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All characters are 18+ years of age

June wore cotton panties. This didn’t particularly surprise Nick, her older brother, who was home visiting for the holidays. She’d never really made an effort to be sexy, but she didn’t need to. No matter what she did she seemed to radiate casual beauty, her long auburn hair falling in loose curls past her shoulders, piercing gray eyes and full, red lips that had been the envy of every girl Nick had ever brought home.

He’d never really thought of her as beautiful until he returned home from college one semester and was greeted at the door by her, finding himself unable to speak. Luckily he’d been able to blame the ten hour drive, and eventually spat out a hello as she hugged him tightly.

His university got out much earlier in the summers than the high schools in his home state, so he found himself with a lot of time alone in his parents’ house with not much to do. So, after two days, he’d raided his sister’s panty drawer. What must have been thirty pairs of identical cotton, bikini cut panties nearly overflowed the drawer. Nick shook his head. This was typical of June. While he was sure she could make these flattering with her narrow waist and perky butt, the lack of diversity left something to be desired. Then again, he thought, it also meant that she wouldn’t notice if a pair or two went missing. He shoved a blue pair into his pocket and returned to his room, where they soon caught his load as he jacked it to some porn on his computer.

He did this every day during the week, doing a load of washing at the end when everyone was at work or school to replace the five or six soiled pairs he accumulated in his room over the past few days back where they belonged. Meanwhile his attraction to June only grew, and soon he was imagining her every time he used her panties. He was occasionally able to catch peeks of her panties up her skirt, as she walked up the stairs or bent over the couch to pick something up. As the days grew hotter, she undid all three buttons on her school blouse when she was at home, obviously not expecting any of her family to care, allowing Nick glimpses at her cleavage. During the weekends she wore loose V-necks and jeans, which gave him some choice peeks at her B cup breasts.

On June’s last ever day of high school she tapped on his door at nearly one in the morning. He heard a sniff. “Nick?” Her voice quavered.

“What’s up?” he asked, and the door opened. She stood in a skirt and tight tank top, the disparity between the articles only accentuating the curve of her hips. Her eyes were red and tear-filled, causing Nick to sit up.

“Dylan broke up with me,” she said miserably, and moved to his bed.

“Oh, shit” he said softly, and opened his arms. She almost collapsed into him, head at his chest. He lifted her up onto the bed, and she lay on him, sobbing into his shirt. Dylan had been her boyfriend since middle school.

He stroked her hair lightly with one hand, the other wrapped around her back, holding her to him. It was almost half an hour until she spoke.

“I mean I knew it wasn’t gonna last. We’d talked about college. But I thought…” More shuddering. “I thought he’d at least wait till we left.”

All he could really do was hold her and make soothing noises, so that’s what he did. Eventually she’d cried herself out and fell asleep in his arms. It wasn’t until that moment until he realized the position they were in, June’s legs splayed across his stomach. However, it didn’t seem an appropriate time to think about that, so he did his best to go to sleep.

Nick and their parents did their best to distract her that weekend, taking her to movies, out to eat, and just not mentioning sore subjects. It seemed to help, and she was marginally happier when the week rolled around. Nick tried to keep this up, but on Monday he could tell it wasn’t working. So he spent the day with her in baggy sweatpants, watching crappy TV curled up on the couch. That night was a repeat of the night they’d broken up, June crying into Nick’s shirt as he held her.

On Tuesday he managed to get her out of the house at least, but they cut it off when they saw Dylan at the movies with his arm around another girl and June broke down. Luckily he was able to stop her before she reached them, as she’d had murder in her eyes. By the time they got home she was despondent, not answering any questions with anything more than a grunt.

Nick had assumed that he would be alone that night as he lay in bed with his boxers under the covers, watching some porn on his phone. He managed to get it off his phone and his cock back into his fly before June opened the door, luckily. Lucky too that the blanket covered his hard-on.

She moved under the covers with him, luckily missing his erection, though had it not been for his boxers it would have been an inch from where her legs met.

She wasn’t crying this time, though he could tell she had been.

“I always hated that bitch,” she mumbled, her head to the side resting on his chest. There was no doubt in his mind casino siteleri as to whom she was talking about.

“Why does it hurt so much, Nick?” It wasn’t really a question he could answer. He just continued to stroke her hair. “Maybe I’m just not sexy enough,” she mumbled.

“It has nothing to do with how sexy you are,” Nick said quickly. Maybe too quickly, but she didn’t seem to notice.

She snorted. “You’re just saying that because you have to.”

“Well, not really. I saw the girl he was with too. If he was going for sexy, he fucked up.” She gave a short laugh, but he could tell she wasn’t convinced. He felt a couple hot tears fall onto his bare chest. They stayed that way until she fell asleep.

With their combined body heat it was nearly unbearable under the covers, so Nick threw them aside. June still wore a skirt, and it had hiked up around the top of her legs. His earlier horniness came back in a rush, and soon his cock was hard as it had ever been.

Feeling ashamed, but not enough to stop, he slowly used his phone camera to take a picture from a better angle, then brought it up to see. Her panties were light grey, hugging her ass nicely. He could see the crease where leg met ass. Very slowly he brought his cock out of the fly of his boxers and took another picture. He hadn’t really meant to do anything beyond that. He lightly stroked his cock without moving the rest of his body, and he was about to put it away when it struck. He had no chance to stop it, cum shooting from his cock. All he could do was try to stay absolutely still, praying that his sister wouldn’t wake, as his load refused to abate for the next fifteen seconds. He cautiously took a picture to see the damage.

“Fuck,” he breathed. It had mostly hit her panties, some of it her legs, and a bit got on her skirt. But he couldn’t move her without waking her, so there was nothing more to but tuck away his cock and hope she wouldn’t notice.


When he woke she’d left his room. A pit tightened in his stomach as he remembered last night, and he got dressed and went downstairs slowly.

When he walked into the kitchen June sat there. She met his eyes then quickly looked away. Shit, Nick thought.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey.” They were silent until he got his breakfast and sat down across from her.

“Did you um…” She paused. “Did you have a dream last night? Like… a sex dream?”

Nick didn’t have to fake anything. His face reddened, and he stammered. “Uh, I dunno, I might have…”

To his immense relief she smiled. A real smile, too, not a fake one to reassure him or their parents that she was alright. It was small, but there. “It’s alright,” she said. “I know I’ve been a handful lately, so you probably haven’t had any time to take care of yourself.”

He nodded sheepishly.

“I’ll try to give you some more time to yourself. I think I’m getting better, thanks to you.”

Nick smiled. “Glad to hear it.”

She did start to do better. While she still needed extra attention, she also didn’t break down crying every day, and Nick was able to find time to “take care of himself,” as she’d put it. The photos were stored securely on his computer, hidden even better than the rest of his porn, and deleted from his phone.

Things were going well until the end of the month, two days before her birthday. June had, apparently, talked to Dylan for the first time since they broke up, and asked him why. He’d said some pretty shitty things, which I thought was completely unwarranted. The thing that got to June most, she told Nick through heaving sobs, was when he accused her of never growing up past middle school. To Nick this was ridiculous, as he’d always found Dylan a bit immature, which he told her.

Apparently it had more to do with how she dressed than anything she did, though, something he’d somehow failed to ever mention despite it bothering him “forever.” This just led to June becoming even more confused and sad.

“He never told me that’s what he wanted! How am I supposed to know what guys like?” she asked.

“He’s an idiot, that’s all.” It was all Nick could really think to say. Dylan really was an idiot as far as he could see. While June didn’t have a particularly sexy style of dress, the clothes she wore fit her body nicely, and anyone with eyes could see that she looked amazing no matter what she wore.

So he did something he hoped would help. He sneaked into her room and rummaged through her drawers again, but this time with purer intentions. On her birthday, they all sat around the living room as she opened her gifts and cards, but Nick had her come to his room after they’d gotten back from dinner.

“I actually got you something else,” he said nervously.

“Really? What is it?” she asked.

“Well, it might be kinda weird,” he said, going to his closet and reaching into it. “I just thought, after, well.” He turned around, a bag in his hands, and shrugged.

Her mouth opened, her eyebrows rising in surprise. “I thought might might help,” he muttered. He didn’t canlı casino hold it out, so she had to walk to him to take it from him.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling at him and giving him a hug. She put the bag on the bed and started to look through it, pulling out one by one.

“If you don’t like anything I can take it back…”

“I’m sure it’s all perfect. You’re probably a better judge than I am anyway.”

First out was an orange thong with white lace around the edges, then a lacy red pair of panties, a matching bra, and a red thong. Then a matching set of black panties and bra, then various other panties. He’d gone a bit crazy. It was definitely the most expensive gift he’d ever gotten anyone, but he knew it’d be worth it if it helped his sister.

She giggled and looked over at Nick as she pulled out the last thing, a G-string with a pink bow on the front with hardly any material besides what was absolutely necessary. He smiled sheepishly and shrugged. She hugged him again. “Thanks Nick. It’s all wonderful.” She was smiling the entire time she put the pile of lingerie back in the bag and left the room.

Nick sat heavily on the bed, relieved that it had gone over well. Incredibly well, he’d never expected the reaction that he got.

The next morning she beamed at him across the kitchen table. When she talked she was more animated than she had been in weeks, and there was a spring in her step that should be in every high schoolers after their final semester.

“The problem is,” she muttered quietly to Nick, “now I want everyone to see what I have on.” Nick snorted in laughter. They were walking through the movie theater, people all around them.

“Just be glad they can’t or we’d never get anywhere.” June blushed.

When they got back June dragged Nick to her room. “I have to know what looks good,” she blurted, and ripped her shirt of and skirt down before Nick could say anything.

“Well… that, for starters.” She wore the red lace panties and bra combo. She looked at herself in the mirror.

“Okay,” she muttered. “Turn around and close your eyes,” she said, louder. Nick complied, and when he was allowed to look saw that she’d kept the bra and changed to the orange and white thong.

“I’m pretty sure it’s all gonna look good,” he said, very concious of his erection as he stood there. She twirled, giving him a quick view of her ass. He sat on her swivel chair at her desk.

“I just need to make sure,” she said. So they went through every pair of panties he’d gotten her, and he approved every one, spinning in the chair to maintain her decency as she changed.

“Which are the best?” she asked once she’d exhausted all her options. He stood next to her, now in pair of beige panties with lace trim, looking down at the assortment on her bed. He hoped she didn’t notice the bulge in his pants.

“I think these are my favorite standalones,” he said, picking up a black thong with a thick lace waistband. “And I also like the red thong and bra together.” June nodded seriously.

“Thanks Nick.” He took that as permission to leave and headed immediately to the bathroom, where he freed his aching cock and tugged it until he exploded into the toilet bowl, images of his scantily clad sister flashing through his mind.

That night she came to lie in bed with him. There was no crying this time, he just held her against him. The difference was, now she was only in her underwear.

She continued to do this most nights. Sometimes he would snap pictures, like he had the one time before, other times he would just hold her. He didn’t make the same mistake of touching himself again.

He was contemplating taking a picture of her one night, wearing the red thong and bra he’d told her he liked. Soon he was glad he didn’t.

“When you’re hard at night is it because of me?” she mumbled suddenly. He froze. Sometimes, like now, his cock would be trapped under her, while other times she lay further up his body. She’d never mentioned feeling his erections before. He thought she might be sleep talking, or not realize that she’d said it out loud. Eventually, though, he answered.

“Yes.” The silence stretched between them, until Nick thought that she must be asleep.

“I thought so,” she whispered finally. Then, after a smaller pause, “You don’t have to hide them.”

Still not entirely sure whether she was awake or not, Nick didn’t do anything. He eventually got to sleep, wondering what exactly she meant by hiding.

When he woke up the next morning June was standing next to him, body facing away, turning to inspect her backside. She jumped when she saw him looking, cheeks reddening slightly. She also looked… disappointed? Nick was sure he must have read that wrong. The next night she was wearing the black thong that he’d said he liked. He felt as though she was giving him very explicit hints.

He couldn’t help himself. He fished out his cock from his boxers once he thought she was asleep, playing with it lightly so as not to move her, and soon he was cumming hard onto kaçak casino his sister’s backside. Unfortunately he was unable to see his handiwork. He planned to blame another wet dream if asked.

But June didn’t ask, simply commenting that she hoped it would wash out. From then on he got the distinct impression that she wanted him to do something, or that she simply enjoyed teasing him. He would catch flashes of lace up her skirt more and more often, as well as cleavage down low cut tops. He refrained from playing with himself when she was on him, though, heading to the bathroom a couple times a day to relieve himself of the pressure.

Then one night he returned home from a night with friends to find her already in his bed. She was in a matching white thong and bra, and had white stockings held up by garter straps as well. She’d gone shopping on her own. Nick almost groaned. He’d had a bit to drink, and thoughts of what he could do ran through his head.

He gently shook her awake and she turned blearily.

“Oh, hey. I tried to stay up.”

“What’s up?

“I wanted to show you what I got,” she said, smiling up at him proudly. “Do you like it?”

He looked her up and down slowly, drinking it all in. He nodded.

“I got more stuff too, but I like this the best.”

Nick nodded again, then stripped down to his boxers and sat beside her on the bed. There was no way she could miss his erection. He’d forgotten to turn the overhead light off.

She lay on him, head resting on his chest. He held her in his arms, feeling her bare flesh, then moving down until he reached her ass. He cupped a cheek in each hand, squeezing gently. She sighed softly into his chest, eyes closed. He took this as encouragement and kept going.

Soon he was masturbating, tugging his cock desperately, June egging him on.

“I got this for you, Nick,” she whispered as he stroked. “To get you horny. So you’d cum on it. Cum on me, Nick,” she pleaded.

He gave her what she wanted, thick ropes shooting to cover her ass and thong like she’d told him to, groaning as she gasped happily.


He woke with a mild hangover and not one bit of regret. June was curled up next to him, still in the soiled panties from last night, looking sexy as ever. It was late, so their parents would be gone.

An hour later, once they’d both showered, they sat on a towel on the living room sofa. June had brought the towel, but hadn’t mentioned it. She wore a striped blue and white thong and a blue and gold bra, new additions to her collection. Nick was in his boxers.

When he came back from the bathroom at one point, June had taken up the couch lying on her front, head in her arms, eyes closed. When Nick asked her to move, she just shifted her hips slightly, pressing them into the air. Nick grinned and rolled his eyes. He quietly removed his boxers, then took the opportunity to explore every inch of his sister’s back. Kneeling with a leg on either side of her, he unhooked her bra and moved the straps away. She flinched a bit at this, but soon relaxed as he massaged her gently. Eventually, moving down, he decided to leave the panties. Once he’d worked his way down to her toes, he moved back to her midsection, once again kneeling. His cock was almost painfully erect, resting between her ass cheeks.

He gently thrust, barely moving his foreskin back, but enjoying the feeling against her soft skin. “Who did you get this for?” he asked softly.

“You,” she murmured, eyes still closed as he moved his fingers along the fabric.

“And why did you wear it?”

“So you would touch me,” she whimpered.

“And then?”

“And then… and then cum on them.”

He moved his hand down, to rub her pussy over the fabric of her panties. She moaned as he kept going, shuddering and twitching until finally she cried out, shaking, her legs clamping on his hand. When she had finished he gave her her second wish, stroking until he came, aiming at the already-wet panties, filling her ass crack and coating the fabric.


“And who did you want to impress with these?”

“You,” she said, smiling as she looked up at him, his gaze caught by her black lace panties.

“So why did you wear them?”

Their ritual had gone on for a month at this point. A number of different pairs of panties of all colors and styles, a new response every time.

Pink boyshorts. “Because I think they would look really good with some cum on my tits.”

White lace. “Because they make me feel pure, and I want you to change that.”

Peach cotton, from before. “Because they’re boring, and I want you to take them off so you can finger me.”

After that one they’d gotten more adventurous. “Because I think they’d look good wrapped around your cock.” “Because I want to blow you in them.”

And now, “Because I want you to fuck me in them.” Nick paused, glancing up to meet her eyes. She nodded, ever so slightly, and he pushed her down on her back. Then, after a moments thought, he turned her around on her front. He pulled aside her panties, slipping a finger in her. She was already wet. He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly pushed, no longer hesitating. She moaned as he entered her, not stopping until his hips pressed against her cheeks.

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