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Amber and I woke up in each other’s arms the next morning. I kissed her on the forehead lightly and left a note on her bedside table. Although I would have loved to stay and make love to her again, with such a successful night before, I had no more supplies for day 2.

Luckily I had my friends brother pick me up some ‘harder’ alcohol in case the softer stuff went over well. On my way back to my house to pick up the drinks I stopped by 7-11 to pick up some more cigarettes. I decided that in order to get Amber addicted I needed some stronger ones.

I decided on Marlboro 100’s. They were cork filters and had nearly twice as much nicotine as the Virginia Slims. If Amber could smoke these, maybe she would smoke unfiltered. It was about 11 am by the time I got back to Ambers’ house and she was in the shower.

I knocked on her bathroom door and asked if I could come in. She immediately said of course and I opened the door. She shut off the shower and stepped out next to me, her naked body glistening and a smile on her face. She kissed me without saying anything, letting her tongue linger in my mouth for a long time. As she continued to twist her tongue around in my mouth her hands began to unbutton my pants.

I was surprised at her unusually forward attitude but continued our passionate kiss. Once my pants were loose she broke our kiss and pulled out my dick. She immediately kneeled down and began sucking me off. I had never been able to get Amber to give me a blow job because I felt it may insult her by asking her to do such a nasty thing.

The nastiness of this act obviously didn’t bother her as she now had both of her hands on my ass and was thrusting her mouth around my cock at an alarming speed. I could hear her gag a few times as her inexperience led her to put my cock too far into her throat but it didn’t seem to slow her down any.

Before too long I was nearly about to come and felt that I better warn her.

“Baby….I’m gonna cum.”

As I reached down to finish the job myself she pushed my hand away and kept on sucking my cock, perhaps even faster. Finally I could not hold back any longer and I began to shoot my jizm into her waiting mouth. Like a woman possessed she clamped down her lips and thrust my dick deep into her throat as my first few jets of cum forcefully splashed the back of her esophagus.

She began gagging and I pulled back but she clenched my ass cheeks and pulled me even farther into her. I could now hear her ongoing struggle between her gag reflex and her determination. I looked down as spurt after spurt emptied out inside her. I could see cum dribbling out of her nose and her eyes shut tight and watering, but I was not in control of this situation.

After she was sure I had finished cumming she let my dick slip out of her mouth and with her eyes still closed, swallowed my load. She gagged a few more times before finally opening her eyes and looking up at me.

“What the hell has come over YOU?” I asked feeling guilty, confused, and utterly casino siteleri satisfied all at once.

“I don’t know…..I….just wanted to feel nasty. And give you the best blowjob you could ever get. Better than any bad girl could give you. I want to be your fantasy…I…..I…..I’m sorry…” Her eyes started to tear up and she began to cry.

“Oh……why are you crying? You ARE my fantasy. You’re everything I could ever ask for. You know I would never question that.” I scooped her naked sobbing body off the floor and held her in my arms as I sat on the edge of the bath tub.

“I knew I should have never brought this bad girl thing up. Now it’s starting to fuck everything up.” My anger began to surface now, and the stupidity of what I had tried to do was now becoming obvious.

“No….I wanted to do that. I liked doing that for you. It makes me happy to know that I am turning you on. Actually, I would really like a cigarette now….it seems like it would relax me a little.” Again my dick began to get hard and I could feel my judgement become clouded.

“Well, your parents are home, I don’t think they’d appreciate you smoking in the house.”

“Then lets’ go somewhere. Lets do something crazy. Lets get a tattoo or something.”

“Well….nose rings have always really turned me on, but wouldn’t your parents get mad?” I asked.

“So? We’re running away together in a few weeks anyways. Who cares?” Her new found confidence was seeping out now. Her rebellion was becoming an addiction.

I contemplated my options for a moment: either I could put an end to this whole thing and go back to the way it used to be. Or, I could keep going until my bad girl desire was fulfilled completely.

Fifteen minutes later we were in my car on the way to a tattoo and piercing parlor.

“So, can I try another cigarette?” She beamed at me, knowing full well what she was doing.

“Yeah, they’re in the front pocket of my backpack in the back seat. But I’m warning you, they’re much stronger than the other ones you tried last night.” I warned.

“Yeah, yeah…I’m a bad ass remember?” She replied candidly.

She pulled out the red and white packet of cigarettes and after a few tries got the cellophane wrapping off. She opened the box and extracted one cork filter cigarette and examined it closely.

“These are much shorter and thicker.” She replied crinkling her nose. She sniffed at it a few times.

“But they smell much better. Stronger, like you said.” Little did she know she was going to smoke her first full flavored cigarette.

“What am I going to light it with?” She asked placing the cig between her pink lip glossed lips.

“Use the cigarette lighter, just push it in. Wait for it to pop out and the put it on the tip of the cigarette and suck until it’s going.” I replied, trying to watch her and the road.

She pushed in the lighter and waited for a minute. When it popped back out she put it to tip of the marlboro and began to suck. canlı casino She sucked and puffed several times while keeping the lighter firmly placed against the cigarette.

Amber let the Marlboro dangle as she replaced the lighter to the dash. Then she took a huge cheek hollowing drag, obviously trying to turn me on, and inhaled the smoke in sharply. She coughed hard as the smoke sputtered out of her mouth sporadically.

When she finally stopped she looked at me through glassy eyes.

“Holy shit!! These ARE stronger!! It felt like my lungs were full of water. This smoke is sooo thick.” She giggled a little but started another coughing fit as soon as she did.

She wasn’t kidding about the smoke being thick though, it had only been lit for a few seconds but already the whole car was filling up with smoke. I didn’t say anything though hoping that maybe she would forget to roll down her window and unintentionally hot box my car. Of course, I would suffer, but it would be worth it to watch her breath pure smoke.

“We could pick up some lighter ones if you want?” I asked, hoping that she wouldn’t give up on smoking altogether.

“Hell no, I’ll get used to it. Watch.” and with that she brought the cigarette up to her mouth and took a small measured drag and inhaled very slowly.

Once she had inhaled at least part of it, she began breathing out. Initially she started coughing but caught herself midway through and finished the last of her exhale nicely.

“See?” She said, obviously proud of herself.

She again brought the Marlboro up to her lips and dragged again and inhaled slowly, this time not coughing at all.

“It’s not so bad once you get used to it.” She smiled and looked at me devilishly.

“What else you got in there?” She asked, grabbing at the back seat before I even answered.

As she grabbed the backpack she let the cigarette dangle from her lips. She pulled out a bottle of vodka and looked at me through squinting eyes.

“Vodka, huh?” She inquired.

She took another small drag off the cigarette and inhaled a bit easier this time. Her exhale was a bit more even and inhaled and was really turning me on.

“Be careful, that stuff is strong Amber.” I warned again.

“Okay, this time I’ll listen.”

She twisted off the cap and sniffed the open bottle.

“Phew….smells pretty strong. Kind of chemical like.” She brought the bottle slowly up to her mouth and took a small swallow.

Her eyes watered a little and she looked like her insides were on fire.

“Tastes kinda……hot, it burns a little.” She said, still swallowing pretty hard.

She again brought the bottle to her mouth took an equally small gulp.

“Wow, doesn’t get any easier eh?” She said through a half-smile.

“Maybe I should just not taste it?” She said as she took a medium sized drag off her Marlboro.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean, I should just drink it quickly so I can’t taste it.” And with that, before kaçak casino I could say anything she had the bottle up to her mouth.

She took quick gulps, obviously trying to get the vodka out of her mouth and down her throat as quickly as possible. When she stopped chugging she had finished more than half the bottle.

“How do you feel?” I asked, hoping she wouldn’t vomit in my car.

“My throat burns, and I am dizzy as hell.” She picked up the cigarette, which had now filled the enire car with a thin haze of smoke, and dragged hard on it. She inhaled it and before exhaling lifted the bottle of vodka back to her mouth and began chugging again.

Now, I, seriously worried about her reached out to take the bottle away. She swatted clumsily at my hand and began chugging faster. I watched helpless as my 98lb. girlfriend finished her first bottle of vodka in less than 5 minutes with smoke still coming out of her mouth and nose.

“You are going to kill yourself Amber!!” I yelled, scared and angry and turned on all at once.

I began to pull over until I was sure she wasn’t going to puke all over the place. I stopped on the side of the road and looked at her. She was dragging on her cigarette and squinting at me through glassy unstable eyes. She couldn’t quite focus on me but I could tell she was about to cry.

“Why….I thought that’s what you wanted.” She said, slurring every possible syllable.

“Yes, I do….but not like that. Take it easy, you’re just starting. You will give yourself alcohol poisoning if you drink like that.” I reasoned.

“I….just wanted to…make you happy.” She took another drag on her cigarette and crushed it out into my never-been-used ashtray.

She began unzipping her pants and looked at me lopsidedly.

“What are you doing? Do you have to pee?” I asked, somewhat torn between my horniness and fear.

“No….silly. I want to fuck you.” She finished taking off her panties and began unzipping my jeans.

I lifted myself up a little as she slid down my jeans and boxers. My cock sprang up, telling the true tale of how her drunkenness was affecting me.

“I knew you liked it.” She slurred happily.

I slid my seat back and tilted the steering wheel up as she climbed on top of me. It took a few minutes but eventually she slid down onto my rock hard cock. Immediately I smelled the harsh odor of vodka and cigarettes and it drove me wild.

I grabbed her tight heart shaped ass and began pulling her into my dick as hard and fast as I could. Her moaning was as incoherent as her speech and I watched as the windows began fogging up. I began cumming and rode it out until I felt her pussy start to convulse and her moans become shrieks of lust and contentment.

She lay collapsed on top of me for a few moments before she climbed off and over to her side again. My cum began leaking out onto my seat but I didn’t care as she lit up a cigarette and took a large pull, inhaling it easily. Before she exhaled I bent over and kissed her on the mouth. Allowing her smoke to bathe my face as our tongues danced.

We decided to go get a hotel instead of her getting her nose pierced. She was too wasted to go anywhere in public, even a tattoo parlor.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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