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Kari Wagner looked across the courtroom at the sexy cop, Xavier Avery. She had secretly watched him since he started appearing in traffic court some months ago. He was gorgeous, but she was afraid he knew that all too well. He was tall, over six feet, with black hair and the most striking green eyes. She could get lost in those eyes, stare into them while he did anything and everything to her body.

Now, once again, she was up against him in court. She was a good defence attorney and she always did her best to help her clients. Up until now, she’d been unsuccessful in winning a case when he was on the stand. However, she knew this time her case was solid and he wouldn’t beat her. She could feel it down to her Jimmy Choos, this would be her lucky day.

She thought back to the bet they made earlier that day over coffee, while waiting for the court session to commence. Xavier was so arrogant that he would win once again. He refused to listen to her side of the argument when she asked him not to testify. She knew losing this case would be hard on his male ego.

Each time they were in court together, she could feel his eyes on her, watching as she walked to the witness stand and back to her table. She felt off-balance when he stared at her like that, like she was his prey, but not today. This time, she was determined to win, while being at his mercy for a night sounded like fun, she had her own plans for his delicious body. She was roused from her thoughts as the judge returned and called them to rise.

She could feel his hot eyes on her, her heart started to pump rapidly as the judge read out his verdict. “I find the defendant, not at fault. Case dismissed,” he said and thumped the gavel on the bench.

She grinned, she knew it. She was going to have her man tonight. He wouldn’t know what hit him. After congratulating her client, she walked passed Xavier and whispered in his ear, “Your mine now Xavier, prepare yourself.” She almost shivered at her own words, she’d fantasized about this so many times since she first lost a case because of his testimony. Now it was going to become a reality.

Xavier stood still as a buzz of sensation flushed through him at her breathy whisper. He was in trouble, his mouth had gotten him into trouble – again. But where it concerned Kari Wagner, he just couldn’t seem to keep his composure. It was going to be a long afternoon and night. The thought was going to torture him until Kari called him to set up for their arrangement.

As she left the courthouse, she chuckled to herself. He had no idea about her plans. She would surprise him in so many ways, he wouldn’t know what hit him. She would not let him get the upper hand this evening. It wasn’t going to happen, she was going to be in control. She was going to blow his mind so hard she would make him pass out.


Kari rested against the door of the wardrobe and watched through the slats as Xavier entered the room and dropped his utility belt on his bedside table, she was going to surprise him. She would have to thank his sister for giving her his house key. He turned around and seemed to look at her through the door. She grasped the water pistol she had brought with her for some role-playing, it’s blue and red colour would ensure he didn’t get the wrong idea. The last thing she needed was for him to think she was holding a real gun.

His emerald green eyes sparkled in the golden light of the room, his bronze skin looked so delicious as he reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt. She was slightly embarrassed to admit she had a big crush on the sexy police officer, which started when he first appeared on the witness stand in traffic court, where she was a defence attorney. He finally finished unbuttoning the shirt and she watched it drop to the floor. At last something had gone her way! She’d finally get to see what was under his navy blue uniform.

His muscles flowed like liquid steel as he tugged his undershirt out of his pants and slid it up his broad chest. She bit her lips to ward off the moan wanting to escape, as his washboard abs came into view. Her fingers itched to run through the sparse black hair sprinkled over his solid pecs and dark nipples. His hands moved to unbuckle his belt. Once he pulled the leather out of the loops, he picked up his undershirt and turned to leave the room.

She pushed open the door and watched his back muscles rippling as he strode out of the door. She snuck over to the entrance and waited until he returned. When he passed her, she shoved the cold plastic tip of the gun into his back. He froze suddenly and said, “Who’s there?”

“Who else Xavier? Time to pay up,” she whispered huskily. She smirked as she heard his soft groan.

“What do you want from me?” he asked with a hint of heat in his voice. She didn’t know it but he lusted for her since their first meeting, and a slight tremor passed through him at the anticipation of what she wanted to do to him. The only person that could have helped her was his sister. He would talk to bakırköy üniversiteli escort her about handing his key out. Damn, his pants were already starting to tighten and she hadn’t even touched him yet. He had it bad for her, but he smiled, knowing tonight he was finally going to be able to have her.

“On the bed, hot stuff,” she said as she brushed up against him.

This time he couldn’t help the groan that escaped his throat. He slid onto the bed and looked into her stormy sapphire eyes. Looking down at the gun she held, he couldn’t stop the grin from breaking out as he saw the child’s toy.

Kari realized what he was looking at and said, “It’s my nephew’s gun,” she placed it on the side table and unclipped his handcuffs from his utility belt, swinging them around on her finger.

Xavier groaned at the thought of what she was going to do to him, and his cock pushed out further against his confining pants. She reached over him and pulled his wrists together snapping the cuffs in place. She grinned at him, walked over to the wardrobe, pulled out her bag and reached in to retrieve a cloth tie.

Walking over to him, she straddled his torso, lifting his cuffed hands up to the headboard and tied them to the frame. She sat back and licked her lips as she took in the sight. She drew her eyes across his arms, the muscles bulged as he tensed them, testing the restraints. She knew if he managed to get loose, she’d lose her chance. The lust burning in his eyes guaranteed that fact.

She looked at his throat, the strong column flexing as he swallowed. Her eyes burned a path down his chest and abs as she devoured him by sight. Moving her body further down his legs, she licked her lips as she came across the thick bulge in his navy pants. Now between his legs, she stroked his ankles as unlaced his boots.

Pulling them off, one at a time, she slowly peeled off his navy socks, her nails drawing a line of fire up the middle of his foot. He grunted and tugged again on the handcuffs, as tremors shuddered up his spine, blistering him with sparks of sensation.

This was only the start, she thought. She planned on blowing his mind tonight. She was going to torture and tease every inch of his gorgeous body. “I’m going to make you so happy you lost the bet, Xavier,” she said huskily as she drew her fingers up the insides of his legs, sliding them to his thighs, exploring the contours of his muscles. Her fingers circled his inner thighs, as she looked up to his chest, which already heaved with exertion. A growl rolled out of him as she caught his eyes – eyes that watched her every move, unaware of what she was planning to do next, but aroused at the possibilities.

Xavier’s skin had drawn tight, sensitive to her touch. He didn’t know if he would be able to survive the fire she was unleashing upon him. Her slow pace would surely drive him crazy. He let a growl loose as her fingers reached up and stroked his waistline, teasing him with feather light touches, her nails barely grazing him. She suddenly leaned over him and sucked one of his tight peaking nipples into her mouth. He was so focused on what she was doing to his body, he hadn’t noticed she was again straddling his body. He could feel her wet pussy rubbing against his thighs. It added another layer of desire to his already aching body.

Sucking in a harsh breath as the sensation jolted through his body like an electric charge, she dragged her nails up and down his chest and abs. He groaned as more sparks of sensation spread over his body. “Damn, Kari you’re killing me here,” he groaned.

“You haven’t seen anything yet Xavier. I’m just getting started,” she said with a wicked grin. Her fingers mapped the firm, ridged muscles of his abs. She leaned over the other side and took his nipple into her mouth and sucked, her teeth grazing the hard bud. He arched underneath her and groaned as another pulse sped through him. “Mmm, I think I found something you like,” she looked at him and grinned deviously.

She sucked his nipple back into her mouth, reaching up to pinch his other. His body spasmed as he yelped, “Fuck! Kari… you’re gonna kill me.”

She chuckled then trailed her tongue through the short hairs on his chest, her nails continuing the assault on his abs, brushing against his waistband. He collapsed against the pillows as her lips, tongue and fingers stroked, licked and sucked him. His cock throbbed in his tight pants, and when her tongue flicked his abs he groaned, muttering unintelligibly.

She grinned. He was so responsive to her touch. She looked down at the large bulge pushing at the front of his pants. It was time to unleash him. “Let’s do something about these pants,” she purred, her nails rubbing his waistband. She slowly opened his pants and slipped them down his body, sliding her breasts down his chest, squeezing her breasts around the thick bulge, tit-fucking him through his pants.

He groaned. She was going to be the death of him. He bakırköy bdsm escort sucked in a harsh breath as her teeth clenched around his zipper and pulled it down, tooth by tooth. She had gotten him so hot. It was a struggle not to come in his boxers like a horny teenager. He cursed as her nose brushed his throbbing cock, any extra stimulus was not good for him right now. He knew she intended to tease him for as long as she could. He just hoped he could hold on.

Kari held back her own groan as she inhaled the scent of his arousal. She could feel him throbbing in his boxers. She knew she made him so hot he was about to blow. She finished unzipping his pants then hooked her fingers inside the waistband and pressed her thumbs into his thighs, dragging his pants down slowly, her nails dragging against his muscles that flexed and tensed under her touch.

He jerked off the bed as she dragged her nails over the soles of his feet. Groaning as she dropped his pants to the floor and slid her hands up his legs again, tracing the contours of his muscles. Stroking him softly, she licked her lips and looked into his eyes.

“Damn it Kari, stop teasing me.” He somehow managed to get out between clenched teeth.

She smirked deviously at him, “Make me,” she slid her nails up his thighs to the thick bulge pressing against his boxers. He hissed as she stroked him, his fists clenching the sheets, her nails pressing into the cotton. He panted and growled, “You’re evil Kari, when I get free you’re going to pay.”

“I don’t think so. Relax Xavier. You’ll love this, I promise,” she purred, drawing a nail over his cock making him shudder. She ran her nails along the waistband of his straining boxers while she leaned over him and sucked his neck. He cursed her as her teeth raked down his chest slowly, her tongue lapped up the sweat that beaded on his skin.

Xavier yanked at the handcuffs, he was seriously regretting allowing her tie him to the bed. She was torturing him. He’d be out of his mind by the time she finally finished with him. He gasped as she tugged on his boxers with her teeth, her nails curled under the band and tugged down with her teeth scraping over his cock, he clenched his fists and moaned as she tugged his boxers off.

“Now that’s better.”

Kari devoured him with her eyes. They travelled down the heaving expanse of his chest and abs, gleaming with the sweat that had started to bead over his body, the powerful muscles of his thighs. She envisioned them flexing as he powered his long, thick cock into her. But that would have to be for another time. She grabbed his ankles and slid her hands up his legs until they came to his groin.

She looked to his eyes, clouded with passion and desire. It was the desperate look she was seeking, and she grinned. She had him, spreading his thighs as she leaned over him and stroked his balls. His indrawn hiss was music to her ears, as she slid her lips over the dark red head of his cock.

Xavier closed his eyes and moaned as the fire raged through his body rose to new heights, ascending into a conflagaration. All of his energy at this point was focused on holding off the orgasm that ached to be unleashed. It was so good and too much at the same time. He didn’t want to show any hint of weakness in front of her because he knew she would use that to her advantage, just like she did in the courtroom.

He tasted divinely. The salty sweetness that rolled over her tongue was like a drug to her senses. She slipped her lips further down his cock, her tongue lashing at the head and then running around the rim. He panted heavily under her ministrations, his thighs and abs quivering and pulsing under the tension. He wouldn’t know what hit him when she finally allowed him to come.

Xavier couldn’t speak, he couldn’t do anything but moan and pant as her lips, tongue and nails drove him crazy, but not enough to throw him over the edge. She was tormenting him, making him suffer, the pleasure burned him. It seared every nerve in his body. Suddenly, she pulled back from him, he moaned at the loss. He gasped, trying to gather the breath to speak before she looked at him and sucked her fingers.

He groaned as he watched her. She quickly settled back down over him and sucked his cock all the way to the back of her throat. He moaned and spasmed as she swallowed around him, a raging inferno exploded through his body as she speared her fingers up his ass and stroked his nerves. He spilled himself down her throat, each pulse ripped from him, sending pulses of white fire all through his over sensitized body.

Kari couldn’t get enough of his taste. She fucked his ass, rolling her fingers around, her nails scraping him as she sucked his cock, her lips drawing every last drop from his balls. He was writhing underneath her, his handcuffs rattling. She cleaned every inch of his cock, and slowly eased off from him, giving him time to recover. She wouldn’t give him very long to come down from his orgasm. She bakırköy elit escort smiled at the thought of taking him even higher next time.

When the surges of pleasure subsided, Xavier gathered the strength to open his eyes and look at his torturer. She was still fully dressed. He wasn’t even aware she had left the bed, but apparently she did because she pulled a bag onto the bed next to him. As their eyes fixed on each other, she smirked, “It’s not over yet Xavier, far from it. Remember I won you for the night, you lost the bet.” Her devilish grin sent spikes of hot pleasure back to his already hardening cock. She really was definitely trying to kill him.

He groaned as she readied herself for the next round. She pulled out a few items from the bag, and then tossed it on the floor next to the bed. “Kari, can you at least give me a minute or two to recover?” He knew he was on the verge of begging, but he didn’t really care at this point. His damn traitorous cock was already getting hard again at the possibility of what was next.

“I’m giving you plenty of time to rest up Xavier, and don’t worry, I’ll help you rise to the occasion.” That was when she picked up the cock ring off the bed and twirled it around her finger.

Xavier groaned again, as his cock immediately surged to life. “You’re evil you know that?”

She laughed and said, “I’m lawyer, of course I’m evil.”

Xavier groaned as her fingers wrapped around him, she closed the ring around the base of his thick cock and tightened it. She manoeuvred an attachment to under his balls. A spark pleasure spread through him at the thought of what it could be. He gasped as she picked up a large dildo. “What are you doing with that?” he asked, almost afraid of her answer.

She grinned and said, “I’m going to push you far tonight, if you really don’t want to do it however just tell me to stop. But I’m warning you now, that if you do, I’ll let you go and the fun stops.”

He cursed under his breath as he stared at the dildo. He wasn’t one for casual exploration, but the shattering climax she had brought him to made him want to see what she had to offer next. “Xavier? Do you want this?” she asked.

He groaned. She wanted him to tell her, “Yes damn it.”

She chuckled and then opened a bottle of lube and squeezed it onto her fingers, “Spread your legs.”

He followed the instruction, as his cock fully thickened, her nails scraped his thighs the sparks of pleasure burning him, his skin was still highly sensitized. He wanted to feel her surrounding him as he drove himself inside of her. She was driving him crazy with sensation and she hadn’t even taken off her clothes, a moan tore from him as she stroked her lubricated fingers over his ass, rubbing him until her fingers slid inside the hole. Her nails scraped him, making him gasp as she hit his prostate. He tugged fiercely on the restraints hoping to make the cloth tear but his arms felt weak from all the exertion.

“God damn it Kari, stop teasing me,” he growled. “Just fuck me.”

She smirked at him and then reached down and flicked her tongue over the head of his weeping cock, drawing a hiss from him. She slid her fingers out of his ass and reached over to the box sitting on the bed. She grinned deviously at him and flicked a switch, his body jolted as the tight cock ring started buzzing sending a stream of sensation searing through his veins. The attachment vibrated as well resting against his balls. He arched back into the pillows and moaned as the vibration set him on fire.

“I think you can handle more Xavier,” she said as she lifted the dildo. Reaching down, she spread his thighs further and brushed the tip of the dildo against his ass. He swore as she nudged the tip inside of him and then gradually inched it inside of him twisting it as she pushed it further inside of him.

He panted heavily as he strained against the bed frame, whimpers of pleasure slipped past his lips as he felt the dildo hit his bundle of nerves, ever so briefly. It felt so good. The stretching burn added to the low level vibration of the ring, made him moan as she twisted the dildo out of him and then back inside. The sensation was tearing him apart. His cock was so hard, he ached. The head flushed dark red as he strained against the pleasure assaulting him.

Kari looked over him, his body straining, his glistening muscles flexing as he writhed under the power of the pleasure. She turned the switch on the bottom of the dildo and smirked as he moaned loudly. She turned both devices to full power, and watched him writhe, struggling against the assaulting waves of pleasure. She was getting so hot herself.

Xavier cursed her as the pleasure burned him alive, he bucked against the sheer intensity. His biggest fear was that she would leave him here like this, bound and tortured. It was surely going to drive him completely out of his mind.

She got off the bed. She needed his cock inside of her now. She licked her lips and looked at him, and pushed her dress straps off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. She licked her finger slowly, catching his eyes as she slid her finger down her cleavage. She opened the closure and slid her bra off, dropping that too, to the floor. Then she pushed her panties down. She noticed his breathing becoming more laboured, she wanted him to come now so she could take a turn.

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