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This is the third and final part to this story and its probably better if you have read the first two parts so everything will make more sense. Hope you enjoy and like to hear your thoughts.

It had been about a month since I had my first sexual encounter with Sylvia on that amazing day that we spent together alone in her house and we carried on seeing each other every chance we got for the next few weeks. Over this period of time spent with Sylvia I had drifted apart from Cindy and my feeling for her were not as strong as before and I think Cindy knew this herself and we both decided that since she was going to be at college pretty soon that it was best if we just split up.

I wish all break ups could be as easy as this one and we both even stayed good friends afterwards, although I don’t think this would have been the case if Cindy had known that her mother and I had been together.

So, at this point in my life I was feeling good about how things were turning out for me. My ex-girlfriend would be leaving for college tomorrow on good terms with me and this would leave me to continue my relationship with Sylvia with only her husband to worry about catching us. Not that he would cause he hasn’t got a clue about most things.

I was laying in my bed thinking about how much fun Sylvia and I would now be able to have when I received a message on my phone. It was from my lover, just seeing her name appearing on my phone made me feel horny. “Hi lover. Meet me at my place at 12.00 tomorrow and don’t forget to bring your tools cause I’ve got a job for u xxx.” My cock stirred as I began to write my reply, a smile on my face as I did so.

Holding my phone in one hand and reaching down to my crotch with the other, my state of arousal was interrupted by a knock on the door. I tried to ignore it but who ever it was didn’t want to leave, so I went to see who it was and made sure I had my pissed off face on so they would get the message. I opened the door and prepared to give the dirtiest look to who ever it was but my glare was met with familiar sexy eyes that quickly turned my glare into a daze.

“Cindy, I wasn’t expecting you, but come on in.”

I was a little surprised to see Cindy again cause I thought we had already said our goodbyes to each other the other night.

“What you doing here Cindy? I thought you would be busy packing up all your things for the big trip tomorrow.”

“I’m all packed and just waiting for tomorrow, but I need to ask a favour from you,” she replied.

With a puzzled look on my face I said, “sure sweetie, you know you can ask me for anything, what is it?

“Well its sort of embarrassing but here it goes, I want you to make love to me before I go to college,” she said as her head dropped, obviously very embarrassed.

I couldn’t understand why all of a sudden she wanted this to happen. we had been going out for quite some time and she was never ready for this and now that we had split up she throws this at me.

“What’s brought this on all of a sudden?”

“I guess that I just don’t want to be the only person in college that’s still a virgin. If I could choose any guy to be my first then it would be my first true love, and that’s you,” she sweetly said as she lifted her head back up to give a little smile.

I smiled back and began remembering why I had been so hooked on her before and then thoughts about Sylvia were rushing through my head. I was thinking wicked thoughts about me having sex with her mother and now possible with the daughter. It sounded so wrong, so bad, so dirty, so arousing. then I looked back at sweet Cindy standing there looking as sexy as ever and actually wanting me to make love to her.

I didn’t say another word to her, just grabbed her hand with mine and walked her to my bedroom. I don’t think that there is a guy out there that could have resisted a young sexy woman like Cindy that was offering herself like this. I’m no different to any other guy, but I was still trying to justify it to myself as we entered my room.

I led her to my bed and sat her down next to me, watching canlı bahis her eyes watch me and feeling her fingers feel mine. She was going to say something but I didn’t want us to speak at all so I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her as gently as we used to, familiarising the taste of her lips. Getting bolder, she brought her tongue into play as she opened her mouth more, tracing her tongue around my wet lips and then into my mouth.

We both fell back onto my bed and as we did I turned her so that she was laying on top of me, not that you could feel the weight of her, because unlike her voluptuous mother, Cindy was the slenderest of females, but she still felt incredibly sexy as she robbed her thigh over my crotch. I was waiting for a protest from her as my hands reached behind her and pulled up the material of her skirt above her panty line, revealing her soft little ass to my hands, but she said nothing and just murmured into my mouth. This encouraged me to squeeze her cheeks harder and pull her even closer to my body, wanting her to feel my hardness beneath her.

As much as this feeling of having her sexy little body on top of me was amazing I really needed to fuck her urgently cause my cock was already about to explode. I broke our kiss as I rolled her over onto her back and I sat up to remove my top, trying to calm my self down and just take in the sight of my sexy little panting virgin laid out in front of me. Her red little panties were tightly fitted around her crotch, clearly visible now her skirt had been yanked up as high as it could go, her top half of her body only covered by the flimsiest of tops that showed the outlines of her small young breasts, clearly without the support of any bra.

I pulled her innocent little body up to me so we were both now sitting up right, facing each other and checking each other out. I’d already completely undressed her with my eyes as soon as we entered the bedroom, but now it was time to do it for real. As I reached for her top she got the idea and began to lift her slender arms in the air so I could east it off nice and slow, enjoy the sight of her skin coming into my view. She looked hot, so different to her mother’s body but just as sexy and arousing but unlike Sylvia, Cindy’s little nipples were already fully erect and that’s before I even touched them.

At this point my cock was really hurting being confined tightly in my pants and I needed to release it so I took Cindy’s hands and directed them to my belt. It felt good when my buckle was finally undone and after what felt like hours It was released from its confines and out in the open. I let out a sigh of relief and enjoyed the picture I was seeing of Cindy gawping at her first cock in the flesh. It was even more arousing watching her now that she had began to get bolder and started to rub her fingers over her nipples, almost forgetting I was in front of her.

She got broken form her little daze when I got off the bed to my feet and totally removed my pants and foot wear, now standing in front of her totally naked and with a very hard cock pointing towards her.

“Lay back sweetie,” I ordered her, watching as she obeyed me.

I had my eyes targeted on her panties and knew it was time to remove them as my fingers found themselves running up the sides of her thighs all the way to the first traces of the cotton material covering her pussy. I kept looking at her face and back to her panties as my fingers began to pull down the material, making sure she was still happy with what was going to happen. She looked a little nervous but gave no signs to make me stop and this encouraged me to ease her panties further down, now finally revealing what I’ve been trying to see for months. It was the nicest trimmed pussy you could ever want to see, not too hairy but just right and it was obvious that she took very good care of it anticipating what was going to happen today.

Now her beautiful pussy was in full view to me she seemed to get a little shy and I noticed her blushes as she tried to cross her legs, hiding herself from me. This wasn’t going to bahis siteleri stop me now though, I knew that she wanted this just as much as me but she was just a little scared, which is understandable. I needed to take control in this situation, so I grabbed her by the ankles and gentle pulled her to the edge of the bed, so I could have easy access to her and didn’t want to hurt her.

She still tried to twist her body away from me a little, but I got my body in between her legs so she couldn’t cross herself. I looked back up at her eyes, and they had grown wider now, anticipating that I was about to enter her for the first time. Reaching down I found my cock and gentle placed it just above her pussy, feeling the warmth that was being generated by her and making my cock twitch with excitement. I eased the head of my cock to her virgin opening and very slowly pushed in the head, looking back up at Cindy, who’s eyes were now firmly shut.

I waited a few seconds then pushed in further, taking it real slow but still causing Cindy to open her eyes fully and moan out in pain. To be honest she wasn’t as tight as I imagined and I got all of my length fully into her with ease. After the first few strokes, her moans seemed to change from painful ones to pleasurable ones and her face looked more relaxed as I carried on with my slow gentle rhythm. As she got more into it, she pulled me on top of her and wrapped her thighs around my ass and my back so all my weight was now on top of her and this gave each thrust more power which she liked more.

My hips were doing all the work cause the rest of my body was firmly against Cindy’s and she had her arms wrapped around my neck as her panting became heavier. She was definitely having her first orgasm caused by penetration and this made me even more aroused. I just kept on fucking her in that same pace in rhythm to her moans till I came inside her young sexy pussy, letting out one of the loudest moans that I’ve experienced during sex, and that includes with her mother. She was amazing I thought to myself as we both laid there out of breath, our bodies still together and just enjoying each others touch.

We eventually both let go of each other and I rolled over to lay down beside her, totally exhausted and motionless.

“Was I any good,” I heard her nervously whisper.

Used the little bit of energy that I had left and turned to face her and said, “No sweetie, you were amazing.” I kissed her on her cheek and laid back onto my back bringing Cindy with my so we could just snuggle up together. We both must have been more tired than I thought cause the next thing I know it was morning and I could see Cindy getting dressed through the corners of my eyes.

“What time is it sweetie,” I asked Cindy.

“Its almost 7 and I need to be on the coach by 8 and I haven’t even got my things with me and what am I going to do,” she said in a panic.

I jumped out of bed and got dressed as fast as I could and reassured her that she would make it on time cause I would drive her back home and then to the station. We were cutting it fine but we got to Cindy’s with about another 30 minutes to spare which gave her time to say her goodbyes. Obviously I waited in the car cause I was too embarrassed to face Sylvia, knowing that I had been with her daughter when I was supposed to be with her. Its sort of ironic, cause I cheated on Cindy with Sylvia and know I’ve done the opposite on Sylvia.

My thinking time was interrupted by the sight of Cindy and her mother bringing her stuff out to the car. It was time for me to get out and help them I suppose, something I wasn’t looking forward to.

“Come on big strong man, You going to help a couple of weak women or what?,” Sylvia yelled, as wobbled over to the car.

I think she was slightly drunk to say the least. I was scared in case she was going to let the proverbial cat out of the bag and fuck up everything.

“Yea sure, let me help you with those things ladies,” I replied as I strolled on over, wondering what she was going to say or do next.

As we put the last of the things bahis şirketleri into the back of the car, it was about time to set off. What I didn’t realise was that Sylvia was planning to come to the station with us and the next 10 minutes were very uncomfortable for me as I was driving cause Sylvia was making remarks about what we got up to last night all the way to the station. I could tell that Cindy was not pleased with her mother’s behaviour either and besides, she didn’t even like her mother that much so there’s no way that she would discuss her private life with her.

Thank God that we were there at last was my first thought when we entered the parking area of the station. You couldn’t get me out of that car fast enough. My plan was to get Cindy on the coach and to quickly straighten things out with Sylvia before she decided to let everyone know about us.

I let Cindy and Sylvia say there goodbyes first then Cindy came up to me and gave me a little hug and whispered into my ear that she would call me later. I must admit that it was really sad seeing Cindy leave and after last night my feeling which I thought had gone were back. I was so confused as I stood side by side with Sylvia waving goodbye to Cindy as the coach went out of vision.

“Lets go to the car and you can drive me back home,” Sylvia said to me as she walked over to the car.

I followed her over to my car and began our way back to her house. On the way I tried to think of something to say about the night before but every time I tried to speak no words would come out. Eventually it was Sylvia that broke the silence and said, “So did you enjoy your self with my daughter last night?”

It was amazing I was thinking to myself. “No, not really, she begged me to make love to her so what could I do,” I told her.

“So your saying my daughter is a lousy lay,” she quickly responded, but in a laid back tone.

“Well lets just say that she hasn’t inherited her mother’s ability to satisfy a man,” I totally lied, just telling her what she wanted to hear.

“Bet she didn’t know how to handle this,” she said as she went for my zipper and pulled out my cock.

She began jerking my semi hard until it was about half its full size and then brought her head to my lap so she could cover it with her mouth. I thought I was going to crash as she began sucking on me and the feeling of having my cock grow in her mouth was like pure bliss. It was the first time that I had ever been given a blow job while actually driving and it was very exciting considering the risk factor involved.

As we approached her street I still had not cum and I didn’t want this to end so I drove past her block and listened the slurping sounds of a hungry cock sucker at work. I think her mouth was getting tired cause she lifted her head away from my lap and started jerking me with her hand at a ferocious pace, but I wanted her to finish me off properly so I grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto my cock, making sure she took me all in. This got her turned on and she sucked me even herder than before and took me into her throat as far as she could making me finally cum hard.

“I’m Cumming Sylvia, your making me cum into your mouth,” I told her as she went on with her sucking and slurping.

I had to pull over cause I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure she was giving me and I really didn’t care at this point if anyone saw us. She was by far the best cock sucker I have ever been with and she made sure that every last drop of fluid from my cock was licked up dry. I just sat there playing with her hair, brushing it to the side so I could watch a professional at work.

“You’re right sexy, your daughter didn’t know how to handle me as good as you just did,” I cheekily said to her as she lifted her head from my lap and smiled at me in a wicked way.

“Lets go back to my place stud, I’ve got something that needs a seeing to,” she demanded and I obeyed.

We carried on our little affair for many years and I even got the opportunity to fuck Cindy a few more times and Sylvia even knew about it. I think it must of turned her on more in a nasty kind of way, but it was me that reaped the benefits cause every time that she knew I’d been with her daughter she seemed to give me the fuck of a life time the next time she saw me.

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