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“I want a ‘do over'” she said.

“You do?” her friend responded, surprised.

“Yup, I do.”

“Okay, then, how about you come over next Friday, and this time, you supply the wine.”

“Sounds great,” she said.

She thought about it all week. That night. The night when she was too drunk, or too naïve, or both, to realize the seduction that was intended. For her, in fact. She thought about how he had pulled her to the couch, how he had looked at her, how she had looked at her, how they had massaged her feet together. How they had all danced with each other. How he tried to kiss her while her friend looked on.

She was not repulsed, not even shocked, just curious now. She made it through the week thinking back to that night every chance she got. Imagining how it would be.

Friday finally came and she showed up at the door, with wine in hand. “Come in” her friend had said, “dinner is almost ready.”

It began like any other dinner party, great food, great wine, great conversation. As the food began to run out, and the wine continued to flow, they moved to the living room.

And then the real evening began. She put some music on and they all began to dance. He had pulled her close to him and her friend came up behind them, joining in, and it all became a blur from there. She remembers kissing, caressing, touching, all three of them falling onto the couch together.

She remembers the feel of her friend’s lips touching hers. She’d never kissed a girl before, and she had to admit it was different. And she liked it. They continued to kiss, and then their hands started to explore each other. She tried to relax as she felt her friends hand go to her breasts. This was new, and somewhat scary — but somehow yabancı escort exciting to her. As she began to relax into the situation, she felt a second pair of hands wrap around her from behind.

He began squeezing her nipples, kissing her neck and shoulders, as she continued to kiss his wife. Soon, he turned her around and was kissing her himself, his wife took a step back and let him take the lead. He pushed her down onto the couch and put his full weight on top of her as he ground his hardness into her. They began kissing with a sense of urgency now. He pulled off her shirt, tore off her bra, and undid her pants. She stopped for a minute. She was scared, but she did not want this to stop. He began to pull her pants off, and slid his hand underneath the lace of her underwear and into her now dripping wet pussy.

They began removing clothes, and became a naked pile on the floor. They were touching now and she was feeling hands all over her body, although she wasn’t sure anymore whose hands where were. But by now she didn’t care.

He moved up to where the women are kissing, and his wife took her cock into her mouth. She stayed nearby not knowing why, but kissing the area around his shaft, and giving an occasional lick to his balls- taking them into her mouth. Then she felt his fingers slide into her and suddenly she found herself lying fully naked on top of the wife, kissing her. The wife had the husbands cock in her hands and was stroking it, while he was fingering her as she was still kissing the wife, and pinching her nipples.

Suddenly she felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her dripping wet entrance- and her friend, the wife, guiding her husbands cock into her while still kissing yeni escort her. She wanted to be confused, but then he began to tease her with the tip of his cock staying just at the opening of her, doing slow circles until she thought she would go mad. Finally, in one swift movement, he pushed himself hard and deep inside her. She gasped from the fullness of it. And he could no longer hold back. He began pounding his cock hard into her. She groaned loudly, and heard the sound of his wife’s breathing change as she began touching herself as she watched while occasionally kissing and continuing to rub her breasts. Now she couldn’t, and did not want to, stop. It felt too good. But she wanted to be on top and really feel the length of his cock up inside her. So she rolled him over onto the floor and rode him hard. Soon her legs began to tremble and she felt the heat rising in her body. She came in such an explosion that she could not catch her breath. And almost simultaneously he came hard and deep inside her.

She pulled herself back onto the couch to regain her composure and watched as he began to make love to his wife.

And that’s when she saw it. His reflection. In the window. She didn’t think he had known about the adventure she had been keeping from him and dreaming about all week. For a moment she was fearful of what he would say, of what he must think of her.

He motioned for her to come to the door and let him in. She knew she had to. There was no way for her to deny what he must have seen.

Unnoticed by her friends who were now deep into their own sexual experience, she quickly began to put her clothes on. She did not have her shirt completely buttoned by the time she made it to the door. As yenibosna escort she opened it, fearing the worse, she finally saw his face. It was not a face she had seen before….or had she? Hadn’t he looked at her that way before, in the beginning of their relationship when they still couldn’t keep their hands off each other? He had. But it had been a long time since he had looked at her that way.

She continued to struggle with the buttons on her blouse he pushed his way in the door. “Don’t bother” her lover said to her, ripping the shirt back off her body.

They didn’t even make it to the other room. Instead, she pulled him to the floor, and tore off his pants. His cock was harder than she had seen it in a long time, and she realized she wanted him bad. As he pulled her pants off, she realized that she was still wet, but not just from her own juices. She could also feel her recent lover seeping out of her. He saw it dripping from her and groaned. Again, she was afraid of how he must think of her- letting another man cum inside her like that.

But, much to her surprise, she saw that look in his eyes spark again. And he looked at her with such animal desire. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t have time to overthink the situation, though, because quickly he pinned her legs wide open so he could see the full image of her. And after taking the image in for a moment, he entered her hard and fast.

This was no tender experience, this was pure and simply fucking, and it felt great.

She came quickly again, and was having a hard time breathing with the waves of pleasure that were flowing through her body as he pounded himself hard into her. And just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he came deep inside her.

She laid there for a moment catching her breath, a bit unsure of what had just happened, but knowing that it felt terrific.

“Guess we needed a ‘do over’ too, eh?” He said to her as he kissed her hard on the mouth. When he did she tasted everything that had happened that night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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