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Lindsay jumped when she heard the knocking at the door. It was saturday morning, early, and she was wearing her dark navy Michigan Wolverines sweater and a pair of lacy white panties. She’d been watching the game, the Wolverines playing against some team she’d never heard of, and was getting excited watching all those guys in tight football pants.

She’d let her hand drift down to her legs sometime in the first quarter without realizing what she was doing, and before long she let her fingers slide underneath the band of her panties and she was rubbing the outside of her pussy.

She was just getting into the groove when someone started pounding on her door.

Lindsay lived in a dorm room near the middle of campus, and most of her neighbors were gone, so she was wondering who it could possibly be. Living in an all girl’s dorm though she didn’t bother putting her pants on, or even looking for any, she just got up, sniffed her fingers to make sure they didn’t smell, and went to the door.

Opening the door she found a gorgeous blonde bombshell, Jess, the girl that lived across the hall, standing in her doorway.

Jess was a knockout, her body looked more like it was sculpted than anything else, and she was dressed in a pair of running shoes, a pair of black biker shorts that would have to be peeled off, and a pink sports bra that showed off her sizeable c-cup tits. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

“Listen, I’ve had…well, I’ve had quite a day.”

“Everything all right?” Lindsay asked. Then realized they were still standing in the doorway. “Come in. Do you want a drink? I think I have some sodas.”

“That would be awesome.” Jess reached out and put her hand on Lindsay’s arm. Jess looked in her eyes and said, “I really just need someone to talk to.”

Something about that look made Lindsay think she wanted to do something more than say talk.

“It’s no problem.” Lindsay said.

“I shouldn’t bother you. You’re watching the game..”

“You don’t have to go. I was just about to watch a movie.”

Jess looked over at the couch and then back to Lindsay.


“Come sit down.” Lindsay said. “Really.”

Lindsay went over and sat on the couch, and patted the seat next to her. She held out one of the sodas and Jess only took a second to think before sitting down next to her and taking the cold can.

“Thanks.” Jess said. “You’re very sweet, you know it?”

“Thanks.” Lindsay said. “Why don’t you tell me what happened today? What’s going on?”

“Ugh.” Jess said. “I had a bad breakup.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I mean, I’ve broken up with people, I’ve been broken up with before…this was different. It was like a fist fight, only with words.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I’m glad it’s over.” Jess said. “Very glad.”

Lindsay wasn’t sure if that was supposed to mean something significant or not, but Jess was smiling at her as she said it. She took a sip of her soda and leaned back into the arm of the couch, turned slightly so she could look at the beautiful blonde girl sitting next to her.

Lindsay’s hair had always been a chestnut brown, and she liked to keep it shoulder length so it was girly, but not too long to manage. She was staring at Jess’s blonde hair now, wondering what it was like to have so much of it. If she undid her ponytail Jess’s hair would have gone all the way down to her…

Lindsay turned towards the TV, willing herself not to look at Jess’s ass.

“What?” Jess said.


“Were you about to say something?”

Lindsay shook her head.

“Are you sure?”

“No. I mean, yes, I’m sure. No, I wasn’t about to say anything.”

“Did I do something?” Jess asked.

“What?” Lindsay turned to look at her. “No! Of course not.”

“Oh. It’s just, you know, today. I feel like I’ve been doing and saying all the wrong things.”

“No, it’s not you.” Lindsay said.

“What is it?”

“I just…I don’t really know you that well.”

“Oh.” Jess casino oyna looked crestfallen. “Do you want me to go?”

“Not at all.” Lindsay said. “In fact, I think I’d like to get to know you. A lot better.” Lindsay wasn’t sure why she’d tacked on ‘a lot better’ to the end of that statement, but it had an even better effect than she could have hoped.

“I’d like to get to know you better, too.” Jess said, and she turned her body, leaned into Lindsay and kissed her, gently, on the lips. Jess tilted her head and looked into Lindsay’s eyes. She said, “Was that ok?”

“Better than ok.” Lindsay said.

Jess leaned forward again and kissed her even harder. Jess let her tongue part Lindsay’s lips and Lindsay sat back and enjoyed it, the hot blonde girl’s tongue racing around the inside of her mouth, moving like it was searching for something, pushing her own tongue back and forth, up and down. Jess was an exceptional kisser, and Lindsay let her body relax, feeling the other girl move to get more comfortable.

Jess leaned back and said, “That was nice.”

“It was.”

“I’d like to do that again.”

“Oh, God yes.” Lindsay said. “Please.”

Jess took Lindsay’s hand and turned her so that her right leg was against the back of the couch and her left leg was still on the floor. Jess crawled in between Lindsay’s legs and arched her back so that her face was a few inches away from Lindsay’s breasts. Jess looked up into Lindsay’s eyes and licked Lindsay’s t-shirt. She took part of the shirt between her teeth and tugged at it, like she was going to eat her way through it to get to Lindsay’s breasts.

Lindsay put her hands on Jess’s face and pulled her forwards, putting her mouth on Jess’s she returned the kiss from earlier, this time letting her tongue explore Jess’s mouth. Jess was warm, and smelled mostly of stale sweat, but her mouth was minty and fresh like she’d brushed her teeth or was chewing gum.

Lindsay loved the taste on her tongue and let her mouth linger over Jess’s, not willing to stop kissing her just yet. She let her tongue dart out and over the blonde girl’s teeth, feeling them with her tongue was strange and exciting, like rubbing her tongue across the teeth of a comb. Jess took a sharp breath and let her eyes slowly open to look into Lindsay’s.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful.” Jess said.

“You’re kidding, right? Could you be any more attractive?”

“You like?” Jess asked her. She let a sly grin spread across her face.

Lindsay nodded. “Uh-huh.” She said, enthusiastic and horny.

Jess stepped back off the couch and looked down at Lindsay, sitting there smiling. She twirled around to let Lindsay get the full effect. The black spandex barely covered her ass, and Lindsay could see the crack of Jess’s butt cheeks peeking out the top.

“You want to see more?”

Lindsay nodded again.

“Which first? Top or bottom?”

Lindsay had to think for a minute before deciding. “Top.” She said, finally. “I want to see if those tits of your look as good as I think they do.”

“Oh, you like my tits?” Jess asked.

“I do.”

“Well, let’s not waste any more time.”

Jess reached up with both hands, crossing them over her chest and pulling her pink sportsbra up over her head. Her tits sprang out like something from a porn movie, bouncing gently across her chest as they were freed from their cotton prison.

They were even better than Lindsay thought they’d be. Firm and round, they were like perfect circles, the size of small melons. Jess’s nipples were hard, sticking out like she was walking through the freezer section of a grocery store.

Jess turned left and right, letting Lindsay see them from both sides. Then started posing like a model, putting her hands on her hips, putting a finger to her mouth and letting her eyes roll up like she was one of those girls in a picture that’s supposed to look like she’s thinking about something difficult.

“What do you think?” Jess asked.



“Come here.” Lindsay canlı casino put her hand up and beckoned Jess closer with one finger. Jess knelt down so Lindsay could put her hand on one of her breasts.

“Mm…” Jess moaned.

“God, they’re perfect.”

Lindsay let her hand slide down and rubbed it over Jess’s abs. They were hard as steel, and felt tight. Jess giggled when Lindsay got to her belly button.


“A little.” Jess admitted. “I like it, though.”

Lindsay put her arms around Jess and pulled her close, letting her lips settle on Jess’s left nipple. She let her tongue roll softly around the tip, teasing it. She gave a soft tug with her lips, sucking on Jess’s titty like a baby kitten feeding.

Jess said, “Oh, that’s nice.”

Lindsay sucked a little harder, trying to take in as much of Jess’s breast as she could, her mouth watering. She pulled back and licked her way across to Jess’s other breast, licking the nipple and then sucking on it as well.

“It’s only fair.” She said, smiling. “Gotta give them both some love.”

Jess giggled and pulled back, standing up in front of Lindsay. She said, “Ok, your turn.”

“My turn for what?”

Jess reached out her hand and Lindsay took it. Jess pulled her up off the couch so they were standing, facing each other, and Lindsay couldn’t resist, she leaned in for another soft, wet kiss. When she pulled back Jess put her arms around her and turned her so that Jess could fall back on the couch, looking up now at Lindsay.

Jess said, “Ok, twirl.”

Lindsay rolled her eyes and smiled. She turned around so Jess could get a good look at her.

“Ok, I think I’m going to go bottom.” Jess said, looking at Lindsay’s sweats.


“My turn to pick. I pick bottom. Go on! Take them off.”

Lindsay stuck her hands into her sweats and pulled up the string, untying the knot and then slipped the sweats off her hips and let them drop to the floor.

“Ooh.” Jess said. “No panties.”

“No.” Lindsay shook her head.

“I like it.”

Lindsay’s pussy wasn’t completely shaved, but it was trimmed. Her auburn colored bush matched her hair, and was glistening from the wetness of her pussy.

Jess sat up on the edge of the couch and pulled Lindsay closer so that she was only a few inches away. Jess’s mouth was watering and she licked her lips. She leaned her head forward and sniffed Lindsay’s pussy.

“God I love that smell.”


Lindsay put her hand on top of Jess’s head and pulled her forward, just a little and she almost lost her balance when Jess’s tongue darted forward, spreading Lindsay’s pussy lips and gave her a soft tongue lashing. Lindsay opened her mouth and moaned, her head rolling back and she closed her eyes and tried to keep from falling.

Finally Jess leaned back a little and put her hands on Lindsay’s hips.

“Turn for me.” Jess said.

Lindsay turned around again, slowly, and Jess stopped her when she was facing the other direction.

Jess was fascinated by Lindsay’s ass. She thought it was the most gorgeous thing she’d ever seen. Pale, but tight, and creamy. It looked soft and inviting and she couldn’t help herself, she stuck her face between Lindsay’s buttcheeks and let her tongue explore around in the darkness. Lindsay leaned forward and had to put her hands on her knees to keep from falling on her face.

Jess used the opportunity to spread Lindsay’s cheeks with her hands, and pushed her face forward so she could let her tongue dart up Lindsay’s ass.

Lindsay moaned with the pleasure of it and said, “Oh, God. I’m gonna fall over.”

Jess backed off and said, “Don’t do that.”

She pulled Lindsay down so that she was sitting on Jess’s lap and turned so they could kiss some more. The topless blonde with her big tits and the bottomless brunette with her perfect ass.

Lindsay put her hand on Jess’s tits while they kissed and Jess rubbed her fingers over Lindsay’s thighs. After a while Jess was too horny to wait and said, kaçak casino “Let’s do this..”

Jess laid Lindsay down softly, letting her get comfortable and then spread Lindsay’s knees apart so she could crawl between them, letting her head come to rest with her face in Lindsay’s cunt.

She licked gently at first, slow, wet licks that caused Lindsay to rock up and down with the ecstasy of it. She felt the tingling that meant she’d cum soon start up in her loins, and rode the wave, letting all her orgasmic bliss flow into Jess’s face.

Jess never stopped licking, and in fact increased her speed and pressure, using her tongue like a vibrator, running it over Lindsay’s clit while Lindsay moaned above her, still bouncing up and down.

Lindsay was saying, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…”

Jess licked between Lindsay’s butt cheeks, wetting her anus in preparation for what she was going to do next. When she felt like it was lubed enough she let her pinky start exploring the little brown hole, and as she pushed forward to get her tongue as deep into Lindsay’s pussy as she could go she pushed her pinky into Lindsay’s ass and heard Lindsay say, “FUCK YES!” in a loud voice.

Lindsay froze for a second and Jess looked up to see her looking down at her. Lindsay said, “Shit. Do you think anyone heard that?”

“I don’t think anyone’s in the dorm.” Jess said.

“Shit. I didn’t meant to be so loud.”

“Who cares?” Jess said.

Lindsay just looked at her. “Yeah. You’re right. Who cares?”

“That’s the spirit.”

“I’m getting fucked and I love it!” Lindsay said, very loud.

Jess giggled. “Me too!” She added.

They both giggled.

“Your turn.” Lindsay said.

“For what?”

Lindsay got up off the couch and pulled Jess up with her. Lindsay sat back down in front of Jess and took hold of the black spandex shorts with both thumbs. She looked up at Jess’s face and pulled down, bringing the shorts down to Jess’s knees.

“No panties.” Lindsay said.


“I like it.”

Jess’s pussy was completely shaved, bald as an eagle. Lindsay pulled Jess forward and put her mouth over Jess’s cunt. She let her tongue drift in and out of Jess’s pussy, and she looked up at one point to see Jess with her eyes closed, enjoying every second of it.

Lindsay pulled the shorts all the way off and angled her so that she was laying on the couch, on her back, her perfect tits staring back at Lindsay.

Lindsay said, “I can’t do this with the two of them looking at me.” She smiled. “Turn over.”

“Turn over?”

Lindsay nodded.

Jess smiled back at her and turned herself so that she was on her hands and knees on the couch, her tight, tanned butt right in Lindsay’s face. Lindsay didn’t waste anytime, leaning forward and letting her tongue run up and down the length of Jess’s ass crack. She let her tongue go up and down both sides, sliding across Jess’s asshole every time, until Jess started moaning in ecstasy.

Lindsay pulled Jess’s butt cheeks apart and let her tongue slide into Jess’s anus, leaving it there, resting inside her asshole while she used the tip to lick up and down, up and down. She brought her hands up to Jess’s pussy and put two fingers inside it, sliding them in and out, slowly at first, but building up speed as she caught on to the rhythm of Jess’s breathing.

After a few minutes Jess was cumming, making a tremendous amount of noise, breathing hard, going “Unh..unh..unh..unh..oh..God..yes..don’t..stop..unh..unh..unh..unh..”

When she finally climaxed Jess fell forward onto the arm of the couch, her ass tightening so much that Lindsay had to pull back and slip her fingers out of Jess’s pussy.

Jess sat there for a few seconds, trying to catch her breath before turning around on the couch and saying, “Holy fuck, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”


“Fuck yes!”

Lindsay giggled.

“Good. I’m glad. You deserve it after your day.”

Jess shook her head. “Fuck, how did I let you sit right across the hall from me all semester? We could have been doing this for months.”

Lindsay shook her head. “We didn’t know each other.”

“We didn’t know each other yesterday either, but look at us now!”

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