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Dusk was settling in over Irondequoit, the High School students had long left for their homes, to study for tests or change their clothes for the end of year parties going on that night. It was late June, and the night was warm, a perfect night to be out with friends and getting into trouble. The teachers, too, seemed very relieved that another year had ended, and they had all been very quick to leave the premises in their SUVs as soon as school had let out.

The lights of the administrative wing had been dimmed, and the office was filled with an eerie light from a single computer monitor that shone in the half darkness. The click clacking of typing filled the room as well.

“God damn sons of bitches…” muttered Jessica under her breath. She didn’t want anyone to hear her, but she knew she was alone. She was young, and very beautiful, although a bit stressed at the moment. Her heels added a few inches to her 5’6” body. She was slim, yet she had just enough of a body to have a beautiful hourglass figure. She knew that part of the reason that she got hired in the fall was because she was gorgeous, and she didn’t mind the men, students and faculty alike, drooling over her at every opportunity. On this particular day, she was sporting a tight fitting cotton pleated skirt with a small hem up the side. Because of the heat, she had “forgotten” to put on panties that day. On top she wore a button up plain white collared shirt. The sleeves had been rolled up and the top two buttons had been undone earlier that afternoon. She did not dress slutty at all! But her innocent secretary style was part of what made her so intruiging to the menfolk at Irondequoit. Her wire rimmed glasses sat low on her nose and her dark brown hair was pinned back in a neat little bun. From her concentration, and the heat, beads of sweat had begun to accumulate on her forehead.

Half of the sophomore’s report cards had been deleted because of a filing error. Not her fault at all, but like many times that year the task of retrieving the files had been given to her. Didn’t they know that she had a life too? Sure she was single at the time, but she deserved to be out far more than those innovia escort aging perverts and wrinkly bitches that she shared that office with. “Well, she thought, I am almost finished anyway” She couldn’t wait to get home and settle in with a nice porno and her favorite toy. “Mmmmmmm. Maybe the single life isn’t so bad after all.” She began to type a little quicker than before.

The outer door creaked open and her train of sexy thoughts was interrupted. She watched silently as she saw a tall, slim man open the door with his back end while pulling his janitor’s cart in after himself. She couldn’t yet see who it was, not that she would know anyways, she had never associated much with the janitors, they tended to stay away from the administration wing until school was over for the day. He had already taken out the vacuum and began to unwind the cord when he looked up and noticed her.

“Hello” he said in a startled voice.

“Hi” answered Jessica. She had seen him before, but never spoken a word to him in her life. “Working late, too huh?” she asked.

“Ya gotta love what you do.” He smiled. “I hope you don’t mind a little noise.” He asked. ‘I’d have you making the noise if you gave me a chance…’ he thought to himself.

“Not at all. In fact I would enjoy a little company. I’m Jessica, pleased to meet you Mr…”

“Dallas, Dick Dallas. Janitor extraordinaire at your service madame.” Replied Dick.

Dallas finished setting up the vacuum and began his work. Running the machine along the floor in between desks back and forth. She went back to her work as well. But her focus was continually interrupted. The whirring of that vacuum sounded exactly like her vibrator at home. As she watched this man moving smoothly around her, bending over in certain corners in his tight jeans, she thought less and less about working on the lost grades and more and more of working on the hot cock he must have concealed in those Levi’s. The noise of the Hoover provided the background for the next few minutes, when suddenly the steady hum was broken by a silence.

“whoops, cord came undone.” He said from across the room. He istanbul escort had pulled the vacuum too far.

“I can get it.” she said. It was time to start teasing him. She knew he was watching her as she slowly bent over and grabbed the end of the cord. She began to give him the dumb routine as well. “It’s not going in…” she whined. “what is this thing, foreign?”

“Let me take a look.” Said Dallas, coming over to lend a hand. She had tried to insert it the wrong way. He turned it and it slid in smoothly. “There we go.”

“No…” she said, clearing away the clutter on the end of her desk. She used her hands to lift herself so she was sitting on the edge. “Here we go.”

“Shit!” He thought, he knew he was about to get lucky, but he had games to play as well. “what are you talking about?” He asked. “I have work to do, excuse me.” He began to walk back towards the vacuum, now running.

She grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him back. “Get back her and fuck me, Dick Dallas.” She undid the top button on her skirt and wiggled it away from her hips, showing her nicely trimmed pussy. Her beautiful clit had begun to expose itself as well.

It wasn’t the pussy that reeled Dallas in though, he just had a thing for women using his full name when they talked to him in a sexual manner. He eyed her up and down and with a smile put his arms around her and kissed her passionately. Slowly, while still kissing her, he began to undo each button of her blouse. Likewise, she lifted his shirt up over his chest, exposing his pectorals and strong muscular arms. She also began to undo his belt.

Beneath her white brasiere were her petite B cup breasts. They were smaller than many other women’s but still a handful and very perky. Her sexual excitement had made her nipples stiffen. Dick worked his way, kissing and licking down her neck and ran his lips over the lacy material at the front of her bra and sucked each nipple into her mouth. The sucking sensation coupled with the feeling of the fabric against her nipple was almost enough to make her cum. Almost, however, would not be enough. She needed him inside of her. She finished kadıköy escort undoing his jeans and watched as he slowly stepped out of them, and his boxers as well. She lay back on the desk so that only her round ass and legs were dangling over the bed. “Fuck me, stud.”

He grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her milky white calves onto his shoulders, spreading them apart. He slowly began to enter her and upon her encouragement increased his rhythm.

“Oh god yes, that’s soo good.” She moaned. “Now, a bit deeper, I want you to fill me up as much as you can.”

Dick Dallas reached his hands around underneath her ass, cupping her cheeks in his strong hands. He pulled her body closer to him to allow for deeper penetration while maintaining his speed. His tight balls began to slap against her ass cheeks. Because she was laying on the desk and he was standing, he was able to look her up and down as he fucked the living hell out of her. Her hands were working up and down her body just as fast as he fucked her. She began to pinch and rub her nipples, alternately licking her fingers to allow for greater stimulation. Her other hand found its way down to her clit, and rubbed it quickly in time with his fucking motion.

She came quick and hard. Her hips bucked up and she moaned with the greatest passion that he had ever heard. “Ohhh god Dick, Yes, that’s it! That’s it! Im CUMMMMIIIIIIIING OHHHHH GODDDD YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! Fuck me! Fuck Meeeeee!!

Dallas, his cock soaked with her juices, felt her cunt tighten and squeeze around his length and girth. The new slimness of her passage caused more friction, and his balls began to tighten. She felt it as well. “Yes, my fucking hard janitor, fill me with your hot seed.” This was all the encouragement that Dick Dallas needed.

He cried out “OOOOHHHh SHIIIT JESSICA!!!” as he unloaded his weapon into her wanting pussy. As he pulled out two more spurts of hot jizz discharged onto her stomach and tits.

“Ohhhh, you made a mess!” She said, feigning anger.

“I’m sorry baby” he said, but he suddenly remembered something. He grabbed the vacuum from its resting place and placed it over her navel, and then her still hard nipple. This made short work of the sticky white mess on her beautiful young body.

“Mmmmmm she moaned again as she felt the sucking sensation run along her torso. “You are a great janitor”

“Hey, its like I said…” He answered. “You gotta love what you do!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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