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Chapter 1 – Embarkation

I had just made a killing on a quick in-and-out stock investment and decided to spend some of my profits on a nice cruise. I called my connection with a major cruise line and booked passage for a seven-day cruise of the Mexican Riviera.

Something most people don’t know about and have never heard about is that all cruise ships have a small number of super-luxury staterooms, usually reserved for cruise line executives and ultra VIP’s. Something I had discovered on an earlier cruise is that the father of one of the ship’s captains was the best friend of my own grandfather when the two of them grew up in a small village in Italy. From this key connection I was entered into the “inner circle” of the cruise line.

You might ask what this special treatment entails. Well, first off, I don’t have to go through the tedious waiting to get aboard ship. All my documentation is processed before I even arrive on the dock, and me and my baggage is whisked aboard ship while the masses are queuing up in long, slow-moving lines. I am in my cabin before most people have reached the gangway.

My stateroom compares with a luxury suite at a fine hotel. Two large rooms, one for sleeping and one for entertaining or living, as well as a huge bathroom that is as big as one of the regular staterooms on board. The couch and chairs are upholstered with fine leather, and the fixtures are all wood or brass. One entire wall is panoramic, floor-to-ceiling glass giving me a beautiful view. Any meal served in any of the ship’s restaurants is available to me with room service or even several items not on the regular menu, and the bar is stocked with anything I require, as well as real Cuban cigars in a humidor. The stateroom has it’s own private entrance and anything I might desire is a phone call away.

But the best part is that the stateroom comes with two, full-time servants, a maid and a cabin steward. They are generally the youngest and most attractive the crew has to offer and are there to meet my every whim.

The cruise line keeps records of its VIP’s and their individual desires. When I arrived Ramon, the steward, had already put away all my clothes. The bar was stocked with my favorite brands of Whisky and Vodka, as well as a case of Perrier. The humidor was full of Monte Cristo cigars and my ship-to-shore phone and e-mail accounts awaited me.

Ramon and Dea, the maid, stood at the ready when I came through the door and asked what I wanted. I told them I wanted a bath and a cigar and they jumped to action.

Let me describe my “staff” to you. Ramon was 5′ 10″, thin but muscular and light-skinned, looking more Spanish than Mexican. He wore tight black shorts and a uniform polo shirt with a nametag over the left breast pocket. Dea was from Croatia but was bizimkent escort half-Italian, so she had a certain duskiness to her. She was slender, but carried large, firm breasts high on her chest. I knew I would be having fun with these two!

I stripped off my clothes and went to the bathtub, already full and scented with lavender and vanilla suds. After I had sunk into the water, Ramon brought my cigar, clipped it, and lit it for me. A fine crystal ashtray was brought out and placed next to the tub. As I smoked it, Ramon stood at parade rest awaiting my next order.

As I smoked and soaked, I eyed Ramon’s crotch. His tight shorts highlighted his hardening penis. My own member started to grow in the water as I imagined his cock, nestled in a thick bush of pubic hair between those muscular thighs.

I motioned him over and placed my hand on him, stroking his penis through the thin material of his shorts. He smiled at me, knowing that pleasing me sexually was one of his duties. As I said, the cruise lines keep records of ALL their VIP’s habits and needs.

In one motion, Ramon lowered his shorts and stood before me, naked to the waist. I was not disappointed, as his cock was very thick. His pubic hair was wild and curly and very dense, just how I liked it. His balls were huge and hung low in a fuzzy sack. His foreskin was long and floppy; one of the things I love when I travel is an uncircumcised cock.

As I stroked it it grew, the foreskin naturally retracting and exposing the large glans. It got to be ten inches when fully erect, and I subconsciously licked my lips.

Normally I am strictly a top, but on the rare occasion I encountered a penis bigger than my own nine inches, I make exceptions. I leaned out of the tub and took his cock in my mouth. Ramon let out a groan as I did, stepping closer to allow me to get more of his meat in my mouth. I stroked the shaft with one hand and cradled his big, sperm-filled testicles in the other. I took as much of it in my mouth and down my throat as I could, but that was only about half. Ramon grunted from the simulation. My own cock was ready to explode, but that would have to wait.

He put his hand on my head, urging me on as I sucked and stroked his horse cock. I would take breaks from sucking to lick the shaft and his balls, and even stuck a finger up his ass, which I think surprised him. Before long he was thrusting his hips and I felt his orgasm approaching. I stuck a second finger in his ass and this triggered him, and he shot thick ropes of his seed down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could but couldn’t keep up. Some of his semen spilled out onto my chin and he licked it up himself.

One he had calmed down a little, I got out of the tub. He went back to servant mode and grabbed a huge, bostancı escort soft towel and dried me off, paying particular attention to my own hardening member. Once I was dry he got on his knees and took my cock into his mouth. He was very skilled with his tongue and got me close to cumming in less than a minute. But I wanted to wait.

I wanted to shoot my load into his tight, young ass.

I walked over to the bed and took some lubricating jelly from the nightstand where I knew it would be. I motioned for him to get on the bed on all fours. He fingered his ass as I juiced up my cock. With a little more lube I took over fingering his ass in preparation to plunging my pole into him.

Gently I put the head in, feeling his heat and tightness. With one full stroke I buried my nine inches in him and it took away his breath. I held nothing back as I pounded his little ass, gripping those muscular cheeks and driving myself into him full force. He moaned in pain, not used to getting fucked in the ass. Before the week was up, I vowed, that ass was going to get a lot of use.

He reached up and rubbed my balls as I fucked him, so I returned the favor and stroked his cock, which was already hard again. I wondered if there was anywhere in Mexico I could get a dildo made from it, as it was a beautiful specimen. I loved the feeling of his foreskin sliding up and down the shaft and the thickness of it.

I felt my orgasm building so I slowed down, taking long slow strokes instead of the incessant pounding of before. His sphincter gripped my invading member, trying to milk the sperm from it but I wanted to wait. I pulled out and flipped him over on his back, put his legs on my shoulders and put my cock back in him. He gripped his own penis, jerking off as I fucked him. We both reached our orgasms together, my sperm filling his bowels, while his semen shot all over both our chests.

I rolled over and he went for a warm washcloth and cleaned us up. I saw Dea scurrying around in the other room and wondered if she had watched. I called her in and she came quickly. Her eyes immediately went to my cock, only about half-hard but still impressive.

“You like?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Come here then.” She came over to the bed and I sat up. I kissed her on the lips, a slow romantic kiss as I brought my hand to her breast. Slowly I raised her shirt over her shoulders, revealing a beautiful white lace bra that barely held in her magnificent tits.

I asked her how old she was and she said twenty, and she had been with the line for a year. This was her first assignment to a VIP stateroom. I laughed and asked her if she had been fully briefed on what was expected of her. She smiled and took my cock in her tiny hand. With no warning she placed it in her mouth büyükçekmece escort and proceeded to make love to it. Her hands and mouth were all over me from the glans to my balls to my asshole. She got me to the peak very quickly, and then stopped just as suddenly. She got up, removed her remaining clothes. A neatly trimmed but full black bush and large, erect brown nipples.

She lay down and I went to work on her pussy, licking the outer lips and her clit. I slid two fingers into her and soon the little whimper turned to screams of pleasure. I looked over and saw Ramon sitting in a chair stroking himself. After bringing her to two more orgasms, I slid my cock into that tight little pussy.

I looked down and watched as my cock reamed her little pussy, stretching it. I hit bottom with two inches to spare and gently pushed myself in and out of her, waiting for her natural lubrication to increase before pushing deeper. When I felt her get juicier, I pushed past her cervix and buried the last two inches into her womb. Dea cried out in pain, which made me smile.

“Just relax, sweetie. You’re going to love this.” I picked up speed, jamming my erect penis into her with all the violence passion can bring. Before long she got used to it, and started thrusting her hips up to meet me. She squeezed her pussy muscles, stroking my cock like a wet glove.

I loved the sight of her big tits bouncing around as I thrust, making waves of flesh like the ocean we would soon be sailing on. I reached under and squeezed her ass, bringing her up closer and letting me penetrate even deeper. As I felt another orgasm build, I pulled out and went on my back. She quickly straddled me and eased my cock back into her steaming hole. They must have great horses in Croatia because she rode me like she had been riding all her life.

Ramon had gotten up and was standing next to us, waving his stiff prick in his hand. I guided it between our mouths and we shared his flesh pole, still coupled at the crotch. We took turns with cock and balls, and Ramon held both our heads. After a couple of minutes I gave the cock over to Dea and concentrated on bringing myself off. I grabbed a tit in each hand and thrust my cock up into her, hard. She moaned around Ramon’s cock and stifled a scream or two.

I heard Ramon groan as he released yet another load of sperm, this time into Dea’s waiting mouth. I felt her pussy clutch my penis as she had another orgasm and I let loose my own load of sperm into her. After I was through I told Ramon to eat my cum out of Dea and I played with his cock and ass while he did it.

I heard the ship’s whistle go off, signifying we were ready to get under way. After my staff got collected and dressed, I told them to prepare me some caviar and champagne. I went out onto my private balcony and watched as the sailors unmoored the ship and we started moving away from the dock. Dea brought me my refreshments and stood there, waiting for instructions.

I took a sip of the champagne and a bit of the caviar and sat back, thinking about the good life, and what a great cruise this was going to be!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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