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Was it ever going to rain? They were in the middle of the worst drought that Kentucky had seen in history. The air was thick, almost unbreathable. You would think that after such a long period of time without rain, the air would be dry. Not in Kentucky. With the Ohio River as its northern border, people along the river could attest to the fact that it was as humid now as it would have been after a short rain on a 95 degree day. It was hot, sticky weather. Miserable. Everyone moved slower, trying to keep from exerting themselves in the dangerously hot temperatures. It was a rural area. Large farms separated by fields of rolling pasture land and dense woods. A farmers life blood, and a hunters paradise.

Cassie sat outside on the porch swing fanning herself with the book she just could not get into. She laid the book down, and lifted her long hair up off the back of her neck. There was barely any breeze at all, but the lifting of her hair from her neck felt good. With one hand she started to gently rub the back of her neck with her fingertips. The gentle, whisper- soft touch felt like a cool breeze on her skin. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of her hand cooling her body.

If she had opened her eyes she might have seen him coming.

Cassie loved this time of night. It was getting dark, but the light of the moon was so bright, it would be hours before true darkness fell. She loved to walk down to the creek after everyone else had turned in for the night. She was thinking of doing just that. Her hand continued around to the front of her neck, bringing a small amount of relief with it. She leaned her head back on the swing, using her foot to gently swing back and forth. It was almost hypnotic. The gentle sway of the swing, the sounds of the night, and her hand making small circles on her bare chest. She could almost feel a breeze now. A soft halkalı bdsm escort smile on her lips, she began to let her hand move down her chest. The thin cotton night shirt was her favorite. So cool on these hot nights. Her fingers grazed the top of her breast as it moved lower. She felt a shiver caused by her own hand. Her nipples puckered. A quiet moan escaped her lips. She reached lower and cupped her breast, lifting it, squeezing it. Her thumb ran across her hard nipple. Mmmm. That felt really good. She let her breast fall back on her chest and moved to the other. Lifting, squeezing, caressing herself. Mmmmm.

“Need some help with that Cassie?”

Cassie’s eyes shot open, and her body jumped with a start. “Oh my gosh, you idiot, you scared me half to death!” She yelled at him to cover her embarrassment. Good grief had he really just caught her feeling herself?

Cade couldn’t believe his luck finding Cassie sitting outside alone. He watched her for several minutes, not wanting to put a stop to the show, but damn he was hard. He knew she would be furious when he spoke and made his presence known. He was right. He couldn’t help the chuckle that came when she yelled at him.

“Cade Williams, you arrogant son of a bitch, don’t you dare laugh at me!” He laughed out loud then, he didn’t even try to stop it this time. “I’m sorry Cass, I didn’t mean to scare you. I should have kept quiet and waited until you were finished.”

“You son of a bitch!!” She yelled.

“Yeah, you said that already.” He laughed again.

Cassie was seeing red. She took off running straight for him, if she hit him just right she’d knock him on his ass. Then who would be laughing?

She launched herself at him, growling with fury as she went.

He braced himself, and caught her around the waist in mid halkalı elit escort air. He staggered backward a couple of steps, but he remained standing.

In a quick smooth move he had her over his shoulder, holding her legs with one arm, as his free hand came up and smacked her on the ass.

“Now Cass, you know your not suppose to use that kind of language. Mother would be very angry with you.”

“She’s not my mother, and she has no say in what I do, or what I say. She’s your mother! And she should have raised you better than to stand around in the dark and spy on people.”

“And your daddy should have raised you better than to sit out in broad daylight and touch yourself in front of anyone who cared to look.”

“Put me down Cade.”

“No way baby sister, your dangerous when your mad, I’ll wait till you cool off.”

“I am not a baby, I am a grown woman….and I’m not even your sister you idiot. Our parents divorced two years ago. Put me the fuck down!”

Cade smacked her ass again. “Language.” She screamed in fury again.

“If you think for one minute I’m gonna cool down in this century you are dead wrong….put me down.”

Cade had been walking with her over his shoulder for several yards, she didn’t know it yet….but she was gonna cool down real quick.

Cassie lifted her head and became aware of where they were. He had carried her to the creek. She began to pound on his back with her fists. “Don’t you dare….I’m warning you Cade….don’t you dare!”

“Oh, I dare Cassie.”

With those words in her ear, he dropped her into the swimming hole that still remained in the once very deep creek.

She landed on her bottom, her head barely above water. She stood gasping and sputtering. She swept the wet hair from her face, and turned to glare at him.

“What halkalı escort the hell?!” He was still standing on the small dam that kept this hole full even during the dry times. And he was laughing.

He was also chucking his clothes. Cassie gasped and turned around, not wanting to face him. “Cade Williams, don’t you dare take off another stitch of clothes!!”

“Oh Cassie, I dare…you know I dare.”

He came up behind her in the water. With one strong arm he pulled her tight to his chest. “I told you I’d be back for you.” He whispered in her ear.

“Two years Cade. You waited two years.”

“I know exactly how long its been. I’ve waited long enough Cass. I’m not waiting one second longer.”

His hand came up and cupped her breast. Her head dropped to his shoulder. He squeezed her, and took her ear lobe between his teeth as he whispered, “Please Cass, not one second longer.”

Cassie was powerless against him. She had been dreaming of this very moment for 2 years.

“No Cade,…….not one second longer.”

He pulled her drenched shirt over her head and threw it on the bank. He lifted her out of the water and put his hands under her ass. She wrapped her legs around him, and crushed her mouth to his. He tore her panties from her, and stroked her. He groaned. Damn she felt good. He positioned his cock at her entrance. Then pulled back from the kiss. He looked into her eyes… intense stare….a stare with a promise, and a question. She answered with her own eyes. Slowly he entered her. Watching her eyes until he was all the way in. He threw his head back, she bent hers forward. He started thrusting in and out of her, slowly at first, but soon his hips were pounding into her at an uncontrollable pace.

Cassie was lost. Her body started moving with his. She had been afraid this moment would never come. Afraid they would never be together. She felt the tears slide down her face. “Oh God, Cade….I love you…..I have missed you so much. Don’t you dare ever leave me again.”

“No. Cass, that’s one thing I would never dare. Never again.”

They came together in the middle of the creek that hot summer night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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