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A couple weeks had passed since Monica had let Joseph give her a foot massage, and it was all he could think about every day since. Working with Monica was harder now. He had lusted for her before, but now she was his obsession. He couldn’t get her, or the amazing feel, and smell, of her feet out of his mind. She was everything he wanted in a girl. Her beautiful brown eyes, made his heart beat faster, her cute smile made him feel warm. And of course, her perfect, big breasts, sexy muffin-top midsection, and her magnificent bubble butt, made his blood hot, and his cock hard. To him, she was absolutely perfect.

The Monday following the foot massage, Monica had thanked Joseph for rubbing her sore feet, but they didn’t talk about it at all after that. Joseph had been hoping there would be another instance that would lead to rubbing her feet again, but the opportunity just wasn’t presenting itself. Joseph hadn’t even had the opportunity to go smell her flats in the break room. He was really craving a good whiff of some part of her. Smelling her turned him on so much.

Wednesday afternoon Monica came into work, said hello, and made her way to the break room, just like always, to put her things down before starting. Joseph notice this time that her backpack looked more full than normal. When she came out, Joseph decided to ask her about it.

“Hey Monica, I can see you are carrying a bigger load in your backpack. Lot’s of new school books?”

Monica gave a quick chuckle.

“God, no more books, please! No, I’ve decided to take the time in between my last class, and work, to start going to the gym up the street. Trying to get rid of my muffin top, and my workout clothes are in there.”

Joseph was disappointed by the news. He loved her muffin top, and slight belly. He thought it was sexy.

“Well I think you look great exactly how you are. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Monica smiled big at Joseph, giving him a nice view of her cute braces.

“Awe, thank you! That is so sweet of you to say, but my boyfriend thinks I could lose a few pounds, so I’m gonna try.”

Hearing that pissed Joseph off. Her boyfriend didn’t deserve her. Joseph thought about Monica being his girlfriend, and how he would worship her in every way, and love her deeply, and she would be his princess. He didn’t say that though. The day went by fairly fast, with Joseph’s mind, and eyes, consistently focusing on his dream girl Monica, just a few feet away. Monica left a little early as it was slow, and Joseph closed alone.

As Joseph was getting ready to go, he got a call from Monica. She let him know she had forgotten her backpack in the break room, but she would pick it up early the next day before class. Joseph told her no problem, and they hung up. Instantly he got excited at the possibilities. He made his way to the break room.

Joseph stared at Monica’s backpack, knowing her workout clothes were in there. Joseph had smelled Monica’s flats on many occasions, and on a few, been able to sniff the small pillow she would often sit on during her lunch breaks. But now, he might get to enjoy her sweaty, workout clothes. Most people would think he was gross, and weird, but Joseph found all of Monica’s smells, and scents, sexy. Everything that came from her body was sexy.

He decided this opportunity was too good to pass up, and he opened up her backpack. inside were her books, a water bottle, and a small, clear, plastic bag. Inside he could see her gym clothes. there was a sports bra, and spandex pants. Joseph pulled them casino oyna out, and put her sports bra up to his nose. He could smell a bit of sweat, and her perfume mixed. It started making his cock stir. Next he put her rolled up spandex pants up to his nose, and breathed in deep. They smelled strong of her sweat, soaked into the material, and a slight bit of her ass. Joseph unfurled her pants to try to get a better whiff of the crotch, and when he did, the ultimate prize fell out. Rolled up inside the pants, was Monica’s panties.

Joseph’s heart started beating faster, and his cock got fully hard. Right there in front of him was Monica’s dirty, sweaty, smelly panties. It was like finding a bar of gold to him. He was almost frozen with excitement, but that was overtaken by anxiousness to get them up to his face. He picked them up, and held them up. Having been rolled up in the plastic bag, they still felt wet with sweat. They were light pink, cotton panties. no designs on them at all. They looked very plain, but these were special, because they were worn by his dream girl. The sexiest girl in the world.

With all the anticipation in the world, Joseph turned her panties inside out. He immediately began examining the crotch. He could see a couple of slight stains on them, which made his cock twitch. Aside from the treasure of her sweat, this truly was a jackpot. Joseph could see some grool had leaked out of her. Joseph quickly put the panties up to his nose, and breathed in. He was overwhelmed by the strong, pungent, beautiful smells. Mixed in were the scents of her sweat, her pussy, and her asshole. He had never smelled anything so wonderful in his life, aside from her sweaty feet. He took in several more deep breaths, and wished he could bottle these smells, and carry them around with him every day, so he could enjoy them all day.

While smelling Monica’s dirty smelly panties, were a dream come true, Joseph wanted so much more. He wanted to taste her. He moved the panties from his nose, down to his mouth. He opened wide, and put the crotch area, right on his tongue and he started sucking on them. Joseph thought it was the most wonderful mix of tastes his palate had ever been fortunate enough to experience. Her sweat, mixed with her pussy juices, and her grool, were pure pleasure to his tongue. He could live off her juices for the rest of his life. He sucked Monica’s panties with intent. He wanted to get as much of her juices off of them, onto his tongue, and down his throat, as he possibly could. He sucked away for a few minutes, and then the thought hit him. He should not be so eager to get all her juices off the panties, when he could rub them on his cock. To have Monica’s wetness on his cock would be beyond incredible.

Joseph pulled the panties from his mouth and put them down on the table. He unzipped his pants, and pulled his cock out. He grabbed the panties, and wrapped them around his cock. He began using them to stroke his cock. Monica’s pussy and ass smell were going to be all over his cock, as well as her juices, and the thought was making Joseph get so much closer to cumming. His strokes got faster, and is orgasm built, but he knew he had to be careful and not get any of his cum in her panties. After another minute of jacking off with the panties, Joseph knew it was time. He took the panties off his cock, and stuffed them in his mouth, sucking on them as his first blast of cum, shot onto the break room table. After his 7th shot, Joseph squeezed his cock to get the remaining cum out. He grabbed a paper towel and cleaned canlı casino up the pool of spunk he had let out on the table. He washed his hands, and packed up Monica’s sweaty gym close back into the plastic bag, and into her backpack, careful to put it back exactly how she left it. He went home thinking about Monica, and how his desire just kept growing.

Monica had a couple days off, and Joseph missed seeing his dream girl. She was what brightened his every day. He finally got to see her on Friday. As she came in he said hello to her, and watched her beautiful ass, as she walked to the break room. She came out and gave him a big smile.

“Good to see you Joseph. Did ya miss me?”

Joseph wanted to tell her how desperately he had missed her, but he plyed it cool.

“Oh you were gone? I hadn’t noticed.”

The both laughed, and got to work.

It was a busy night, and Joseph was tired. He was ready to go home, masturbate to the thoughts of Monica, and go to sleep. One coffee with her, and he would head home. She was waiting for him in the back, and right as he walked through the doorway, he saw she had her legs crossed, and her sneaker was dangling off her left foot. She had been wearing those sneakers all shift, and they looked like the ones she wore a few days before when she had worked out. He could also see she wasn’t wearing any socks. His cock began to stir.

“Feet hurting again? I see you are dangling your sneaker off your foot.”

Monica gave him a pouty lip frown, and responded in a little girl voice.

“Yeah, my footsies are killing me. They need a good rub. Any idea who can give me a hand, or two?”

Joseph never thought he would be able to rub her feet again, and he wasted no time, as he immediately pulled up a chair and pulled up to her.

“It will be my honor and pleasure to rub your feet ma’m.”

Monica gave no response, just gave him a smile. Joseph grabbed both her feet, and uncrossed her legs, placing both her feet on his knees. He pulled off her dangling sneaker, and placed it on the table next to him. He then puled off the other one, and did the same. He looked down at her feet, perfect in every way, and began rubbing her left, first. She threw her head back and started to moan in relief. Joseph started at her heels, using his thumbs to press, and slide, putting the right amount of pressure to cause some pain, followed by the pleasure of release. She had too much tension in her feet, and was going to be sure to get it all out. He moved up through her arches, and up to her toes, squeezing and stretching each one. Her skin was so smooth, and beautiful, and felt great under his hands. He looked up at her a couple times to see if she was watching him, but she kept her head back, and her eyes closed, but with a big grin on her face. Her moans pointed to her enjoying it, just as she had during the first foot massage.

Joseph decided this would be the perfect opportunity to put his nose close, and get a good whiff of her feet. As his nose got close the smell hit his nostrils, and made his cock fully hard. In his mind he thought the scent resembled a mix of Doritos and vinegar. It was an incredibly powerful stench, much stronger than they had smelled before, but all the more sexy, because the smells came from his ultimate fantasy girl. He tried not to make a lot of noise as he took in deep breaths of her feet, but she must of heard because she opened her eyes, and looked at him.

“Oh shoot, sorry! I worked out today after class, and didn’t have time to shower, so I’ve been kaçak casino wearing those sneakers with no socks, all day!. Oh my God, you must be so grossed out!. I know you like sweaty feet smell, but this is the kind of smell that makes my boyfriend dry heave!”

She tried to pull her feet away, but Joseph grabbed them tight.

“No Monica, it doesn’t make me sick. I think they way your feet smell now is so sexy. I’m sorry but I have to say it, your feet sell turns me on so much.”

Monica looked shocked, but also gave a hint of a smile, fighting to show.

“Really? You don’t want to puke from the smell?”

Joseph shook his head and smiled.

“Oh no, not at all Monica. As a matter of fact, it makes me want to do so much more.”

Monica cocked her head to the side a bit.

“What do you mean? What do you want to do?”

Joseph decided the actions speak louder than words, now more than ever. He lowered his head down to her right foot, paused for a moment, and then took her big toe into his mouth. Her foot trembled a bit in surprise, but she didn’t pull it away. Joseph got his first taste of Monica’s feet in his mouth, and it was better than he had even imagined. It was a mix of sweet, and salty tastes, and the most delicious flavor he had ever tasted. He was in Heaven, Monica’s foot sweat on his tongue. He sucked her big toe up and down, swirling his tongue around to the front, licking her toenail. He could hear her starting to moan again, but different than the moans he heard when he was massaging her feet. These were not moans of relief, but moans of pleasure.

Joseph decided that Monica hadn’t stopped him yet, so he wasn’t going to stop. He moved on to her next toe, then the next, and went back and forth, sucking each individual toe, on both feet, his tongue fully coated in her foot sweat. He suddenly stopped, and looked up at her.

“Enjoying it so far?”

Monica looked overwhelmed, and all she could get out was,

“Fuck Yes!”

Joseph smiled at her.

“Thought so. But I think there’s some more of your tasty foot sweat hiding from me. I know where to look though.”

He winked at her, and lowered his head down again to her left foot. He grabbed her big toe, and her long toe, and spread them, sticking his tongue in between. This made Monica moan even louder. Joseph continued to spread all her toes and slide his tongue back and forth in between each, getting more of her delicious sweat into his mouth. This was truly Heaven to Joseph, his dream girls feet in his face, and him being able to smell and lick them. He continued his tonguing for a few more minutes, finishing off by putting all her toes of her right foot in his mouth at once, and sucking on them, as if to get as much taste off her foot at once as possible. He did the same with her left foot, putting it in his mouth, as far as it would go. He finally put her feet back onto his knees and looked at her.

“So what do you think? Do you like what I did?”

Monica just stared at him for what seemed like an eternity and then she put her feet down on the floor, and stood up. She took a step forward, and leaned down, putting her hands on Joseph’s chest. She paused for a moment, and then put her lips up to his. Joseph was shocked but he kissed her back, their lips parting, and their tongues swirling around each other. Monica then pulled away, and stared into Joseph’s eyes.

“I need to go. I have a lot to think about.”

With that, Monica grabbed her shoes, and left the shop. Joseph couldn’t believe what had happened with his dream girl, but he knew now more than ever, that they were meant to be together. He went home and came hard thinking about Monica’s amazing kiss, and how much he was in love with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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