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After 2 days of driving finally I arrived at 10th street in NYC. My skin was worse for the wear (I seriously don’t understand how truck drivers keep their complexion, lol) But all and all, I was doing ok.

There I was, cute talented girl ready to make her name in NYC.

The next job was to unload the truck but that wasn’t too difficult. But as soon as I brought up my first plant, I was greeted by first NYC friend and new neighbor Sam.

Sam was seriously big perhaps 280 pounds and 5 foot 10 and really wide. As soon as Sam saw me with my plants he said, “hello”, stuttering a bit. It’s funny how a 5’4 100 pound girl can put fear into the heart of a grown man. I gave him my smile and said, “Hi, I’m Stacy.”

“I’m Sam, are you moving in?”

Well, obviously, not so quick this fellow was. “Yes,” I answered plants in hand with door open to my empty studio.

“You…. want some help?” Well at least he figured that much out.

“Yes, Thank you” I smiled.

He helped bring up my stuff. He got really sweaty as he did it. Clearly Sam could use a little dieting and perhaps a membership to a health club but he did a great job.

As soon as we were done, I offered to buy him a soda. He was very grateful. Here I was in NYC. Sam, was a writer and very shy. He told me about how he writes poetry and also plays. I told him I am an actress. We actually hit it off although he wasn’t exactly the most handsome or the smoothest guy in the world, he’d do as a friend and at least we were in the same industry. Not to mention he moved all my stuff.

Anyways, I invited him out that night to go clubbing with me but he was too shy. Oh well. Later that week he knocked on my door as I was watching TV and he seemed really nervous. I told him to come in and asked him how he was doing. He said, “Good,” and then didn’t say anything for a moment then he said, “Stacy, I really like you and would like to go out with you.”

Oh boy, here we go, I thought. “Sam, I’m really flattered but I think I’d prefer to just be friends with you. I’m new to town and really I’m not even sure if your my type in general. I’m just too small for you. You need halkalı eve gelen escort a girl that’s a bit bigger, don’t you think.” That was a good excuse I thought.

Sam looked like I just told him that every pet he ever owned just died.

I said, “Come in Sam.” Let’s watch TV. He said, “Ok”

He said on the exact opposite side of the couch, so I smiled and patted the couch next to me and said, come here. He shyly came over. I then leaned on him a bit and watched my show.

We did that a few times. Whenever I was watching TV Sam would come by and he’s watch TV and I’d lean on him. He’d never move just sat their.

Then I had this great idea. I’d help Sam get into shape. I would never go out with Sam let’s get that straight regardless of how much his shape he improved. But Sam was my new friend so I thoguht I’d help him out. So Sam and I went out for a run. He huffed and puffed. It was really sad the way he could barely run a single block. But Rome was not built in a day. We managed to run then walk for a mile that day. Afterwards, I left him back at the building and I told him that if he practices he’ll be able to outrun me before he knows it. Fat chance I thought to myself, but, I had to give him some positive reinforcement. I then finished the rest of my run.

Over the two months I managed to get a job waiting tables at a very trendy Italian Restaurant. And I managed to get into a small off Broadway production of some really bad play (You gotta start somewhere).

Anyways, it was at about that time that one Saturday morning Sam asked me if I’d like to go for a running. I was glad he asked because I hadn’t been that diligent with my workout but I was also a little surprised. So I got on my little running shorts and my t shirt and we went. I was shocked. Sam was going at a much quicker pace than I was used to. I used to be a track and field star in highschool. I didn’t understand how this was possible. I was breathing quite heavy and my legs were getting sore. I couldn’t believe how much he improved and how out of shape I was from only two months of no running and perhaps halkalı grup yapan escort a bit too much partying the previous night. But I wasn’t going to let a 280 pound guy beat me so I tried my best to keep up till finally after about 2 miles I gave in and walked to the grass of the nearby park and collapsed.

“What’s wrong, Stacy?” A big sweaty Sam asked.

“I pulled my hamstring,” I lied, not wanting to tell him that he was in better shape than me. I was just pooped.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll get a cab,” He said. And he got a cab and we went home. And I took a shower quite quiet and shocked. I put on sweats and went to bed. Sam knocked on the door and I let him in. He asked me if I was feeling better, I said yeah. He asked if I wanted a massage to help with the muscle pull. I figured why not. I might as well get a free massage now that I have such a good excuse.

He said, “Lie in your bed.”


He then kneaded my back. Wow he could massage. He did my back and then my legs. I felt good. “I didn’t realize you were so talented Sam”

“That’s nothing, I actually, took a course in massage. I could do it professionally.”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed.

“In fact,” Sam said, “I have some massage oils, why don’t you let me use them on you.”

I said, “Okay.”

He then took out a bottle of oil which he had in his pocket and rubbed it on my legs. Nice.

“Stacy,” You should actually take off your clothes and just leave on your shorts. That’s the way it’s done professionally.”

I said, “Okay.” My fat friend Sam was getting his hands on a hottie I thought.

I took off my shirt and my bra without turning around and then I pulled off my pants. My underwear came off a bit too and then I thought what the heck and said, “Sam, professional masseuses have their clients naked and just cover their butts with a towel, right?” and laughed.

“Yup,” sam said.

But he didn’t put a towel on me. I didn’t care. Just a nice massage from my ol friend same. He then put that oil all over my back and behind and legs and kneaded deep down into halkalı masöz escort my muscles. It was awesome.

I adjusted my head and looked to the side and I realized that Sam’s pants were tented by his prick. He probably didn’t think I’d notice because he’s so fat. I was amused. I gave Sam a hardon.

Sam then said I should turn over. What the heck. I’m sure Sam has seen a poon before although I must say that mine is pretty cute. And I’m not self conscious about my body at all. I turned over. He ran his big fat hands all over my legs again. What a great masseuse. I was thinking that I’ll probably be getting loads of these massages. Then he did my stomach that also felt good. He did my arms. My face.

Then after a few more minutes he asked if he should do my chest. I laughed, “My chest?”

“Yeah sure.”

I thought what the heck, give him the thrill of a lifetime. “Okay.”

He then moved his hands up my waist all the way up to the bottom of my chest and then beyond and past my nipples. I was shocked and I moaned. I didn’t expect to ever get any sexual feelings from fat sweaty Sam but when his hands were pressing down on my tits, my head was spinning. Every time he went over my chest I moaned. I could not believe what I was doing. My mouth had a mind of it’s own.

Then his hands went down to my legs and everything that was relaxing before became very sexual. I was on fire and Sam knew it. He just kept on rubbing me as I writhed. Then I could feel the bed lower as finally put his weight on it. He got closer to me as he rubbed me. Back to my chest and then down. It was so intense. Then he kissed me and I loved the way his big lips mouth felt.

He kissed me on the forehead he kissed me on the chest his mouth traveled down like some sort of hot slug down past my nipples and I thought good let him do that. I wanted to be fucked so badly, but at the same time this was fat sweaty Sam. How could I get so into it for him. He slobbered over my nipples as I moaned even louder and then he went lower. To my stomach and lower to my vagina and that was that. I needed this bad. I was out of my mind. His mouth and tongue was so hot and firm and it was driving me nuts. I was kicking and moaning and running my hands through his hair. Screaming more more more more!

Then I came. He stopped. When I was done I opened my eyes and looked up and I saw Sam. He had my cum all over his face. His eyes were bright and penetrating. He looked so happy.

He smiled at me and said he loved me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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