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Jen was so sick of men, after the last breakup she was just about ready to throw in her dating towel. Why did they have to be so difficult? Her last relationship lasted 4 long years, and they broke up right before her freshman year of college. What a waste of high school dating time, Jen thought. Four years entirely down the drain, how many dates that equaled was depressing to even think about.

Jen was going to college now though, and that meant an endless dating pool. Of course there were maybe five or six of her good friends going to college with her at Florida State, not too many, but just enough to where she wouldn’t have to be totally alone her first few nights there. After the initial moving in, and the parents leaving, Jen was finally free to fully explore her campus. She put on a cute little spaghetti strapped tank top and a pair of worn in jeans. She was sexy but comfortable. Jen called up Liz, one of her good friends from high school and they decided to go meet up with a few guys named Gary and Justin, who they knew from their hometown.

Jen and Liz took a gym bag filled with vodka and rum and a six pack of cokes over to the guy’s room and planned for what seemed to be a fun night in with the guys. Gary and Justin weren’t the hottest guys on campus, but they weren’t bad looking either. Gary was a soccer player with a great body and bleached blonde hair, with sky blue eyes. Justin was a grade a slacker with a lean runner’s body and curly messy hair. They were both cute in their own ways. Jen and Liz didn’t plan on hooking up with these guys because Jen just broke up with her boyfriend, and Liz had a boyfriend, beşiktaş masöz escort though he was going to school in Miami.

After arriving at the guy’s room they four friends began looking through old pictures from proms and football games, and talking about the old days. Justin decided this wasn’t exciting enough and decided it was drinking time. A few shots and a lot of laughs later, everybody was pretty buzzed, and the Justin decided to put a porno tape in. The girls didn’t object because alcohol made them horny and a porno sounded like a good idea. The four laughed at how silly the movie was, the acting was terrible, the orgasms were fake and the boobs were ugly, the bad movie mixed with the alcohol equaled a room full of laughter and four horny teenagers. It was getting pretty late, and the girls were too drunk to try and make it back to their dorm alone, so they just decided to spend the night. Liz slept with Gary, who also had a girlfriend, so he was semi safe. Jen however slept with Justin who was single and as horny as she was.

As they lay down, finally settling down after laughing and cracking jokes, Justin began to talk to Jen about her break up. She told him the whole story and he sat and listened while rubbing his hands through her hair. Jen loved to have her hair played with and began to feel the effects in her thongs. She was sleeping only in her tank top and thongs and knew this could possibly lead to trouble. She didn’t care though, she had no worries tonight and she was up for anything. Justin continued playing in Jen’s hair long after her story beşiktaş otele gelen escort and slowly began to massage her neck and back. Jen loved the attention that Justin and so did her body, she could feel her nipples begin to harden and she reached up to feel them. Just the touch of a hand on her breast filled her with pleasure and she let out a soft moan. Her reaction definitely didn’t go unnoticed by Justin because he reacted by flipping her over and meeting her lips with his. They kissed passionately as Jen continued to massage her aching breasts. Her nipples were so hard it almost hurt to touch them, but the pain was pleasure and she continued each touch rougher than the last. Justin delivered kisses down Jen’s neck and along her neck and collarbone. She was wetter than she had been in a long time and she was almost sure that even Gary and Liz could smell the sex in the room, however if the did they didn’t appear to. Jen grabbed Justin’s head and placed his mouth right over her left breast where he sucked quite to her delight. He rotated from left to right sending Jen into overdrive and she could hardly keep quiet. She squirmed and breathed harder wanted and needing to be fucked and soon. She couldn’t wait any longer and she moved a hand down to her sweet opening. Her juices were flowing so freely that her thongs were soaked and she could probably ring them out. Jen swiftly moved the thongs to the side for easy access and began to finger herself. The feel of Justin’s tongue caressing her nipples and her own hands teasing her clit was starting to get to Jen and she could beşiktaş rus escort almost feel herself cumming, so she stopped. She pulled Justin up and said in a whisper “fuck me, now.”

Justin wasted no time in fulfilling her request and he pulled his boxers down to unleash his bulging 9 inch cock almost purple at the head from passion waiting to be released. He placed his head right at Jen’s hot opening and slowly began to enter. She was tight but he continued the journey inward, slow and first but then quicker. Justin moved in and out of Jen slowly the quickly, every time she came close to cumming he slowed down to keep her waiting. Jen was almost mad with anticipation and she wanted, needed to cum, and soon. Justin soon began to steadily move faster and faster in and out of Jen pound her hard and fast with his balls slapping hard up against her ass, he moved a hand down to tease her clit and he could feel her heat. Her body was hot and well lubricated and he slid in and out of her easily. In an instant Jen was thrusting and bucking wildly in motion with Justin she was so close and then there it was, finally Jen let out a loud long moan and her pussy squeezed Justin’s cock so tight that he began to cum as well. Her pussy squeezed and released and felt so good on Justin’s dick that he began to fill her to the brim. Cum dripping out of Jen and the both of them still fucking away Jen started to cum again, and again, Justin kept squirting, it seemed as if he would never stop. It felt so good for his cock to pound in an out so hard and so fast and his hand on Jen’s clit was almost too much and Jen just kept pouring juices out of her sweet pussy. Finally the two began to come down off their high of ecstasy and they began to kiss passionately. Justin’s dick now limp and sticky from the mix of their juices and Jen’s pussy aching from being stretched and pounded was pure utopia for the two, what a night. But had Gary and Liz heard? How could they not have?? Find out next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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