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Running late for a doctors appointment, ‘Jan’ was trying to get to her new doctor as quickly as possible. They were open until 7:30PM and ‘Jan’s’ was scheduled at 7:15pm.

Raining hard that night, there were several accidents on the way, so she tried to maintain a steady speed with out her car going out of control, like others had.

She didn’t want to be a statistic. She was almost frantic, but knew what she was doing wasn’t right either. The word from her sister, Jan and others who spoke of this new doctor in town was that he was the most handsome man and he was single too!

‘Jan’ who in reality is Jean, was with her sister Jan all day. Jan had taken sick and was bedridden with a fever of 102 degrees. Jan had mentioned to Jean that she was going to have to miss the appointment with her new physician, Dr. Jonathan Henry, who was fresh from South Carolina.

Jean, the naughty one of the family, was inspired! She truly allowed fantasies in her mind to be turned on now! As she did take care of her sister’s fever, while her sister’s husband was out of town, she began wondering what he looked like, if he was game for a fling, was he even married, was he as handsome as everyone who had heard of him, said he was?

‘Jan’ wanted so badly to check this all out. She has had her fair share of sexual stints with men and women alike! Oh she sure did.

Her background involved marketing part time and as a professional cheerleader with the Detroit Lionesses, she had been recently caught in a bathroom shower of the cheerleaders’ locker rooms, making out heavily with one of the others!

This was totally forbidden! This was against all rules and regulations! There was to be no personal ‘fraternization’ of any type amongst the cheerleaders in this manner!

But as it is, others did see this and when a few entered the locker room, they heard and discovered the activity at hand. It was reported and investigated. Jean and the other one were removed from the team.

Getting back to Jean and Jan, the real patient here; Jean called a neighborhood girl to be a babysitter for the kids. A 19 year old female, who it was suggested to Jean, may be willing to look after the children. Jan settled in and her temperature had come down after a small cup of broth and aspirin. She went to sleep.

Cynthia, the neighbor next door who takes classes at the community college, volunteered to watch the young children. She would see to it that their homework was done and they were fed dinner that evening.

With everything comfortably taken care of, it was getting on in the evening. It had begun to rain. She had heard on the news that pile ups from traffic accidents were occurring. She was becoming concerned now that ‘Jan’ would miss this appointment.

She set off for the ‘her’ doctors appointment. ‘Jan’ was worried about all the accidents she was coming across. It seemed, every 2-4 blocks there was at least a fender bender. The rain was heavy and it caused ‘blind spots’ due to street lighting.

Finally arriving, the doors to the doctor’s office were locked. “Should I knock? She thought. There are a few lights on.” She knocked again. A man in a nice short sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans with well trimmed and slightly grayed hair came to the glass doors. A smile immediately came to his face. “Doctor Henry?” ‘Jan’ asked?

“Yes, hi, said the tall gentleman, I am Dr. Henry. You must be Jan?” He actually was Dr. Henry. Dr. John Henry, Dr. Jonathan Henry’s fraternal twin brother. He never practiced medicine and decided to become a free lance mechanical specialist.

‘Jan’ replied, “Thank you for staying. I suppose I could have called ahead and just re-scheduled, but I am so happy you are kind enough to stay behind and see me.” She was acting exasperated.

“Now there, first off, you must relax. There isn’t anything worse, in my experience then a frazzled patient, alright? Just relax Jan; everything’s going to be perfect. Absolutely perfect and you’ll be more then happy after we finish here.”

Happy that they seemed to get along, ‘Jan’ now took a deep breath through her nostrils, for effect, and closed her eyes momentarily. “That’s good Jan, take that deep breath.” He then took her arm in his large firm and smooth hand and grabbed a gown for her and led her to the larger examining room.

It was a warm, comfortable room. A room that made one feel as if they were in a bedroom or a sitting room, except for the patient’s bed and chairs. Cozy wallpaper and cool, relaxing quiet music to accompany the patients visit.

She felt easiness come over her with this handsome man. He was as striking as he was described by her sister Jan and others who she spoke to. He stood 6’3″ and had pleasantly chiseled features from what she could determine underneath the shirt he wore. He fit into the pair of jeans quite well. They wrapped themselves around his buttocks with out being to taut.

He yells out to her, Change into the gown, I will be right with you. I am sterilizing my hands for you, okay Jan?” ‘Jan’ güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri allowed herself to be aroused a hair by this comment.

“Okay Doctor,” she replied back to him in a more relaxed tone. He walked in and did all the basic primary functions: Blood pressure, breathing, joints, and eyesight as well as her hearing.

“So you are a new patient, correct?” She answered yes back to him and smiled. “Why is it that you’ve decided to change and tell me what is it you came here for? Was there something specific that is bothering you?”

She went onto explain. He listened and they talked about life in general. He found that it was basically general nerves and her job. “You are having vaginal pain? What kind of pain is it that you are experiencing?” ‘Jan’ conjured up the idea of discomfort within that region.

“Let’s have a look, said the doctor. Lay down and feel free to let me know if there is any discomfort as I proceed with an examination in that area. Take a few deep breaths and get comfortable. This really won’t hurt at all.”

He knew all the procedures. He was a non-practicing physician. This was a huge risk as well and he could eventually be caught and prosecuted for misrepresenting himself. She wasn’t any the wiser though as she was representing herself as ‘Jan’ and he was acting as if he was ‘Dr. Jonathan’ also.

“Jan, there isn’t anything at all that appears to be out of place. No cysts or any other fungi of any nature. Maybe it is stress and if so, there are all forms of books, tapes, and programs available.

In fact I carry several with me and have these at the place I am temporarily staying at, would you care to have one of them?” He smiled a heart warming smile. She felt a subtle relaxed gentleness from his smile.

“Doctor, you sure have a nice smile. Are you married? She then regretted asking this. This was excessively personal in nature. He smiled at her and only nodded. I shouldn’t have gone there. I’m sorry I got personal in nature with you.” She toyed with this endeavor.

“No, actually Jan, I am not. I was married, but it didn’t work out. 6 years ago we divorced and she now lives down south with her family. I’ve been alone since and it has its moments.”

“I do understand, said ‘Jan’, I’ve been married for 13 years, but it has not been at all perfect. I have children, but my husband has become sterile and he does not want to adopt any other children as I wish to do”

“Oh I am so sorry. That is disappointing. I bet you easily become frustrated, day to day with personal issues, correct? I did too. Call me ‘Jonathon’, by the way, please.”

BINGO! She felt she had ‘cracked the code’ and had become personal with him. Jean had partially succeeded in her venture.

“Okay Jonathan, by the way, would I be overstepping my boundaries if I asked you if you cared to have dinner with me? You seem like a very nice man and understanding.”

He openly accepted and he asked if they could swing by his hotel he temporarily stayed in. She agreed and this way she could get that video. The hotel room was a huge, warm, and inviting place. It allowed for lots of different activities!

“Wow, this is quite a place here, huh Jonathon?” He agreed and said he was well pleased with its accommodations.

“Let me find that video and please make yourself at home while I do. May I offer you a glass of wine in the meantime?”

‘Jan’ accepted and he poured for both of them. He did not locate that video and he sat down and they talked and talked over 3 glasses of wine.

She developed a nice slight buzz and he could see that she was more and more open about things. He got up and purposely tripped, almost. She caught him and then he sat down.

Then she did it too. They laughed. Before either knew it, they were on each other. He touched her sweater and arms. She wore a sleeveless sweater vest. This ‘appropriate’ top enhanced the very sexual beauty that attracted the other cheerleader as well as several men she had been with.

Their eyes met. They stared at the other. His hands touched her arms again and rubbed them. She began unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it out of his slacks. He had a modestly hairy chest. She adored the manliness. She began running her fingers through it.

‘Jans’ hormones began kicking in. His did too. They were both feeling the effects of the alcohol from the 3 glasses of red wine. Any possible rationality, which wouldn’t be used here anyways, was stuffed away. Lust was master now and both unknowingly wanted to enforce it with the other!

He unbuttoned her sweater and she assisted. Her bosoms almost pushed their way through her bra she wore. It was a white intricately laced piece of material that aroused the very nature of this southern raised man.

She ran her fingers through her cleavage that flowed downwards towards her ribcage and over her lacey bra. “Do my bosoms appear attractive to you? Do you like women’s bosoms?”

She looked directly at him and had the warmest smile. His güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri body was full of heat as well!

“Of course I do, Jan. For me, it has always been easy to separate the physician in me from the civilian” and he smiled again, into her eyes.

He undid her bra and took a long gander at the beauty of its intricate design. He thought aloud, “there is just something so special, and so sexually exciting about women’s lingerie and underwear; always has been. Do you special order your brassieres Jan?”

“How could tell, Jonathan?” She blushed for the first time. She looked down at her own breasts now as the nipples that garnished them had hardened well over the size of a normal acorn size nut.

They were long and extended. He touched them and as any gentle specialized mechanic would, handled them with precision! As if handling a screw, nut or bolt in any tight industrial position that had to be done. She was duly impressed and that aroused her even more.

Now, he undid his pants and removed them. She removed hers simultaneously as they gazed at the other. She wore a matching laced pair of underwear. He became more aroused and at this point his cock showed signs of growth! She noticed him, “You are a blessed man so to speak, Jonathan. May I assist you?”

And she stuck her hand inside of his briefs and pulled the cock out that hardened itself as she did it. Outside now, she handled it like she handles a piece of fragile jewelry, at first.

“Totally and truly amazing Jonathan! Such elongation and I could not be more desiring of anything like this. Even my husband isn’t this blessed! Never in a million years!”

They were sitting there and her small purse overflowed with paperwork. He looked into this woman’s eyes. The deep dark cool blue look of them swallowed him whole. She knew this did that to many men. Her lightly colored sandy brown hair was silky and medium length.

He sprung at her and his foot kicked her purse, sitting just to the side of him, about 2 feet away. This spread her identification cards and credit cards everywhere. Neither at first, did anything. ‘Jan’ was not aware that this had happened. He knew he kicked something. It did not matter now; he was lustfully attacking this naked woman!

‘Jan’ was grabbing at his back as they kissed heavily, attacking each other with craziness and no regard for love, romance or intimacy! This was LUST and crude at that! A total regard for only one thing: Sex and orgasm with the other!

To ejaculate and release and join ‘minds and souls’ sexually and ONLY sexually, this was now their soul purpose!

Arms wrapped the other, legs intertwined each other; becoming tighter and tighter with one another. They turned and twisted, over and over. They fell over on to the floor. The coffee table was jointly pushed several yards away to the picture window, due to the strength of the passion that flowed between them.

He then came to lie over ‘Jan’ and caught sign of the elongated nipples. They were so long and so large.

“My ex-wife’s were never this long, as he stopped to adore them with his tongue; I have always, like so many men more then adored a woman’s nipples, but yours Jan are phenomenal! The arousing nature of them, Jan brings me to my knees, almost!”

‘Jan’ giggled and looked into this ‘Jonathan’s eyes and face. “I am not Jan, Jonathan. I am Jean!” What made her state this was beyond her? She had to let him know. Something came over her. I am Jan’s sister. I heard from Jan and others that you were the hottest ‘thing’ on the market around here and being who I am; I had to check you out for myself! It so far has been well worth my visit!”

‘Jonathan’ became quiet and only smiled at Jean. He didn’t say anything but look at her and fondle her hair, her upper cheeks, then her arms and slowly downwards to her breasts and nipples. He would proceed beyond this as he looked at her face, her body, and her bosoms!

“This does not bother you Jonathan? You are not at all upset with me?”

He continued to look at Jean and continued to smile a warm and inviting smile. It would swallow her into him and his needs. He then kissed her on her lips, quietly. At first she did not kiss him back.

He knew exactly how to ‘pursue’ her lips, not aggressively, but with a purpose now. Eventually she gave in and kissed him back as gently as he kissed her.

He now had his purpose and it said to him: Screw the woman’s brains out and afterwards tell her who he is and see if she still wants me!

“Jean, it amazes me that you could lie like this. I am a principled man, I am. I have my own nuances and my own privacies, but honestly I lust for you and everything associated with having sex with you!” He too was playing her for the fool maybe.

With that a huge smile came across both of their faces; she pulled him into her mouth and pursued him aggressively that he almost couldn’t keep up. She stroked his chest first and downwards to his firmer stomach and then to the piece of equipment güvenilir bahis şirketleri any red-blooded human being desires; mans best friend, the cock!

She held it with confidence. She held it with gentleness. She held it firmly also and began running her soft warm hand over it.

A warmer and nicer look came over him. It was a different look also. A look that said, “I am yours, swallow me whole, vacuum me up. Take me where you want me to go, because you and I are one tonight! It was something to this nature, type of look!

She knew it and has seen it so many times before with men and women alike! She was ready and she hoped he was too!

Her garden down between the canals of her thighs craved him and that wonderful brilliant piece of a friend.

Her soul said, “I want you all. I want all that is physical inside of me. I want any sexual passion driven into me and driven hard baby!”


“You won’t be honey. I am your man, yes I am! I fuck the best, damn straight I can!”

They looked at each other, she giggled and added: “Then ream me with lust and passion! She mounted him and slid his creation inside her hot moist layered tunnel. There was a connection now that was indescribable!

She sat over him and felt this cock deep up inside of her cunt. It was excellent! It was a first class feeling. He smiled and said, “I really, really like you Jean, you are the best” and pushed upwards, deeper into her seeping caverns.

“Ohhh, uhhh, ohh my God Jonathan, wow! Ohh it feels incredible again to have cock in me, utterly…Ohh yess…Ohh my god, yessss, incredible! Her head went backwards, her eyes shut themselves. She began enduring the intercourse; she hadn’t endured this for a few months now. But this was different. He was much, much better. He was bigger and he was more fit! She rose up but not coming off him, plunged back down on his fat, long cock! Not fat though, actually thick and wholesome, he was pleased by her and the feeling of her warmth and softness!

She was not tight, nor was she loose. It was a perfect fit. One difference: no man was as long as ‘Jonathan’, not even the real Jonathan! No John was blessed and he proved this manliness to this Goddess of a woman.

They slowly hunched at each other, her face became focused with the idea to orgasm and feel the beauty of sex this rainy evening.

“Ohhh my Lord…yes! Ohh yess! Her voice carried itself. She was more active and he kept the pace. Fucking back at her, her hair jumping left and right. Her tits, bouncing in many directions! It was beauty and the beast attacking each other and mutually accepting the lust and desire each wanted!

He had the beast, she had the beauty! Her nipples stood at attention and he almost focused completely, if it were not for the eager screams she effortlessly let out.

She was vigorously going up and down, up and down; she created more lubrication, more yearning, and much more obsession in her self. He wanted her intensely and fucked her roughly!

He pushed upwards as she pulled off him. She could not keep up the rhythm! He wanted it badly and she did too but he was more then what she expected.

“Yeah baby, you like this, huh baby? Am I as good as you thought or wanted baby?”

“Ohhhh… yesss, yesss Jonathan! She kept grinding her cunt down on his hammer! Ohhh fuck yeah honey, keep me going! I feel it, I feel you! You’re so good baby! You do me good, yes baby you do!” She loved the way he hammered at her pussy and how he screamed at her.

“I know, I know! Ohh hell yeah, I know I do! She smiled at his comment. Oh God girl, I love the feel of your cunt on my cock. We do each other so good baby! Oh yeah! Ohh yeahh! Ohhh yeahh baby, yeah. Are you feeling it, huh baby?”

Jean screamed out and loud too! She orgasmed hard and he felt the ‘tremors’ that erupted and surrounded his cock. He pushed hard at her again! Her hands were clutching his and her hips pushed up and down more ferociously!

Screaming for another orgasm, he aided her. He had too; he wanted to please this exceptionally beautiful slut. She was in reality and he enjoyed the verbiage in the heat of the moment!

“Ohh you are my sexual slut, baby! My horney lil whore, aren’t you baby?”

“Oh yes I am, I am a sexual slut and more then you know, she screamed out between her quickened breaths! I am slut, I am whore, I am yours, give me more,” she would scream over and over!

He loved it! It all came out of nowhere! He pumped and pumped harder and he was ready to explode also; he had to cum inside this woman’s pussy; this garden of a treasure of sorts. Her hair was so messed up. She was sweating too and so was he as well. It was beautiful in a way!

She dripped and dripped, but she was even hotter with an almost volcanic sexual upsurge of energy! He began exploding! Cum began flooding her! He pulled out and laid her on her back quickly! He filled her up in her pussy; she erupted again and screamed loud! He smiled as she did this. He began shooting an overflow of cum up into her face, her mouth her tits and her tummy also! Her face was covered with a white cream and she wiped it up and licked it off and swallowed his cum.

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