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Dr. Maria Ramirez was in a serious bind. Due to a technical error, a coolant hadn’t been activated properly, which resulted in several vials of sperm samples becoming unusable for research purposes.

From her perspective, it seemed that one of the new medical assistants had forgotten to use proper procedure with the equipment. In the end, she was the lab manager, and checking to ensure all the equipment was properly working was her responsibility.

Making matters even more difficult, she was being considered for the soon-to-be vacant spot of Head of Research and Development. She’d be one of a handful of women to have ever held that title, and the only Latina. Both of those things meant the world to her.

Failure wasn’t an option.

The research was set to begin at exactly 10 a.m. sharp. An hour away. Canceling the session was out of the question. She could settle for one vial of a man’s cum. That would be enough. The only issue was, how would she get it? It was too late to contact a male research subject because they all had jobs during the day.

That meant, she needed someone in the building to donate a small sample. As she thought of who to ask, hesitation crept in her mind. This was totally uncharacteristic of her. Maria was never a choker. But asking an underling to jerk-off in a plastic cup was a bridge too far. She simply couldn’t do it.

A thought came to mind.

It may not be politically correct, or even appropriate, but it was a plan nonetheless. A feasible plan. She stepped back into her office. She needed to think for a minute. There was only one male in this building who was young, hormonal, beaming with testosterone… and most importantly… could keep a secret from everyone else.

With the clock ticking, she made up her mind. Before leaving her office, she grabbed an empty vial and cap, tucked it into her lab coat pocket, then headed to the floor below.


Maria saw him organizing lab materials in the supply cabinet, then she approached him. There were others in the lab and they had just finished their work. She was certain no one would mind if she temporarily stole him away.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” she asked, touching George’s shoulder to get his attention.

He turned to her. “Sure, let me take care of this real quick.”

George finished his duty and they went down to the hallway. A few months ago, she had pulled some strings and gotten him this internship.

“I… I need a favor,” she said with a stammer; and she was a woman who never stammered.

“What is it, mom?”

This was going to be a lot harder than she thought. But she decided the best approach was to be blunt. After all, she knew that her son, as smart as he was, did have a wild side to him. She was positive that he’d be open to doing something sexual since his sex drive was on par for a healthy male in his early 20’s.

In fact, it seemed as though his libido had hit a peak in the last year. Maria had become used to the sounds of porn videos coming from his computer late at night or early in the morning. He tried keeping the volume down, but still, the walls were thin and she was blessed with sharp ears. She never brought it up with him, and he assumed his mother couldn’t hear it.

She caught him masturbating a few times over the years and they were both always mortified by it. This, however, was a medical necessity. This would be different. She was confident that George would go along with it because he aspired to work in the same field someday.

“There was an error with our samples,” Maria explained. “They’ve become unusable.”

“The sperm samples you were talking about?”

“Yes, we don’t have any replacements and the research is still taking place at the top of the hour.”

“Really, how?” he asked.

“I’ll have to get another sample. My potential promotion depends on getting this done.”

“They’ll understand, trust me. I mean, why did this happen? It wasn’t your fault, was it?”

She shook her head. “I don’t make mistakes. What’s important is, I’ll need another sample to proceed.”

“Why are you telling me? I’m kind of busy.”

Maria took a deep breath. “Look, I know your supervisors. I’ve already told them that I’m borrowing you for the next half hour. Think of this as an extra break time.”

“Now I’m getting confused.”

“I want a sperm sample from you,” she said in a low voice, to make sure no one else heard them.


George’s voice turned louder than expected, just as two doctors walked down the hall. This wasn’t the place for this kind of conversation. Everyone in the research department knew that they were mother and son. As far as Maria was concerned, this was classified. Her reputation would be ruined if people knew that she asked George to do something like casino oyna this.

She took her son by the arm and led him to an office. The office belonged to another manager in research. Maria was friends with her, so this wouldn’t be an issue. She closed the door to get a moment of privacy. Then she closed the blinds for additional discretion.

“Look, this has to be done,” Maria said firmly. “And you’re the only candidate I have at this hour. It’s either you, or I’ll have to ask someone else that works for me to provide a sample, and that won’t be happening.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not going to ask someone I work with to masturbate.”

“But you’ll ask me?”

“You do it all the time at home,” she said harshly. “And I know you won’t gossip about this. No one can ever know.”

Maria reached in her pocket and held out an empty vial.

“Jeez,” he sighed.

“You have 15 minutes. I’ll give you $200 dollars. If I get promoted at the end of the month, I’ll double it. Consider this part of your job. Now get started. No excuses.”

She handed him the vial and was prepared to leave.

“Wait,” he said.

“No excuses, George. I need this.”

“I can’t.”

Maria sharpened her eyes intensely. “Why not?”

“Because I… you know… I took care of things before we came here today.”

“You what!?”

She was shocked, mainly because he had taken extra long to wake up and take a shower. She even had to knock on the door a few times to hurry him up. To think, he was taking so long because he was busy jerking-off, and now that was threatening to derail her medical research.

“What do you expect?” he asked. “It’s the only way I can concentrate at work.”

She thought for a moment. “You must have a high libido, right? I’m sure you can get it up again. Can’t you?”

“Maybe, but I took care of that like 2 or 3 hours ago. It’ll be tough.”

Maria looked around the room. It pained her to do this to her friend, but she reached towards the desk and grabbed a picture frame of her fellow doctor with her husband at the beach. She was in a nice bikini. Maria showed the picture of the happy married couple to her son.

“Use this,” she said. “I know she’s your boss, and she’s also my friend, but she’s also a very hot MILF. I’m sure this picture can give you an erection.”

George studied the picture for a second. “She’s pretty, but she’s not really my type.”

“What is your type?”

“You don’t want to know. Besides, that isn’t going to do much for me. Is there anything… better?”

Maria knew that he was referring to the collection of porn which was often provided to volunteers to help facilitate the process. The problem was, it was far away, and they didn’t have much time. It wasn’t a viable option.

There was, however, something far more feasible. It could be shown right away, and it would be guaranteed to give George an instant erection. Was she really that desperate? As she stood there thinking to herself, the answer was yes. She was really that desperate for a sperm sample.

Maria held open her lab coat to show her buttoned up shirt and knee-length skirt. She had curves in all the right places, and she knew that George would sometimes take sneaky peeks at her. She knew all too well what George’s ‘type’ was. He likes curvy girls, and based on the porn he watches, he has a thing for ‘MILFs’ too.

“I’ll show you one thing,” Maria sighed. “Top or bottom. I’ll open myself for you, then you can handle your business.”

His eyes widened in disbelief. “This must be a joke.”

“I never joke at work. This is important. Choose carefully, because this is the only time in your life where you’ll get this offer from me.”

“God,” he sighed. “This is super awkward.”

“I know you’re interested. Let’s get the point. Top, bottom, or my luscious backside, which I know you often like to take peeks at.”

He blushed, realizing he wasn’t as slick as he thought. Then he paused to think and to look over the options on his mother’s body.

“I… ummm,” he stammered, “Let’s be honest, mom, you’re going to be really mad with whatever I chose. You decide.”

Maria shrugged. “Fair enough. You’re right.”

She thought quickly. The obvious display was her ass. As far as asses go, she fit the stereotypical Latina billing. She also knew that her son was fond of asses. Plus it seemed like the least intrusive option. The downside was, she wouldn’t be able to see his reaction to it.

Her breasts were also a good choice. Her boobs were nice, she thought. Large, with big dark nipples. The only problem was, George had seen them a few times, here and there, over the years. They might not get the job done properly, and it would be a major hassle to fix her bra and top. Time was of the essence.

That left her pussy. Thank canlı casino God she shaved a few days ago. Ordinarily, she’d be furious if George had ever peeked at her pussy. Now, she almost felt compelled to do it. If she were honest with herself, the thought of torturing him with the sight of her pussy seemed amusing and arousing.

“Hold the vial,” she said, handing it to him. “Stand where you are.”

George held it and stood there.

Maria went to her friend’s desk and gently pushed a stack of papers to the side. Then she pulled her panties down to her heels, picked it up, and put it inside the pocket of her lab coat.

It was the moment of truth. She hiked up her skirt and sat bare-assed on the desk. She made a mental note to herself; ‘I should probably buy Rebecca a box of chocolates and some wine for this.’ Finally, she spread her thighs and lifted the front of her skirt to expose her shaven pussy.

It had dark lips and was pink and wet inside. Instantly, George’s eyes lit up. Oh, there was no mistake about it, the young man had wanted to see this for years. The sudden attention made Maria wetter, despite a slight sense of shame she was also experiencing.

“I’ll rub myself,” she said. “You do the same. Keep your eyes on my pussy and masturbate into the vial. Please be quick.”

“Yes, mom… I mean… It’s so weird calling you ‘mom’ right now.”

“Then call me Dr. Ramirez,” she smiled, feeling excited by her flustered son. “We’re working, after all.”

“Right, Dr. Ramirez.”

He smiled back, and then he hesitantly unzipped himself. His cock was already semi-erect and it made Maria lick her own lips.

True to her word, she placed her right hand on her labia and gently rubbed. Unlike her normal masturbation sessions, this wasn’t for her own pleasure. This was for George’s arousal. It worked. He was loving this. Strangely, she was loving this more and more by the second.

The more lustful George became, the more deeply he stared at her pussy, the harder his cock turned, the more aroused Maria was becoming as well. This was most unusual. She hadn’t been this aroused in years. She was friends with plenty of psychologists and sex therapists, and she may need to investigate the cause of these feelings later, she thought.

Until then, all she had to do was focus on her masturbation. She rubbed in circles, the way she often did. Slow, clockwise circles. She paid special attention to her swollen clit, too. Lips then clit. Back and forth. Clockwise motions. Her favorite technique.

She kept her eyes focused on her son. George’s eyes were glued to her cunt. The situation was so intense for both of them. He jerked off furiously. This was his fantasy. He squeezed his dick so hard, Maria worried that he’d accidentally break the vial with his other hand.

Oh goodness, his cock. She stared at it. So hard, so stiff. In truth, she now desired it. She wanted to laugh thinking that she’d most likely fantasize about this cock later that night.

Suddenly, her phone beeped from inside her coat pocket. She reached inside to get it, signaled for her son to be quiet, and she answered it.

Maria answered her phone. “Yes… I know…Yes… I’m well aware of the issue… No, don’t cancel… I’ll have a sample in a few minutes… Don’t ask… Yes, I’ll be right there.”

The call ended and Maria slipped her phone back inside her lab coat.

“You’ll need to hurry,” she said. “The sperm is needed soon and there’s a bunch of lab technicians freaking out that their samples are unusable.”

George stroked faster. “I’m trying. I’m trying.”

“My pussy isn’t enough to make you cum again?” she asked with an eyebrow raised.

“This is too much information, but I shot a big load this morning. Your pussy has already made me harder than I should be.”

It was a fair point. This is a rare instance when being a doctor and a mother don’t mix. Most women would quit. Most women wouldn’t have even come this far with their own sons. Dr. Ramirez, on the other hand, was in a league of her own.

With the clock ticking, her pussy drenched, and her son raging hard, there was only one logical answer in her mind.

“Lean against the wall,” she said as she got off the table and stood upright. “I’ll need to get hands-on.”

“Really? How?”

“A medical technique involving physical, mental, and fluids stimulation.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’ll give you a blowjob,” she answered curtly.

George froze a second, in a good way, before leaning his back against the wall. He handed the vial back to his mother as Maria sank to her knees.

She was now inches away from her son’s stiff cock. It was gorgeous, she thought. She pushed away the taboo from her mind and held him in her hand. The same hand that had rubbed her pussy only a minute kaçak casino ago. She stroked him, coating his cock with her pussy juice, and she felt him pulsing.

‘No tengo verguenza,’ she muttered to herself in Spanish.

Maria leaned forward and took the head of her son’s penis into her mouth. It felt so soft and warm. She took in more, moving her tongue along his erect manhood and sucking him firmly. Then she went deeper, taking in most of his cock. She sucked hard, making slurping sounds, and brought all of him to the very edge of her throat, the way men liked, and slowly worked the head, twirling and kissing the tip. Enough to tease, but at the same time, enough to show her cocksucking expertise.

“Fuck, mom,” he moaned.

She slapped his thigh and spit the cock out. “That’s Dr. Ramirez. We’re working, remember? Even if it’s technically a blowjob.”

“Yes Doctor. God, don’t stop. Don’t stop. You’re doing such a fine job at it.”

She went back to sucking. She continued her expert blowjob. It was a surreal thrill. One that she’d be fantasizing about for years to come, if not the rest of her life. She used every trick in her blowjob repertoire; sucking, stroking, fondling, tongue action, and she even sucked his balls in between servicing his shaft.

The average man would have been defeated moments ago. George was right. He had already cum, and it would be a challenge for him to shoot another big load.

So as Maria sucked his dick and bobbed her head, she unbuttoned the top of her shirt, exposed her left bra, and pulled out her large tit. Her dark and erect nipple was exposed.

She heard George moan and she felt his cock twitch in her mouth. It was working. She played with her dark nipple, twisting it with her finger tips, to give her son an amazing and hardcore show. She knew George’s taste was explicit (thanks to the internet) so she held herself to a high standard to get him off.

Maria released her nipple and brought her hand down to her pussy to rub. As she masturbated and sucked, she looked upwards. George’s eyes were glued to his mother, with a mouthful of his cock, dark nipple exposed, and playing with her pussy.

She knew he’d never look at her the same way ever again. Maybe she was fine with that. Maybe not. Whatever the case, she had never been so aroused in her entire life. She was a woman who had experienced great sex in the past. This topped everything.

As she rubbed, looking up into her son’s eyes, she plunged two fingers inside of her wet pussy for added effect. It gave George something to see, and it made Maria suck harder because of how depraved she felt.

It sent her to a climax. It wasn’t planned. It just happened. It was the natural course of things. As she remained on her knees, her legs trembled and her lower back felt weak. She kept on plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy while she sucked.

Wet fluids trickled onto the floor. ‘Sorry Rebecca, I owe you dinner,’ she thought as she made the mess in her friend’s office.

George’s eyes turned wide at the sight of his orgasmic, cocksucking mother. She knew he was even closer now. She felt him throb in her mouth.

“There you go,” she said, spitting out the cock. “You’re ready to ejaculate.”

She stroked him furiously with one hand, and with her other hand, she held the vial to the opening of his penis. Right on time. As she stroked, she watched cum shoot from the tip of his cock into the clear vial. It was a sight to behold. She was mesmerized by what she was seeing. He came a lot. Several spurts. He nearly cried too.

When the spurts died down, Maria just couldn’t help herself.

“This needs a taste test,” she fibbed. “It’s part of the process.”

Maria pulled the vial away and wrapped her lips around the head of the shaft. She held her lips in a tight suction. Then she squeezed the softening cock from the base and pulled up to the head with a tight grip, extracting the last of the cum and depositing it onto her tongue. She did that twice and George was exhausted.

She stuck her tongue out, which was cum filled, so George could see. Then she swallowed with a deep gulp after closing her lips. Her son’s cum tasted sweeter than expected, and she immediately remembered that she had served him a mixed fruit smoothie that morning– something she’d probably have to do more often now.

She stuck her tongue out again to show that her tongue was clean. Then she blew him a kiss.

“That was for research purposes,” she blushed. “You passed the… umm… taste test. It’s a very important step, actually. Now get cleaned up. I have to go.”

He winked. “Yes, Dr. Ramirez.”

Maria stood up and fixed her clothes, tucking her left breast inside her bra and buttoning her top. She put a cap on the vial and put it inside her lab coat. She used a paper towel to wipe her squirt off the floor and tossed it in the trash.

She forgot to wear her panties as she left, but oh well.

The End

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