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“Mr. Briggs?”

Josh looked up from his phone when the nurse called his name.

“Uh, yeah, that’s me.” he said, stuffing his phone into his pocket as he crossed the waiting room.

“Hi, I’m Tina, I work with Dr. Martin. If you’ll follow me please.”

Josh followed the nurse down the hall.

“So how are you today?” she asked.

“Pretty good,” he said, “No complaints.”

“Good, good,” she looked over his paperwork, “So you’re here for a routine check up and drug test for Smalls Security Inc.” She stopped in front of an empty exam room. “Okay, right in here, please.”

Josh stepped into the exam room, and Tina followed him in shutting the door behind them. After getting Josh’s height, weight, blood pressure, temperature and asking some basic medical questions she made some notes to his chart and let him know the doctor would be with him in a couple of minutes.

Josh sat on the edge of the exam table and glanced around the room. Looking at the typical medical and safety posters on the walls before the door opened and Dr. Pamela Martin stepped into the room. Josh wasn’t sure what he was expecting, but Dr. Martin sure wasn’t it. First off, she was a lot younger than he expected, if he had to guess she was probably in her early 30’s like he was, she was a gorgeous blonde, and even with her hair up in a simple bun, she looked like she belonged on a fashion photo shoot for Vogue, not in a doctor’s office. She had an incredible smile which lit up her whole face. She wore a simple white blouse and black skirt under her doctor’s coat.

“Joshua? Hi, I’m Dr. Martin.” she offered a hand.

“Hi, doc. Please call me Josh. No one’s called me Joshua in years. Not even my mother.” Josh said, shaking her hand.

“Fair enough,” she said laughing, which lit up her face even more. She looked over his chart which she had in her other hand, “So… you’re here because Smalls Security needs you to take a routine physical and a drug test.”

“Yeah, my buddy got me the job.” Josh said, “Told me it was routine.”

Dr. Martin nodded, “It is. We work with Smalls Security a lot.”

Josh had, up until recently, been working in a warehouse but was unhappy with the job. While talking to his long time friend Clayton, who worked for a security company that employed security guards all over the city he expressed his unhappiness. So Clay helped Josh get an interview, and put in a good word that helped Josh get the job. All he had to do now was get a routine physical check up and a drug test, and he’d be all set.

“Well, let’s get started then.” Dr. Martin said, pulling on a pair of rubber gloves.

The two made small talk while she examined him, then it came time for the drug test.

“Okay, for this part we’ll just need a hair sample…”

“Oh, that might be a bit of a problem.” Josh said, looking up.

“What do you mean?” Dr. Martin turned around. “Oh.”

Josh smirked a bit and patted his head, where his blonde hair was shaved down to a crew cut, leaving barely an inch of hair on his head.

Dr. Martin bit her lip and tapped her chin. “Well I suppose we could take some underarm hair.”

“Hate to disappoint you doc.” Josh said, pulling up his shirt to reveal his shaved armpits. “I used to wrestle in college and I got into the habit of shaving my pits, been doing it ever since. Can’t I just pee in a cup or something?”

“Unfortunately, the lab we use only takes hair samples.” Dr. Martin said. “Our only other option is… you know.”

She didn’t have to say it, Josh knew what she meant. The only problem he foresaw was he had gone commando today. He couldn’t find any clean underwear, and unlike some guys, he didn’t want to wear the same pair of underwear two days in a row.

“Uh, sure I guess.” he said, “I’m just a little nervous about having sharp objects around that area.”

Dr. Martin laughed a little. “I promise I’ll be gentle.”

Josh took a deep breath and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Despite the awkward situation, he found himself getting hard. Dr. Martin gasped in surprise when she saw Josh’s cock, she had eryaman orospu numaraları seen plenty of naked men over her years as a doctor, but she could count on one hand the number of men who had gotten erections in spite (or because) of the situation. Of those handful of men, they all lost their erections when Dr. Martin kept her cold, clinical, professional detachment and ignored it. But she hadn’t seen a cock as impressive as his in a long time. It didn’t hurt that Dr. Martin also thought Josh was pretty damn good looking.

“Sorry.” was all Josh could say.

She collected herself, cleared her throat and grabbed the scissors and a small plastic baggie. “It’s okay. It happens all the time.”

She walked over to Josh and carefully trimmed some of his pubic hair into the bag, she had to move his dick out of the way, and she felt his cock jump in her hand as she moved it. Josh tried to distract himself by looking around the room, but as soon as he felt her hand on his cock, he looked down. Dr. Martin snipped some of his pubic hair into the bag, and then wrapped her hand around Josh’s cock, putting the scissors and bag on the counter behind her.

“I’ve never done this before…” she said, “With a patient I mean.”

“That’s okay, doc,” Josh said, “I won’t say anything if you don’t.”

“Doctor patient privilege.” She said, smiling.

The two leaned towards each other and their lips met in a smoldering kiss.

She didn’t know what came over her, she was supposed to be a professional, but she was also a woman. A woman who was with an incredibly handsome patient, who had a nice hard cock. It’s not like she had a husband or boyfriend waiting for her at home. Just two cats.

She stepped away from him for a brief moment to lock the exam room door and stepped back over to him, pulled the rubber gloves off, let her hair down, shrugged out of her lab coat and unbuttoned her blouse revealing an impressive pair of tits stuffed into a simple black bra. She pulled her bra off to reveal the most perfect pair of tits Josh had ever seen. They hung perfectly on her chest, and were topped by two perky pink nipples that were just begging to be sucked, but he’d have to wait to get his hands on them as Dr. Martin dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled his pants all the way off. He pulled his shirt off as she grabbed his cock again. She looked up at him, her clinical professionalism gone, replaced by lust. She grabbed his cock again and swallowed as much of it as she could.

It had been 3 years since she’d been with a man. Three years earlier, she found out her fiancé was cheating on her, and after she broke things off she decided to concentrate on her career. Sex after that had been limited to masturbation either while reading erotic literature, watching porn or using her imagination.

For Josh it hadn’t been quite as long, his last girlfriend leaving him a year ago with no explanation. She simply broke it off, blocked him on social media and changed her phone number so he couldn’t call or text her. He gave up trying to get in contact with her after a couple of months, and hadn’t heard from her since.

“Oh god, doc, that feels good.” he sighed watching his cock slide in and out of her mouth.

“Call me Pam.” she said, and slid his cock back into her mouth.

Pam certainly knew how to give a good blowjob. Josh had his cock sucked plenty of times over the years, and while he never rated them, Pam would have to be in the top three if he did. She used her tongue to expertly tease the head of his cock, one hand wrapped around his shaft, the other gently caressing his balls. Josh thought at least three times he was going to cum, but Pam teased him by slowing down and squeezing the base of his cock.

“Not yet,” she said after the third time. She stood up, and planted another deep kiss on Josh.

He returned the kiss and took an opportunity to grab her perfect tits with both hands. They felt just as good as they looked. The perfect balance of soft yet firm. Not to mention they fit perfectly in his hands. It’s like they were made specifically ankara escort for him. They broke the kiss and Josh lowered his head to her tits, teasing her hard little nipples with his tongue. Pam moaned in appreciation, but as good as it felt, she needed his cock in her pussy.

“You need to fuck me. Doctor’s orders.”

She undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor, kicking it and her shoes off to the side as Josh slid her panties down and tossed them off to the side as well. He was pleased to see she was a natural blonde like he was. She turned around and bent over the exam table, and Josh moved behind her and guided his cock into her, earning a moan of pleasure from Pam.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, “It’s been so long since I had a cock inside me. Especially one as big as yours. Fuck me Josh. Fuck me with that big cock of yours.”

Just as Josh started to slide his cock in and out of Pam the doorknob rattled followed by a sharp knock startling the both of them.

“Hello?” came a muffled voice from the other side of the door.

“I’m with a patient!” Pam said.

“Sorry.” the muffled voice said.

“That was close.” Josh said.

“Yeah, it was,” Pam said, “Now fuck me.”

“Sure thing doc.” Josh said.

Josh quickly got back into what he was doing, grabbing Pam’s hips and fucking her with long even strokes, not too fast and not too slow. He figured she wanted this to last as much as he did, so he didn’t want to move too fast and blow his load before he was ready.

Pam moaned and grabbed the edge of the exam table as Josh shoved his cock in and out of her long neglected pussy. It felt so good to have a man fucking her again, instead of the unfeeling plastic of her vibrator. She was glad she’d at least found a man who knew what he was doing. Josh was taking his time and letting her feel every inch of his cock as he slid all the way into her before pulling out until just the head was inside her. She needed this. She just hoped she and Josh could keep the noise down, so as not to alert any of her colleagues as to what they were doing. At least she had the foresight to lock the door. Much like Josh thought her tits were made for him, Pam felt that Josh’s cock was made specifically for her pussy.

Josh loved the sight of his cock sliding in and out of Pam, and by her moans of approval, he could tell she was doing all she could to not scream in pleasure, and it was hard for him as well to keep his voice down. As it was he was trying not to slam his cock into her to avoid the sound of flesh on flesh as he fucked his smoking hot doctor.

Pam felt her legs growing weak and looked back at Josh, “At the end of the table, the stirrups for gyno exams.”

Josh reluctantly pulled out of her and she helped him pull the stirrups out before she climbed onto the table and spread her legs, putting her feet in the stirrups. Josh easily slid back into her. She wanted to look at this incredibly hot guy who was filling her pussy with his perfect cock. Josh slid all the way in and Pam had to bite her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. She clamped down on him.

“Just… just hold it there for a minute, please.” she said, “I just want to feel you in me. God that feels good.”

“Anything you say, doc– I mean Pam.” Josh said, sliding his hands across her flat stomach back up to her perfect tits. “You have the most perfect tits I have ever seen in my life.”

“And you… you have the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen.” she said, “Now, fuck me with it.”

Josh did as he was told and started sliding in and out of Pam with ease. He again had to remind himself to not fuck her too fast or too hard. He wanted this to last, and he also didn’t want anyone walking by to realize what was going on. Pam was whipping her head back and forth, biting her lip trying to hold back her cries of pleasure from the fucking she was getting. She covered her mouth with her hand and whimpered into her hand, but even that wasn’t enough. She grabbed Josh’s head and pulled his face down to hers and planted a deep kiss on him and moaned into his mouth, elvankent escort effectively muffling the scream she wanted to let loose with as she felt an orgasm building.

She broke the kiss and looked at Josh, “I’m cumming.” she moaned before kissing him again and practically screaming into his mouth as her orgasm washed over her, making her body shudder.

After her orgasm ran through her and subsided she broke the kiss and let out a long shuddering breath.

“I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a long time.” she said, cradling Josh’s face in her hands.

“Glad to be of service.” Josh said, smiling.

“Now we need to get you to cum.” She said, “Doctor’s orders.”

She pulled her feet out of the stirrups and scooted up on the exam table so Josh could climb on top of her and fuck her properly. Josh mounted Pam, and slid his cock deep inside her, making her moan in pleasure again. Just as he bottomed out inside her, the doorknob rattled again.

“Goddamn it,” she muttered under her breath, “I’m with a patient!” she yelled maybe a little louder than she needed to.

“Sorry,” a muffled voice said.

“Now where were we?” she said, “Oh, right, you were gonna fuck my brains out.”

“Doctor’s orders?” Josh asked, smirking.

“Doctor’s orders.” she said, smiling up at him. “Now get to it.”

“If you say so, doc.” he said, smiling back.

“I say…” she was cut off as Josh started fucking her again. She looked up at him, and smiled.

He pumped her for all he was worth, or at least for all he was worth while trying to be quiet. Pam wrapped her legs around him, and ran her hands up his well muscled arms, across his broad shoulders, down his chest and across his six pack abs. Josh alternated from looking at the look of absolute pleasure on her face, to her heaving tits, bouncing on her chest in time to his thrusts into her. They exchanged another kiss, as they both enjoyed the sensation of being intimate with another person again.

Pam knew she had finally found her perfect man and Josh knew he had finally found his perfect woman. The kind of partner they’d spent their lives looking for. She was made for him and he was made for her. They knew it as they looked into each other’s eyes, there was a connection deeper than anything either of them had ever felt in any relationship they’d had prior.

Josh hammered his cock into Pam, now, still trying to keep the noise down. Pam again was using her hand to bite back her cries and moans of pleasure, while Josh was grunting as quietly as he could as he plowed his cock in and out of Pam’s warm perfect pussy.

“You feel so good,” she whispered to him. “You feel so perfect inside me. God, I’ve never been fucked this good in my life.”

“You feel so good too,” Josh said, “So tight and warm.”

“Are you close?” Pam asked, “We’ve been in here for a while, don’t want to raise suspicion.”

“Almost there.” Josh said, “God I don’t want to stop.”

“Neither do I,” Pam gasped, “But I don’t want us to get in trouble either.”

“Oh god, Pam,” Josh gasped, “I’m almost there… Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

He grunted as the first jet of cum shot out of his cock into her eager pussy. She clamped down on his cock and Josh bit back a groan of pleasure as he unloaded inside her, firing off thick ropes of cum into Pam’s hot, hungry pussy. She was a bit disappointed when Josh’s cock stopped throbbing inside her and she realized she had drained him dry.

For a moment neither of them moved, trying to catch their breath. Finally Josh slowly pulled out of Pam and climbed off of the table, Pam followed him, looking around for her clothes.

“I’d say you’re in perfect health. Now, where is my underwear?” she asked.

“Over there I think.” Josh said, pointing.

The two of them quickly got dressed, and Pam took a moment to put her hair back up. Then she turned to Josh, and leaned up to kiss him again.

“You’ve got a clean bill of health from me.” she said, “And I’m sure your drug test will come back fine as well. I’ll expedite it.”

“Thanks,” Josh said.

Pam pulled one of her business cards out of her pocket and quickly wrote something on the back of it.

“That’s my personal cell number, use it. Soon.”

“Doctor’s orders?” Josh asked, smiling.

Pam winked and gave him a devilish smile in return. “Doctor’s orders.”

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