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Stop looking at her tits! So what that they look absolutely perfect – deliciously more than a handful. And firmness is so over-rated these days; just look at that gentle undulating bounce when she moves.

Ignore her nipples fool! Yes I know they look harder than when we first arrived. The way those bullets cast shadows you could tell time, like now – half past time to suck on those little pebbles.

Hey! Hey! Idiot! Try to pay attention to what her husband is saying!

“Naturally, we went all stainless with the appliances – you couldn’t guess how much this cooking set-up cost – a commercial grade Viking stove alone costs … BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH!”

Gerald “Jerry” (yes that’s Gerald with a “G” and Jerry with a “J”) Macy nodded his head at all the appropriate moments as his host and relatively new neighbor Leonard Johnson droned on and on about the extensive kitchen remodel he and his wife Joyce had just completed. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the Johnson’s – they were good neighbors; even better than simply good neighbors – they were good quiet neighbors. It was just that the Johnson’s always seemed to have something interesting going on. Joyce Johnson had a lot going on – damn if she didn’t have one of the finest asses he had seen in – STOP, STOP THAT NOW!

Jerry sighed to himself, it wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the Johnson’s kitchen remodel – they’d done a nice enough job – it was Sally’s, his wife, reaction to it. There was a look of pure lust directed at appliances, floor coverings and countertops; a look that Jerry hadn’t experience in far too long a time. But what was even worse, what threatened Jerry’s peace of mind and sense of well-being was that his long cherished plan to buy a fully-equipped bass boat was slowly drifting away as he mentally calculated the cost of satisfying his wife’s undisguised domestic desire.

“I see you got a new back door, are you planning on landscaping the side yard?” Jerry pointed at the new beveled glass portal hoping to change the subject from expensive kitchen remodels to cheap gardening solutions. “The Preston’s had talked about putting in a hot tub…”

Thank God the Preston’s had finally moved! Talk about loud, obnoxious, and dangerously overweight. If those two weren’t screaming at each other, they had their TV blaring at all hours, or that crappy music turned up way too loud. The thought of the Preston’s bobbing around in a hot tub was ludicrous (the thought of them doing it sans clothing was repulsive!) But the thought of Joyce Johnson sans clothes, in a hot tub – hot, wet, and naked; that image caused Jerry’s trousers to suddenly become too tight and confining.

“Actually we installed a Jacuzzi tub when we redid the master bath…” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, NO FUCKING OUTSIDE TUBBING BLAH! Shit – couldn’t Jerry get a break here? His wife had been after him for years to upgrade their master bathroom. He followed in a daze as his wife pulled him toward what was in all likelihood a huge home equity loan directed solely toward some serious renovation.

Aw crap! The master bath was exquisite and his wife was getting that dreamy expression that meant a lot of money was about to be spent. Something had to be wrong here, some thing had to be off; the Johnson’s were just too perfect. Jerry’s wife was going to be relentless unless he could find some solution, some salvation, some flaw, something seriously off kilter. Jerry stared at the contraption on the wall above the bed. “Leonard is that supposed to be some kind of modern sculpture? It looks like a doggie door to me? What’s up with that?”

Jerry’s wife poked him in the ribs and shushed him. Leonard laughed loudly and Joyce blushed a deep crimson. Actually, she did more than just blush, Jerry watched in amazement as her nipples swelled beyond simple hardness into something he couldn’t possibly describe. He silently spoke a “Thank You God” when she made no effort to cover them. She did snake her arm around her husband and pull him close.

“Why don’t you tell the story Leo?” Joyce asked as she reached up and kissed her husband passionately, though briefly.

And in that moment Jerry was delivered. Leonard goosed his wife and began an undeniably sexy and salacious tale. As his wife Sally tightened her grip on his arm Jerry realized that his long desired bass boat might not be sunk just yet.


Joyce Johnson carefully maneuvered her car into its proper spot. Or given the circumstances, as close as she was able to determine where the proper spot should be or might have been – or, oh fuck it – this is close enough. The circumstances were that early this evening she’d consumed a number of glasses of wine past her usual limit. She shut the engine off and leaned her head back for a moment…

“WHAT? Where am I?” Joyce jerked awake and almost screamed in alarm until she realized she was still in her car. She unlatched her seat belt, opened the door, and swiveled to the left. A low moaning ‘ohhhh’ suggested that particular canlı bahis movement was executed too fast. Joyce stood slowly on wobbly legs, “I’m gonna be regretting this tomorrow.”

Joyce walked around her car and almost fell over the empty trash cans in the alley. That the cans were not properly put away was a reminder that their youngest had recently gone off to college. She and her husband Leonard were official empty nesters. That’s what she’d been celebrating tonight – the house was theirs again. Or as Sylvia from Accounting had stated (and embarrassingly loudly too) “Now when you cum you can scream as loud as you want … even if it’s just you and your favorite vibrator!”

Joyce had laughed with the others as she glared at Sylvia. Thankfully some of the men had decided that this was the right time to dance.

“That is definitely something I would kill to see.” Ron held Joyce at a perfectly acceptable distance as they danced. She’d seen him at the bar before and knew he was safe. One of her friends had described Ron as “Oh that’s just Ron, believe me, they don’t come any safer. He’s so happily married it’s sickening. I know half a dozen women who’ve tried to bed him and failed. All he’s good for is a few drinks, a couple of slow dances, and then away he goes home to the lucky bitch.” Joyce wondered what Ron was referring to; Sylvia’s declaration having occurred many minutes and a couple of glasses of wine previously.

“She wha…see what?” Joyce recognized by her own slurred voice that the time for her to go was actually a few drinks past.

“See you…screaming loudly…using your favorite vibrator.” It took a moment for his statement to register with Joyce. Sylvia’s statement had been embarrassing enough. That Ron had now repeated it demanded a response. She opened her mouth to object when he pulled her close. “I’m more of an old-fashioned guy, I prefer a woman who wants to play with my toy.”

Joyce’s objection died unexpressed as she was held against a very hard erection. A new reaction began as unabashed arousal raised a flurry of conflicts and desires within her. She pushed for separation from Ron and found herself being spun slowly around. The song, and so to the dance, had come to an end.

“Unfortunately, my wife refuses to share. It’s been a pleasure Joyce, but I really need to get this home.” Ron smiled, kissed the back of Joyce’s hand and thanked her again for the dance.

Joyce approached the alleyway gate muttering about that ‘that smart ass Ron’s hard on’ and his smarmy ‘I need to get this home’ comment. She’d left the bar as quickly as she could. Driving home had been doubly tricky – too much alcohol and too much stop and go traffic. Moving her right leg back and for to work the gas and the brake had not lessened the needy condition between her legs. Not that there was any chance of relief once home – Leonard was away on a business trip and wouldn’t be home until tomorrow at the earliest.

“Well fuck too you Ronny Runaway!” Joyce spoke it over loudly, equally blaming Sylvia ‘and her favorite make you scream loudly vibrator’ (well I don’t own a vibrator bitch!) and ‘Ron with his I’ve to get this Incredible Erection home’ (well mine isn’t at home – damn it!) declaration as she walked unsteadily across the backyard.

Standing at her backdoor Joyce fumbled with the key, stabbing futilely at the slot. “Need to put some hair around it” Good Lord where did that thought come from? The last time she’d heard words like that was during a drunken frat party decades ago when a friend was telling a story about her date’s fumbling efforts to penetrate her. The memory of her sorority days did nothing to lessen her arousal. God if Leonard had any idea of the things she had done in college. Joyce felt a fresh flush of arousal course through her, and she broke out in a hot sweat. She looked at the doorknob again and thrust the key forward. It hit the slot for a moment then slipped sideways and dropped out of her hand.


She heard it clearly – one ping. One ping and then silence – shouldn’t it have pinged a number of times? One ping was not good; one ping meant the key was not on the landing. One ping meant it was in the shrubbery. “SHIT!”

Joyce could either search for it in the dark or walk out the back gate, down the alley, around the end of the block, back up the sidewalk, climb the simple steps to her entry walk and use the spare key in the bottom of the mailbox to open the front door. “SHIT.”

Joyce gave the door a frustrated kick and heard the doggie door flap open and close. She kicked it again and listened to the flap; she giggled. No she shouldn’t, it was undignified. Joyce hadn’t done anything like that since high school when she had snuck in late many a night through the doggie dog at her parent’s house. Her giggle became resolve – ‘I may have had two kids but I am still in great shape!’ – as she bent down closer to the door.

She pushed her purse through the opening and quickly realized that getting through this opening might bahis siteleri possibly damage her clothes. The answer to that problem seemed obviously simple to her – she simply undressed. Once the jacket, blouse, and skirt were off they were pushed through the flap.

Joyce suddenly realized that she was standing outside her back door in nothing more than her bra, panties, stockings and high heels. The realization was strangely erotic and she mimicked her idea of a strippers sexy movements. A wave of heat moved through her as she made a mental addition to her usual shopping list – she would check out that sexy lingerie shop (the one with the very large toy section, or so she had heard) across town. By tomorrow night she was going to have her own favorite vibrator to have screaming orgasms with – ‘so there Sylvia!’

OHMIGOD! She was touching herself! When had she started doing that? She released her left nipple and pulled her right hand out of her panties. Was that her odor? She didn’t even have to bring her fingers close to her nose – ‘God I smell like I’m in heat!’

Joyce got down on her hands and knees. She stretched her arms forward and pushed the doggie door flap inward. She was pleasantly delighted that her head and shoulders made it so easily inside. Her boobs were more challenging (they were definitely bigger than when she was a teenager – though not nearly as firm.) Joyce moved forward slowly – this is going to work. She shuddered as her nipples rubbed across the entry. Then she rubbed her bra-clad nipples across the bottom of the doggie door a couple of more times. Her state of arousal was definitely getting out of hand.

“Out of hand…” Joyce giggled at her joke. She’s just had her hand half way up her cunt and concluded that she should have finished herself off a moment ago. How do you like that Ron? Bet you’d have loved to see me doing that! You would have done whatever I wanted with that big dick of yours if you’d seen me diddling myself.

The recollection of Ron’s large erection pressed against her helped her with one decision though. Joyce decided she was going to get two sex toys – a good discrete vibrator that she wouldn’t hide and a huge dildo that her husband had no need to know anything about.

Damn! This is not going to work! Joyce couldn’t get her hips through. She tried a couple of different ways of aligning her hips with the opening – all failed – plus she was getting scratched and bruised by her efforts. Faced with the facts of the situation, she had no choice but to back out.

Joyce would always think of this moment as similar to being in an auto accident. There’s that brief moment when you realize what’s about to happen and you know there is nothing you can do to stop it from happening. That occurred when the doggie door flap pushed against the back of her head and neck. This prevented her from lifting her torso enough for her boobs to clear the bottom of the door. She tried a couple of different ways of arching her back to lift the flap, or reaching back to move it. All failed – she was stuck.

“Click-clack.” Joyce held her breath at the sound of the back gate latch. Was someone there? Were those footsteps? Her heart pounded with each passing second.

“Well, well, well…” Was that a man’s voice – ohmigod – Joyce realized that he must be looking right at her ass. The ensuing silence was at first puzzling – what’s he doing? Then frightening – what’s he doing? Then alarming – what’s he; hey he has his hands on her. Joyce kicked out with her leg trying to hit him right where it hurts. “Ouch!”

“Leave me alone.” Joyce shouted into her empty kitchen. Then she saw her purse – my cell phone! “You better leave or I’ll call the police.” Joyce was proud of her quick thinking as she lunged forward to grab her purse. Of course, call the police, they’d be here in minutes and get her out of this jam. Quick thinking was one thing – bad timing quite another – she had spoken too soon.

“Not so fast!” Two hands gripped her hips and pulled her back – her purse was just beyond her grasp. “Damn you!” and she kicked again.

Only her second kick didn’t work at all. The kicking motion resulted in the following four events occurring in near simultaneous fashion; [1] Joyce realized that his legs were now between hers, [2] her panties seemed to be no longer where they should have been judging by the sudden feeling of wet coolness between her legs, [3] something blunt and hot was pushing against her very wet, no longer cool but increasingly hot and all too accessible cunt, [4] and most worrisome of all – she realized she wasn’t going to win this battle against the inevitable.

Joyce looked at Jerry and Sally Macy and shook her head, “I was certain I was about to be taken against my will.”

Leonard smiled as he added, “I think we might more accurately call it quiet acquiescence.”

“Oh you!”


Leonard spoke quickly reacting to the undisguised alarm on the Macy’s faces. “I was the man. My business trip ended two days bahis şirketleri early. I was waiting for Joyce to come home from work when I dozed off.”

Leonard was just half asleep when he heard the rattle and clash of trash cans. He got out of bed, noting that his wife wasn’t home yet, and walked to the open sliding doors of their bedroom. He pushed open the screen door and stepped into his backyard. He paused and enjoyed the quiet; thankful that his business trip had ended in time for him to get an earlier flight home. He was halfway across the yard when he heard a metallic “ping” then a most unfeminine and slightly slurred “Shit!” coming from the direction of the kitchen door. He crept slowing to that part of the house and peered around the corner.

What the…? His wife was undressing and pushing her clothes into the kitchen through the old doggie dog. Leonard watched with admiration as his wife’s body was slowly and somewhat clumsily revealed. Just how much alcohol had she consumed – oh man – his wife was dancing. He watched the slow sinuous movements; she looked pretty damn sexy.

Holy shit! His wife was touching herself! One hand had slid down the front of her panties and judging by the movement her fingers were now between her legs. Her other hand was inside her bra. Leonard for his part had a ferocious hard-on.

He watched as she pulled her hands out of her panties and bra. Damn she just sniffed her fingers. What was his wife up to?

NO FUCKING WAY! Leonard watched as his wife shimmied slowly through the doggie door. Once her hips hit the door her forward progress ceased. He shook his head and walked to the back gate to properly close it. Returning to help his wife get free he was struck by the soaked nature of her panties. Then he smelled her arousal and the odor of alcohol; oh she was drunk all right. He reached out to comfort her with his presence by stroking her hip, that his hand moved off her ass and come to rest on the wet gusset of her panties was natural.

“Ouch!” She kicked him and just missed his nuts!

“Leave me alone!” He was just about to speak when she added that she was going to call the police. As she moved forward he grabbed her hips and pulled back. This time when she kicked at him he was ready and moved between her legs. He pulled her panties down her legs and was once again ready to identify himself when she stopped struggling … let alone scream.

“Oh Leo you’re telling it like I’m some kind of…”

“Horny housewife? You’re trying to say you weren’t?” Leo smiled and kissed his wife. “Joyce thought she was in a lose-lose situation, her best defense was to go along with whatever was going to happen and get it over with as quickly as possible.”

“And you were so mean.” Joyce playfully punched her husband’s shoulder.

“What she means is that I was not a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am’ kind of lover. I took my time.”

“I was coming so hard, so often. I was mortified by my behavior.” The heat of Joyce’s embarrassment warmed the room. Or was it the combined heat of sexual arousal both couples were experiencing.

“I half expected to hear her shout out her cel phone number so I could contact her later.”

“Stop it you.”

“That was definitely not what you were shouting that night.”

“I didn’t know what to do? I didn’t know who was behind me. I decided that due to my restricted options I might as well accept the inevitable. I figured it would be over in a minute.” Joyce punched her husband’s shoulder. “But no Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed wanted this to last a long time. He was torturing me – a little bit in and then little out. He knows how much I hate that, it was so very frustrating.”

Sally Macy was beside herself with arousal; to be helpless and taken advantage of thrill her to her core. She felt as if at any moment she was going to start dripping down her legs. It was such an unexpected and erotic story. Nothing like that had ever happen to her. She listened in a daze as Joyce continued the tale.

“I was in such a conflicted state. I mean on the one hand I was experiencing a most unwanted sexual assault and on the other I didn’t want it to stop. My body was beginning to overrule my judgment; being drunk sure didn’t help. I couldn’t resist any longer, I gave myself over to him. I let myself enjoy what was happening. Almost immediately I started cumming…loudly.”

“That’s when he really started in on me. Oh my God, he was relentless – hard, fast, deep. It just went on and on. Then it stopped – bam! – just like that. He was deep inside me, I could feel his hips against my ass, and I was confused for a moment until I felt him swell inside me. In that weird still silence I felt him begin to orgasm inside me – I felt every little spasm and spurt. Then he slowly pulled out of me – the feeling of emptiness was shattering. I just lay there, I couldn’t move.

“I really hadn’t considered the emotional dynamic of what I was doing to poor Joyce,” Leonard hugged his wife close and kissed the top of her head. “Once I’d finished, it struck me that I had to help Joyce deal with her predicament. So I rushed back into the house, grabbed a robe and made my way toward the kitchen turning on lights, speaking loudly “Hey, who’s there?”

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