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Rachel nervously entered the doctor’s office and proceeded to strip down to her underwear and put on the gown that had been left for her. Rachel waited around nervously looking at the dull wallpaper in the office. She was nervous about seeing a new doctor but was pleasantly surprised when her new doctor walked into the office. He was very handsome and looked quite muscular underneath his green scrubs. The doctor looked over at his very attractive young patient staring up at him with her big blue eyes.

“Hello my name is Dr. Stephens,” he introduced himself to his beautiful young patient.

Rachel still finding herself very attracted to the doctor and his deep blue eyes and wavy dark hair almost forgot to respond, but she broke her stunned silence and responded, “I’m Rachel.” Dr. Stephens then opened a folder which Rachel was sure held her previous medical history.

“Well seems that you are a new patient here today, so why don’t we go through the preliminaries first and check your basic health,” Dr. Stephens said to her. Rachel quietly nodded her head in agreement. Dr. Stephens then went through the mundane procedures of every physical; he checked Rachel’s height and weight, he checked her temperature, and he checked her pulse. Dr. Stephens then pulled out his stethoscope and was getting ready to check Rachel’s heartbeat when he stopped.

“For the next part of the exam most patients find it easier if they are completely naked. Why don’t you go ahead and remove your clothes for me?” Dr. Stephens asked her. While Rachel was a bit nervous about being naked in front of the very sexy doctor she was also turned on by the fact that he would be examining her naked body. While she faced him she threw off the unnecessary medical gown, standing before the attractive doctor in just her bra and panties. She then reached behind her and unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor revealing her firm, perky 34B breasts to the doctor. She then turned around and bent over as she pulled her panties off. While Rachel was very proud of her big blue eyes and considered them her best feature she easily felt that her second best feature was her wide hips and really big round butt and she couldn’t help but show off her naked butt to the sexy doctor as she slid her panties off. Once Rachel took off her panties and stood back up she turned back around and it was obvious that Dr. Stephens had been staring at her ass. Dr. Stephens quickly turned back to Rachel and regain his composure as he took his stethoscope and placed it just below Rachel’s left breast. Rachel couldn’t help but be aroused at the handsome doctor’s hand being so close to her breast.

After checking her heartbeat Dr. Stephens told Rachel, “your heartbeat was a little fast but I’m sure that’s just from being naked in front of me. Now why don’t you lie down on the table on your stomach and we can move on to the final part of your exam. Rachel quickly followed the doctor’s instructions and got on the table lying on her stomach. Once she was lying down Rachel acted as though she was adjusting her position but it was really just an excuse to shake her big booty for the handsome doctor. Dr. Stephens started with massaging Rachel’s neck and shoulders. Rachel loved the feeling of the doctor’s strong hands on her body and was enjoying the treatment he was giving her. Dr. Stephens then moved lower on her body massaging the middle of her back.

“Well you seem to be in quite good health Rachel. I can’t feel and problems in your spine and no problems with your organs that I can feel,” Dr. Stephens said as he continued bringing his hands lower down Rachel’s back. Rachel tensed just slightly when Dr. Stephens’s hands reached the top of her large bottom. Dr. Stephens stopped for a bit and for a moment Rachel worried that this was the end of the exam. Her worries were quickly negated as Dr. Stephens worked his hands over her firm backside. Unable to help himself Dr. Stephens gripped and massaged his patient’s large firm butt. He couldn’t believe how nice Rachel’s ass felt in his hands, especially with how big her butt was. He bet that even if he used both of his hands he would have a hard time covering just one of her impressive butt cheeks.

“I hope this isn’t inappropriate Rachel, but I just have to say that you have an incredible butt. Your boyfriend must be a very lucky man to get to hold on to this fantastic butt every night,” Dr. Stephens told his beautiful patient.

“Well thank you for the compliment doctor,” Rachel replied, “and I have to say what you are doing with your hands feels fantastic. I wish my boyfriend grabbed my ass like this all the time.” Dr. Stephens realized that he was getting carried away with fondling his patient’s butt and that he needed to finish the exam. He removed his hands from Rachel’s exquisite backside and told her that she should roll over onto her back now. Rachel was slightly disappointed to have the doctor’s hands no longer on her sensitive round butt but was very happy to show the sexy doctor the rest of her bakırköy escort body.

Once Rachel turned over Dr. Stephens couldn’t help but stare into her big beautiful blue eyes. She may have a beautiful body, he thought to himself, but those blue eyes are something else and definitely her most attractive feature. Dr. Stephens then began massaging Rachel’s upper chest slowly making his way down her chest. Dr. Stephens then began examining Rachel’s perky breasts. Rachel moaned in appreciation of what the doctor was doing to her.

“Now Rachel I notice that your nipples are quite hard right now, is that from the cool air or because you are aroused,” Dr. Stephens asked his patient.

Rachel nervously blushed before replying, “Well I am feeling some arousal doctor.”

“Well that is perfectly appropriate Rachel,” Dr. Stephens replied, “In fact, its actually quite healthy for a young woman like you. It shows that you can get aroused easily and reach orgasm quicker.” Rachel was certainly feeling quite aroused having the sexy doctor’s hands fondling her breasts and her sensitive nipples. Rachel tried to hold back a moan as the doctor fondled her breasts. Rachel was almost disappointed when the attractive doctor’s hands left her breasts and began navigating down her torso. Dr. Stephens felt around Rachel’s stomach and abdomen to make sure everything was okay in her body.

“Well everything seems to be fine through your abdomen; no abnormalities that I can detect,” Dr. Stephens said as he tested Rachel’s body. He then started moving his hands lower and Rachel tensed up expectantly as the doctor’s hands got closer to her vagina. Eventually Dr. Stephens rested his hand at the top of Rachel’s vagina. He then moved his hand gently along Rachel’s slit and Rachel had to bite her lip so she wouldn’t moan too loudly at the doctor’s pleasurable touch.

“My, my Rachel I guess you are quite aroused because you are very wet down here. Tell me Rachel when was the last time you had an orgasm?” Dr. Stephens asked his very attractive patient.

Rachel blushed very scarlet and turned her head slightly away before saying, “It’s been almost a week since the last time I had an orgasm.”

“Well that is much too long to for such a beautiful girl to without an orgasm,” Dr. Stephens said to Rachel as he gently ran his hand up her slit again and watched as her eyes rolled back when he touched her clit.

“Tell me Rachel would you like for me to help you reach an orgasm?” Dr. Stephens asked his patient.

“It certainly seems like it wouldn’t take you very long to reach an orgasm.” Rachel looked back at the doctor’s grey eyes hardly believing that this sexy, attractive man was offering to bring her to orgasm. She didn’t even need to think about as she gently nodded her head. She didn’t even try to hold back her moan of pleasure as Dr. Stephens slid his fingers inside of her pussy.

“Oh my Rachel you are definitely very wet. You clearly haven’t been getting enough pleasure recently, but we can quickly remedy that,” Dr. Stephens said as he pushed two fingers in and out of Rachel’s tight, wet pussy. Rachel knew that it wouldn’t take very long for her to cum because she could feel herself getting wetter as Dr. Stephens finger fucked her pussy. Dr. Stephens could feel Rachel’s pussy getting tighter around his fingers. He renewed his efforts and moved his fingers to try and hit Rachel’s g spot, which he was clearly successful in doing because suddenly he felt Rachel’s pussy grip his fingers tightly as she went through a very intense orgasm. Dr. Stephens didn’t stop fingering Rachel as she rode through her orgasm. Looking up at her face her blue eyes were sliding into the back of her head. Eventually Rachel started coming down from her orgasm and started trying to catch her breath.

Dr. Stephens looked down at his patient and said, “Wow Rachel you really must not have had an orgasm in a very long time because that was a very intense orgasm.” Rachel nodded her head still too overcome with pleasure to speak clearly. Dr. Stephens continued moving his fingers inside Rachel’s pussy noticing that she was still very wet.

“Now Rachel I notice that you are still quite wet. Do you think that you can have another orgasm?” Dr. Stephens asked Rachel. Rachel was enjoying the doctor’s fingers in her vagina and definitely wanted the sexy doctor to give her another orgasm.

She looked at the doctor and said, “Your fingers feel amazing inside of me and I would love for you to give me another orgasm.”

Dr. Stephens replied, “Well beautiful girl I will definitely give you another orgasm, but this time I’m not going to use my fingers.” Rachel was confused for a moment but then she understood completely when Dr. Stephens lowered his face down to her pussy and began licking her. Rachel moaned out and grasped her breasts as Dr. Stephens began licking her still sensitive pussy. Rachel couldn’t believe how good Dr. Stephens was with his tongue. She was already moaning very loudly and beşiktaş escort could feel herself approaching another orgasm. Dr. Stephens could tell Rachel was getting close to another orgasm and he wanted this orgasm to last longer for her so he slowed down his licking. Rachel was surprised and annoyed when Dr. Stephens when he slowed down licking her pussy. Dr. Stephens then started kissing around Rachel’s pussy while massaging her inner thighs. This caused Rachel to bite her bottom lip as Dr. Stephens heightened her pleasure without giving her complete satisfaction. Dr. Stephens’s gentle kisses around her pussy felt amazing. They weren’t as intense as when he was licking her pussy but it still felt really good and kept her arousal very high. Eventually Dr. Stephens decided it was time to finish Rachel off and dove back into her pussy licking her again. Rachel couldn’t believe how turned on she was from all the attention Dr. Stephens was giving her and felt herself rapidly approaching orgasm. All the sudden she couldn’t take it anymore and she reached down to hold on to Dr. Stephens’s head while she came all over his face. It was possibly the most intense orgasm she had ever had and as she started coming down from her high she had to pull Dr. Stephens away because her vagina was getting too sensitive. When Dr. Stephens lifted his head away from Rachel’s moist womanhood he took a deep breath and wiped her fluids off of his face.

“Wow Rachel for a second there I thought you were going to suffocate me with your pussy. Though I guess if I’m going to be suffocated, having it come from an orgasming pussy would probably be the best way to go,” Dr. Stephens said with a smile on his face. Dr. Stephens then stood up and Rachel noticed that there was quite a large bulge in his scrub pants. Rachel thought she could take advantage of this situation and have some fun with the sexy doctor.

“You know Dr. Stephens you seem to have quite a bulge going on down there,” Rachel said looking down at the doctor’s crotch, “and I definitely know I can cum again.”

“Are you sure you can cum again Rachel? You seem pretty worn out after the last orgasm,” Dr. Stephens said to his sexy naked patient.

“I want to see what that bulge in your pants can do for me. Plus I always cum harder with a penis inside of me,” Rachel said to her doctor. Dr. Stephens could barely believe what he had heard and his already rock hard cock throbbed in anticipation of his patient’s request.

“Are you sure that is what you want?” Dr. Stephens asked Rachel.

“Yes I definitely want to feel that big cock of yours inside of me,” Rachel said while staring hungrily at the doctor’s bulging crotch.

“Well if that’s what you want baby I certainly can’t turn down such a request,” Dr. Stephens said as he yanked down his scrub pants to reveal that he wasn’t wearing any underwear as his large dick bounced free from its confinement. Rachel’s eyes bulged at seeing what the doctor was packing in his scrubs.

“Jesus, I thought that bulge looked big but you have a huge cock doc,” Rachel said as she looked at the doctor’s big cock stunned. Dr. Stephens grinned confidently as his attractive naked patient stared at his large cock, while he stroked it as he admired his patient’s beautiful body.

“Well baby how do you want this big cock,” Dr. Stephens asked his patient.

Rachel looked back down at the doctor’s dick one more time before saying, “Well since you were admiring my big ass so much earlier why don’t you take me like this.” Rachel then turned around and bent over the examination and shook her large round butt at the doctor. Dr. Stephens admired his patient’s beautiful round butt while he stroked his hard dick. He then walked over and caressed Rachel’s big ass with one hand while he stroked his cock with the other hand. He then lined his cock up with Rachel’s slit and rubbed the thick head against her very wet pussy. This caused her to moan, especially when the head of his cock bumped into her clit.

“Oh baby please put it inside of me now,” Rachel moaned to the doctor, “but go slow cause your really big for me.” Dr. Stephens then placed his dick at the entrance to Rachel’s pussy and started pushing the head of his cock inside of her. He could feel Rachel’s tight pussy trying to stretch around his large invading member.

“Jeez that’s a thick cock,” Rachel moaned in pleasure and slight pain as Dr. Stephens’s cock pushed further inside of her.

“You know, ah, for a girl with such wide hips you have a really narrow pussy girl,” Dr. Stephens moaned as he pushed deeper inside of Rachel.

“That’s cause you have a fucking huge cock, ahhh,” Rachel moaned louder as she felt Dr. Stephens slide deeper inside of her.

“Oh shit, that’s deep!!” Rachel groaned as she felt Dr. Stephens slide his cock all the way inside of her. Dr. Stephens held his cock buried to the hilt inside of Rachel as her pussy stretched around his large invading member. Once he felt that Rachel’s pussy was getting used beylikdüzü escort to his large cock Dr. Stephens started to move his cock in Rachel’s pussy. He could feel the walls of Rachel’s pussy caressing his cock as he was thrusting inside of her. Rachel could feel the thick head of Dr. Stephens cock rubbing her all over inside and especially when it rubbed past her G-spot, which elicited an excited moan from her each time. Rachel could feel the doctor’s large cock getting her closer to cumming much quicker than she had anticipated.

“Oh god! Don’t stop. Keep fucking me with that huge cock,” Rachel moaned as Dr. Stephens grabbed her hips and started fucking her a bit harder.

“Oh my god! I’m cummmming!!” Rachel moaned loudly as her pussy started to grip the doctor’s stiff cock even harder. Dr. Stephens wanted to enjoy her orgasming pussy even more and pushed his cock even deeper inside Rachel causing her to scream louder.

“Oh sooo fucking deeeep!” Rachel moaned as she continued to squeeze the doctor’s hard cock with her tight pussy. Dr. Stephens grabbed hard onto Rachel’s ass as her pussy tried to squeeze the life out of his cock. Rachel’s squeezing pussy was to everything it could to make him cum, but the doctor just held onto his patient’s big ass like a stress ball. Eventually he relaxed his grip on her huge butt as he felt her pussy start to relax on his cock as she came down from her orgasm.

“Wow! Holy shit you weren’t kidding when you said you cum harder with a penis inside of you. That’s one of the hardest orgasms I’ve ever felt,” Dr. Stephens said to his patient with his hard cock still buried deep inside of her.

“Oh my god that felt good,” Rachel mumbled still trying to recover from her intense orgasm. Then realizing that Dr. Stephens cock was still hard and buried deep inside of her.

“Did you cum yet?” Rachel curiously asked the doctor.

“No I managed to hold off for now, though that clenching pussy of yours got me pretty close,” Dr. Stephens said while starting to move his cock in Rachel’s still sensitive pussy.

“Well, ahhh, why don’t you take care of that, ahhh,” Rachel moaned as she felt the attractive doctor start thrusting in and out of her over stimulated pussy.

“You sure you’re ready for more baby?” Dr. Stephens asked his moaning patient.

“Oh yesss give it to me baby! Use me to make yourself cum!” Rachel said to the sexy doctor. Dr. Stephens then took the initiative and held on to his hot patient’s big ass and started pounding away at her tight pussy. After her orgasm Rachel’s pussy had loosened up a bit around the doctor’s cock but he could still feel her vaginal walls gripping his cock on every thrust. Her orgasm had also already brought him dangerously close to cumming but he wanted to make his patient cum one more time so he pushed his cock deep inside Rachel again and reached around to cup her perky breasts and play with her nipples.

He then started kissing his way up Rachel’s neck again before stopping at her ear and whispering, “you like having that cock deep inside you don’t you babe?” Rachel could only slightly nod as she enjoyed the pleasure of what the doctor’s cock was doing to her.

“You going to cum for me again babe?” the doctor asked his moaning patient as he gave her a short hard thrust with his cock. Rachel whimpered in pleasure before nodding her head again.

“Good,” the doctor said as he resumed his harder thrusts while reaching one hand around to play with Rachel’s clit again. Rachel could rapidly feel herself getting closer to orgasm again.

“Ohhh godddd I’m cummmming again,” Rachel moaned loudly to the doctor. Dr. Stephens could feel the beginnings of Rachel’s orgasm and knew he would not be able to hold out this time.

“Ohhhh Rachel I’m about to cummm! Do you want me to pull out?” Dr. Stephens moaned to his patient.

“Oh god no! Please don’t pull out! I want to feel your massive dick cumming inside of me,” Rachel moaned before her orgasm overtook her. Rachel could feel the doctor push his huge, hard cock back deep into her orgasming pussy before she felt it get thicker and then suddenly he was cumming inside of her. Rachel couldn’t believe how hard the doctor was cumming inside of her. It made her feel so good to know that she was making him cum this hard and it actually intensified her orgasm as well. Finally after she could just barely feel Dr. Stephens’s penis twitching inside of her she felt her pussy finally relax and she shakingly pulled herself up onto the bed. She felt Robby’s penis slide out of her tight pussy leaving her feeling very empty. Then her boyfriend Robby pulled himself up lying down behind her and putting his arm around her naked body.

“So that felt like you certainly enjoyed yourself,” Robby said to his naked girlfriend as her kissed her.

“Well you gave an excellent examination doctor,” Rachel said to her boyfriend smiling up at him.

“And you said you wouldn’t enjoy roleplaying,” Robby kidded his girlfriend.

“What can I say I was wrong this time,” said Rachel giggling, “it also felt like you were enjoying yourself cause your dick felt even bigger inside me than it normally does and that’s saying something.” Rachel looked down at Robby’s still naked penis, which even in its flaccid state was still quite impressive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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