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Perfect Ass

At long last you will get a dream fulfilled. You will be able to have a piece of custom furniture built. You have sketches to show what you want. You have a recommendation for a shop. Now comes the moment of truth. You have been told that anytime you are going to have a custom piece built, you should visit the shop. That way you will get an idea as to what kind of work that shop does.

It is a warm summer day when you go to visit the shop. Being it is warm and humid; you dress for the weather by wearing as little as possible without causing problems. You are wearing a light, loose fitting sun dress with a scoop neckline. The only thing under that dress is you, no bra or panties.

When you arrive at the shop, step up to the counter, ring the bell and wait. You hear the machinery being shut down and a man comes in from the shop in back. The man is older, tall with a short beard and piercing blue eyes. He is wearing shorts and a tee shirt. After looking you over for a minute or two, he asks what he can do to help you. You tell him about your dream of custom furniture and show him your sketches and explain them. After studying the sketches and listening to you, he tells you there are a couple of minor problems. With this, he hands you a pair of hearing ear muffs and tells you to come on back into the shop.

The cabinet maker moves some items off the work bench and lays out your sketches. He then makes some additional sketches on a piece of wood. When you lean over the work bench, you quickly glance up and see that he is looking down the top of your dress. Being that the dress is loose fitting, you know that he can see more then just cleavage; he can see all of the way down your dress. Just the thought that he is checking our your body is turning you on. You come up with an idea to show a better view of your body. You are standing there and you halkalı bdsm escort drop the pencil. This means that you will have to squat down to pick it up. When you squat down, you spread your knees and can feel the air caressing your hot little pussy. As you lean forward to pick up the pencil, you look up and see that he is looking directly at your sexy pussy. The idea of being in the middle of his shop and putting your cunt on display like this is a real turn on. For all intents and purposes you are naked.!! You can feel your cunt getting nice and wet. You stay down there for a minute and then look up at his shorts and notice the bulge, hummm. Being that the legs of the shorts are indeed short you see that he is also going “commando, no underwear.

When you again stand up, you lean forward to again give him a great view down the front of your dress so that he can check out your lovely big breasts. Just to make sure that you have his full attention, you reach across the workbench and in the process your breast rubs across his arm. Each time you do this, your nipple gets even harder and the bulge in his shorts grows. You then reach over and run your hand up the inside of his thigh and your fingers go up the leg of his shorts and feel his balls, you smile and lick your lips.

He then moves the sketches etc to one side then rolls out a pad on the top of the workbench. He then turns to you and helps you up onto the work bench so that you are sitting on the end of the pad. Together you lift your dress up and off over your head. There you are sitting on the work bench stark ass naked.!! He then undoes his belt and drops his shorts and steps out of them. Now you both are naked and you can see that he has a good size cock that is nice and hard. He pulls your legs up and spreads your knees. He starts about half way halkalı elit escort up your thigh and slowly licks the insides, slowly working his way closer and closer to your pussy. When at long last his tongue makes contact with your pussy lips, it feels electric. His tongue caresses your pussy lips before darting inside to lap up some of the sweet juices that are pooling there. His tongue starts at the bottom of your pussy and licks its way up and circles your clit. After a few times of this, he puts his lips on your cunt lips and uses his tongue to fuck you with short rapid strokes. When you start to buck with your orgasm, he moves up and gets a lip lock on your clit, holds it while he tongue lashes it. Your ass is bucking on the bench as you loudly tell the world CUMMMMMmmmmmming, SUCK MY FUCKING CLIT, OH FUCK YEA CUMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmming. He is now sucking the hot, sweet fuck juice out of your pleasure hole.

When you calm down a little, he stands up and steps up. You are laying back on the workbench when he steps up and shoves his nice big hard cock deep into your fuck hole in one move. Once he is balls deep in your cunt, he holds still for a few seconds, then gives his hips a twitch that drives his cock a little deeper still into your fuck hole. He then pulls his cock back, all of the way out before he drives that fucker back into the depths of your cunt. Again the little twitch followed by another stroke and another. The pace of the strokes is getting faster and faster. He varies the style of the stroke to add to your pleasure. On many of his back strokes, he pulls his cock all of the way out and on the in stroke, in one move the head of his cock splits your cunt lips as he drives it in deliciously deep.

With each stroke, your lovely big titties shake, jiggle and bounce. You reach up and cup and caress halkalı escort them and thumb the nipples. Soon you feel another big Cum starting to build in the pit of your sex. As it grows, you start to call out “FUCK ME!!!, FUCK ME!! and when it hits you tell the world that you are FUCKING CUMMMMING.!!!! And at the same time he calls out OH YEA, CUMMMMING.!!!!, OH YEA. OH YEA. You can feel his cock twitching deep in your pleasure hole as it pumps a nice load of cock cream deep in your cunt.

When you both settle down and quit moving, you are both still connected. He stands there with his cock still deep inside you and reaches up so that he can caress your lovely big breasts. After several minutes you feel his cock start to soften and plops out of you. You feel some of the juices start to run out also. He then comes around the bench and puts his cum covered cock in front of your face. You open your mouth and suck it in. You lick and suck your mixed cum off of his cock. You feel him getting hard again so you suck some more. When he is fully hard, he backs off and goes back around the bench. He again lifts your legs and spreads them. He steps up and again drives his cock into your cunt, pulls it out and then another full stroke. After about a half dozen strokes in your cunt, on the back stroke he lines it up with your asshole. He puts the head of his slippery cock up against your rose bud and gently applies a little pressure. When you open up, he pushes just the head in and then waits for you to get accustomed to its size before he completes entry. Again he waits for you to get used to it being there before he starts to stroke your ass in lovely deep strokes. Soon you are over the top and again calling out “FUCK MY ASS YOU FUCKER, FUCK MY ASS.!!!! And your orgasms wrack your body time and again and again. When at long last he calls out that he is CUMMMMMING and pumps a load deep in your ass, you are all fucked out and fall back exhausted. Again he waits with his cock inside you till it goes soft and plops out. Both of you need several minutes to come down from the sexual high and to catch your breath.

You tell him that it will be a pleasure doing business with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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