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The curtains of the cheap motel couldn’t prevent the light from coming into the room. An uneven pattern fell across his chest as the neon signs alternated on and off. As I ran my hand over his chest I tried to remember why I had come with him. As my hand came to the sheet, I slowly pulled it down until he was uncovered. His cock was partially erect and laying to one side toward me. Even partially erect, his manhood was impressive. I slowly reached out and touched the shaft as I remembered how he had satisfied me completely throughout the night.

After 3 years of searching I had finally found a relative. For an orphan, that was like striking gold. Jon was a first cousin on my mother’s side. I had hung on every word Jon spoke about his aunt, my mother. Somewhere in the two months of drinking in memories, a certain comfort had come to both of us. I spent as much time as possible with him trying to become part of his life – his family. All those thoughts went flooding through my mind as I carefully surveyed his wonderful cock. Jon stirred slightly as I ran my fingers down the shaft and cupped his balls. “Why not,” I thought as I drew closer to the exposed head. I preferred a nice circumcised cock like Jon’s-nothing clocked and hiding. The shaft of his penis reached out from two large sacks up to the exposed bulb at the top. The top was ‘helmet’ shaped with the bottom ridge containing the sensitive nerve endings.

Slowly I leaned over until my lips were touching the head of the penis. As I ran my tongue lightly down the shaft, Jon shifted his position and brought his hand down on top of my head, but did not wake. I suppressed a laugh, parted my lips and worked back up the shaft. His dick was starting to stir and straighten as I reached the top. I pulled up on the shaft slightly as I brought the head of his cock past my lips into my mouth. Running my tongue over the head and across the sensitive nerve ending brought Jon instantly awake. I increased the pressure on his cock – sucking and repositioning his massive prick in my mouth as he groaned loader. He was wide-awake now! I could feel his hands on my head as he directed my mouth up and down his fully erect cock. Suddenly, he pulled me off, reached down and lifted my leg and bottom across his chest. I pulled up on my knees and pushed my pussy back until I could feel his face between my legs and his lips and tongue starting to explore my wet and waiting cunt.

His hands grabbed hold of my ass as I felt his stiff tongue part the folds of my pussy and rake the entire length of my wet cunt. I could feel the warm shivers start from deep within as his lips closed around my clit. It’s funny, at that moment when pleasure was mounting and I sucked and licked Jon’s stiff dick; my mind suddenly went back to the last year I spent in the orphanage.

We were sent to camp for a week each summer – you know, poor kids get to see nature and all that. After the counselors fell asleep, a group of us would slip out of the cabins and go down to the lake. We would smoke, tell outrageous stories about boys, mess around for a couple of hours and head back before anyone discovered we had slipped out. One night as I was making my way to the lake I heard really strange sounds from the boat rack. Silently, I made my way toward the sounds. As I approached the boat rack, I could see the orange life preserves laid out on the beach like a blanket. In the full moon light, I could see the camp nurse, Miss Trison, completely nude. It looked like she was sitting on pair of hairy legs, her head bobbing up and down as her ass stuck up in the air.

As I crept closer I could see her hands wrapped around a long cock. I had never seen a blowjob before and was amazed at the sight. She was sucking for all she was worth on some guy’s dick-not blowing at all, sucking!! After sucking a few minuets, she would jerk her head back, letting his wet cock slip out of her mouth, and moan deeply. Then she would attack his prick like an animal – licking and sucking and running her hand up the shaft and over the canlı bahis top. There was something scary about the whole thing, but at the same time exciting! I couldn’t take my eyes off of her as she sucked him off. The guy was trying to say something, but I couldn’t make it out. She didn’t seem to even hear him. Trison just kept sucking and licking his huge cock. Suddenly, his cock shot a thick stream of white stuff across her check and onto her shoulder. She grabbed his dick with both hands and rammed it into her mouth. She sucked so hard that I could see her checks form pockets. She then let his dick slip out of her mouth as she tilted her head back and let out a really loud cry. Startled, I took off running. My legs were weak and it seemed like I was running in slow motion. I don’t know if they heard me, but no one came after me.

As I was remembering all that and how I couldn’t figure out what he was doing to her, I became aware that Jon’s tongue had been replaced by two fingers stroking in and out of my wet pussy as his tongue slid back and forth on my clit. As I felt my climax start, Jon’s balls tightened and his cock drove past my lips into my mouth – shooting a load of hot cum. Like Miss Trison before me, I sucked the warm cum from Jon’s cock as a wave of sheer pleasure exploded through me and as my muscles tighten, I threw back my head and let out scream.

The next morning Jon and I left the motel and headed south down the highway. About 3 miles outside of town, Jon turned down a dirt road lined with corn. As the pickup truck climbed the slight hill, I could see a big white house sitting at the top. “Is this it?” I asked, as we turned into the drive of old farm building.

“Yes, this is the old place.” Jon’s voice trailed off as he pulled the truck to a stop in front of the house.

His folks, my aunt and uncle, were killed in an automobile accident two years ago. He told me that his little sister had continued living there trying to make a living dairy herding. Jon opened the front door and called out into the house. “Gwen, Gwen. We’re here. Where are you girl?” As we stepped into the front room there was a stirring noise coming from down the hall. A slender girl came into the room. “I don’t suppose you brought any coffee or sugar with you?” she asked as she grabbed hold of her brother. Jon took her into his arms, giving her a hug and a kiss on the back of her neck. “You don’t need caffeine and I’m all the sugar you’ll ever need!” Jon chided as she pushed back from his hold.

“Let go. I want to see my cousin!” She turned toward me looking straight into my eyes and place her hand on my arm, “So, this is Jill, I’ll be damned!”

Gwen looked about 19 years old. Her long blond hair was on the fine side, sliding across the side of her face as she talked. I couldn’t help stare at her. She had deep green eyes, a small nose, and full lips. She was wearing a ribbed t-shirt, which revealed two perfectly round breasts with erect nipples. Her legs seemed long and well defined as they jetted out from her boxer shorts. Now, I never have thought of myself as bi or anything. Oh, there was a little fooling around with some of the girls in the dorm, but for the most part I liked men-or so I thought.

Jon stepped between us and put his arms around our necks and started walking us toward the kitchen. “A little food please! The two of you can get to know each other better after dinner, ok!” Gwen just laughed and poked him in the side, “Shut up and start cooking!”

After dinner, Gwen called me over to the couch to look at old picture albums. We curled up next to each other as she told me about the people in the photographs. I found that she laughed easily and had a pretty smile. Each time she turned the page of the large album, her top gaped open revealing her breast. Her skin was smooth and warm against my arm as we sat close to each other. After a while, I was consumed with my cousin – firm round breasts, soft perfect skin, the light scents from her shampoo.

“Where’s Jon?” I asked as bahis siteleri I looked around the room.

“His down at the local watering hole. Probable catching up with some of his old buddies.” Gwen replied as she placed the album on to the floor. Turning her body toward me, she took a handful of hair from the side of my face and slowly let the strains fall through her fingers. As my heart began to race a bit, I felt flushed and a little nervous. She must have seen my misgiving, for she removed her hand from my hair and smiled. “Jill, I have to tell you that I am very attracted to you. You are very beautiful. I don’t mean to offend you in any way, but I wanted to let you know how I feel… because I believe you may feel the same way too.”

My heart damn near stopped beating. I had to force myself to breath. Yes! I did feel deeply attracted, but I didn’t think it showed. So much raced through my mind, that I didn’t know what to do. She slowly leaned forward and kissed me. Her kiss was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Her full lips were soft, but perfectly fitted to my lips, like we were suppose to fit together. As her tongue parted my lips, I felt her small hands caress my breasts. The sensation is hard for me to describe. Where ever she touched came alive; my lips, my breasts, and my nipples – it was incredible! I found myself kissing her back and reaching out to touch this beautiful girl. My heart pounded inside me as her lips drew back from mine. To my surprise, I heard myself whisper, “Gwen, I don’t know what to do.” She just smiled and reaching down pulled her t-shirt up and over her long blond hair. “Trust me. Just let it happen,” she replied as she reached forward and started undoing the buttons on my shirt.

I kissed her neck and shoulder my as she leaned into me to push my shirt back off my shoulders. I could feel her smooth hands glide over my shoulders and arms as the shirt fell to the floor. Her hands smoothly released the strap from my bra and tossed it to floor. As we kissed again, I could feel her breasts brush and push against mine – hard, erect nipples touching and taunting each other. My hand explored her smooth back. Soon my fingers parted the elastic waistband of her boxer shorts and my hands glided across her firm butt and up the sides. As I excitedly took in every touch and sensation, Gwen’s hands unfastened the buttons to my jeans. Soon her fingers found their way between the silk panties and my waiting skin.

Slowly, I pushed Gwen back onto the coach and pulled her boxer shorts off. She just smiled as I took in her beauty. I reached out and gently ran my hands across her breasts and nipples down across her stomach and brushing past her mounds onto her inner thighs. Damn! My breath was quick and I felt flushed all over. I wanted her and just as she had said, I just let it happen. My mouth quickly engulfed her small tit and nipple. I came close to putting all of her round A cup into my mouth as I sucked up onto her nipple. I could feel Gwen shift her position and move her hand onto my head as I sucked and brought my stiff tongue across her nipple. “She must be really sensitive,” I thought as I sucked harder and then quickly changed over to the other breast. Her movement intensified as she pushed me off her tit. I then moved my lips and tongue on down her tight abs and lifting her leg to the side, kissed her inner thigh up to the outer edge of her pussy.

Gwen sat up and slid down until her butt was nearly off the cushion; her legs spread far apart as she presented herself to me. The mounds of her pussy were slightly parted, revealing a waiting entrance. A very light patch of blond hair sat neatly perched, pointing the way. As I leaned in toward her, I took in the fragrance of her pussy. The smell was sweat and exciting. As I ran my finger up her slit to her clit, I could feel her wetness announcing her excitement. Slowly I brought my lips and mouth to her pussy and tasted her warm juices. I was surprised – my tongue and lips were strangers to a woman’s anatomy! It was bahis şirketleri exciting to explore each fold and mound till my tongue found her wet hole. Separating her folds with my fingers, I licked and sucked up to her clit and gently prodded the sensitive area. As my lips seduced her clit, my fingers, one at first and then two, enter her and felt the soft tissue, warm and well lubricated. I could feel her muscles tighten against my fingers as I moved in and out of her.

Gwen’s body was moving in rhythm to my constant attention to her cunt. The quicker she moved, the faster I stroked her pussy and licked around her clit. As my other hand gently messaged her tummy from the light patch of hair up, I could feel her hands caressing her breasts. Her back arched and she pressed her mound against my face as she came. I was so excited that I think I could have cum without being touched! As I fell back onto the floor I could see Gwen’s breasts rise and fall with each big breath. “Shit! I thought I was going to have a stroke or something! Four times!! I came four times – you are good, cousin. You need a reward, and as soon as my poor heart settles, I think…”

At that moment, Jon came half walking and half bumping into the room. “Sis, Cus,” Jon announced in a slurred voice as he wrestled with his belt. “Damn, you girls sure look good! Just let me get my.” With that, Jon just folded up as neatly as a paper doll and collapsed to the floor.

“He’s drunker than a skunk!” Gwen laughed as she sat down next to me and put her arm around my neck. “You know, when he’s drunk like this he’s a little docile, but he can still get it up.” I could feel Gwen’s body against me, soft and warm, but I remembered Jon’s great big cock too. “What do you have in mind?” I asked. Gwen turned and kissed me lightly on the cheek, “Come with me Cus, and lets have a real family reunion!”

With that we moved over to Jon and as I removed his shoes. Gwen finished unfastening his belt, undid the snap, and slowly unzipped his jeans. “What you do’n girlie?” Jon asked through a drunken laugh. She pulled his jeans down as I pulled on the legs until the jeans came sliding off. I came up next to Gwen as I watched her run her hand over the length of his cock through his shorts. “My brother’s really hung you know” Gwen whispered. I couldn’t take my eyes off her hand as it massaged his shaft to life, “Yah, I know.” I said as I stared at the movement of her hand. Gwen just laughed. She turned around so she faced me and slowly lowered her pussy onto the stirring prick. As she slid her cunt up and down his cock, Gwen brought her hands to my breasts, caressed my nipples and kissed me again.

As Gwen kissed me, she rocked over her brother’s cock, running her pussy from his balls up to the end of his prick. Jon had placed both hands on his sister’s hips and was muttering something I couldn’t understand. Soon, Gwen got off Jon and surveyed her work. “Yes sir, now that’s a cock!” she announced as she traced his erect shaft. Slowly she slid his short off to reveal Jon’s wonderful cock strong and strait, ready for action. “Let me get him ready for you Jill” Gwen whispered as she slid down to his side. She licked the entire length of his shaft and then sucked his left nut into her mouth. I came up on the other side and took my cousin’s prick into my hand. I kissed the very end of his cock and with a smooth motion, let his cock slide past my lips into my mouth. As I sucked his dick, Gwen licked and sucked his balls. I couldn’t stand it – I got on top of Jon and guided his stiff cock into my waiting pussy. As he fucked me, Gwen positioned herself in front of me so Jon could eat her wet, wet pussy. Somehow in all this intertwining, moving flesh, Gwen’s hands found my breasts, nipples, hair, and pussy; her lips kissed my shoulders, neck and face. She was rubbing all over my body, caressing and heightening my sensations as an orgasm shot through me! I never knew I could cum like this – multiple waves of pleasure exploding, wave after wave. Jon’s cock was out of me and was pressing against the crack of my butt. I could feel his cock stain as he shot a load of cum onto my back and down my side several times. I took Gwen’s face in my hands and kissed her lips long and passionately. I loved my new family!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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