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Part One of the Daisy series.
Feedback is always welcomed ^_^
Thanks and enjoy!


Ever have a friend you thought was just simple and nonchalant? The type that goes with the flow yet you find cute… yea, Daisy was quite that friend. We’ve met some time ago in our college years in a random photography class that none of us wanted to take. Long story short, somehow we became friends down the road, to even better friends to close friends. She eventually went on to move on to a different college for her bachelor’s while I stayed to finish up my own.

Luckily, she was just a few train stops away in Brooklyn so we saw each other every other blue moon it seemed, to just lounge and watch flicks. And time passed… birthdays, girlfriends, boyfriends, parties, graduation and a year later we found ourselves both pretty unemployed and living at home with mom and dad. We chatted here and there on some messenger client, passing on silly stories back and forth and other friends’ updates we have know through our college days.

So on some lazy summer late night, Daisy happened to be on her screen name and we went through our usual beats. The both of us were telling each other how nothing’s been going on, how things have been and ever how such a boring summer so far. At one point, I suggested I should come and visit since I could lose a day in this boring town I call home. She practically jumped for joy… well; I can just imagine she did by her speedy lighting responses of glee. And before I knew it, I was looking up maps to see how to drive over to her part of the woods for our Friday get together.

I’m not going to lie, a part of me was hoping we’d get our usual drank and make out. Then finally I could get her overly turned on and fuck this sweet little woman who’s ass I’ve been day dreaming about since I saw it back in that photo class. The whole drive over, I kept thinking of all the different possibility’s on how such a thing can go down. And damn was traffic mean, it gave me way too much time for my imagination to feel and breathe every last detail on every last scenario that came to me. By the time I pulled up to her mother’s place, I was fighting to keep my cock from betraying me as it was quite alive and wanting to break free from my jeans.

“There you are…”she said as I got out of my car. I saw Daisy approach me with that friendly smile she’s known for. I was juggling my keys and phone as she stood there with her arms waiting to cling to me for a hug.

“Come on, where’s those patent Luke hugs?”

As we hugged, I could feel my over active imagination and cock start to flood once again. Thankfully we disconnected and found ourselves heading up her drive way to the front door.

“That last highway is so not easy… if you don’t know the area,” as I followed her inside and took note of how nice the house actually was.

“Yea… I hardly know it myself…doesn’t help that I don’t drive either…,” she turned and looked me over “You ready to get something to eat?”

I simply nodded my head and kind of laughed as she screamed up to her sister.

“You finished up there!! Luke’s finally made his way here…” Daisy looked back to me “She’s starving…”

We heard a faint little voice call back about just fixing her hair. We looked at each other and I could see her twist her lips a bit.

“She always makes me wait just a tad extra when I yell to her…” she skipped around and headed up the stairs “come on…” I followed her up and over to her room.

“Damn… very violet…” I said. She bent over to find a pair of shoes and my eyes flew right over to that little tight ass that’s been calling for me for the last 5 years. I turned just in time as I saw a door open from the room over.

“I actually didn’t have a choice in the room’s color… but I like it I suppose.”

I wasn’t paying much attention as I watch a shorter version of Daisy walked out of a room that had light brown hair with some streaks of strawberry blonde.

“Hey, I’m Daisy sis, Veronica.”

“Hi… I’m Luke.” Before either of us could share another word, Daisy poked her head out from her closet.

“He already said he was sorry for getting here so late, you don’t have to kick him or anything.”

Veronica laughed towards her sis as she slipped passed me to join her “Oh please Dais… I was just saying hi.”

“I saw…and you gave him the fang glare!” They both laughed at the claim as I looked both of them over. You could defiantly tell they were sisters. While Daisy and Veronica both shared similar faces and short heights, Daisy had the more care free charms outlining her face while her little sis had more of a mature look to her somehow. Their bodies looked to be the same, though I couldn’t make such a good claim on Veronica since she wore a mid thigh dress outfit, clearly hiding an ass I couldn’t judge yet.

“Hope you like diner food!” She said as Veronica slipped passed me again through the open door and back to her room to get esenyurt otele gelen escort something.

“You said you were hungry, right?”Daisy asked me slipped down her sun glasses and gathered up her purse.

My head simply nodded which in return made Daisy smile up to me and just like that, I found myself in the back seat of Veronica’s blue car as the two sis’s talked town gossip. Apparently so and so was working here now and that girl with the new lollipop store was looking for other things to sell than lollies. All very fascinating as the car streamed along the quiet street with tree’s reaching past clouds it seemed.

“So what is life down…where you from again…” asked Veronica who looked over at me from the driver’s chair.

“I’m just south and east of here… about 90 miles. Your town kinda reminds me of home, just yours on a mountain and we have beaches.”

“God, remember Dais when we went to the Caribbean… damn I miss those waves.”

“I must remember you fucking that surfer guy off by the rocks more than anything. He practically left you a puddle of happy flesh, damn, was mom not happy about that little show,” said Daisy as she laughed to herself.

My ears perking up as Veronica started going into detail how she lured the dude away from his friends.

“Then all it took was my lips wrapped around that fat cock head and he stopped carrying about the little beach show” They both were in a fit of giggles as she put her car into a parking spot of the diner. Veronica made a pop of her lip’s to really deliver it home. Damn was I fighting with my cock to keep it from tearing from my jeans and down her throat.

They both got out of the car as I tried to buy myself some time by pretending to readjust my laces on one shoe before I made my exit.

“Don’t let Veronica fool you, she’s not a total slut or anything. She has a boyfriend.” Daisy said I watched Veronica as she rolled her eyes and smiled to herself to that little comment. It had me thinking otherwise.

“He must be a good man to you then,” I said as we made our way inside the quite diner with its typical silver and yellow lit showcase.

“Yea… no complains. He keeps me entertained I guess you could say.”

“No easy task at that…” Daisy joked as her sis smacked her arm. We were seated off into a corner booth with a window looking out to some woods. Nice scenery, but not as nice as looking over the sisters in front of me.

For some reason Daisy looked more made up then I remember in recent outings, and her sis was well prepared to outdo her. Neither pose much when it came to tits, they sure had lovely faces. Although Daisy was trying to show off her what little cleavage she did have with a snug little floral printed top that showed plenty of neck and shoulders. Man, I just wanted to kiss down that neck. I think Veronica noticed my little gawk because next thing I know, a spit ball hits my chest. Two can play at this… and just like that, our table was in total warfare. Hell, Daisy was singing off air raids. Our waitress must have been spinning some tale in her head by the look on her face at her first visit.

“You ‘kids’ know what you’ll be having tonight?”

“Yes, more straws!” Veronica said and again smacks her older sis’s arm. Daisy cleared her throat.

“I’ll have cheese fries with a side of re-fried beans and chili”

“Veggie pasta, marinara on the side,” Veronica ordered.

“Cheese fries with a side of re-fried beans and chili,” Daisy ordered.

With that, the waitress in her late 30’s set her eyes over me. Facing her, she wasn’t all too bad of a sight. She had long black hair, crystal blues and a nice rack from the looks of it. Dressed in some typical pale blue outfit with a long skirt, you could tell she didn’t enjoy the uniform. Her bottom lip pouted out a bit in impatience as I thumb back over the menu.

“Can I get chicken fingers with some waffle fries?” I asked.

“Sure thing, doll,” She said as she scribbled on her pad and took our menu’s away.

“Always have to get the most expensive thing, don’t yea, Veron?” Daisy asked teasing. Her little sis just answered back with pouring some salt into Daisy’s water. I started laughing.

“Don’t forget the black pepper…” I said as I started to shake some into the pouting Daisy glass.

“Good thing I’m ordering a soda later…”

We made small talk as we waited for our food and watched other likely locals wander into the diner from our window seat. Hearing stories of the week from both sisters and finding more about Veronica’s main squeeze seemed to really fill in the silent gaps. I got the impression that he was going to be joining us later in the night when we get back to their house to drink. Things seemed to calm down even more as our food arrived and we started to chow down. Veronica ate away happily at her pasta as she texted back and forth. Daisy and I were in a heated debate over which type of fries esenyurt rus escort were better.

It seemed her main argument was the dipping and dunking approach. I watched her closely as she made it a point to dip her cheese fries in her chili and toss them back into her little mouth. She licked her lips like they were yummier then my waffle fries.

“But waffles fries have the upper hand. They get way crispier and far yummier!” Veronica chimed into the conversation. Daisy stuck out her tongue.

“Dais just likes to lick and suck on things, that’s all, Lukey,” Veronica said as she stole one of my waffle fries and dunked it into her marinara sauce.

“That’s you, sis.”

Veronica sat more up right and looked upwards appearing as if she was thinking. “…Oh yea… your right,” She said with a smiled and stole a fry from her sis.

“I think my sister’s fries are crispier actually…” To this information, Daisy popped a handful of my fries and her own into her mouth and chewed away.

“I can’t tell the difference,” she tried to say with her mouth full.

“My, that was quite the mouthful… I had a suspicion you could take the big ones down your… EEEP!!!” Veronica got out before she was met with a punch from her sis that must have broken a rib. Daisy turned a pink hue in embarrassment.

“Jezzzzzzz…” Veronica said as she rubbed her side.

Daisy’s eyes looked past mine for a second and looked back at her plate of half eaten fries. Playing with a lonely fry like she was waiting for something it seemed. My eyes watched her little fry dance and almost jumped as she picked it up and proceed to give it a little suck with her red lips. A shark like grin formed and her eyes caught my own again, putting me in a daze. I started to drool like a fool as I watched her little tongue wrap around it and suck it into her mouth.

Without warning the waitress appeared and asked us how things were going. Daisy kind of embarrassed by her little act. She looked away and blushed. Veronica seemed zoned out on her cell. I looked up and kind of choked a bit on my food. My eyes directly on the long raven haired beauty’s tits as they were clearly on display it seemed.

A few buttons gone undone and the tops of her milky skin breasts shinning in the light that touched it. Her lips curled as she stuck her diner pencil to them. My head shook like a little boy who didn’t know the answer to the question the teacher was asking the class.

Again, showing a bit of annoyance, the waitress made her face tighten in anger and simply said “Fine.” to herself in a low voice. She turned and walked to her next table and her mood seemed to change in an instant. Veronica brought me back from checking out the ass that belonged to our moody food bringer with a swift kick to my knee.

“Someone wants a little dessert, doesn’t he…”Veronica said her eyes looked right at me. Before I could even defend my leering, Daisy stepped in clueless as ever.

“Dessert… we have plenty of that back home, you know that, Veron.” She said. Veronica and I both kind of giggled to the notion. Daisy looked at us confused.

Feeling full and a bit heated, I got up and bee lined to the bathroom, which took a bit since the signs were misleading. After almost causing some poor little waitress to drop someone’s soup and pie, I found my destination and went about my business.

Thinking of all the flirting that’s been going down had me ever so confused. Soaping up my hands and looking around for some sort of paper towels, I heard the sounds of heels come by and stop outside the door. Shrugging it off, I dried my hands and stepped out.

“Pardon…,” said the low voice of our waitress. We traded our “sorry” as we made our way past each other in the narrow hallway. As our bodies brushed past each other, I saw her eyes follow the length of my jeans which was company to a bit of curious smile from her as well.

My mouth was open, about to say something. I still don’t know what that might have been said because I got distracted when I felt her tits being pushed to my chest. My mind raced wondering if she was doing it on purpose or was she just trying to get passed me. I saw her smile grow more. Her voice got even lower, filled with a fire that sang to me.

“Is this my tip? Because I’m only allowed one…,” she said as she pressed her thigh to the front my jeans and slowly rubbed against me in a dancer like way. “And it better be a big fucking tip, sir.”

My hands instantly grabbed onto her ass and pulled her into my body, as her thigh grinding got even rougher over my growing cock. She let out a little shriek by my ear and pulled me into a door I hadn’t noticed. I felt her hands grab at my hard cock as she pushed the door behind me closed, sealing us in total darkness.

“My my, maybe you do have a generous tip for me after all, stud.” She whispered and then I felt her hand stroke along my length through my jeans. My hands woke up esenyurt türbanlı escort and found their way past her skirt and thighs from behind and were welcomed by a little wetness at her panties. My eyes tried to adjust to the lack of light, yet her big seductive eyes shinned somehow in the semi-darkness.

Making a guessing move, I leaned to her and found my lips at her cheek which she giggled at. Grabbing the back of my head, she corrected me and had my lips firmly on her own in seconds. Lost in her kiss, I didn’t even notice when she flicked a light switch on or when she got my pants undone. I broke from her spell when she moaned.

“Now that’s a tip I’ve needed all night long” She said saucily. Her hand was grabbing at my cock and tugging at it “So fucking nice and hard for me.” Falling to her knees, my cock brushed along her soft cheek and popped right at her pouty lips “And ever so big, mmm.”

Her eyes looked in my own. I felt weak as she opened her mouth and let her tongue circle over my aching fat cock head. She worked my nerves like a surgeon, exposing them delicately with her tongue. She made my knees give. My back hit the back of the wall with a hard thump which made her smile. My cock sprang free of her mouth and the seductive waitress went about letting her saliva drool all over my cock.

Finding some strength, I grabbed my cock and started to smack her ruby lips to her delight. Her hands found my ass and made me rub my wet cock all over her face until it slipped back into her tight lips and down her throat. She started to sing, and I mean sing! My cock jerked and shot some cum into her tummy just at the feeling. A quick laugh from her and she shoved me back, forcing my cock from that little heaven that was her throat.

“I didn’t say you could cum yet,” was her quick reply which she started to stroke my cock ever so slowly as she studied my face, “I know your young, but try to show some courtesy.”

She then looked down past my cock and looked at her cleavage that was on full display. Her eyes flashed back to mine and before I knew it, she had pulled her waitress blouse open and started pulling her cherry black bra down.

“Damn…,” I breathed out heavy and low as her hands grabbed her tits and pushed them together. Shifting forward, she brushed her lovely tits at my aching cock as it leaked cum.

“Come on… give my tits the fucking they deserve. I know you’ve been sneaking looks at them all night, you perv,” and with that said she pushed my cock between those big luscious tits of hers and started moving her body in a slow manner, teasing me beyond my threshold. With that soft tight hold she had over my cock, I started to thrust like a man that just got hit by lightning.

“Yea, that’s it, you fucking hung stud, fuck my tits.” Her tongue flicked across my appearing head and gave it a good bath by spitting down at my cock. She kept smiling and giving these loud shrieking moans which were pushing me beyond my self control. With my hands grabbing her tits now, her hands went to my ass, pushing me more into her tits.

There was no stopping what was about to come, that’s for sure, and this smoky-eyed seductress waitress wanted all of it.

“Give me that cum; I want it all over my fucking tits. Fucking give it to me!!!” She kept purring her desires and her nails started to dig into my skin. I was ready to blow.

“Hey, Laney… woah! woah! Woaaah!!!” A female voice exclaimed.

And there to our left, the poor little waitress I almost knocked over earlier. Blushing like Rudolph’s nose, her eyes wide with shock and hands over her mouth at the sight of us. God, I needed to cum so bad but before I even had a chance, Laney who had so effortless gotten my cock so hard and aching for release, had me pushed back from her. Her hand was tightly gripping my cock by my balls, keeping me from cumming.

“Hush and come join me, Betty.”

“Are you fucking crazy!!!?”She said. I saw her eyes look over my cock, wet and pulsing from Laney’s hard work.

They started to yell at each other, plenty of curses and name calling. I started to move my hips, trying to get Laney’s hand to move while it held me firmly.

“Get the fuck back to your tables, there’s food up and people wanting to check out.” Betty’s voice was heated, “I can’t believe…” But Laney cut her off by grabbing her hand and placing it over my cock head.

“Oh, shut it and just have some fun for once, Betty!” Laney said, tugging with her hand.

Betty’s hand fought away for a second but started to squeeze at my plump purple head. She shook her head, making her brunette hair shake a little but came to join her fellow waitress on her knees next to her. Betty made it a point to remove her glasses from her face and put them in a pocket on her flowery apron.

Her big blue eyes looked up at me, an oddly intense look. She had this really wicked classic look of a mean girl which pushed my pulse up a notch. With her mean stare, her tongue pushed up on the sensitive under side of my cock head and went to work. Laney let out her now classic shriek at her coworker and started to suck on my balls.

“Hurry up, loser, I have tips to make and dishes to clear,” Betty said and with that, she smacked my ass. A broad smile gradually appeared on my face.

“I’m going to plaster that bitchy face of yours,” I said.

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