finally see you at the bar and move over to you.

‘Hello Sir.’

‘Hello Stevie, don’t you look nice. Please sit down,’ he says motioning to the bar stool next to him and I crawl up onto the stool. ‘Are you nervous Stevie?

‘Yes Sir, I’m very nervous.’

The bartender comes over. ‘Tom, will you bring my new friend a Pink Lady.’ The bartender brings back a creamy pink drink in a cocktail glass. ‘Stevie just loves creamy drinks don’t you?’

The bartender looks at me, a smirk on his face. ‘Yes, thank you,’ I tell him. He leaves.

‘Mike told me this is your first outing as a fem gay man.’

‘Yes Sir, this is so hard for me but I’m trying.’ I keep thinking about how I need to be nice to this guy so he doesn’t tell Mike about not me being shaved.

‘You got a lot of attention when you walked in here Stevie, did you notice?’

‘Yes Sir, I saw a lot of the men looking at me.’

‘I bet you never got near that attention when you were pretending to be a man, did you Stevie?’

Embarrassed to have him talk to me like that but I know what I must do. ‘No Sir, I guess I didn’t.’

‘How’s it make you feel knowing you get more attention as a fem guy than as a man Stevie?’

‘It’s humiliating Sir if you want the truth.’

‘Grab your drink and turn on your stool like I am,’ he says as he spins his stool to where is looking out into the bar.

I do what he says. It’s so embarrassing holding my creamy pink drink as I turn and look towards the people in the chairs. I see several of them start looking at me.

‘Cross your legs like a proper young lady Stevie.’ He smiles as I cross my legs, crossing them like women do. Notice that it exposes my fem sandals and my pink toenails. It’s so embarrassing. ‘Look up Stevie, I’m sure the men want to see how pretty you look. You know, it just doesn’t seem right to call you Stevie, I mean that is rather a masculine name for someone like you. What do you think I should call you Stevie?’

I just sit there looking out at the men and see how they are looking at me not wanting to say it.

‘Tell me your name.’

‘It’s Steffi Sir,’ I say quietly.

‘That does seem much more appropriate and if anyone calls you Stevie tonight, you will tell them you prefer Steffi, understand?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Take a drink Steffi and make sure to get some on your lips. I want you to lick your lips as you look at the men. I’m sure a fem boy like you love teasing men.’

I do as he says and see several of the men watch as I do it. I know they must think I’m such a fag. After I do it he turns back around facing the bar and I turn to join him. The bartender comes over.

‘Another Pink Lady Stevie?

I look at Mr. M and he nods yes. ‘Yes please but would you call me Steffi please?’ I can feel my face getting so red.

‘Sure sweetie, you want anything from me all you have to do is ask,’ he says as he and Mr. M exchange smiles.

‘Steffi, please try not to pick up any guys while I’m sitting right here. I know you love cock but try and control yourself a little.’

‘I was just trying to be nice Sir, I’m sorry if I did something wrong.’

‘It’s ok. I understand how it is with you gay guys.’

I’m wishing I could tell him that this is so much more than I even imagined but know I need him to like me. ‘This is so new to me Sir.’

‘I know and I’m going to help you reach your potential. I brought you a present Steffi to try and help make things easier for you.’

He hand me a small present. When I open it up, I can’t believe what it is. Inside is a black silicone butt plug with three bumps on it, each one getting bigger. It looks to be about 5″ long with the largest bump about an inch and a half in width. I look up at Mr. M not knowing what I should say.

‘I know güvenilir bahis this is all hard for you Steffi but it’s time you stop fighting it and start acting like the fem fag you are. You will take that to the men’s room and insert it in your pussy. There is a small tube of lube in box. When you come back, you will walk, talk and act like a fem fag boy. Do you understand?’

I feel the panic again. How can I do that in a public place like this but know I really don’t have much of a choice. ‘Yes Sir, I understand.’ I pick up the package and go to the men’s room and get in the last stall. I still can’t believe what I got myself into. I had fantasized about things like this but never, ever, thought that I could actually do these things for real. Shaking my head when I realize I’m dressed as a fem fag and here with a stranger I know nothing about and that he expects me to behave like a flaming fag. And that there is nothing I can do about it but obey.

I start to take slacks off and then remember they zip on the side and it just reinforces the feeling that I’m dressed in women’s clothes. I slide them down and see the silky white panties. The smooth look in the front looks strange but kind of like how it looks. I move my hand down and run them over the panties. They feel so soft and silky.

Snapping out of it, I remember what I have to do and pick up the butt plug. It’s made of silicone, black and feels soft and spongy. The first bubble isn’t very big but the last one looks pretty big. I start coating it with the lube till it’s nice and slippery. Reaching down with my other hand, I pull my panties down and bend over and press the plug against my ass. It feels slick and I press it harder forcing the first bubble into my ass. That wasn’t so bad. Brace myself and press again and I feel the resistance and I moan as I press harder till the second bubble finally slides in. I got to be quieter, what if someone heard that but don’t think anyone else is in the men’s room. Trying to hurry up, I start pressing again and feel the last bubble stretching me open. I have to put my hand over my mouth to keep quiet as I press hard till it finally slides in and I feel my ass clench down on it.

Oh God, it feels so big up my ass. Just stay bent over trying to adjust to it then finally start straightening up and the feeling is so intense. It feels like it just pushing the plug deeper and deeper. Finally, able to stand and I pull my panties up making sure I tucked myself back. Pull up the slacks and tuck blouse in and adjust it making sure I leave the collar rolled back showing the long gold chains I have around my neck. Cici told me that was important.

Unlock the door and step out. I have to take small steps as I feel the plug move in me as I walk. The feeling is so strange, so intense. Look up and see myself in the mirror. I can’t believe how gay I look. Still looking when the door opens and a man walks in and see me looking at myself.

‘You look fine, or should I say pretty because you really are a very pretty boy.’

Embarrassed, not making eye contact. ‘Thanks.’ I start to walk out but he moves in front of me stopping me.

‘Where are you going?’

‘I have someone waiting for me at the bar, I have to go, please let me by.’

‘He likes pretty boys too does he?’

‘Yes I guess, will you let me by, please.’ He takes out his wallet and takes a C note out and writes something on it.

‘Here’s my phone number, call me, I will be in town for a few days. There can be many more of these waiting for you pretty boy. Now you be a good little boy and call me, ok?’

Figure I will tell him what he wants to hear and he will let me go. ‘Ok, I will call you.’ Look at the hundred, ‘Thanks.’ He moves aside and lets me by and I start to walk out and am suddenly reminded of the butt plug and immediately slow down, taking smaller steps. The plug feels so big and can feel it move when I take a step. Remembering what you said I try to force myself to swish my ass a little as I walk away from him. I look back and he is holding up what looks like ten one hundred dollar bills.

‘Call me sweetie.’

I walk out into the bar trying to walk a little more feminine. Feels so strange but I see you smile at me as I walk up to you. Someone is sitting in my seat, thought you would save it for me, oh well. He spreads his knees and I move between them a little facing him and the bar.

‘That was better Steffi. Your walk should make every man in here want to fuck you. You do have such a cute ass. You wouldn’t believe how many men are looking at it right now. Put your hand on your hip and stick it out a little for them, my little tease.’

I do as he says and the way I’m standing feels so strange. I know I have to look like a really gay guy standing like this. I’m just glad that I don’t have to see the looks that I must be getting.

The bartender comes over with another drink. I don’t realize this one has a Viagra pill and a tab of Exstacy ground up in it. When I thank him I try to sound more fem but think it just türkçe bahis sounds like I’m gay. I see Mr. M smile at me when he hears the way I thanked the bartender. I take a big drink.

‘Move closer Steffi,’ he tells me and I feel his hand go to my waist. ‘How’s your pussy feel Steffi?’

‘Full Sir, it is pretty big.’

‘Maybe I should reach down there and try to adjust it a little for you. Would you like that?’

‘Please don’t Sir, I feels fine. It really does.’ I can’t imagine him doing that to me out here but really don’t know the guy at all or what he might do.

‘You like it don’t you Steffi? You like having your pussy filled don’t you. Mike tells me you haven’t been fucked yet. I bet you can’t wait.’

Embarrassed when he talks to me like that but know I have to go along with him. ‘Yes I like the way it feels Sir. I haven’t been fucked Sir and I’m kind of scared that it might be very painful.’

‘Maybe at first but it doesn’t take long for boys like you to start begging for it deeper and harder. I guess you guys just need to give it up to real men. Now take your drink and turn around, the men want to see you again.’

I turn around and see that a look of the men were looking at me, some look away trying not to be too obvious while others just act like they don’t care if I find their stares uncomfortable or not. Feel you pull me back against you, feel your hands on my hips.

‘Tell me why you took so long in the men’s room Steffi,’ he whispers in my ear, his breath hot in my ear.

‘Sir, I man came in there and wouldn’t let me leave at first then he finally did.’

‘What did he want Steffi?’

‘I think he wanted me to go with him. He gave me a phone number and wants me to call him. I told him I would just so he would let me go.’

‘Let me see it Steffi.’

I take the hundred dollar bill out of slacks pocket and hand it back to him.

‘You really shouldn’t lie to men Steffi. That is not acceptable. You will call this man before he leaves, I will make sure of that. You fag boys must learn how to behave properly.’ He hands the bill back to me. ‘Hold it out in front of you and read me the phone number Steffi.’

I realize it looks like he just gave me a hundred dollars. I bet all the men think he is paying me to meet him. I read the number out to him and he tells me to put it away.

‘Do you think it is right to take a hundred from this man and not do anything to show him your appreciation?’

‘No, I guess not.’

‘I don’t think it is right either. It’s time to go, get up and take my hand and lead me from the bar and I better see some swish in that ass. Make ever man here want your sweet ass baby.’

I realize he wants it to look like I’m a whore dragging you to your room. I get up and do as you say, actually exaggerating my swish a little and almost smile when I see the looks on their faces. I know they want to fuck me. See the look you give me and know you know what I’m thinking. Once we are away from the bar, he lets loose of my hand and we head to the main entryway and he has a limousine waiting for us and we get in and drive away.

‘You enjoyed that didn’t you, you little cock teaser?’ he says as we drive away.

‘I was so scared to have to come to the bar dressed like that Sir and it felt so strange having the men look at me like they did. I was so surprised that so many men react like they did to a really fem looking guy.’

‘Yes, I bet I could have gotten a good price for you in there. I just love silent auctions and you really won’t believe what some men offer to spend time with a fem boy like you. Of course, anything goes. For what they pay, they really expect few restrictions.’

I know what silent auctions are. I have ran across them in some of the stories I have read. Men write their name and their bid on a slip and submits it to try and buy whoever is being auctioned and the highest bid buys them for a certain time period, usually just a night but sometimes can be for a weekend. It sounds like this guy has done the silent auction thing before. Try to imagine what it would be like, knowing you are going somewhere and be sold to a stranger. To have to just stand there and know you are being sold to a stranger would be so weird. Realize my body is feeling so hot and I feel a little light headed, not aware the drugs are starting to affect me. Look up and see you just staring at me.

‘How do you feel Steffi?’

Feel a rush pass through my body and shiver from it. ‘I’m feeling ok Sir but it still seems so strange to be dressed like this.’

‘Slide over next to me Steffi.’ He can see the look in my eyes. The start of the feelings of the ecstasy, making my mind rush, a little confusion but a feeling of being relaxed and the Viagra has my body feeling hot and I feel stirrings in my little cock. I slide over next to him and he takes my hand in his. ‘You like it don’t you Steffi? You like being dressed like a fem man. I saw the way you looked when you saw all the men looking at you.’

‘I have thought about güvenilir bahis siteleri it so much Sir but I never imagined I would do anything like I have done recently. I have to admit that I do kind of like it. It’s very embarrassing to do it but when I think back on things I have done, all it does it excite me.’

‘I know Steffi, boys like you can’t help it. You really are more like a little fem bitch than a man. I know what boys like you need and it’s my responsibility to help you accept what you really are. Now I want you to move in front of me, put your arms around my neck and ask me to help you.’ It’s embarrassing to be spoken about in that manner but also realize what he is saying is probably true. I move around till I’m kneeling on the seat facing you. My whole body tingling. Your legs between my knees making me spread my knees wide, one knee on each side of your legs. I put my arms around your neck and look at you. ‘Will you help me Sir, please?’ I feel so pliable, having trouble concentrating. The music sounds so good. The way I’m straddling his lap feels so strange.

‘Ask me again Steffi and this time I want you to forget you are a man. I don’t want to talk to Stevie, I want this to be between Steffi and myself. Now ask me again and I know Steffi knows she needs my help and needs to try harder.’

My mind racing, my body feels so alive. I think about what he is saying and imagine what it would be like if I was really Steffi. How that would be so hot. I look at him and know that I want that. In a voice that sounds so much better than my previous attempts, I beg him. ‘Please Sir, please help me.’

‘Tell me who you are.’

I feel so good, so relaxed. ‘I’m Steffi, Sir.’ He lifts my chin making me you look at him.

‘You are so pretty Steffi, I bet your kiss is so sweet.’ He can see that I’m flying now.

His hand caresses one of my cheeks and I close my eyes and press back for more of his touch. I look at him and just lean forward and kiss him. My tongue licks his lips lightly. I feel him open his lips and I slide my tongue into his mouth. I try to kiss him like I imagine a girl would kiss him, trying to make it soft and sensual.

We break the kiss. ‘You sure that is what you want Steffi?’

Flying high, my body feels so good as I sit on his lap. My eyes closed as I feel his hands on my ass cheeks, lightly running over the thin material. It feels so sexy and I can’t keep the smile off my face. ‘Yes Sir, please.’

‘Will you obey Steffi?’

‘Yes Sir, I will obey.’ His hand moves to my crotch and he can feel my cock and balls through the thin material and he suddenly grasps them tightly in his fist.

‘This is your last chance to go home tonight Steffi.’

He squeezes my cock and balls tighter. It really hurts. Up high on my knees trying to relieve the pain but doesn’t help and then he squeezes even hard making me cry out. I can’t get away and feel him jerk my cock and balls down hard, forcing me more onto his lap.

‘Look at me Steffi,’ he tells me as he continues squeezing my balls, making sure it hurts. ‘Do you still want my help?’

Oh god it really hurts but I don’t want him to take me home. ‘Yes, yes, I want you to help me please Sir.’ The tears are running down my cheeks. His hand releases my cock and balls but they still hurt. I reach down and rub my sore balls.

‘Good girl, I just need to know this is what you really want. One more thing, if you ever rub your sore balls again like you just did, you will regret it more than I can express. You deal with the pain.’

My mind so confused. What did I just agree to? He helps me off his lap, and as I turn around, we are going through some private gates and up a long path to what has to be classified as a mansion. See several limos parked in the circle around the fountains. He leans over, ‘Steffi you are expected to behave totally fem, if I see any sign of Stevie, they have several rooms here where we can deal with this. Do you understand? You will walk, you will talk and you will be as feminine as you can. I don’t like being disappointed.’

He was so nice, but the way he hurt my balls, I realize that he also shares the same interests as Mike and know that if he doesn’t like my behavior, it’s not going to be a good thing. A cute young boy in a tight white shirt dress shirt and bowtie opens the door and offers his hand and he helps me out. As Mr. M comes around I look over at the boy again and notice his tight black pants then suddenly realize his cock and balls are exposed. The tight pants hold them out like they are on display. I can’t help but see that he has a really small cock. It has to be embarrassing to him to have others know how small he is. Then I then feel Mr. M’s hand on my arm.

‘See something you like Steffi?’

Realize that I was staring. The boy turns and heads up the sidewalk and when he turns his bare ass is on display. It’s a bright red and I know there is only one way an ass gets that red. The boy doesn’t say anything and always keeps his eyes down.

‘Cute little sweetie isn’t he? He’s also has such a sweet ass. Asses like that need to be kept as red as possible. Boy, stop, come here.’ The young kid turns around and comes back and kneels down in front of you. ‘Boy, tell my date about yourself.’

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