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I finally arrived at home from dropping Hajera off. “Because you taste so sweet” is the last thing she said to me and that sentence was playing on loop in my mind. I tried to sleep that night but I couldn’t for some reason. I got my phone out and texted Hajera a message I can’t even recall. I just remember her response, “can’t wait to taste you again.”

The next time I saw Hajera, it was just like our standard encounters. I picked her up right outside of her school, and we cruised around until we figured out what to do. We decided to get some ice cream. After we each got something cold, there was a fountain nearby and so we sat near it and had a short conversation. Luckily, it was about what I had been waiting to talk about.

Just like before, Hajera simply asked “what do you eat?” I told her that I just eat healthy. Her head shook and she then began to explain to me that there is a reason my cum wasn’t salty and bitter. She apparently knew enough about semen to know diet affected the taste. While I found that tidbit moderately interesting, the fact that she even knew that is what I found rather kinky. And kinky was something I never really saw Hajera as.

That night as I was home, my curiosity got the best of me and I searched the internet for information about, well, cum. It didn’t take long for me to find out what foods made semen sweet and what made it bitter. I was surprised how much diet affected even the most random parts of your body.

Food was actually a big part of my life recently. While I was never fat, I had been chubby for a while and so had been on a diet of low fat and healthy foods. I would eat a lot of fruit and drink large quantities of juice, and apparently it had not only helped me lose a few pounds, but it turned my cum into candy.

The next time I saw Hajera it was a Friday night. I picked her up and told her “my parent’s are out for the night, wanna come over?” She answered with an enthusiastic “yes!” and we picked up some food to take home. I don’t either of us did it consciously, but we scarfed down the food we got and quickly had our hands all over each other. Hajera beckoned me to my bedroom with her eyes, with a long crooked smile. “I want dessert” is what she said, and we both knew what she meant by that.

Luckily, I had been expecting this, so not only did I have some protection on hand, but recently had begun increasing my intake of certain fruits and cutting down on others. I wanted my “juice” to be as sweet as possible for her.

Hajera was tearing items of clothing off her body before I even got to my bedroom. She peeled off the yellow top she was wearing and her tight blue jeans were now crumpled up around her ankles. She had black lingerie on this time, but I couldn’t get much of a look at it before it was on my bedroom floor. Meanwhile, I was still wearing everything I had on, and before I could even start stripping myself, Hajera had her hands on the zipper of my pants, reckless in her desire to get her fingers on what was underneath.

With all my garments still on, Hajera pushed me back onto my bed, and dug her hands into my boxers. Out popped my penis, nearly hard. “I’m going to drink you”, she said, her lips beginning to suckle my growing erection. She didn’t even need her hands, as the cool touch of her mouth made for an instant boner.

Just like before, she pumped me with her right fist, while fondling my testicles with her left. She mouth never seemed to lose touch with the head of my dick for more than 5 seconds, as I had already began leaking pre-cum into the tiny little head of hers.

My cock was covered in her saliva. I couldn’t even move because the feeling of her mouth was so intense and grandiose. She was really going at it, and I could tell she wanted me to cum sooner casino oyna or later. I think it was the combination of her jerking and her aerobic tongue that made me cum much sooner than our last time. While I pride myself on my sexual stamina, it was almost as if she preferred I prematurely ejaculate, and it bordered on just that.

I only got out a few muffled words before I was cumming into her mouth. I looked down just in time to see her eyes close in ecstasy. She took it all in and swallowed it down in two gulps. As her lips smacked, she opened her eyes, and stuck her tongue out playfully. “Damn, that tasted even better than the first time” she exclaimed. Flabbergasted, all I could say was a tiny “thank you.”

Not wanting to press the issue and ruin the good thing I had going, I decided to let her make the next move. It was when she began to clean herself up that I knew I wasn’t getting any sex besides oral sex tonight. I admit I was bummed, but how dare I complain after getting the best blow job in my short lifetime.

After Hajera had most of her clothes on, she stood in front of me in her bra, saw something in my eyes, and asked “what do you wanna ask me?” It took me a second to respond, but I did admit I had something creeping in the back of my mind. That thought surfaced quickly and I merely asked “why?”

I nearly kicked myself at how ambiguous my question was, but Hajera somehow knew exactly what I had meant. As if reading my mind she responded “I dunno why, I just love giving oral.” She then went on about how she found it very erotic and that it made her went when she pleased a man with her skills.

“Plus I love the taste of cum” she said. “It has this unique texture and flavor that many girls find disgusting, but I somehow love every bit of it.”

I then asked what may have been the stupidest question to leave my vocal chords. “so how does my cum compare?” The second the question left me, I knew it wasn’t just lost in translation, it was a dumb thing to say. But surprisingly, Hajera didn’t see it that way, and her response floored me. “Well, honestly, yours taste the best.”

“It tastes sweet, almost like a milkshake. Mind you, it’s not that sweet, and nobody, but me, would prefer it to something else like grape juice, but I just want more.”

Hajera then looked at me and suddenly I could see she was embarrassed in front of me for the first time. I had seen her completely in the buff. I had seen her fingers cup my balls. I had seen her pink lips wrapped around my cock. I had seen my cum swimming like a pool in her mouth. But it was the revelation of her dirty little secret that made her feel ashamed.

This time, it was me who did the mind reading. “Don’t be ashamed, it’s okay. I don’t find it weird or anything. Actually, I find it kinda hot.” It was then that I realized I wasn’t just consoling her. I did like it. It was naughty and a bit nasty but I liked it. It turned me on to know she liked to taste my cum. Hell I knew this before she even told me. I purposely made sure my cum tasted especially good just for her.

We then looked at each other, both seeing something dirtier in one another that we hadn’t perceived until that moment. It was only appropriate that we exchanged a nervous laugh as I held her hand in mine.

From then on, whenever we got the chance to be alone together, Hajera would go down on me and suck me dry. It was win win in my opinion. I got the gratification of a blow job and she got the satisfaction of my sweet cum. Hell, I thought it was actually unfairly lopsided. Not only was she pleasuring me, but I got to see and touch her perky tits. She would suck my bone and I would suck her nipples and we both enjoyed ourselves. Yet I just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

One time, after Hajera canlı casino was done licking every bit of cum up, I looked down at her and asked if she wanted me to go down on her. Now in all honesty, I had never even performed cunnilingus on a girl before, and had a feeling I wouldn’t really even enjoy it. But I just felt I needed to pleasure her as much as she did for me.

Hajera smiled at me, telling me “You don’t have to. I am perfectly happy blowing you without reciprocation.” I smiled at her, but once again said something I maybe shouldn’t have.

“Well then, why don’t we finally have sex.”

Hajera then gave me a strange sideways look, her pupils peering at me from the right side of her eyes. My emotions sunk, I knew I had maybe just crossed the line, even though I admit it was hard to tell where the line was in such a unique relationship.

“I was wondering when you were going to ask that” she said.

“So…” was all that I could muster up.

She answered “Well, let me tell you this. If you do a few things for me, then I promise you we can, and believe me it’ll be worth all the trouble I may just put you through.” I then began to think what exactly she ment by “trouble”

Seeing the apprehension in my face, she said in her most sensual voice “I promise it’ll be worth it, it’ll be something special, but what I’m thinking I can’t give you right now.”

Now I was lost in an overwhelming aura of curiosity. “What was she even talking about” I thought to myself. But I decided to play along.

Hajera then went on. She told me about how she thought of me when she was in her room fingering herself. About how she would sometimes crave the taste of my sweet cum. About how sometimes she wished she could just taste me when I couldn’t be around. She then proceeded to ask if I was willing to give her “some cum for the road” as she said. I was a bit confused on exactly what she meant, but as soon as she showed me a small container, It clicked.

I agreed.

While I usually came a lot because of all the liquids I digest, I knew I couldn’t produce enough to fill the container. Not in just one ejaculation. Yet I figured I could give it a shot and maybe try to ejaculate a couple times to fill the container. Hajera seemed very happy and my compliance, and was more than willing to “help”.

While I admitted I felt incredibly stupid trying to cum inside a cup of sort, with Hajera’s hands on me, I quickly got over it. We stood on the couch, my back against the side, my legs stretched along the seats. Hajera was sitting atop of me. Both her hands were wrapped around my swollen cock popping out of my pants. She began to pump as if churning butter.

With this I was getting hot with every tug, and I began to creep my hand under the shirt she was wearing. I slipped my left hand underneath the bra she was wearing and now had her nipples between my fingers. I grabbed and moved her breast in a clockwise motion as she continued to yank me. My other hand was at my side, but it wasn’t for long. I soon began to reach down the front of her jeans shorts. They were tight, so I undid the button fly and continued.

We now had both our hands on each others genitals. At first I just felt around, searching for her clitoris. I found it blindly and began to rub my fingers around it. Hajera clearly enjoyed it and for the first time I heard her let out a horny groan. After a while I slipped my hand lower, parting her wet little pussy lips with my fingers. I then inserted on finger into her vagina. Hajera’s eyes got wide and watery. “You found the magic kingdom” she said jokingly.

I suddenly felt a jerk in my body and I stopped touching her body. I looked down and I was now beginning to flow into the container. Hajera’s eyes were transfixed. I filled kaçak casino it about a third way. I was now very tired, but Hajera said, in almost a whisper “can you go one more?”, and I had no choice. I didn’t want to disappoint her.

At first, it almost hurt. I was raw and sensitive after cumming, and her jerking was a bit painful. But I bit my lip and sucked it up. After a minute or so I was beginning to get hard by the touch of her soft hands. I was soon able to continue fondling her boob and fingering her pussy.

As her grip on my tightened, I began to move my hips to help her make me cum faster. It was almost like fucking her hand. Meanwhile, her eyes were now filled with glee, but she began to close hem as I fit a second finger into her. I continued masturbating her and I could feel she was now very wet, wet enough for me to fit a third finger in. That was the one that took it to the next level.

Hajera was now lost in her moaning and groaning. Instead of me fingering her, she was now finger fucking me. I pushed a fourth finger into her vagina as she slowly humped my hand. All she could say was “it feels so good” over and over again, as she began to quicken the pace of her gyrations.

Hajera and I were now locked in constant motion, like kegs in a clock. Both our hips were moving up and down like pistons. She would finger fuck me faster and in turn I would fuck her hand more quickly than before. It was almost a race to see who would cum first.

It was when I finally began to feel a tightening in my chest that I knew she was about to cum. She was now groaning very loudly and her humping my hand was now rapid fire fast. Her hips then pushed forward and her chest heaved out. She then let out a light but long orgasmic coo. Her head tilted back then forward, her eyes finally opening again. “That was amazing” she said “now it’s your turn.”

Only seconds after her I began to cum yet again. I pinched her nipple as my testicles emptied themselves into the container she held. I couldn’t even control where I was shooting I was so drained, but Hajera caught as much as she could. She closed the lid, and half laughing said “this is going into the fridge for later.”

While my left hand was now back at my side, my right hand was still in her panties, resting on the outer lips of her pussy. “I notice you are so smooth down here” I said, since it was obvious she takes care of her downstairs, shaving often. She answered with a quick “thanks” and a cute smile.

Only two days later I saw Hajera again. We were just hanging out in her room and I looked over at the mini fridge in the corner. “Did you finish it yet?” I said to which she responded “not all of it.” She continued “but now that you mention it, I am a bit hungry, I could go for a snack.”

Out she pulled a white foggy container from the fridge, and then grabbed a white plastic spoon resting on her desk. I knew exactly what was in that container, but it wasn’t until I saw my creamy cum in her spoon that it really struck me. “Bottoms up” she said, eating my cum out of the container like Yoplait yogurt.

I began to get weirdly turned on by the sight, and my thoughts about Hajera and me finally hooking up were now fresh in my mind. Hajera could see me contemplating and before I could even bring it up she said “you did your part, and I promised I would do mine.”

A big smile began to grow across my face but she continued “but before we go any further, I got a little surprise for you”. I completely forgot about the supposed surprise, and I followed Hajera as she went over to her dresser and pulled something out.

She shook it in her hands, with it making a noise similar to tic tacs rustling against each other. She then turned around and in her hand was a compact pink circular container, full of tiny compartments in a radial design. Some of the compartments were empty and some were full. And they were all different colors, like Fruity Pebbles.

“Surprise!” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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